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Jon Kabat-Zinn, Ph.D.

Wherever You Go, There You Are; Mindfulness @ Work

Ilyana Kadushin

Dune; Glow; All These Things I've Done; Because It Is My Blood

Jeanne Kalogridis

The Borgia Bride; I, Mona Lisa; The Devil's Queen; The Inquisitor's Wife

Pius Kamau

A Duty to Heal

Ruth Kamps

Living Life with Grace and Elegant Treeness

John Kani

Conversations with Myself

Joseph Kanon

The Good German; Alibi

Joseph Kapacziewski

Back in the Fight

Gary Kaplan, D.O.

Total Recovery

Khloe Kardashian

Kardashian Konfidential

Kim Kardashian

Kardashian Konfidential

Kourtney Kardashian

Kardashian Konfidential

Amanda Karr

First Meetings; Xenocide; The Precipice; The Rock Rats

Garry Kasparov

How Life Imitates Chess

Jon Katz

Meet the Dogs of Bedlam Farm; Lenore Finds a Friend

Samuel M. Katz

Relentless Pursuit; Under Fire: The Untold Story of the Attack in Benghazi

Alex Kava

A Necessary Evil; One False Move; First Thrills; First Thrills: Volume 4

Judy Kaye

Rage Against the Dying

Charles Keating

Out of the Dark; How Firm a Foundation

Isabel Keating

Nowhere to Run; A Very Long Engagement; Lovers & Players; Lights Out Tonight

John Keating

Transgressions: Price of Desire; An Irish Country Village; The Lemur; An Irish Country Christmas

Sheila Keenan

As the Crow Flies; Castle: How It Works; Jet Plane: How It Works; Toilet: How It Works

Hans Keilson

Comedy in a Minor Key; The Death of the Adversary; Life Goes On

Helen Keller

The Light of a Brighter Day

Laurie Keller

Toys!; The Scrambled States of America; Arnie, the Doughnut; Open Wide

Katherine Kellgren

Dune Messiah; God Emperor of Dune; Sleeping Arrangements; Cocktails for Three

Dorien Kelly

The Husband List; Love in a Nutshell

Erin Kelly


Karen Kelly

The Secret of The Secret

Nikki Kelly


Elmer Kelton

Cloudy in the West; The Good Old Boys; Bitter Trail; Captain's Rangers

Dan S. Kennedy


Sean Kenney

Cool Cars and Trucks; Cool City; Cool Robots; Amazing ABC

Sherrilyn Kenyon

All I Want For Christmas; Night Embrace; Dance With the Devil; Night Pleasures

Lars Kepler

The Hypnotist; The Nightmare; The Fire Witness

Etgar Keret

The Nimrod Flipout; The Girl on the Fridge; Suddenly, a Knock on the Door; Cheesus Christ

David S. Kidder

The Intellectual Devotional; The Intellectual Devotional: American History; The Intellectual Devotional Modern Culture

Eric A. Kimmel

Moby Dick

Jamaica Kincaid

A Small Place; Talk Stories; At the Bottom of the River; My Garden (Book)

Larry King

Powerful Prayers

Laurie R. King

A Monstrous Regiment of Women; A Letter of Mary; The Moor; Naked Came the Phoenix

Lorelei King

Hard Eight; Visions of Sugar Plums; Full House; To the Nines

Ross King

The Judgment of Paris; Brunelleschi's Dome

Serge Kahili King

Instant Healing

Stephen King

The Dark Descent; Transgressions Vol. 2; Transgressions: Terror's Echo

David Kirk

Oh So Tiny Bunny; Oh So Brave Dragon

Robert Kirkman

The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor; The Walking Dead: The Road to Woodbury; The Walking Dead: The Fall of the Governor: Part One; Just Another Day at the Office

Rick Kirschner

Dealing with People You Can't Stand

Naomi Klein

Fences and Windows; The Shock Doctrine; No Logo

Rick Kleit

Personal Meditations

Clarissa Knightly

Blush; Anything He Wants; His to Command; Maverick

David Kocieniewski

The Brass Wall

Gina Kolata

Ultimate Fitness; Rethinking Thin; Flu

Sheldon B. Kopp

If You Meet the Buddha on the Road, Kill Him!

C. M. Kornbluth

The Space Merchants

Ted Kosmatka

Prophet of Bones; The Flicker Men

John Kotter

Our Iceberg Is Melting; Leading Change; The Heart of Change

Mary Robinette Kowal

Shades of Milk and Honey; Glamour in Glass; First Flight; Without a Summer

Michael Kramer

Crossroads of Twilight; New Spring; The Eye of the World; The Great Hunt

Ph.D. Ellen Kreidman, Ph.D.

Single No More; The 10 Second Kiss

Bert Kreischer

Life of the Party

Roman Krznaric

How to Find Fulfilling Work

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

On Death and Dying

Peter B. Kyne

The Go-Getter