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Adam Brown

Memory and the Future

Andrei A. Buckareff

New Waves in Philosophy of Action

�ric Bélanger

French Presidential Elections

Maria Eriksson Baaz

The Paternalism of Partnership

Maria Eriksson Baaz

Sexual Violence as a Weapon of War?

Sussan Babaie

Slaves of the Shah

Sussan Babaie

Persian Kingship and Architecture

Kathryn Babayan

Slaves of the Shah

Frances Babbage

Re-Visioning Myth

Lucy Cullyford Babbitt

Children of the Maker

Natalie Babbitt

All the Small Poems and Fourteen More; Tuck Para Siempre; Tuck Everlasting; The Search for Delicious

Mustafa Babiker

African Anthropologies

Ron Babin

Sustainable Global Outsourcing

Bruce Babington

British Stars and Stardom; A History of the New Zealand Fiction Feature Film

Steven Babitsky

Never Lose Again

Marian Babson

No Cooperation from the Cat; Please Do Feed the Cat; Only the Cat Knows; The Cat Who Wasn't a Dog

Michael Babula

Motivation, Altruism, Personality and Social Psychology

Damián Baca

Mestiz@ Scripts, Digital Migrations, and the Territories of Writing; Rhetorics of the Americas

Andrew Bacevich

Breach of Trust; The Limits of Power; Washington Rules

Amy Bach

Ordinary Injustice

David Bach

Smart Couples Finish Rich

Rebecca Ann Bach

Shakespeare and Renaissance Literature before Heterosexuality

Stephen Bach

The Modernisation of the Public Services and Employee Relations

Don Bachardy

The Animals: Love Letters Between Christopher Isherwood and Don Bachardy

Gokhan Bacik

Hybrid Sovereignty in the Arab Middle East

Andrea Back

Getting Real about Knowledge Networks

Les Back

Racism and Society

Margareta Back-Wiklund

Quality of Life and Work in Europe

Joel Backaler

China Goes West

Kathryn Backett-Milburn

Constructing Gendered Bodies

Bhira Backhaus

Under the Lemon Trees

Klaus Backhaus

International Marketing

Michael Backman

Inside Knowledge; Big in Asia, Revised and Updated; The Asian Insider; Asia Future Shock

René Backmann

A Wall in Palestine

Charlotte Bacon

Lost Geography; There Is Room for You; Split Estate

Edwin Bacon

Brezhnev Reconsidered; Contemporary Russia; Securitising Russia

Edwin Bacon

Contemporary Russia

John U. Bacon

Three and Out

Kate Bacon

Twins in Society

Jambe Jalal H. Badakhchani

The Paradise of Submission

S. J. Badakhchani

Shi'i Interpretations of Islam

Jon Baddeley

Nautical Antiques & Collectables

Michelle Baddeley

Investment; What Global Economic Crisis?

Alexander Badenoch

Voices in Ruins; Materializing Europe

Dr. Ellyn Bader

Tell Me No Lies

Birgitta Bader-Zaar

Gender and the First World War

Anthony J. Badger

FDR: The First Hundred Days

Meredith Badger

Go Girl! #11: Camp Chaos; Go Girl! #12: Back to School; Fairy School Dropout; Fairy School Dropout Undercover

Enrique Badía

Zara and her Sisters

Bertrand Badie

Diplomacy of Connivance

Patrick-Yves Badillo

The Media Industries and their Markets

Elisabeth Badinter

The Conflict

Keith Badman

Marilyn Monroe

Neil Badmington


Kiu Sik Bae

Employment Relations in South Korea

Robert Baedeker

Weddings of the Times; SkyMaul 2

Peter R. Baehr

The Role of Human Rights in Foreign Policy, 2nd Edition; The United Nations At the End of the 1990s; Human Rights; The Role of Human Rights in Foreign Policy, 3rd Edition

Brian James Baer

Other Russias

Jean Baer

Don't Say Yes When You Want To Say No

Judith A. Baer

Ironic Freedom

Marc Baer

The Rise and Fall of Radical Westminster, 1780-1890

Werner Baer

Brazil under Lula

Walter Baets

Rethinking Growth

Antonio Carmona Baez

State Resistance to Globalisation in Cuba

François Bafoil

Central and Eastern Europe

Bruce Bagemihl

Biological Exuberance

Julian Baggini

Philosophy: Key Themes; Philosophy: Key Texts

Rodolfo Baggio

Tourism Management, Marketing, and Development

Rob Baggott

Health and Health Care in Britain

Rob Baggott

Partnerships for Public Health and Well-being

Barbara Bagilhole

Women in Non-Traditional Occupations

Barbara Bagilhole

Gender, Power and Management; Generation and Gender in Academia

Sylvia S. Bagley

Higher Education, Policy, and the Global Competition Phenomenon

Simone Baglioni

Civil Society Organizations, Unemployment, and Precarity in Europe

Nigel Bagnall

The Peloponnesian War

Louise Bagshawe

The Go-To Girl; For All the Wrong Reasons; The Devil You Know

David Baguley

Art and Literature of the Second Empire

Margaret Baguley

Educational Learning and Development; Contemporary Capacity-Building in Educational Contexts

Thomas Baguley

Serious Stats

Andy Bagwell

Duke Sucks

Babak Bahador

The CNN Effect in Action

Saba Bahar

Mary Wollstonecraft's Social And Aesthetic Philosophy

Ebadollah Bahari

Bihzad, Master of Persian Painting

Gawdat Bahgat

The Political Economy of Sovereign Wealth Funds; Alternative Energy in the Middle East

Diana Meyers Bahr

The Unquiet Nisei

Howard Bahr

The Year of Jubilo; The Judas Field

Roksana Bahramitash

Liberation from Liberalization

Roksana Bahramitash

Gender and Entrepreneurship in Iran

Tongdong Bai

China - The Political Philosophy of the Middle Kingdom

Roxana Baiasu

Contemporary Kantian Metaphysics

Sorin Baiasu

Kant and Sartre

Murray Bail

Holden's Performance; Camouflage; Eucalyptus

Jon Bailes

Weapon of the Strong

Amanda Bailey

Masculinity and the Metropolis of Vice, 1550-1650

Anthony Bailey

Velázquez and The Surrender of Breda

Barbara Bailey

Engendering History

Blake Bailey

A Tragic Honesty

Cathy Bailey

Animal Disease and Human Trauma

Christopher J. Bailey

Developments in American Politics 4

Christopher J. Bailey

Developments in American Politics 7

Dale Bailey

A Rumor of Angels; The End of the End of Everything

Di Bailey

Interdisciplinary Working in Mental Health

F. Lee Bailey

When the Husband is the Suspect

Frankie Y. Bailey

The Red Queen Dies

Ian Bailey

Turning Down the Heat; Feeling the Heat

Jennifer Bailey

Fundamentalism in the Modern World 2 Volume Set; Fundamentalism in the Modern World Vol 1; Fundamentalism in the Modern World Vol 2

Josephine Bailey

A Week in Winter

Julius Bailey

The Cultural Impact of Kanye West; Philosophy and Hip-Hop

Len Bailey

Fantasms; Clabbernappers

Michael Bailey

The Assault on Universities

Nick Bailey

Lives in Peril

Olga G. Bailey

Transnational Lives and the Media

Paul J. Bailey

Women and Gender in Twentieth-Century China

Peter Bailey

The Kingfisher Treasury of Magical Stories; The Kingfisher Book of Scary Stories

Rebecca A. Bailey

Staging the Old Faith

Sean Michael Bailey

First Thrills; First Thrills: Volume 1

Stephen J. Bailey

Strategic Public Finance

Stephen J. Bailey

Innovations in Financing Public Services; Organizational Innovation in Public Services

Steven Bailey

Media Audiences and Identity

Britt Baillie

Locating Urban Conflicts

Sandra M. Baillie

Presbyterians in Ireland Today

Franz Bailorn

Enduring Success

Mark Baimbridge

The Impact of the Euro; Current Economic Issues in EU Integration

Donald Bain

Margaret Truman's Experiment in Murder; Margaret Truman's Undiplomatic Murder

Keith Bain

Monetary Economics

Peter Bain

The Meaning of Work in the New Economy

Caroline Bainbridge

Culture and the Unconscious; A Feminine Cinematics

Caroline Bainbridge

Media and the Inner World: Psycho-cultural Approaches to Emotion, Media and Popular Culture

Simon Bainbridge


Paul Baines

Daniel Defoe - Robinson Crusoe/Moll Flanders; Contemporary Strategic Marketing, Second Edition

Roger Baines

Staging and Performing Translation

William Bains

Venture Capital and the European Biotechnology Industry

Gianpaolo Baiocchi

Radicals in Power

Bruce Baird

Hijikata Tatsumi and Butoh

Jon Baird

Songs from Nowhere Near the Heart

Ryan G. Baird

Major Powers and the Quest for Status in International Politics

Claudia Sanchez Bajo

Capital and the Debt Trap

Ane Marie Bak Rasmussen

A History of the Quaker Movement in Africa

John Bak

Tennessee Williams

Nick Bakalar

Understanding Teenage Depression; Coping with Social Anxiety; The Medicine Cabinet of Curiosities

Abigail B. Bakan

Negotiating Citizenship

Abdul Haqq Baker

Extremists in Our Midst

Abeer Baker


Adam Baker


Alan Baker

Little Rabbit's Bedtime; Little Rabbit's Snacktime; Little Rabbits' First Number Book; Little Rabbits' First Time Book

Andrea J. Baker

Online Matchmaking

Andrew Baker

Constructing a Post-War Order

Brian Baker

Iain Sinclair

Catherine Baker

Interpreting the Peace

Charley Baker

Madness in Post-1945 British and American Fiction

Chris Baker

The Elements of F*cking Style

Colin Baker

Seeds of Trouble; Development Governor; Retreat From Empire; State of Emergency

Dan Baker, Ph.D.

What Happy People Know; What Happy Women Know

David Baker

Ideology of Obsession

Denise N. Baker

Julian of Norwich's Legacy

Dylan Baker

I Am Charlotte Simmons

Emerson W. Baker

The Devil of Great Island

Geoff Baker

Trade Winds On the Niger

Geoff Baker

Reading and Politics in Early Modern England

Geoff Baker

Reading and Politics in Early Modern England

Gideon Baker

Hospitality and World Politics

James Baker

Teaching TV Sitcom; Teaching Film at GCSE

Jean H. Baker

James Buchanan; Sisters; Margaret Sanger

JoAnn Baker

Dirty Little Secrets

John Baker

Affective Equality; Equality

John Baker

Melancholy Experience in Literature of the Long Eighteenth Century

Kage Baker

The Anvil of the World; The Graveyard Game; In the Garden of Iden; Mendoza in Hollywood

Kim Baker


Lacey Baker

Homecoming; Just Like Heaven; Summer's Moon

Dr. Leigh Baker

Protecting Your Children From Sexual Predators

Lise S. Baker

First Thrills; First Thrills: Volume 4

Matt Baker

The Alternative Comprehensive Spending Review

Michael J. Baker

Marketing Strategy and Management

Naomi Baker

Plain Ugly

Nena Baker

The Body Toxic

Philip Baker

The Agreements of the People, the Levellers, and the Constitutional Crisis of the English Revolution

Raymond W. Baker

Cultural Cleansing in Iraq

Stephanie Alice Baker

Social Tragedy

Stephen Baker

The Boost

Ted Baker

Jumper: Griffin's Story

Tim Baker

The End of the Performance Review; Attracting and Retaining Talent

Wendy Baker

Knitting Goes Large; The Complete Book of Curtains, Drapes, and Blinds

William Baker

The Letters of Wilkie Collins, Volume 2; The Letters of Wilkie Collins, Volume 1; A Wilkie Collins Chronology

William Baker

A Harold Pinter Chronology

Garth Kasimu Baker-Fletcher

Bible Witness in Black Churches

Caner Bakir

Bank Behaviour and Resilience

Vian Bakir

Communication in the Age of Suspicion

Isabella Bakker

Power, Production and Social Reproduction

R. Scott Bakker

Neuropath; Disciple of the Dog

Susan Crain Bakos

Still Sexy

Ellen Bal

A World of Insecurity

Arun Bala

The Dialogue of Civilizations in the Birth of Modern Science

Arun Bala

Asia, Europe, and the Emergence of Modern Science

Lisa Balabanlilar

Imperial Identity in Mughal Empire

Shiva Balaghi

Picturing Iran

Sarada Balagopalan

Inhabiting 'Childhood': Children, Labour and Schooling in Postcolonial India


The Stranger

Radhika Balakrishnan

Economic Policy and Human Rights

Maha-Hanaan Balala

Islamic Finance and Law

Belen Balanya

Europe Inc -New Edition

Vladimir Balaz

Tourism in Transition

Marcello Balbo

The Medina

Albert Balcells

Catalan Nationalism

Alex Balch

Managing Labour Migration in Europe

Paul N. Balchin

Urban Economics

Bayram Balci

China and India in Central Asia

Jonathan Balcombe

Pleasurable Kingdom; Second Nature

Godfrey Baldacchino

Lessons From the Political Economy of Small Islands

Godfrey Baldacchino

The Political Economy of Divided Islands

Loretta Baldassar

Families Caring across Borders

Mario Baldassarri

Is the Economic Cycle Still Alive?; Equity, Efficiency and Growth; Antitrust, Regulation and Competition; World Economy towards Global Disequilibrium

Harald Baldersheim

Electronic Voting and Democracy

Harald Baldersheim

Territorial Choice

Theo Balderston

The World Economy and National Economies in the Interwar Slump

Chris Baldick


Julian Baldick

Homer and the Indo-Europeans; Black God

Julian Baldick

Ancient Religions of the Austronesian World

Gianfranco Baldini

Elections, Electoral Systems and Volatile Voters

Gianfranco Baldini

Coalition Britain

Cora Baldock

Families Caring across Borders

Claudia Baldoli

A History of Italy

Chris Baldry

The Meaning of Work in the New Economy

Alec Baldwin

A Promise to Ourselves

Anna Baldwin

A Guide to Piers Plowman

James Baldwin

The Evidence of Things Not Seen

N. Baldwin

Mastering British Politics

Neil Baldwin

The American Revelation

Rosecrans Baldwin

Paris, I Love You but You're Bringing Me Down

Thomas Baldwin

Questions of Influence in Modern French Literature

Tim Bale

European Politics

Tudor Balinisteanu

Violence, Narrative and Myth in Joyce and Yeats

Peter Balint

Liberal Multiculturalism and the Fair Terms of Integration

Tino Balio

Hollywood in the New Millennium

Ellen Balka

Gender, Health and Information Technology in Context

Bernd Balkenhol

Microfinance and Public Policy

Richard Balkwill

The Best Book of Trains

Alan R. Ball

Modern Politics and Government

Caroline Ball

Looked After Children

Edward Ball

Slaves in the Family

Jennifer L. Ball

Byzantine Dress

Kirstie Ball

The Intensification of Surveillance

Margaret Ball

Duchess of Aquitaine

Matthew Ball

Crime, Justice and Social Democracy

Nicole Ball

Beyond Structural Adjustment

Philip Ball

Critical Mass; The Devil's Doctor

Stuart Ball

Recovering Power

Warwick Ball

The Monuments of Afghanistan

David Ballantine

Chalk's Woman

Tony Ballantyne

Orientalism and Race

Chris Ballard

Hoops Nation

J. G. Ballard

The Best Short Stories of J. G. Ballard; Crash; Concrete Island; Running Wild

Kim Ballard

The Frameworks of English

Michaele G. Ballard

Beauty Sleep

Mignon F. Ballard

The Angel Whispered Danger; Shadow of an Angel; Hark! The Herald Angel Screamed; An Angel to Die For

Richard Ballard

The Unseen Terror; A New Dictionary of the French Revolution

Dimitris Ballas

Post-Suburban Europe

Ros Ballaster

The History of British Women's Writing, 1690 - 1750

Jack Ballentine

Murder for Hire

Edoardo Ballerini

The Moscow Club; Fallen Masters; The Hour of Peril; The Cairo Affair

Jerome Ballet

Children and the Capability Approach

Malcolm Ballin

Irish Periodical Culture, 1937-1972

Cristopher Ballinas Valdés

Political Struggles and the Forging of Autonomous Government Agencies

Maryjean Ballner

Dog Massage

Christopher Balme

Pacific Performances

Richard Balme

Europe-Asia Relations

Stéphanie Balme

Vietnam's New Order; Building Constitutionalism in China

Brian Balmer

Britain and Biological Warfare

Mark Balnaves

Media Theories and Approaches; The Global Media Atlas

M.J. Balogun

The Route to Power in Nigeria

Consuelo Vanderbilt Balsan

The Glitter and the Gold

Maria Balshaw

Urban Space And Representation; Looking For Harlem

Ronald H. Balson

Once We Were Brothers

Laurent Balthazar

From Basel 1 to Basel 3

Thierry Balzacq

The External Dimension of EU Justice and Home Affairs

Wanda Balzano

Irish Postmodernisms and Popular Culture

John Balzar

Yukon Alone

Marjorie Mandelstam Balzer

Shamans, Spirituality, and Cultural Revitalization

Marjorie Mandelstam Balzer

Shamans, Spirituality, and Cultural Revitalization

Chris Bambery

The Second World War

Joshua Bamfield

Shopping and Crime

Karen Bamford

Sexual Violence On the Jacobean Stage

Kenton Bamford

Distorted Images

Mohammed A. A. Bamyeh

Intellectuals and Civil Society in the Middle East

Carolyn Ban

Management and Culture in an Enlarged European Commission

King Banaian

The Design and Use of Political Economy Indicators

Ferzina Banaji

France, Film, and the Holocaust

Shakuntala Banaji

Reading 'Bollywood'

Shakuntala Banaji

Reading 'Bollywood'

Alison Bancroft

Fashion and Psychoanalysis

Angus Bancroft

Dead White Men and Other Important People

Fackson Banda

African Media and the Digital Public Sphere

Asoka Bandarage

Women, Population and Global Crisis

Asoka Bandarage

Sustainability and Well-Being

Hans Bandhold

Scenario Planning - Revised and Updated Edition

Doug Bandow

The Korean Conundrum

Arend Bandsma

Flatweaves of Turkey

Sekhar Bandyopadhyay

China, India and the End of Development Models

Vickie L. Bane

Dr. Laura

Parthasarathi Banerjee

The Knowledge Economy in India

Pompa Banerjee

Burning Women

Graham L Banes

Kingfisher Encyclopedia of Life

Henrik Bang

Governance as Social and Political Communication

Oliver Bange

The EEC Crisis of 1963

Timothy Bangemann

Active Fixed Income and Credit Management

Sindre Bangstad

Anders Breivik and the Rise of Islamophobia

Sorin Bangu

The Applicability of Mathematics in Science: Indispensability and Ontology

Joseph J. Bangura

Sierra Leone beyond the Lome Peace Accord

Yusuf Bangura

Racism and Public Policy; Public Sector Reform in Developing Countries; Ethnic Inequalities and Public Sector Governance; Democracy and Social Policy

Gary Banham

Kant's Practical Philosophy; Kant's Transcendental Imagination; Husserl and the Logic of Experience; Cosmopolitics and the Emergence of a Future

Arindam Banik

Foreign Capital Inflows to China, India and the Caribbean

Tracey Banivanua-Mar

Making Settler Colonial Space

Asian Development Bank

Early Warning Systems for Financial Crisis

Leslie J. Bank

Home Spaces, Street Styles



Benjamin Bankhurst

Ulster Presbyterians and the Scots Irish Diaspora, 1750-1764

Greg Bankoff

A History of Natural Resources in Asia

Miriam Bankovsky

Recognition Theory and Contemporary French Moral and Political Philosophy

Anna Banks

Of Poseidon; Of Triton; Fierce Reads Chapter Sampler; Legacy Lost

Erik Banks

Risk Culture; Liquidity Risk

Kate Banks

Close Your Eyes; The Cat Who Walked Across France; Baboon; Max's Words

L. A. Banks

Minion; The Awakening; The Hunted; The Bitten

Leanne Banks

Hot Stuff

Mark Banks

The Politics of Cultural Work

Sarah Banks

Ethics, Accountability and the Social Professions; Ethics in Professional Life

Sarah Banks

Ethics and Values in Social Work

Tony Banks


David Bannerman

The Magic Man; The Gamov Factor; Pipeline From Hell; Call of Honor

Valerie Bannert-Thurner

Mastering the Acquirer's Innovation Dilemma

Jo Bannister

Closer Still; Flawed; Liars All; The Hireling's Tale

Graham Bannock

The Palgrave Encyclopedia of World Economic History

Samia Bano

Muslim Women and Shari'ah Councils

Martha Banta

Words at Work in Vanity Fair

Lee Bantle

David Inside Out

Philip Banyard

Introducing Psychological Research

Philip Banyard

A Psychologist's Casebook of Crime

Baron Baptiste

The Yoga Bootcamp Box

Hari Bapuji

Not Just China

Hari Bapuji

Not Just China

Yehuda Bar Shalom

Educating Israel

Mordechai Bar-On

The Gates of Gaza

Yaacov Bar-Siman-Tov

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Vincent Barabba

Business Strategies for a Messy World

Cliff Barackman

Finding Bigfoot

Cecilia Barajas

Game Plan

Ibtisam Barakat

Tasting the Sky

Sultan Barakat

Reconstructing War-Torn Societies; After the Conflict

Michael Barakiva

One Man Guy

Enrico Baraldi

CRM Systems in Industrial Companies

Abdul Karim Baram

Technology in Warfare

Amatzia Baram

Iraq's Road To War; Iraq Between Occupations

Marcus Baram

Gil Scott-Heron: Pieces of a Man

Gabriel Baramki

Peaceful Resistance

Zeyno Baran

The Other Muslims

DD Barant

Dying Bites; Death Blows; Killing Rocks; Better Off Undead

Lynne Barasch

Owney, the Mail-Pouch Pooch

David P. Barash, Ph.D.

The Myth of Monogamy; The Survival Game

Susan Shapiro Barash

Tripping the Prom Queen; Little White Lies, Deep Dark Secrets; Overexposed; You're Grounded Forever...But First, Let's Go Shopping

Sebastiano Barassi

Ben Nicholson and Winifred Nicholson

Frank Barat

Corporate Complicity in Israel's Occupation

Samantha Barbas

Movie Crazy

Mariano Barbato

Pilgrimage, Politics, and International Relations

Adrienne Barbeau

Vampyres of Hollywood

Jeffrey W. Barbeau

Coleridge, the Bible, and Religion

Jeffrey W. Barbeau

Sara Coleridge

Antonia Barber

Tales from the Ballet

Christine Barber

The Replacement Child; The Bone Fire; When the Devil Doesn't Show

John Barber

Life and Death in Besieged Leningrad, 1941-44

Malcolm Barber

The Templars

Marianne S. Barber

The Parent's Guide to Food Allergies

Nicola Barber

Letter from a Stranger; Wake; No Logo; Lullaby

Patti Barber

First Number Book; First Shape Book; Mi Primer Libro de Numeros; First Number Fun

Ros Barber

The Marlowe Papers

Sian Barber

The British Film Industry in the 1970s

William J. Barber

Gunnar Myrdal

Peter Barberis

Liberal Lion

Claire Barbetti

Ekphrastic Medieval Visions

Maggie Barbieri

Quick Study; Third Degree; Physical Education; Final Exam

Maria S. Barbo

Doodlemaster: Rock Star!; Doodlemaster: Fashionista!; The Velveteen Rabbit and the Boy (My Readers Level 1); The Velveteen Rabbit Christmas

Mark Barbolak

Know Can Do!; The Little Book That Makes You Rich

James Barbour

A Neutral Corner

Karen Barbour

Mr. Williams

Richmond Barbour

The Third Voyage Journals

Jay Barbree

Neil Armstrong: A Life of Flight

Richard Barbrook

Imaginary Futures; Media Freedom

Jerry Barca

Unbeatable: Notre Dame's 1988 Championship and the Last Great College Football Season

Ana Maria F. Barcelos

Narratives of Learning and Teaching EFL

Egidijus Barcevicius

Assessing the Open Method of Coordination

Katie Barclay

Love, Intimacy and Power

Katie Barclay

Love, Intimacy and Power

Wayne Barcomb

The Hunted

Mitchell G. Bard

Will Israel Survive?; Death to the Infidels

Jan Bardsley

Bad Girls of Japan

Leigh Bardugo

Ruin and Rising; Shadow and Bone: Chapters 1-5; Fierce Reads Chapter Sampler; Shadow and Bone

Houman Barekat

Arms and the People

Andrew Barfield

Reconstructing Autonomy in Language Education

Andy Barfield

Researching Collocations in Another Language

Francesca Bargiela-Chiappini

Politeness Across Cultures; Business Discourse

Bill Barich

Hard to Be Good

Leonard Barkan

The Forms of Renaissance Thought

Adam Barker

Early Cinema: Space, Frame, Narrative

Clare Barker

Postcolonial Fiction and Disability

Clive Barker

The Dark Descent

Francis Barker

Colonial Discourse/ Postcolonial Theory

Garry Barker

A Riot of Our Own

Howard Barker

Arguments for a Theatre

Jason Barker

Alain Badiou

Katherine Barker

Scrutinising Science

Martin Barker

From Antz To Titanic; A 'Toxic Genre'

Martin Barker

Live To Your Local Cinema

Meg Barker

Safe, Sane and Consensual

Nicola Barker

Not The Marrying Kind

Pat Barker

Union Street & Blow Your House Down; Liza's England; The Man Who Wasn't There; Double Vision

Roberta Barker

Early Modern Tragedy, Gender and Performance, 1984-2000

Rodney Barker

Making Enemies

Simon Barker

Shakespeare's Problem Plays

Susan Barker

Sayonara Bar

Gary Barkhuizen

Second Language Identity in Narratives of Study Abroad

Karen E. Barkie

Sweet and Sugar Free

J. Samuel Barkin

International Organization

J. Samuel Barkin

International Organization

Brad Barkley

Another Perfect Catastrophe

Ben Barkow

As If It Were Life

Nick Barlay

Scattered Ghosts

Olivier Barlet

African Cinemas

David M. Barlow

Communication in the Age of Suspicion

Julie Barlow

The Story of French; The Story of Spanish

Sue Barlow

Sense and Respond

Toby Barlow


Dorothea Barlowe

Seashore Life; Trees

Sy Barlowe

Seashore Life; Trees; Reptiles of North America

Wayne Barlowe

God's Demon

Richard Barltrop

Darfur and the International Community


The Kingdom of Ireland, 1641-1760

Malcolm Barnard

Art, Design and Visual Culture; Approaches To Understanding Visual Culture

Neal D. Barnard, M.D.

Breaking the Food Seduction

Geoff Barnbrook


Betty Barnden

200 Knitting Tips, Techniques & Trade Secrets; Filet Crochet; Super Finishing Techniques for Crocheters; 75 Floral Blocks to Crochet

Carol Barner-Barry

Contemporary Paganism

Colin Barnes

The New Politics of Disablement

Joanne Barnes

Traditional, Complementary and Integrative Medicine

John Barnes

Gaudeamus; The Armies of Memory; Kaleidoscope Century; The Sky So Big and Black

Judith Barnes


K. J. Barnes

A Rough Passage, Volume I; A Rough Passage, Volume II

Linda Barnes

The Big Dig; Snapshot; Hardware; Coyote

Marian Barnes

Caring and Social Justice

Peter Barnes

To be or Not to be

Robert Barnes

The US, the UN and the Korean War

Sharon Barnes

Slavery in the Sudan

Steven Barnes

Saturn's Race; Beowulf's Children; The Moon Maze Game; Dream Park

Trevor Barnes

The Kingfisher Children's Bible; The Kingfisher Children's Illustrated Bible; Christianity; Hinduism and Other Eastern Religions

Vivian Endicott Barnet

Kandinsky Drawings: Volume 1

David Barnett

London, Hub of the Industrial Revolution

David Barnett

Gideon Smith and the Mechanical Girl; Gideon Smith and the Brass Dragon; Work Sets You Free; Business As Usual

Jon Barnett

The Meaning of Environmental Security

Louise Barnett

Ungentlemanly Acts

Randy E. Barnett

A Conspiracy Against Obamacare

S. J. Barnett

The Enlightenment and Religion

Suzanne Barnett

3 Fat Chicks on a Diet

Tony Barnett

AIDS in the Twenty-First Century; AIDS in the Twenty-First Century, Fully Revised and Updated Edition

Martha Barnette

Dog Days and Dandelions

Matt Barney

Leading Value Creation

Wilton Barnhardt

Emma Who Saved My Life; Gospel; Lookaway, Lookaway; Show World

Anne Clinard Barnhill

At the Mercy of the Queen; Queen Elizabeth's Daughter

Rebecca Barnhouse

The Book of the Knight of the Tower

Joshua Baron

Great Power Peace and American Primacy

Ken Baron

Parimutuel Applications In Finance

Nick Baron


Steve Baron

Services Marketing

Joe Barone

The Body in the Record Room

Mahmud Baroud

The Shipwrecked Sailor in Arabic and Western Literature

Ramzy Baroud

The Second Palestinian Intifada; My Father Was a Freedom Fighter

Charles Barr

All Our Yesterdays: 90 Years of British Cinema; Typically British: Short History of the Cinema in Britain

Charles Barr


Chris Barr

The Yahoo! Style Guide; The Yahoo! Style Guide: Writing for an Online Audience

Marleen S. Barr

Reading Science Fiction

Michael Barr

Who's Afraid of China?

Michael Barr

Green Politics in China

Michael D. Barr

The Ruling Elite of Singapore

Nevada Barr

Naked Came the Phoenix; The Rope; Destroyer Angel; Burn

Allen Barra

Clearing the Bases

Milly S. Barranger

The Group Theatre; Audrey Wood and the Playwrights

James Barrat

Our Final Invention

Barnaby B. Barratt

The Emergence of Somatic Psychology and Bodymind Therapy

Bethany Barratt

The Politics of Harry Potter

John Barratt

Timeless Management

Nick Barratt

Lost Voices from the Titanic

Nicolas Barreau

The Ingredients of Love; One Evening in Paris

Gina Barreca

It's Not That I'm Bitter . . .

Albino Barrera

Globalization and Economic Ethics

Amílcar Antonio Barreto

Nationalism and Its Logical Foundations

Brian Barrett

Knowledge and the Future of the Curriculum

Estelle Barrett

Practice as Research; Kristeva Reframed

Estelle Barrett

Carnal Knowledge

Jenny Barrett

Shooting the Civil War

Patrick Barrett

The New Latin American Left

Paul M. Barrett

American Islam

Peter Barrett

James Herriot's Treasury for Children; James Herriot's Treasury of Inspirational Stories for Children

Roby C. Barrett

The Greater Middle East and the Cold War

Sharon Kebschull Barrett

Desserts from an Herb Garden

Tracy Barrett

Cold in Summer; On Etruscan Time; The 100-Year-Old Secret; The Beast of Blackslope

Tracy C. Barrett

The Chinese Diaspora in South-East Asia

Debra Barrett-Graves

High and Mighty Queens of Early Modern England

Debra Barrett-Graves

The Emblematic Queen

Godfrey Barrett-Lennard

The Relationship Paradigm

Gene Barretta

Neo Leo; Now & Ben; Zoola Palooza; Timeless Thomas

Doris Barrette

When the Wind Blew

Lilian A. Barria

The Development of Institutions of Human Rights

Anne B. Barriault

Reading Vasari

J. M. Barrie

Peter Pan (100th Anniversary Edition); Peter Pan (My Readers Level 2)

Julia Barrie

Dead to Me

Armando Barrientos

Social Protection for the Poor and Poorest

Stephanie Barrientos

Women, Globalization and Fragmentation in the Developing World

Timothy Barringer

Art and the British Empire

Candace Barrington

American Chaucers

Nicholas Barrington

A Passage to Nuristan

Nicholas Barrington

Envoy; Nicholas Meets Barrington

Hilda Barrio

The Che Handbook

Michael Barris

The Social Media President

Cris Barrish

Fatal Embrace

Eudine Barriteau

The Political Economy of Gender in the Twentieth-Century Carribbean

Daniel R. R. Barron

Selling Your Business for More

Lee Barron

Social Theory in Popular Culture

Mauricio Rands Barros

Labour Relations and the New Unionism in Contemporary Brazil

Clyde W. Barrow

Class, Power and the State in Capitalist Society

Dan Barry

City Lights

Dave Barry

Dave Barry's Bad Habits; Dave Barry's Guide to Marriage and/or Sex

Elizabeth Barry

Beckett and Authority

Frank Barry

Understanding Ireland's Economic Growth

Gearóid Barry

The Disarmament of Hatred

Guerin Barry

Compulsion; The Last Temptation

Jonathan Barry

Identity and Agency in English Society, 1500-1800; Palgrave Advances in Witchcraft Historiography

Jonathan Barry

Witchcraft and Demonology in South-West England, 1640-1789

Jonathan Barry

Raising Spirits

Norman P. Barry

An Introduction To Modern Political Theory, 4th Edition

Patrick J. Barry

Avoiding Corporate Breakdowns

Peter Barry

Contemporary British Poetry and the City; Literature in Contexts; Beginning Theory

Peter Barry

Literature in Contexts; Reading Poetry

Tom Barry

Global Focus

David Barsamian

Imperial Ambitions; What We Say Goes; Power Systems

Michael Bart

Until Our Last Breath

Peter Bart

The Gross

Mary Bartek

Funerals and Fly Fishing

Marek Bartelik

Early Polish Modern Art

Christine Barter

Peer Violence in Children's Residential Care

Shane Joshua Barter

Civilian Strategy in Civil War

Joan Barthel

American Saint

Donald Barthelme

The Dead Father

Roland Barthes

A Barthes Reader; Image-Music-Text; Empire of Signs; Elements of Semiology

David Bartholomae

Writing on the Margins

Amy Bartholomew

Empire's Law

Nancy Bartholomew

Strip Poker; Drag Strip; The Miracle Strip

Angela Bartie

Policing Youth

Ian Bartle

Globalisation and EU Policy-making

Bruce Bartlett

Wrong on Race; The New American Economy

C. J. Bartlett

Peace, War and the European Powers, 1814-1914

David Bartlett

Making Your Point

Elizabeth Ann Bartlett

Rebellious Feminism

John Bartlett

A Complete Concordance To Shakespeare

Lesley Bartlett

Critical Approaches to Comparative Education

Roger Bartlett

A History of Russia

William Bartlett

Health Reforms in South-East Europe; Decentralization and Local Development in South East Europe

Brendan Bartley

Understanding Contemporary Ireland

Christopher Bartley

Indian Philosophy A-Z

Ken Bartley

England on the Eve of the Black Death

Paula Bartley

Ellen Wilkinson

Dominik Bartmanski

Iconic Power

Lilia I. Bartolome

Dancing With Bigotry

Brian Barton

The Northern Ireland Question

Emily Barton

Brookland; The Testament of Yves Gundron

Gregory A. Barton

Informal Empire and the Rise of One World Culture

Patrice Barton

Layla, Queen of Hearts

Patricia Barton

Drugs and Empires

Simon Barton

The World of El Cid; A History of Spain

Susan Barton

Healthy Living in the Alps; Working-class Organisations and Popular Tourism, 1840-1970

Susan Barton

Healthy Living in the Alps

Tom Barton

Tell Me How You Love the Picture

Omer Bartov

The Eastern Front, 1941-45

Mitchell Bartoy

The Devil's Own Rag Doll; The Devil's Only Friend

David Bartram

International Labor Migration

Peter W.J. Bartrip


Lenny Bartulin

Death by the Book

Nevenko Bartulin

Honorary Aryans

Bijoy P. Barua

Globalization, Culture, and Education in South Asia

Yehuda Baruch

Winning Reviews; Opening the Black Box of Editorship

Richard Barwell

Macroprudential Policy

Massoud Barzani

Mustafa Barzani and the Kurdish Liberation Movement

Ghillie Basan

Classic Turkish Cooking

Jonathan Basan

Classic Turkish Cooking

Ron Base

Magic Man

Giorgio Basevi

The Eurozone Crisis and the Future of Europe

Alex Bash

The Imbible

Simon Basher

Basher Science: The Periodic Table; Basher Science: Physics; Basher Science: Biology; Basher Science: Astronomy

Alison Bashford

Medicine At The Border

Alison Bashford

Pacific Histories; Imperial Hygiene

Parsua Bashi

Nylon Road

Pierfrancesco Basile

Leibniz, Whitehead and the Metaphysics of Causation

Otis W. Baskin

Letting Go; Effective Leadership in the Family Business

Nishchal Basnyat

Kings to Comrades

Amy Bass

In the Game

Hyatt Bass

The Embers

Loretta Bass

African Immigrant Families in Another France

Thomas A. Bass

The Predictors

Caroline Bassett

The Arc and the Machine

Caroline Bassett

The Arc and the Machine

Noah Bassil

The Post-Colonial State and Civil War in Sudan

Jean-Pascal Bassino

The Changing Economic Environment in Asia

Susan Bassnett

Sylvia Plath

Barbara Bassot

The Reflective Journal

Gabriela Basterra

Seductions of Fate

Misty L. Bastian

The Women's War of 1929

Sunil Bastian

Can Democracy be Designed?

Simon Bastow

Governance, performance, and capacity stress

Judy Bastyra

Parties for Kids; Hanukkah Fun

Anustup Basu

Figurations in Indian Film

Dipak Basu

Corporate Culture in Multinational Companies

Dipannita Basu

The Vinyl Ain't Final

Jay Basu

The Stars Can Wait

Srimati Basu

Dowry and Inheritance

Sudeshna Basu

The European Union and Multilateral Governance

Marion Bataille

ABC3D; 10

Jennie Batchelor

Dress, Distress and Desire; British Women's Writing in the Long Eighteenth Century; Women and Material Culture, 1660-1830; Women's Work

Jennie Batchelor

Women's Work

Jonathan Bate

William Shakespeare and Others

Keith Bate

The Templars

Sarah Bate

Face Recognition and its Disorders

Barry Bateman

One Tragic Night

John Bateman

Multimodality and Genre

Milford Bateman

Why Doesn't Microfinance Work?

Amy June Bates

Escape by Night

Brian Bates

The Real Middle Earth

Catherine Bates

Studying Arts and Humanities

Crispin Bates

Community, Empire and Migration

David Bates

Photography and Surrealism; Marxism, Intellectuals and Politics

John Bates

Promoting Workplace Well-being

Stephen Bates

A Church at War

William H. Bates

The Bates Method for Better Eyesight

Yvonne Bates

Shouldn't I Be Feeling Better by Now?

Ian Bathgate

Principles of Marketing

Bathroom Readers' Institute

Uncle John's Second Bathroom Reader; Uncle John's Third Bathroom Reader; Uncle John's Fourth Bathroom Reader; Uncle John's Bathroom Reader

Richard Batley

The Changing Role of Government

Jozef Bátora

Fringe Players and the Diplomatic Order

Agnes Batory

The Politics of EU Accession

Ravi Batra

Greenspan's Fraud; The New Golden Age

Yota Batsaki

Fictions of Knowledge

Catherine Batt

Malory's 'Morte D'Arthur'

Stephen Battaglio

David Susskind

Jonathan A. Batten

Advances in Financial Risk Management

Paul Battersby

The Unlawful Society

Michele Battini

The Missing Italian Nuremberg

Jes Battis

Investigating Farscape

Kathy Battista

Renegotiating the Body

Stefania Battistelli

The Developmental Challenges of Mining and Oil

Craig Batty

Writing for the Screen; Media Writing

Craig Batty

Movies That Move Us; Screenwriters and Screenwriting

Elif Batuman

The Possessed

Jacques Baudot

Flat World, Big Gaps

Jean Baudrillard

Seduction; Revenge Of The Crystal - Classic Edition

Andreas Bauer

Moment of Truth

Emily Bauer

Enclave; Outpost; Horde

Hans Bauer

Swiss Banking

Heather Bauer, RD, CDN

Bread Is the Devil

Heike Bauer

English Literary Sexology; Queer 1950s

Joy Bauer, M.S., R.D., C.D.N.

The 90/10 Weight-Loss Plan; The 90/10 Weight Loss Cookbook; Cooking With Joy

Laurie Bauer

Language Matters

Laurie Bauer

Beginning Linguistics

Martin Bauer

The Social Psychology of Communication

Robin Bauer

Queer BDSM Intimacies

Carolyn Baugh

The View from Garden City

Christopher Baugh

Theatre, Performance and Technology

Edward Baugh

Selected Poems

L. Frank Baum

The Wizard of Oz

Jon R. Bauman

Santa Fe Passage

Robert Bauman

Betraying Our Troops

Yoram Bauman, Ph.D.

The Cartoon Introduction to Economics

Renato Baumann

Brazil in the 1990s

Christoph Baumer

The Church of the East; Traces in the Desert; China's Holy Mountain

Christoph Baumer

The History of Central Asia

Jennifer Baumgardner

Grassroots; Look Both Ways; Manifesta [10th Anniversary Edition]

Britta Baumgarten

Conceptualizing Culture in Social Movement Research

Prof. Frederic J. Baumgartner

Longing for the End; Louis XII; France in the Sixteenth Century; Behind Locked Doors

Amanda K. Baumle

Sex Discrimination and Law Firm Culture on the Internet

Michael Baun

Governing Europe's Neighbourhood; EU Cohesion Policy after Enlargement

Annika Bautz

Jane Austen - Sense and Sensibility/ Pride and Prejudice/ Emma

Michael Bauwens

Network Society and Future Scenarios for a Collaborative Economy

Mark Bavaro

Rough & Tumble

N. W. Bawcutt

The Changeling; The Jew of Malta

Victoria Bawtree

The Post-Development Reader

Stephen Bax

Discourse and Genre

James Baxendale

EU and Kaliningrad

John Baxendale

Priestley's England

John Baxendale

Priestley’s England

George Baxt

A Queer Kind Of Love

Christopher Baxter

The Great Power Struggle in East Asia, 1944-50; Britain in Global Politics Volume 1

Jeannette Baxter

J. G. Ballard: Visions and Revisions

Jeannette Baxter

A Literature of Restitution

John Baxter

A Pound of Paper

Josephine Baxter

Animal Disease and Human Trauma

Judith Baxter

Speaking Out; Positioning Gender in Discourse; The Language of Female Leadership

Judith Baxter

Double-Voicing at Work

Mandy Baxter

The Billionaire Cowboy

Ron Baxter

The Palgrave Encyclopedia of World Economic History

Stephen Baxter

The Web: Gulliverzone; The Light of Other Days

Austin Bay

Ataturk: Lessons in Leadership From the Greatest General of the Ottoman Empire

Mia Bay

To Tell the Truth Freely

Darioush Bayandor

Iran and the CIA

Yesim Bayar

Formation of the Turkish Nation-State, 1920-1938

Louis Bayard

The School of Night; Roosevelt's Beast

Jumana Bayeh

The Literature of the Lebanese Diaspora

William Bayer


Jane Bayes

Globalization, Gender, and Religion; Women, Democracy, and Globalization in North America

Ifa Bayeza

Some Sing, Some Cry

John Bayley

Elegy for Iris; The Red Hat

John Baylis

Anglo-American Relations Since 1939

Kate Bayliss

Privatization and Alternative Public Sector Reform in Sub-Saharan Africa; The Political Economy of Development

C.A. Bayly

History, Historians and Development Policy

Simon Bayly

A Pathognomy of Performance

Louis Bayman

Popular Italian Cinema

Rowan Bayne

Applied Psychology for Social Workers; How to Survive Counsellor Training

Rowan Bayne

The Counsellor's Guide to Personality; Psychology for Social Work Theory and Practice

Mike Baynham

The Future of Literacy Studies

Noha Bayoumi

Arab Feminisms

Cary Bazalgette

Primary Media Education; In Front of the Children: Screen Entertainment and Young Audiences

Stephen Bazen

Job Quality and Employer Behaviour

Manu Bazzano

After Mindfulness

Gregory Beabout

The Character of the Manager

Abigail Beach

The Right To Belong

Cecilia Beach

Staging Politics and Gender

Derek Beach

The Dynamics of European Integration; Leadership in the Big Bangs of European Integration

Derek Beach

Analyzing Foreign Policy

Hugh Beach

Flattering the Passions

R. W. Beachey

A History of East Africa, 1592-1902

Donald W. Beachler

Winning the White House, 2008; The Genocide Debate

Aaron Beacom

Sport and International Development; International Diplomacy and the Olympic Movement

Leigh Beadle

Brew It Yourself; Making Fine Wines and Liqueurs at Home; New Brew It Yourself

Ishmael Beah

A Long Way Gone; Radiance of Tomorrow

George Beahm

The Unofficial Patricia Cornwell Companion; Steve Jobs' Life By Design

Robert Beaken

Cosmo Lang

George Beal

The Kingfisher Illustrated Pocket Thesaurus; The Kingfisher Illustrated Thesaurus; The Kingfisher First Thesaurus; Kingfisher First Thesaurus

Joan C. Beal

Creating and Digitizing Language Corpora, Volume 2; Creating and Digitizing Language Corpora, Volume 1

Nancy Beal

The Art of Teaching Art to Children

Sophia Beal

Brazil under Construction

Tim Beal

North Korea; Crisis in Korea

Derek Beales

Enlightenment and Reform in Eighteenth-Century Europe

Jo Beall

Latin American Urban Development into the Twenty First Century

Gregory Bean

Grave Victory

Jonathan Bean

Building Our House; At Night; Mokie and Bik Go to Sea; Emmy and the Incredible Shrinking Rat

Elizabeth Bear

A Companion to Wolves; The Sea Thy Mistress; All the Windwracked Stars; The Tempering of Men

Greg Bear

Legacy; The Forge of God; Eon; Slant

Darleen Bailey Beard

Twister; The Flimflam Man; Operation Clean Sweep; Annie Glover is NOT a Tree Lover

James Beard

The Essential James Beard Cookbook

Frank Beardow

Little Vera

Peter Beardsell

Siete Cuentos

Julie Beardwell

Human Resource Development

Marietta Bearman

Out of Austria

Peri Bearman

The Law Applied

David Beasley

Inside Coca-Cola; Without Mercy

Ruth Beasley

The Kinsey Institute New Report On Sex

W. G. Beasley

The Rise of Modern Japan, 3rd Edition

Tim Beasley-Murray

Mikhail Bakhtin and Walter Benjamin

M. C. Beaton

Agatha Raisin and the Murderous Marriage; Agatha Raisin and the Day the Floods Came; The Skeleton in the Closet; Agatha Raisin and the Case of the Curious Curate

M.C. Beaton

Christmas Crumble

Roderick Beaton

Ariadne's Children

Beatrix Busse

Language and Style

Amanda Russell Beattie

The Vulnerable Subject

Cordelia Beattie

Intersections of Gender, Religion and Ethnicity in the Middle Ages

David Beattie


Keith Beattie

Documentary Screens; Humphrey Jennings

Kirk J. Beattie

Egypt During the Sadat Years

Vivien Beattie

Behind Closed Doors: What Company Audit Is Really About

Paul Beatty

The White Boy Shuffle; Slumberland

Kim Beauchesne

The Utopian Impulse in Latin America

Denyse Beaulieu

The Perfume Lover

Katherine Bentley Beauman

Women and the Settlement Movement

Caitriona Beaumont

Housewives and Citizens

Karen Beaumont

Who Ate All the Cookie Dough?

Francesca Beausang

Globalization and the BRICs

Francesca A. Beausang-Hunter

Globalization and the BRICs

Colin Beavan

No Impact Man

Brad Beaven

Leisure, Citizenship and Working-Class Men in Britain, 1850-1945

Brad Beaven

Visions of Empire

Iain Beaven;

The Library and Archive Collections of the University of Aberdeen

Saba Bebawi

Social Media and the Politics of Reportage

Brett Bebber

Leisure and Cultural Conflict in Twentieth-Century Britain

Anthony Bebbington

Development Success; Can NGOs Make a Difference?

Carrie Bebris

Pride and Prescience; Suspense and Sensibility or, First Impressions Revisited; North By Northanger, or The Shades of Pemberley; The Matters at Mansfield

Elena Beccalli

IT and European Bank Performance

Elena Beccalli

Retail Credit Risk Management

Chiara Beccalossi

Female Sexual Inversion

Margaret Bechard

Spacer and Rat

Harriet Becher

Family Practices in South Asian Muslim Families

Dimitar Bechev

Mediterranean Frontiers

Dimitar Bechev

Constructing South East Europe

Frank Bechhofer

National Identity, Nationalism and Constitutional Change

Susi Bechhofer

Rosa's Child

Bruce E. Bechtol Jr.

North Korea and Regional Security in the Kim Jong-un Era

Adrian Beck

New Loss Prevention

Greig Beck

Beneath the Dark Ice; Dark Rising

Heather Beck

Teaching Creative Writing

Jay Beck

Contemporary Spanish Cinema and Genre

Jay Beck

Contemporary Spanish Cinema and Genre

Jessica Beck

Glazed Murder; Fatally Frosted; Sinister Sprinkles; Evil Eclairs

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D.

The Beck Diet Solution

Ken Beck

The Andy Griffith Show Book

Linda J. Beck

Brokering Democracy in Africa

Matthias Beck

Quality Management and Managerialism in Healthcare

Peter J. Beck

Using History, Making British Policy

Peter J. Beck

Presenting History

Robert Beck

Law and Disciplinarity

Robert J. Beck

Law and Disciplinarity

Annette Becker

14-18: Understanding the Great War

Charles M. Becker

Social Security Reform in Transition Economies

Egon Becker

Sustainability and the Social Sciences

Florian Nikolas Becker

Imagining Human Rights in Twenty-First Century Theater

Jasper Becker

Hungry Ghosts; Mongolia

Jillian Becker

Giving Up

Jonathan A. Becker

Soviet and Russian Press Coverage of the United States

Joyce Scardina Becker

Countdown to Your Perfect Wedding

Uwe Becker

Open Varieties of Capitalism

William S. Becker

The 100 Day Action Plan to Save the Planet

Megan Becker-Leckrone

Julia Kristeva and Literary Theory

Susan Beckerleg

Ethnic Identity and Development

Marty Beckerman

The Heming Way

Sven Beckert

The American Bourgeoisie

Fiona Becket

D.H. Lawrence: The Thinker as Poet

Angharad E. Beckett

Citizenship and Vulnerability

John Beckett

Writing Local History

Clinton L. Beckford

Domestic Food Production and Food Security in the Caribbean

James A. Beckford

Muslims in Prison

Hilary McD. Beckles

The Development of West Indies Cricket, Vol. 1; The Development of West Indies Cricket, Vol. 2

Björn Beckman

Intellectuals and African Development

Ludvig Beckman

The Frontiers of Democracy; Territories of Citizenship

Andrea Beckmann

The Social Construction of Sexuality and Perversion

Petr Beckmann

A History of Pi

Karl Beckson

Literary Terms

Lillian Beckwith

A Proper Woman

Rexanne Becnel

Scandalous Weddings; The Matchmaker; Heart of the Storm; The Bride of Rosecliffe

Sharon Beder

This Little Kiddy Went to Market

David J. Bederman

Globalization and International Law

Olwen Bedford

Taiwanese Identity and Democracy

Grazyna Anna Bednarek

Polish vs. American Courtroom Discourse

Monika Bednarek

Emotion Talk Across Corpora

James P. Bednarz

Shakespeare and the Truth of Love

Pamela Bedore

Dime Novels and the Roots of American Detective Fiction

Donna Bee-Gates

I Want It Now

Helen Beebee

Free Will

Thomas O. Beebee


George Beech

Was the Bayeux Tapestry Made in France?

Mark Beech

I Am Reading: Yeti Spaghetti; When Saturday Mattered Most

Matt Beech

The Political Philosophy of New Labour; Labour's Thinkers; Ten Years of New Labour; The Conservatives under David Cameron

Nic Beech

Exploring Identity

Matthew Beedham

The Novels of Kazuo Ishiguro

Gerry Beegan

The Mass Image

Karin Beeler

Investigating Charmed

Stan Beeler

Reading Stargate SG-1; Investigating Charmed

Charles Beem

The Lioness Roared; The Royal Minorities of Medieval and Early Modern England; The Foreign Relations of Elizabeth I; The Name of a Queen

Jason Beene

Sophie Simon Solves Them All

David Beer

Popular Culture and New Media; Punk Sociology

Janet Beer

Special Relationships; Kate Chopin, Edith Wharton and Charlotte Perkins Gilman; Edith Wharton: Sex, Satire and the Older Woman

John Beer

Romantic Consciousness; William Blake

John Beer

Romantic Consciousness; Post-Romantic Consciousness; D. H. Lawrence

Mark Beeson

Contemporary Southeast Asia

Mark Beeson

Issues in 21st Century World Politics

Mark Beeson

Regionalism and Globalization in East Asia

Richard Beeston

Looking for Trouble

David Beetham

The Legitimation of Power

Roger Beetham

Euro Debate: Persuading People

Nico J. Beger

Tensions in the Struggle for Sexual Minority Rights in Europe

Iain Begg

Adjusting to EMU; Europe: Government and Money

Ed Begley Jr.

Dave Barry's Guide to Marriage and/or Sex

Sharon Begley

Train Your Mind, Change Your Brain

Patricia Begné

Women, Democracy, and Globalization in North America

Loo-See Beh

Culture and Gender in Leadership

Beverly Behan

Great Companies Deserve Great Boards

Cormac Behan

Citizen Convicts

Tom Behan

Defiance; Dario Fo; See Naples and Die; The Italian Resistance

Ruth Behar

The Portable Island

Sohrab Behdad

Iran After the Revolution

Behind the Wheel

Behind the Wheel - Spanish 1; Behind the Wheel - Spanish 2; Behind the Wheel - French 1; Behind the Wheel - Italian 1

Hartmut Behr

A History of International Political Theory

Hartmut Behr

The Concept of the Political

Mark Behr

The Smell of Apples

Jan C. Behrends

The Leader Cult in Communist Dictatorship

Stephen C. Behrendt

Royal Mourning and Regency Culture

Doris Behrens-Abouseif

Cairo of the Mamluks; The Minarets of Cairo

Doris Behrens-Abouseif

Practicing Diplomacy in the Mamluk Sultanate

Synne Behrndt

Dramaturgy and Performance

Maziar Behrooz

Rebels With A Cause

Timm Beichelt

Civil Society and Democracy Promotion

Phillip Beidler

Writing Race Across the Atlantic World

J. Marshall Beier

Indigenous Diplomacies; International Relations in Uncommon Places

J. Marshall Beier

The Militarization of Childhood

Yves Beigbeder

Judging War Criminals

Yves Beigbeder

International Criminal Tribunals

Peter Beinart

The Crisis of Zionism

Rebecca Beirne

Lesbians in Television and Text after the Millennium; Making Film and Television Histories; Televising Queer Women

Marianne Beisheim

Transnational Partnerships

Emilio Bejel

José Martí

David Bek

Multinationals in their Communities

Jeno Beke

International Accounting Harmonization

Avi Beker

The Chosen

Zvi Bekerman

Addressing Ethnic Conflict through Peace Education; Peace Education in Conflict and Post-Conflict Societies

Zvi Bekerman

Integrated Education in Conflicted Societies

Khalid Bekkaoui

White Women Captives in North Africa

Victor Bekkers

Innovation in the Public Sector

Ahmet Bekmen

Turkey Reframed

Dorina A. Bekoe

Implementing Peace Agreements

Abderrazak Belabes

Islamic Finance in Western Higher Education

Éric Bélanger

French Presidential Elections

John Belchem

Popular Radicalism in Nineteenth-Century Britain

Catherine L. Belcher

Teaching Harry Potter

R. S. Belcher

The Six-Gun Tarot; The Shotgun Arcana

Eleonora Belfiore

The Social Impact of the Arts; Humanities in the Twenty-First Century

Abdelillah Belkeziz

The State in Contemporary Islamic Thought

Abdelillah Belkeziz

The State in Contemporary Islamic Thought

Lisa Belkin

Tales from the Times

Alden Bell

The Reapers Are the Angels

Alice Bell

The Possible Worlds of Hypertext Fiction

Amy Helen Bell

London Was Ours

Avril Bell

Relating Indigenous and Settler Identities

Bill Bell

Nineteenth-Century Media and the Construction of Identities

Buddy Bell

Smart Baseball

David S. Bell

The Presidents of the French Fifth Republic; Exceptional Socialists

Douglas Bell

Mojo And The Pickle Jar

Duncan Bell

Memory, Trauma and World Politics

Eleanor Bell

Questioning Scotland

Emma Bell

Management, Organisations and Film

Emma Bell

Criminal Justice and Neoliberalism

Erin Bell

Televising History

Gail Bell

Poison; The Poisoner

Gertrude Bell

Persian Pictures

Ilona Bell

Elizabeth I

James B. Bell

The Imperial Origins of the King's Church in Early America; A War of Religion

James B. Bell

Empire, Religion and Revolution in Early Virginia, 1607-1786

James Stuart Bell

Inside "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe"

Jim Bell

International Business in an Enlarging Europe

John Bell

Capitalism and the Dialectic

John Richard Bell

American Puppet Modernism

Kimberly Bell

Cultural Studies of the Modern Middle Ages

Melanie Bell

Femininity in the Frame

Michael Bell

Sentimentalism, Ethics and the Culture of Feeling

Nancy Bell

A Student's Guide to the MA TESOL

Peter Bell

Policing Transnational Organized Crime and Corruption

Robert H. Bell

Shakespeare's Great Stage of Fools

Ted Bell

Nick of Time; The Time Pirate

Andrew Bell-Fialkoff

Ethnic Cleansing; The Role of Migration in the History of the Eurasian Steppe

Patricia Bell-Scott

Flat-Footed Truths

Paul Bellaby

Risk and the Public Acceptance of New Technologies

Alex J. Bellamy

Kosovo and International Society; Security Communities and their Neighbours; Fighting Terror

Elizabeth Jane Bellamy

Imagining Death in Spenser and Milton

Joan Bellamy

Women, Scholarship and Criticism C. 1790-1900

Richard Bellamy

A Textual Introduction To Social and Political Theory; Political Concepts; Lineages of European Citizenship; Making European Citizens

Lisa Bellantoni

The Triple Helix: The Soul of Bioethics

Ian Bellany

Curbing the Spread of Nuclear Weapons

Ian Bellany

Curbing the Spread of Nuclear Weapons

Trixie Belle

Snow White; Cinderella; Beauty and the Beast; The Little Mermaid

Patrick Bellegarde-Smith

Vodou in Haitian Life and Culture

Andrew Bellenkes

Leading Dynamic Seminars

Annelie Beller

Philanthropy and Education

Melvin Belli


Jyothsna Belliappa

Gender, Class and Reflexive Modernity in India

Jerome Bellion-Jourdan

The Charitable Crescent

Walden Bello

De-Globalization; Deglobalization; The Anti-Development State; Empire and the Bomb

Walden Bello

Capitalism's Last Stand?

Hilaire Belloc

The Historic Thames

Riccardo Bellofiore

The Constitution of Capital; Re-reading Marx

Riccardo Bellofiore

Economic Crisis and Political Economy; The Legacy of Rosa Luxemburg, Oskar Lange and Michal Kalecki; Towards a New Understanding of Sraffa

David Bellos

Is That a Fish in Your Ear?

Arne Bellstorf

Baby's in Black

John Beloff


Michael T. Belongia

Divisia Monetary Aggregates

Mike T. Belongia

Money, Measurement and Computation

Ahmed Belouafi

Islamic Finance in Western Higher Education

Patrick Belser

Creative Labour Regulation

Catherine Belsey

Why Shakespeare?

Franta Belsky

Franta Belksy

Federico Beltrame

Estimating SMEs Cost of Equity Using a Value at Risk Approach

Glenn Belverio

Confessions from the Velvet Ropes

Andrei Belyi

Dynamics of Energy Governance in Europe and Russia

Allison Scardino Belzer

Women and the Great War

John Bemrose

The Island Walkers


It Looks Like a C**k!

Jeremy Ben-Ami

A New Voice for Israel

Shlomo Ben-Ami

Ethnic Challenges To the Modern Nation State

Yuval Ben-Bassat

Late Ottoman Palestine

Yuval Ben-Bassat

Petitioning the Sultan

Uri Ben-Eliezer

Old Conflict, New War

Ruth Ben-Ghiat

Italian Colonialism

Yakov Ben-Haim

Info-Gap Economics

Liat Ben-Moshe

Disability Incarcerated

Guy Ben-Porat

Failure of the Middle East Peace Process

Richard Ben-Veniste

The Emperor's New Clothes

Jolanta Benal

The Dog Trainer's Complete Guide to a Happy, Well-Behaved Pet; Quick and Dirty Tips for Life After College

Arthur Benavie

Social Security Under the Gun

Esther Benbassa

The Jews and Their Future

Thomas Bender

A Nation Among Nations

Tony Bender

The Last Ghost Dancer

Walter Bender

Learning to Change the World

Jill Benderly

Independent Slovenia

Stephen Bending

The Writing of Rural England, 1500-1800

Wolfgang Benedek

The Human Rights of Women; Transnational Terrorism, Organized Crime and Peace-Building

Giacomo Benedetto

European Union Budget Reform

Elizabeth Benedict

The Joy of Writing Sex

Phil Benedictus

How to DJ

Beth Hawkins Benedix

Subverting Scriptures

Walter Benesch

An Introduction To Comparative Philosophy

Andrew Benett


Andrew Benett

Consumed: Rethinking Business in the Era of Mindful Spending; Good for Business; The Talent Mandate

Antoinette Benevento

Dancing Through Life

Gregory Benford

Beyond Human; Bowl of Heaven; Shipstar; The Final Now

Ofra Bengio

The Turkish-Israeli Relationship; The Sunna and Shi'a in History

Ingrid Bengis

Metro Stop Dostoevsky

J. E. M. Benham

Peacemaking in the Middle Ages

Toby R. Benis

Romantic Diasporas

Sandra Benitez

Bitter Grounds

Gabriel Benito

Multinationals on the Periphery

A.H. Benjamin

I Am Reading: Jumping Jack

Daniel Benjamin

The Next Attack

Orly Benjamin

Feminism, Family, and Identity in Israel

Shereen Benjamin

The Politics of Gender and Education

Gottfried Benn


G.H. Bennet

British Naval Aviation in World War II

Alan Bennett

The Laying On of Hands; Writing Home; The Complete Talking Heads; The History Boys: A Play

Alice Bennett

Afterlife and Narrative in Contemporary Fiction

Andy Bennett

Popular Music and Youth Culture; Researching Youth; After Subculture

Andy Bennett

Mediated Youth Cultures

Anthony J. Bennett

The Battle for the White House from Bush to Obama; The Race for the White House from Reagan to Clinton

Benjamin Bennett

The Defective Art of Poetry

Brett M. M. Bennett

Science and Empire

Bridget Bennett

Special Relationships; Transatlantic Spiritualism and Nineteenth-Century American Literature

Bruce Bennett


Bruce Bennett

Cinema and Technology

Carol Bennett

How to Move to Canada

Christopher L. Bennett

Only Superhuman

David Bennett

The Kingfisher Treasury of Witch and Wizard Stories

Donald V. Bennett

Honor Untarnished

Frank Bennett

Under an African Sun

G. Harry Bennett

Roosevelt's Peacetime Administrations, 1933-41

G. Harry Bennett

British Naval Aviation in World War II

James E. Bennett

Making Film and Television Histories

Jill Bennett

World Memory; Practical Aesthetics

Judith Bennett

Sex Signs

Karen Bennett

The Semiperiphery of Academic Writing

Michael Y. Bennett

Words, Space, and the Audience; Eugene O'Neill's One-Act Plays; Narrating the Past through Theatre; Reassessing the Theatre of the Absurd

Oliver Bennett

The Social Impact of the Arts

Olivia Bennett


Susan Bennett

The Ex-Debutante; Theatre and Museums

Susan Bennett

Performing Environments; The Silent Sister

Tara Bennett-Goleman

Emotional Alchemy

Veronika Bennholdt-Thomsen

There Is An Alternative; The Subsistence Perspective

Li Bennich-Björkman

Political Culture under Institutional Pressure

Lee Edwards Benning

Better With Buttermilk

Warren Bennis

The Power of Truth

Mark Bennister

Prime Ministers in Power

Harry M. Benshoff

Monsters in the Closet

Kelly Killoren Bensimon

I Can Make You Hot!

Bruce L. Benson

Property Rights

John Benson

The Retailing Industry; A Nation of Shopkeepers; The Working Class in Britain 1850-1939

Leslie Benson

Yugoslavia; Yugoslavia: A Concise History

Michaela Benson

Understanding Lifestyle Migration

Michaela Caroline Benson

The British in Rural France

Michaela Caroline Benson

The British in Rural France

Patrick Benson

The Willows and Beyond; The Wind in the Willows; The Willows in Winter

Phil Benson

Beyond the Language Classroom; Second Language Identity in Narratives of Study Abroad

Jonathan Benthall

Returning to Religion; The Charitable Crescent

Anna Bentinck

Cavendon Hall

Nancy Bentley

The Marrow of Tradition

Bond Benton

The Challenge of Working for Americans

Gregor Benton

The Chinese in Europe; Chinese in Britain, 1800- Present; Reporting the Chinese Revolution

Gregor Benton

The Chinese in Britain, 1800 - Present

Michael Benton

Dinosaurs; Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Animal Factfinder; The World of Dinosaurs; Kingfisher Dinosaur Encyclopedia, The

Tim Benton

Understanding Heritage and Memory

William Benton

Exchanging Hats

Miriam Bentwich

Reclaiming Liberty

Christine Benvenuto

Shiksa; Sex Changes

Sarah Casey Benyahia

Teaching Contemporary British Cinema; Teaching Film and TV Documentary

John Benyon

Politics and the Media in Britain

Anton Benz

Game Theory and Pragmatics

Kathryn N. Benzel

Trespassing Boundaries

Galia Benziman

Narratives of Child Neglect in Romantic and Victorian Culture

Franco Beradi "Bifo"

Felix Guattari

Christine Berberich

These Englands

Berch Berberoglu

Globalization in the 21st Century

Yves-Marie Berce

The Birth of Absolutism

Jacob Bercovitch

Studies in International Mediation

Redie Bereketeab

The Horn of Africa

Alix Berenzy

Into the Sea; A Frog Prince; Sammy

Laura Beres

The Narrative Practitioner

Julia Berest

The Emergence of Russian Liberalism

Jan Kyrre Berg Olsen

New Waves in Philosophy of Technology

Janine Berg

In Defence of Labour Market Institutions

Manfred Berg

Globalizing Lynching History

Maxine Berg

Luxury in the Eighteenth-Century

Rikke Berg

Transforming Local Political Leadership

Dirk Berg-Schlosser

Political Culture in Germany; Conditions of Democracy in Europe, 1919-39; Authoritarianism and Democracy in Europe, 1919-39; Poverty and Democracy

Dirk Berg-Schlosser

Mixed Methods in Comparative Politics

Massimo Bergami

National Monopoly to Successful Multinational: the case of Enel

Arthur Asa Berger

The Objects of Affection

Arthur Asa Berger

Media, Myth, and Society

Dina Berger

The Development of Mexico's Tourism Industry

K. T. Berger

Where the Road and the Sky Collide

Karen Berger

A Woman's Decision

Louis S. Berger

Human Development, Language and the Future of Mankind

Mark T. Berger

Rethinking the Third World

Maurice Berger

White Lies

Phil Berger

Larry Holmes

Rachel Berger

Ayurveda Made Modern

Roland Berger

Innovating at the Top

Stefan Berger

Writing the Nation; The Contested Nation

Stefan Berger

Nationalizing the Past; The Contested Nation; The Past as History

Sephi Bergerson

Street Food of India

Tim Bergfelder

The Titanic in Myth and Memory; The German Cinema Book

Daniela Berghahn

Hollywood Behind the Wall

Daniela Berghahn

European Cinema in Motion

Günter Berghaus

Critical Writings; Avant-Garde Performance; Theatre, Performance, and the Historical Avant-garde

Hartmut Berghoff

The Making of Modern Tourism; Decoding Modern Consumer Societies; The Rise of Marketing and Market Research; Globalizing Beauty

John Bergin

The Eighteenth-Century Composite State

Christopher Bergland

The Athlete's Way

Erik Berglöf

The Economics of Transition

Torbjorn Bergman

Political Parties in Multi-level Polities

Barbara R. Bergmann

America's Child Care Problem; The Economic Emergence of Women

Eirikur Bergmann

Iceland and the International Financial Crisis

Erik Bergmann

Robert Ludlum's The Moscow Vector; The Wisdom of Psychopaths; SEAL Target Geronimo; Tom Clancy's Op-Center: Out of the Ashes

Paul Bergne

The Birth of Tajikistan

Daniel Bergner

In the Land of Magic Soldiers

Karen Bergreen

Following Polly; Perfect Is Overrated

Henri Bergson

An Introduction to Metaphysics; Creative Evolution; Mind-Energy

Mary Bergstrom

All Eyes East

Jesse Bering

Perv; Why Is the Penis Shaped Like That?

Sheryl Berk

Choosing Glee

Arjan Bastiaan Berkelaar

Central Bank Reserves and Sovereign Wealth Management; Interest Rate Models, Asset Allocation and Quantitative Techniques for Central Banks and Sovereign Wealth Funds

Richard Berkeley

Coleridge and the Crisis of Reason

Robert F. Berkhofer Jr.

Fashioning History

Carol Berkin

First Generations

Sabine Berking

Risk Society and the Culture of Precaution; Building a Transnational Civil Society

Ira Berkow

How to Talk Jewish

Peter Berkrot

Bloodland; Blowout; Beloved Enemy; The One-Day Contract

Laurence Schwesinger Berlie

Alliances for Sustainable Development

Isaiah Berlin

The Proper Study of Mankind; The Sense of Reality

Jacques Berlinerblau

Secularism on the Edge

Joe Berlinger

Metallica: This Monster Lives

Ari Berman

Herding Donkeys

Claire Berman

Caring for Yourself While Caring for Your Aging Parents, Third Edition

Fred Berman

Brooklyn Bridge; One Good Dog; Gil's All Fright Diner; Dance With the Devil

Dr. Jennifer Berman

For Women Only, Revised Edition

Dr. Laura Berman

For Women Only, Revised Edition

Sabina Berman

Me, Who Dove into the Heart of the World

Joseph S. Bermudez

The Armed Forces of North Korea

Richard L. Bernal

Globalization, Trade, and Economic Development

Anna Bernard

Debating Orientalism

Miriam Bernard

Critical Issues in Social Work with Older People

Anke Bernau

Medieval Film

Rotraut Susanne Berner

The Number Devil

Emily A. Bernhard Jackson

The Development of Byron's Philosophy of Knowledge

Laurent Bernhard

Campaign Strategy in Direct Democracy

Magnus T. Bernhardsson

Imagining the End

Andreas Bernhardt

Tricky Coaching

Daniel Bernhofen

Palgrave Handbook of International Trade

Rosamond Bernier

Some of My Lives

Stefania Bernini

Family Life and Individual Welfare in Postwar Europe

Beth Bernobich

Passion Play; Queen's Hunt; Allegiance; The Time Roads

Gregory Berns


Amy D. Bernstein

The New York Times Practical Guide to Practically Everything, Second Edition

Arnie Bernstein

Swastika Nation

Charles Bernstein

All the Whiskey in Heaven

David E. Bernstein

A Conspiracy Against Obamacare

Joanne Scheff Bernstein

Standing Room Only

Leonard Bernstein

The Mountain Disappears

Peter W. Bernstein

The New York Times Practical Guide to Practically Everything, Second Edition

Richard Bernstein

Out of the Blue

Sheryl Bernstein

Child of My Heart; Hades' Daughter; Women Who Think Too Much

Theodore M. Bernstein

Miss Thistlebottom's Hobgoblins

Peter Berresford-Ellis

James Connolly: Selected Writings

David Berridge

Peer Violence in Children's Residential Care

G. R. Berridge

Diplomatic Theory From Machiavelli To Kissinger; A Dictionary of Diplomacy, Second Edition; Diplomatic Classics; Diplomacy, Third Edition

G.R. Berridge

Diplomacy; The Counter-Revolution in Diplomacy and Other Essays; The Palgrave Macmillan Dictionary of Diplomacy

Virginia Berridge

Voluntary Action and Illegal Drugs

Virginia Berridge

Environment, Health and History

Jenny Berrill

Firm-Level Internationalization, Regionalism and Globalization

Susana Berruecos

Mexico's Struggle for Public Security

Albert Berry

Global Development Fifty Years After Bretton Woods

Anthony J. Berry

Management Control

Bertice Berry, Ph.D.

You Still Ghetto; Sckraight From The Ghetto

Chris Berry

Chinese Films in Focus II

Chris Berry

Public Space, Media Space

Craig Berry

Globalisation and Ideology in Britain

Dave Berry

Libertarian Socialism

David Berry

Copy, Rip, Burn

David M. Berry

Understanding Digital Humanities

Ellen E. Berry

Transcultural Experiments

James Berry

Classic Poems to Read Aloud

Jedediah Berry

A Window or a Small Box

Julie Berry

The Scandalous Sisterhood of Prickwillow Place

Lynne Berry

Duck Skates; Duck Dunks; Duck Tents; Ducking for Apples

Maureen Berry

Multinationals in A New Era

Michael Berry

Jia Zhangke's 'Hometown Trilogy': Xiao Wu, Platform, Unknown Pleasures

Mike Berry

Terrorism, Elections, and Democracy; More Bad News From Israel

Philippa Berry

Textures of Renaissance Knowledge

Richard Berry

Radio Advertising and Commercial Production

Shane Berryhill

Chance Fortune in the Shadow Zone; Chance Fortune and the Outlaws

John Berryman

John Berryman; The Dream Songs; Freedom of the Poet; Recovery

Leo Bersani

Caravaggio; Forms of Being: Cinema, Aesthetics, Subjectivity

Wayne Bert

The Reluctant Superpower; The United States, China and Southeast Asian Security; American Military Intervention in Unconventional War

Anthony Bertelli

Policy Agendas in British Politics

Hans Bertens

Contemporary American Crime Fiction

Christine Berthin

Gothic Hauntings

Joanne Bertin

The Last Dragonlord; Dragon and Phoenix; Bard's Oath

Mark Bertin, MD

The Family ADHD Solution

Peter Berton

International Negotiation

Christophe Bertossi

European Anti-Discrimination and the Politics of Citizenship

Nick Bertozzi

Lewis & Clark; Shackleton; Jerusalem; Diabetes and Me

Ina Bertrand

Media Research

Lynne Bertrand

Granite Baby

Ashok Bery

Comparing Postcolonial Literatures; Cultural Translation and Postcolonial Poetry

Hany Besada


Hany Besada

Multilateral Development Cooperation in a Changing Global Order

Gerhard Besier

The Holy See and Hitler's Germany

Richard Bessel

War, Empire and Slavery, 1770-1830

Lawrence Besserman

Sacred and Secular in Medieval and Early Modern Cultures

Perle Besserman

A New Kabbalah for Women; A New Zen for Women

Sophie Bessis

Western Supremacy

Jim Bessman


Jean Besson

Caribbean Land and Development Revisited

Anthony Best

British Intelligence and the Japanese Challenge in Asia, 1914-1941

Beverley Best

Marx and the Dynamic of the Capital Formation

Bill Best

Executive Coaching

Cari Best

Shrinking Violet; Three Cheers for Catherine the Great!; Sally Jean, the Bicycle Queen; Easy as Pie

Curwen Best

The Politics of Caribbean Cyberculture

Gary Dean Best

The Life of Herbert Hoover

Heinrich Best

Political Elites in the Transatlantic Crisis

Nicholas Best

Five Days That Shocked the World

Susan Best

Visualizing Feeling

Susan Best

Visualizing Feeling

Victoria Best

The New Pornographies

Henry Beston

The Outermost House; White Pine and Blue Water; The Northern Farm

Jeanne Betancourt

Ava Tree and the Wishes Three

John Gregory Betancourt

The Vengeance of Hera; The Gates of Hades

Madeline Cámara Betancourt

Cuban Women Writers

Elizabeth Rauh Bethel

The Roots of African-American Identity

Emily Bethell

Planning Your PhD; Completing Your PhD; Posters and Presentations

Pino Bethencourt

Success in Six Cups of Coffee

John Betjeman

Collected Poems

Michele Betsill

Palgrave Advances in International Environmental Politics

Michele M. Betsill

Advances in International Environmental Politics

Tom Betteridge

Sodomy in Early Modern Europe; Literature and Politics in the English Reformation

Tom Betteridge

Literature and Politics in the English Reformation

Rosemary Betterton

Maternal Bodies in the Visual Arts

Cristina M. Bettin

Italian Jews from Emancipation to the Racial Laws

Janet Bettle

Unnatural Causes

Delana Bettoli

This Is the Stable

Joel Bettridge

Reading as Belief

Heidi Betts

Real Men Last All Night; Loves Me, Loves Me Knot; Tangled Up In Love; Knock Me for a Loop

Hans-Georg Betz

Radical Right-Wing Populism in Western Europe; The New Politics of the Right

Martine Beugnet

Claire Denis

Prof. Robert A. Beuka


Birgit Beumers

Russia On Reels; Burnt By the Sun; Nikita Mikhalkov; The Cinema of Alexander Sokurov

Birgit Beumers

Cinema in Central Asia

Bryan Bevan

Henry IV

David Bevan

Wise Management in Organisational Complexity

Shaun Bevan

Policy Agendas in British Politics

Sheila Bevan

The Parting Years

Edward Bever

The Realities of Witchcraft and Popular Magic in Early Modern Europe

Michael Beverland

Building Brand Authenticity

Audrey Beverley

Learning and Teaching in Social Work Practice

C. L. Bevill

Bayou Moon

David Bevington

The Jew of Malta; Volpone; The Spanish Tragedy; Endymion

David Bevington

Dr. Faustus: The A- and B- Texts (1604, 1616)

Mark Bevir

Governance, Citizens and Consumers

Teresa Brawner Bevis

International Students in American Colleges and Universities

Marco Bevolo

The Golden Crossroads

Christina Bewley

Gentleman Radical

David Bewley

Gentleman Radical

Helen Bewley

Employment Relations in the Shadow of Recession

Robyn Bews


Magdalena Bexell

Democracy and Public-Private Partnerships in Global Governance

Amos Beyan

African American Settlements in West Africa

Charles Rowan Beye

My Husband and My Wives

Marnix Beyen

Nationhood from Below

Atakilte Beyene

Biofuels, Land Grabbing and Food Security in Africa

Kristel Beyens

Offender Supervision in Europe

Anna Cornelia Beyer

Counterterrorism and International Power Relations

Richard Beynon

D.H. Lawrence

Paul Beynon-Davies

E-Business; Significance; eBusiness; Business Information Systems

Chris Beyrer

War in the Blood

Keith Bezanson

The Future of Development Financing

David Bezmozgis

Natasha; The Free World

BFI Distribution

Three American Indie Classics: "Shadows", "Dead Man", "Do the Right Thing"; Managing Your Business: an Open Learning Programme for Freelances and Independents: Vol.1

M. R. Bhagavan

Petroleum Marketing in Africa

Manu Bhagavan

India and the Quest for One World

Abha Bhaiya

Women's Sexualities and Masculinities in a Globalizing Asia

A. S. Bhalla

Market or Government Failures?; Poverty and Exclusion in a Global World, Second Edition

A.S. Bhalla

Poverty among Immigrant Children in Europe; Poverty and Exclusion of Minorities in China and India

Gurminder K Bhambra

Silencing Human Rights; Rethinking Modernity; 1968 in Retrospect

Gurminder K. Bhambra

Rethinking Modernity

Rajika Bhandari

International Students and Global Mobility in Higher Education

Suparna Bhaskaran

Made in India

Jay Bhattacharya

Health Economics

Rahul Bhattacharya

The Sly Company of People Who Care

Gargi Bhattacharyya

Dangerous Brown Men; Traffick

M. Ishaq Bhatti

Developments in Islamic Banking

Kish Bhatti-Sinclair

Anti-Racist Practice in Social Work

Pradip K. Bhaumik

Foreign Capital Inflows to China, India and the Caribbean

Kum-Kum Bhavnani

Feminist Futures

Fazila Bhimji

British Asian Muslim Women, Multiple Spatialities and Cosmopolitanism

Tarsem Bhogal

Trade Finance

Kalwant Bhopal

Contemporary Debates in the Sociology of Education

Abu Bhuiyan

Internet Governance and the Global South

Abdelwahab Biad

Euro-Mediterranean Partnership For the 21st Century

Mario Biagioli

Nature Engaged

Fabian Biancardí

Democracy and the Global System

Cristina Bianchi

Coaching for Innovation

Patrizio Bianchi

High Technology, Productivity and Networks

Tanya Biank

Army Wives; Under the Sabers

Sally Bibb

Trust Matters

Lois S. S. Bibbings

Telling Tales about Men

Jerry Biberman

Spirituality in Business; Managing in the Twenty-first Century; Stories to Tell Your Students

Jerry Biberman

Teaching Leadership and Organizational Behavior through Humor

Abel Mordechai Bibliowicz

Jews and Gentiles in the Early Jesus Movement

Jörg Bibow

Euroland and the World Economy

Federica Bicchi

European Foreign Policy Making Toward the Mediterranean

Shimshon Bichler

The Global Political Economy of Israel

Cindy Bickel

Chimp Math; Tiger Math; Polar Bear Math

Alan Bicker

Negotiating Local Knowledge

Robert Bickers

New Frontiers; Britain in China

Robert Bickers

New Frontiers

Karen Bickerstaff

Energy Justice in a Changing Climate

Derek Bickerton

Bastard Tongues; Adam's Tongue

Verner C. Bickley

Footfalls Echo in the Memory

Caroline Bicks

The History of British Women's Writing, 1500-1610

Frank Bidart

Desire; In the Western Night; Star Dust; Watching the Spring Festival

Francis Bidault

Managing Joint Innovation

Ian Biddle

Screening Songs in Hispanic and Lusophone Cinema

Florian Bieber

Post-War Bosnia

Robert Biel

The New Imperialism

Joelle Biele

Elizabeth Bishop and The New Yorker

Andreas Bieler

Global Restructuring, State, Capital & Labour; The Struggle for a Social Europe; Labour and the Challenges of Globalization

Esperanza Bielsa

Globalization, Political Violence and Translation

Andrius Bielskis

Towards a Post-Modern Understanding of the Political

Asher Biemann

The Martin Buber Reader

Wojciech Bienkowski

Reaganomics Goes Global; Growth versus Security

Wojciech Bienkowski

The University in the Age of Globalization