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Helen Fairlie

Revaluing British Boys' Story Papers, 1918-1939

Anne L. Fliotsos

Interpreting the Play Script

Barbara Fryzel

Building Stakeholder Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility; The Role of Large Enterprises in Democracy and Society

Cassandra Falke

Intersections in Christianity and Critical Theory

Diane Farmer

Black Women in Management

David M. Farrell

Electoral Systems

Douglas B Fuller

Innovation Policy and the Limits of Laissez-faire

Heiko F. Marten

Minority Languages in the Linguistic Landscape

Hege Charlotte Faber

Bakhtinian Perspectives on Language and Culture

Richard Faber

A Chain of Cities

Sebastiaan Faber

Anglo-American Hispanists and the Spanish Civil War

Mark Fabiani

Masters of Disaster

Thierry Fabre

Between Europe and the Mediterranean

Carole Fabricant

Swift's Irish Writings

Florence Fabricant

The New York Times Dessert Cookbook

Giovanni Facchini

Economic Development in Latin America

Keri Facer

The Politics of Education and Technology

William Facey

Kuwait By the First Photographers

David R. Facey-Crowther

The Atlantic Charter

Anne Fadiman

At Large and At Small; Ex Libris; Rereadings; The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down

Andrey V. Fadin

Central Asia after the Empire

Adam Fagan

Europe's Balkan Dilemma

Adam Fagan

Europe's Balkan Dilemma

Cary Fagan

The Animals Waltz

Colette Fagan

Women on Corporate Boards and in Top Management

Deva Fagan

Fortune's Folly; The Magical Misadventures of Prunella Bogthistle

Melinda Fagan

Philosophy of Stem Cell Biology

Christine Fagan-Tricarico

Cock-a-Doodle Dance!

Michael Faherty

The Poetry of W.B. Yeats

Maria Franziska Fahey

Metaphor and Shakespearean Drama

Kathrin Fahlenbrach

The Establishment Responds

Shahira Fahmy

Visual Communication Theory and Research

Breanne Fahs

The Moral Panics of Sexuality

Thomas Fahy

Freak Shows and the Modern American Imagination; Staging Modern American Life

Warren Fahy


Felicia M. Fai

Managerial Issues in International Business

Warren Faidley

Wild Weather

David L. Faigman

Laboratory of Justice; Legal Alchemy

Angela Failler

Skin, Culture and Psychoanalysis

W. Taylor Fain

American Ascendance and British Retreat in the Persian Gulf Region

Eduardo Faingold

The Development of Grammar in Spanish and the Romance Languages

Riccardo Faini

Multilateralism and Regionalism After the Uruguay Round

Miles Fairburn

Social History

Charles Fairchild

Music, Radio and the Public Sphere

Charlotte Faircloth

Parenting Culture Studies

Lucy Faire

The Place of the Audience: Cultural Geographies of Film Consumption

David Fairhall

Common Ground

Ian Fairholm

Issues, Debates and Approaches in Psychology

Don Fairservice

Film Editing: History, Theory and Practice

Seth Faison

South of the Clouds

Thomas Faist

Dual Citizenship in Global Perspective; The Europeanization of National Immigration Policies

Thomas Faist

The Migration-Development Nexus

Nicholas Faith

The Bronfmans

Rebecca Fakoussa

The Modern Family Business

Anamaria Falaus

Alternatives in Semantics

Charles Falco

Vagos, Mongols, and Outlaws

Toni Muzi Falconi

Global Stakeholder Relationships Governance

Giorgio Faletti

A Pimp's Notes

Dan Falk

In Search of Time; The Science of Shakespeare

John Falk

Hello to All That

Richard Falk

At the Nuclear Precipice; Religion and Humane Global Governance

Nicole Falkenhayner

Making the British Muslim

David Falkner

Picker House and Collection

Robert Falkner

Business Power and Conflict in International Environmental Politics; The International Politics of Genetically Modified Food

G.D. Falksen

The Strange Case of Mr. Salad Monday

Thomas D. Fallace

The Emergence of Holocaust Education in American Schools

Regis Faller

Polo and Lily; Polo and the Dragon; Polo and the Magic Flute; Polo and the Magician!

Jennifer Fallon

Harshini; Medalon; The Chaos Crystal; The Gods of Amyrantha

Cathleen Falsani

The God Factor

Susan Faludi

The Terror Dream

Peter Falush

The British Insurance Industry Since 1900

Rod Falvey

Palgrave Handbook of International Trade

Joseph Falzon

Bank Performance, Risk and Securitisation; Bank Stability, Sovereign Debt and Derivatives

Elizabeth Fama

Fierce Reads Fall 2012 Chapter Sampler; Men Who Wish to Drown; Monstrous Beauty; Noma Girl

Katie Fan

Risk and Foreign Direct Investment

Phillip Fanchon

Efficiency, Market Dynamics and Industry Growth

Mamoun Fandy

Saudi Arabia and the Politics of Dissent

José Maria Fanelli

Macroeconomic Volatility, Institutions and Financial Architecture; Understanding Market Reforms in Latin America; Understanding Market Reforms, Volume 1; Understanding Market Reforms, Volume 2

Linda Fang

The Ch'i-lin Purse

Katrine Fangen

Young Migrants

Jean Faniel

The Mobilization of the Unemployed in Europe

Bryan Fanning

Immigration and Social Change in the Republic of Ireland; Immigration and Social Cohesion in the Republic of Ireland; Racism and Social Change in the Republic of Ireland

Bryan Fanning

Racism and Social Change in the Republic of Ireland

Diane Fanning

A Poisoned Passion; Baby Be Mine; Gone Forever; Her Deadly Web

Patrick Fanning


Alix Fano

Lethal Laws

Luca Fantacci

Money and Calculation

Richard Fantina

Ernest Hemingway; Victorian Sensational Fiction

Mark Le Fanu

Mizoguchi and Japan

Nicholas Faraclas

There Is An Alternative

John Mack Faragher

Daniel Boone

Claire Farago

Leonardo da Vinci and the Ethics of Style

Peter Farago

Contemporary Switzerland

Caesar E. Farah

The Sultan's Yemen

Ceasar E. Farah

Politics of Interventionism in Ottoman Lebanon, 1830-1861

Thomas J. Fararo

Purpose, Meaning, and Action

David Farber

The Age of Great Dreams

Penny Farfan

Contemporary Women Playwrights

Philippe Fargues

Christians and Jews Under Islam

Massumeh Farhad

Slaves of the Shah

Donna Farhi

The Breathing Book; Yoga Mind, Body & Spirit

Ali Farhoomand

Managing (e)Business Transformation

Jawwad Farid

Models at Work

Lara Farina

Erotic Discourse and Early English Religious Writing

David Faris

Dissent and Revolution in a Digital Age

Hani Faris

The Failure of the Two-State Solution

Stephan Faris


Evelyn Farkas

Fractured States and U.S. Foreign Policy

David Farland

Brotherhood of the Wolf; Chaosbound; Sons of the Oak; The Lair of Bones

Helen Farley

A Cultural History of Tarot

Paul Farley

Distant Voices, Still Lives; The Atlantic Tunnel

Alan B. Farmer

Localizing Caroline Drama

Philip Jose Farmer

Gods of Riverworld; Riverworld; The Dark Design; The Magic Labyrinth

Richard Farmer

The Food Companions

John Farndon

The Kingfisher First Animal Encyclopedia; The Little Animal Encyclopedia

Russell F. Farnen

Democracy, Authoritarianism and Education; Democracy, Socialization and Conflicting Loyalties in East and West; The Politics, Sociology, and Economics of Education

David Farnham

Staff Participation and Public Management Reform

Kent A. Farnsworth

Grassroots School Reform

Kevin Farnsworth

Social versus Corporate Welfare

William T Farnsworth

Black Beauty and the Thunderstorm (My Readers Level 3); Black Beauty Stolen! (My Readers Level 3)

Roopa Farooki

Bitter Sweets; Corner Shop; Half Life; The Way Things Look to Me

Mehr Afshan Farooqi

Urdu Literary Culture

Suraiya Faroqhi

Artisans of Empire; Crafts and Craftsmen of the Middle East; Pilgrims and Sultans; Subjects of the Sultan

Suraiya Faroqhi

Pilgrims and Sultans; Travel and Artisans in the Ottoman Empire

Marion Farouk-Sluglett

Iraq Since 1958

Jillian Farquhar

Marketing Financial Services

Karen Farquharson

Sport and Society in the Global Age

Martin Farr

The British Abroad Since the Eighteenth Century, Volume 1; The British Abroad Since the Eighteenth Century, Volume 2

Richard Farr

Emperors of the Ice

Tom Farrand

Brands and Gaming

Christoher Farrands

A New A-Z of International Relations Theory

Anthony Farrant

Longevity and the Good Life

Max Farrar

Islam in the West

Colin Farrell

A Home at the End of the World

Elaine Farrell

'A Most Diabolical Deed'

Fiona Farrell

Mr. Allbones' Ferrets

Graham Farrell

The International Crime Drop

Jeanette Farrell

Invisible Enemies, Revised Edition

Joseph Farrell

Understanding the Mafia

Kirby Farrell

Berserk Style in American Culture

Mary Farrell

Global Politics of Regionalism

Thomas S.C. Farrell

Reflective Practice in ESL Teacher Development Groups

Colin Farrelly

Justice, Democracy and Reasonable Agreement; Virtue Jurisprudence

Mick Farren

Conflagration; Darklost; Jim Morrison's Adventures in the Afterlife; Kindling

Jeanne Farrens

Chakra Healing

Hannah Farrimond

Doing Ethical Research

Christopher Farrington

Global Change, Civil Society and the Peace Process in Northern Ireland; Ulster Unionism and the Peace Process in Northern Ireland

John Farris

Avenging Fury; High Bloods; Transgressions Vol. 2; Transgressions: Terror's Echo

Peter Farris

Last Call for the Living

Linda C. Farthing

Impasse in Bolivia

Pen Farthing

One Dog at a Time

Robert Fass

Joe Golem and the Drowning City; Transgressions: Death's Betrayal

Vera K. Fast

Children's Exodus

Schirin Fathi

Orientalism and Conspiracy

Robert Fatton

Religion, State, and Society; The Future of Liberal Democracy

Eric M. M. Fattor

American Empire and the Arsenal of Entertainment

Michelle Faubert

Cultural Constructions of Madness in Eighteenth-Century Writing; Romanticism and Pleasure

Riccardo Faucci

Luigi Einaudi: Selected Economic Writings

Riccardo Faucci

Luigi Einaudi: Selected Economic Essays

Florence Faucher-King

Changing Parties

Serge Fauchereau

Diego Rivera

Anthony Fauci

A Goal of Service to Humankind

C. Brad Faught

Into Africa; The New A-Z of Empire

Alex Faulkner

Medical Technology in Healthcare and Society

Mike Faulkner

Sense and Respond

Neil Faulkner

A Marxist History of the World

Sebastian Faulks

A Possible Life; Jeeves and the Wedding Bells

Julio Faundez

Democratization, Development, and Legality

David Faure

Town and Country in China

Margit Fauser

The Migration-Development Nexus

Eileen Fauset

The Politics of Writing: Julia Kavanagh, 1824-77

Eileen Fauset

The Politics of Writing: Julia Kavanagh, 1824-77

Hubert Faustmann

An Island in Europe; Reunifying Cyprus

Marian Faux

Successful Free-Lancing

Gilles Favarel-Garrigues

Organized Crime and States

Adrian Favell

Philosophies of Integration; Philosophies of Integration, Second Edition; Sociology of the European Union

Attilio Favorini

Memory in Play

Ilaria Favretto

The Long Search For a Third Way; Transitions in Social Democracy

Ibrahim Fawal

Youssef Chahine

Barbara Fawcett

International Perspectives on Mental Health

Bill Fawcett

Shadows of the New Sun

Hilary Fawcett

Fashioning the Feminine

Louise Fawcett

Regionalism and Governance in the Americas

Quinn Fawcett

Against the Brotherhood; Death to Spies; Honor Among Spies; Siren Song

Tina Fawcett

How We Can Save the Planet; The Suicidal Planet

Sara Fawkes

Anything He Wants; Anything He Wants: Castaway (#1); Anything He Wants: Castaway (#2); Anything He Wants: Castaway (#3)

Rick Fawn

International Organizations and Internal Conditionality

Tom Fawthrop

Getting Away With Genocide

Elizabeth Fay

Romantic Medievalism; Urban Identity and the Atlantic World

Marie-Therese Fay

Personal Accounts From Northern Ireland's Troubles

Jan Faye

After Postmodernism

Jan Faye

The Nature of Scientific Thinking

J. 'Kayode Fayemi


Thomas Fazi

The Battle for Europe

Michael Fazio

Concierge Confidential

Khwandamir Fazlullah

Classical Writings of the Medieval Islamic World

Rashiduddin Fazlullah

Classical Writings of the Medieval Islamic World

Stella Fearnley

Behind Closed Doors: What Company Audit Is Really About

Don Feasey


Steve Feasey

Blood Wolf; Dark Moon; Demon Games; Wereling

Jennifer Feather

Writing Combat and the Self in Early Modern English Literature

Jennifer Feather

Violent Masculinities

Kevin Featherstone

The Limits of Europeanization; The United States and the European Union in the 1990s

Kevin Featherstone

The Last Ottomans

Melissa Febos

Whip Smart

Michael P. Federici

The Culture of Immodesty in American Life and Politics

Sylvia Federico

The Post-Historical Middle Ages

Michal Federowicz

Corporate Governance in a Changing Economic and Political Environment

Julie Fedor

Memory and Theory in Eastern Europe

Kent Fedorowich

The British Empire and Its Italian Prisoners of War, 1940-1947

Kent Fedorowich

Empire, Migration and Identity in the British World

Derek Fee

How to Manage an Aid Exit Strategy

Jason Feehan

The Indie Band Survival Guide; The Indie Band Survival Guide, 2nd Ed.

Malcolm M. Feeley

The Japanese Adversary System in Context

Dermot Feenan

Exploring the 'Socio' of Socio-Legal Studies

Simon Feeny

The Millennium Development Goals and Beyond

Jean E. Feerick

The Indistinct Human in Renaissance Literature

John Feffer

Living in Hope

Geza Fehervari

Ceramics of the Islamic World; Pottery of the Islamic World

Catherine Fehily

I Spy; Shifting Horizons

Anna Feigenbaum

Protest Camps

Moira Feil

Global Governance and Corporate Responsibility in Conflict Zones

Walter Feilchenfeldt

Vincent van Gogh

Bruce Fein

Constitutional Peril

Richard Feinberg

Civil Society and Democracy in Latin America

Andrew Feinstein

The Shadow World

Harvery A. Feit

In the Way of Development

Fred Fejes

Gay Rights and Moral Panic

Liz Fekete

A Suitable Enemy

Ahmed Fekry

The Road To Al-Qaeda

Bill Felber

The Book on The Book

Vincent Felber

Perfect Beauty

Raoul Felder

The Good Divorce

Anne Feldhaus

Connected Places

Corey Feldman


Ed Feldman

Tell Me How You Love the Picture

Joshua Max Feldman

The Book of Jonah

Dr. Martin Feldman, M.D.

Good Food, Good Mood

Matthew Feldman

A Fascist Century; Ezra Pound's Fascist Propaganda, 1935-45

Noah Feldman

After Jihad; Divided by God

Rayah Feldman

Migration and Social Protection

Shai Feldman

Arabs and Israelis

Thea Feldman

Harry Cat and Tucker Mouse: Harry to the Rescue! (My Readers Level 2); Harry Cat and Tucker Mouse: Starring Harry (My Readers Level 2); Harry Cat and Tucker Mouse: Tucker's Beetle Band; Kingfisher Readers L1: Animal Colors

Mark Feldstein

Poisoning the Press

Jesus Felipe

Labor Markets in Asia

Antonia Felix

Silent Soul

Alison S. Fell

The Women's Movement in Wartime

Stefano Fella

Anti-Racist Movements in the EU

Susanna Fellman

Creating Nordic Capitalism

Anat Fellner-Erez

Sexual Fitness

Marc Fellner-Erez

Sexual Fitness

Jessica Fellowes

The Chronicles of Downton Abbey; The World of Downton Abbey

Jessica Fellowes

A Year in the Life of Downton Abbey; Behind the Scenes at Downton Abbey

Julian Fellowes

Past Imperfect; Snobs; The Curious Adventures of the Abandoned Toys

Warren Fellows

4,000 Days

Gerhard Fels

Protectionism and International Banking

Carol Felsenthal

Princess Alice

Alan Felstead

Changing Places of Work

Hali Felt


Colin Feltham

Psychoanalytic Knowledge and the Nature of Mind

Feminist Review Collective

Bodily Interventions; Feminist Review: Empirical Interrogations; Feminist Review: Identities; Feminist Review: Labour Migrations

Andrew J. Fenady

There Came A Stranger

Susanne Fendler

The Idea of Europe in Literature

Elizabeth A. Fenn

Encounters at the Heart of the World; Pox Americana

Angelica Fenner

Fascism and Neofascism

Rachel Fensham

Dancing Naturally

Jennifer Manske Fenske

The Wide Smiles of Girls; Toss the Bride

Mindy Fenske

Tattoos in American Visual Culture

Julie M. Fenster

FDR's Shadow; For the Next Generation; The Case of Abraham Lincoln

Thelma Fenster

Gender in Debate from the Early Middle Ages to the Renaissance

Herbert Fensterheim, Ph.D.

Don't Say Yes When You Want To Say No

Ann Fensterstock

Art on the Block

Cheryl Fenton

His Cold Feet

James Fenton

A Garden from a Hundred Packets of Seed; An Introduction to English Poetry; Children in Exile; Out of Danger

Jane Fenton

Reflective Social Work Practice

Kate Fenton

Vanity and Vexation

Laurence Fenton

Palmerston and The Times

Natalie Fenton

Trust and Civil Society

Steve Fenton

Ethnicity and Economy; Ethnonational Identities

Colin Fenwick

Creative Labour Regulation

Brenda A. Ferber

Jemma Hartman, Camper Extraordinaire; Julia's Kitchen

Sarah Ferber

Bioethics in Historical Perspective

Keith C. Ferdinand

Overcoming Katrina

Charles Fergus

Summer at Little Lava

Jim Fergus

A Hunter's Road; One Thousand White Women; The Sporting Road

Alastair Ferguson

International Partnership in Russia

Alison Ferguson

Researching Communication Disorders

Harry Ferguson

Best Practice in Social Work; Protecting Children in Time

Harry Ferguson

Child Protection Practice

Joseph P. Ferguson

Japanese Strategic Thought toward Asia; Russian Strategic Thought toward Asia

Kitty Ferguson

Stephen Hawking

Rebecca Ferguson

Augmented Education

Susan J. Ferguson

Breast Cancer

Thomas Ferguson

Right Turn

Todd Ferguson

Restoring Hope

Trish Ferguson

Victorian Time

Ewan Ferlie

Organizing and Reorganizing: Power and Change in Health Care Organizations

Odile Ferly

A Poetics of Relation

Valerio Ferme

Italy and the Mediterranean

Tracey Fern

Barnum's Bones; Dare the Wind

Anne E. Fernald

Virginia Woolf

Alberto Fernández Carbajal

Compromise and Resistance in Postcolonial Writing

Juan Fernández de Guevara Radoselovics

Crisis, Risk and Stability in Financial Markets; Modern Bank Behaviour

Margarite Fernandez Olmos

Healing Cultures

Alina Fernandez

Castro's Daughter

Enrique Fernandez-Macias

Transformation of the Employment Structure in the EU and USA, 1995-2007

Jude L. Fernando

The Political Economy of NGOs

Suman Fernando

Mental Health, Race and Culture

Suman Fernando

Mental Health Worldwide

Anthony Ferner

Multinationals, Institutions and the Construction of Transnational Practices

Marcus Ferrar

Slovenia 1945

Joann Ferrara

Ballerina Dreams

Pasquale Ferrara

Global Religions and International Relations

Christina Ferrare

Okay, So I Don't Have a Headache

Mark J. Ferrari

The Book of Joby

Tawni Hunt Ferrarini

Common Sense Economics

Alice Ferrebe

Masculinity in Male-Authored Fiction, 1950-2000

Alice Ferrebe

Teaching Gender

Anton Ferreira

Zulu Dog

Jess Ferreiro

Fiscal Policy in the European Union

Jesus Ferreiro

Financial Developments in National and International Markets; Fiscal Policy in the European Union

Dr. Jeff Ferrell

Tearing Down the Streets

Caridad Ferrer

When the Stars Go Blue

Ismael Espinosa Ferrer

Feliz Nochebuena, Feliz Navidad

Federico Ferrara

Mixed Electoral Systems

Mario Ferrero

The Political Economy of Theocracy

Luke Ferretter

Towards a Christian Literary Theory

R. W. Ferrier

A Journey To Persia

Ina Ferris

Bookish Histories

Jean Ferris

Bad; Of Sound Mind; Underground

Julie Ferris

Paris 1789; Viking World

Kate Ferris

Everyday Life in Fascist Venice, 1929-40

Lesley Ferris

Contemporary Women Playwrights

Ralph Ferrone

Don't Blow the Interview

Richard Ferrone

Blood Trust; Father Night; First Daughter; Last Snow

Todd Ferry

The Palestine-Israel Conflict

Beth Fertig

Why cant U teach me 2 read?

Edward Feser

Aristotle on Method and Metaphysics

Joachim Fest

Inside Hitler's Bunker; Plotting Hitler's Death

Karen A. Feste

America Responds to Terrorism

Mary Jo Festle

Second Wind

Gillian Fetlocks

Downtrodden Abbey

Marc Fetscherin

China Rules; Chinese International Investments

Jonathan Fetter-Vorm

Trinity: A Graphic History of the First Atomic Bomb

Margret Fetzer

John Donne's Performances

Margret Fetzer

John Donne's Performances

Thomas Fetzer

Paradoxes of Internationalization

Jane Feuer

Seeing Through the Eighties: Television and Reaganism

Kim Feus

EU Charter of Fund/ Rights; Simplified Treaty; Treaty of Nice

Ralph Fevre

Dead White Men and Other Important People

Stuart Fewster

Japan From Shogun to Superstate

Katie Fforde

A Perfect Proposal; Artistic License; Highland Fling; Life Skills

Ricardo Ffrench-Davis

Economic Growth with Equity; Economic Reforms in Chile; Reforming Latin America's Economies; Seeking Growth under Financial Volatility

John Fialka


Sebastian Fichera

Italy on the Pacific

George S. Fichter

Endangered Animals; Fishing; Whales, Dolphins, and Other Marine Mammals

Paula Sutter Fichtner

The Habsburg Monarchy 1490-1848

Andreas Fickers

Materializing Europe

Robin Fiddian

Spanish Cinema 1973-2010

Dick Fiddy

Missing Believed Wiped

Paul A. Fideler

Social Welfare in Pre-industrial England

David P. Fidler

SARS, Governance and the Globalization of Disease

Jarko Fidrmuc

The Economic Performance of the European Union

Lisa Fiedler

Dating Hamlet; Romeo's Ex

Bonnie N. Field

Democracy and Institutional Development

Bonnie N. Field

Politics and Society in Contemporary Spain

Jim Field

Attack of the Butt-biting Sharks; The Purple Sluggy Worrywarts

John Field

Working Men’s Bodies

Mark G. Field

Russia's Torn Safety Nets

Sean Field

Oral History, Community, and Displacement

Susan Field

The Kingfisher Book of Magical Tales

David K. Fieldhouse

Kurds, Arabs and Britons

Edward Fieldhouse

Neither Left nor Right

Edward Fieldhouse

The Age of Obama

Roger Fieldhouse

E. P. Thompson and English Radicalism

David Fielding

Macroeconomic Policy in the Franc Zone

Helen Fielding

The Other

Leslie Fielding

Before the Killing Fields

Nigel G. Fielding

The Economic Dimensions of Crime

Steve Fielding

Interpreting the Labour Party

Steven Fielding

The Labour Governments 1964-1970; The Labour Governments 1964-70, Volume 1

A. Belden Fields

Rethinking Human Rights For the New Millennium

Anna Fields

Emotional Alchemy

Bryan W. Fields

Froonga Planet; Lunchbox and the Aliens

Hillary Fields

Heart of a Lion; Marrying Jezebel; The Maiden's Revenge

Leslie Leyland Fields

Out on the Deep Blue

Rona M. Fields

Against Violence Against Women

Terri Fields

After the Death of Anna Gonzales; Holdup; My Father's Son

Tricia Fields

Scratchgravel Road; The Territory; Wrecked

William Fields

Kanzi's Primal Language

K.M. Fierke

Diplomatic Interventions

Katherine Fierlbeck

Globalizing Democracy

Julia Fierro

Cutting Teeth

Graeme Fife

The Terror

Wayne Fife

Doing Fieldwork

Sharon Fiffer

Backstage Stuff; Buried Stuff; Dead Guy's Stuff; Hollywood Stuff

Steve Fiffer

Tyrannosaurus Sue

Peter Fifield

Late Modernist Style in Samuel Beckett and Emmanuel Levinas

Eva Figes

Elizabeth Gaskell

Kate Figes

Life After Birth

Orlando Figes

Just Send Me Word; Natasha's Dance; Revolutionary Russia, 1891-1991; The Crimean War

Mike Figgis

Digital Filmmaking

Howard E. Figler, Ph.D.

Complete Job-Search Handbook

Victor Figueroa Clark

Salvador Allende

Esther Fihl

A Comparative Ethnography of Alternative Spaces

Krzystof Fijalkowski

Surrealism Against The Current

Matthew A. Fike

A Jungian Study of Shakespeare

Nathan Filer

Where the Moon Isn't

Peter Filichia

Strippers, Showgirls, and Sharks

Denise K. Filios

Performing Women in the Middle Ages

Ian Fillis

Creative Marketing

Keith Filmer

The Fiction of C.S. Lewis

Felipe Amin Filomeno

Monsanto and Intellectual Property in South America

Dimitra Fimi

Tolkien, Race and Cultural History

Clare Finburgh

The Politics of Jean Genet's Late Theatre

Clare Finburgh

Contemporary French Theatre and Performance

Charles Finch

A Beautiful Blue Death; A Burial at Sea; A Death in the Small Hours; A Stranger in Mayfair

Geoffrey Finch

How To Study Linguistics, Second Edition; Key Concepts in Language and Linguistics; Linguistics Terms and Concepts; The English Language and Linguistics Companion

Geoffrey Finch

Word of Mouth

John Finch

Granada Television--The First Generation

Nigel Finch

Best Practices in Management Accounting; Contemporary Issues in Mining

Phillip Finch

Diving into Darkness

Tim Finch

The House of Journalists

Ben Fincham

Mobile Methodologies; Understanding Suicide

Gail Fincham

Literary Landscapes

Tony Fincham

Hardy the Physician

Max Fincher

Queering Gothic in the Romantic Age

Ruth Fincher

Planning for Diversity

Sally Fincher

Studying Programming

Joseph Finder

Buried Secrets; Company Man; Extraordinary Powers; High Crimes

Alison Findlay

Illegitimate Power

Alison Findlay

Much Ado About Nothing

Alison Gail Findlay

Region, Religion and Patronage; Theatre and Religion

Mark Findlay

Beyond Punishment in International Criminal Justice; Contemporary Challenges in Regulating Global Crises

Patricia Findlay

Are Bad Jobs Inevitable?

Brooke Heidenreich Findley

Poet Heroines in Medieval French Narrative

Anne Fine

The Diary of a Killer Cat

Prof. Ben Fine

Privatization and Alternative Public Sector Reform in Sub-Saharan Africa; The New Development Economics; The Political Economy of Development; Theories of Social Capital

Ben Fine

'Marx's Capital'

Ben Fine

Beyond the Developmental State; Developmental Politics in Transition

Catherine G. Fine

Despine and the Evolution of Psychology

Michael Fine

A Caring Society?

Robert Fine

People, Nation and State

Bernard I. Finel

Power and Conflict in the Age of Transparency

Catherine Jones Finer

Social Policy and the Commonwealth

Roberto Fineschi

Re-reading Marx

Anne Finger

Elegy for a Disease

Gerrie Ferris Finger

The End Game

Matthias Finger

Adult Education At the Crossroads

Eamonn Fingleton

In the Jaws of the Dragon

Christina Fink

Living Silence in Burma

Ida Fink

The Journey

Jesse Fink

The Youngs: The Brothers Who Built AC/DC

David Finkel

Thank You for Your Service; The Good Soldiers

Irving Finkel

The Cyrus Cylinder

Paul Finkelman

Millard Fillmore

David Finkelstein

Nineteenth-Century Media and the Construction of Identities

Joanne Finkelstein

The Art of Self Invention

Neal D. Finkelstein

Transparency in Public Policy

Norman G. Finkelstein

A Nation on Trial

Paul Finkleman

Dred Scott vs. Sandford

Barbara Finlay

George W. Bush and the War on Women

Steven Finlay

Credit Scoring, Response Modeling, and Insurance Rating

Alan Finlayson

Rhetoric in British Politics and Society

Luke Finlayson

Ninja Meerkats (#1): The Clan of the Scorpion; Ninja Meerkats (#2): The Eye of the Monkey; Ninja Meerkats (#3): Escape from Ice Mountain; Ninja Meerkats (#4): Hollywood Showdown

Chester E. Finn Jr.

Leaving No Child Behind?

Chester E. Finn Jr.

Ohio's Education Reform Challenges

Daniel Finn

She Thief

Katie Finn

Broken Hearts, Fences and Other Things to Mend; Broken Hearts, Fences, and Other Things to Mend, Chapters 1-5

Margot Finn

Legitimacy and Illegitimacy in Nineteenth-Century Law, Literature and History

Melanie Finn

Away from You

Melissa Finn

Al-Qaeda and Sacrifice

Tomás Finn

Tuairim, Intellectual Debate and Policy Formulation in Ireland, 1954-1975; Tuairim, Intellectual Debate and Policy Formulation: Rethinking Ireland, 1954–75

Mark Finnane

Indigenous Crime and Settler Law

Ruth Finnegan

Participating in the Knowledge Society

Paraic Finnerty

Victorian Celebrity Culture and Tennyson's Circle

Brian Finney

English Fiction Since 1984

Patricia Finney

Gloriana's Torch; Unicorn's Blood

Patrick Finney

Palgrave Advances in International History

Ronald C. Finucane

Miracles and Pilgrims

Iris Finz

Erotic Lifestyles; Secret Sex; The Best Sex I Ever Had!; Unspoken Desires

Steven Finz

Erotic Lifestyles; Secret Sex; The Best Sex I Ever Had!; Unspoken Desires

Eric Finzi, MD

The Face of Emotion

Lorenzo Fioramonti

Gross Domestic Problem; Regions and Crises

Lorenzo Fioramonti

How Numbers Rule the World

Marina Fiorato

The Botticelli Secret; The Daughter of Siena; The Glassblower of Murano; The Venetian Bargain

Franco Fiordelisi

Mergers and Acquisitions in European Banking; New Drivers of Performance in a Changing Financial World; Shareholder Value in Banking

Franco Fiordelisi

Bancassurance in Europe; New Issues in Financial and Credit Markets; New Issues in Financial Institutions Management

Stefano Fiorenzani

Quantitative Methods for Electricity Trading and Risk Management

Adrian Fiorino


Marcio Fiorito

The Eye of the World: The Graphic Novel, Volume Five; The Eye of the World: The Graphic Novel, Volume Three

Michele Fioroni

Brand Storming

Begum Ozden Firat

Commitment and Complicity in Cultural Theory and Practice

Karla Firehammer

The Flea's Sneeze

Shulamith Firestone

The Dialectic of Sex

Eskandar Firouz

The Complete Fauna of Iran

Kais Firro

Inventing Lebanon

Tarik Firro

Wahhabism in Tribal Arabia

Anja Fischer

Tuareg Society within a Globalized World

Clara Fischer

Gendered Readings of Change

Conan Fischer

The Rise of the Nazis

Frank Fischer

Greening Environmental Policy

Iris Smith Fischer

Interrogating America through Theatre and Performance

Jackie Fischer

An Egg on Three Sticks

Johan Fischer

The Halal Frontier

Lucy Fischer

Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans

Lynn Fischer

The Better Sex Diet

Steven Roger Fischer

A History of the Pacific Islands

Thomas Fischer

Swiss Foreign Policy, 1945-2002

Tibor Fischer

Under the Frog

Charles Fish

In Good Hands

Julie Fish

Heterosexism in Health and Social Care

Kelly Fish

Born of Night

Robert Fish

Cinematic Countrysides

Matthew Fishburn

Burning Books

Aileen Fisher

Do Rabbits Have Christmas?; The Story Goes On

Ali Fisher

Collaborative Public Diplomacy

Ali Fisher

Collaborative Public Diplomacy

Austin Fisher

Radical Frontiers in the Spaghetti Western

Austin Fisher

Radical Frontiers in the Spaghetti Western

Chris Fisher

Doughnut Danger; I Am Reading: Ricky's Rat Gang

David Fisher

A Lawyer's Life; American Warrior; Basic: Surviving Boot Camp and Basic Training; Doctor Chopra Says

Eran Fisher

Media and New Capitalism in the Digital Age

Fiona Fisher

Picker House and Collection

Helen Fisher

Why Him? Why Her?; Why We Love

Jane Fisher

Envisioning Disease, Gender, and War

Joel Fisher

The Hidden Hardy

John Fisher

British Diplomacy and the Descent into Chaos

June Breton Fisher

When Money Was In Fashion

Kate Fisher

Bodies, Sex and Desire from the Renaissance to the Present

Kirsten Fisher

Transitional Justice for Child Soldiers

Leonard Everett Fisher

Rip Van Winkle's Return

M. F. K. Fisher

An Alphabet for Gourmets; Consider the Oyster; How to Cook a Wolf; Serve It Forth

Michael Fisher

Visions of Mughal India

Michael Fisher

The Power of Customer Misbehavior

Nicholas Fisher

That Second Bottle

Pamela Fisher

Families Raising Disabled Children; Redefining Social Justice

Paul Fisher

House of Wits

Sharon Fisher

Political Change in Post-Communist Slovakia and Croatia

Sharon Lynn Fisher

Ghost Planet; The Ophelia Prophecy

Simon Fisher

Working With Conflict

Teresa A. Fisher

Post-Show Discussions in New Play Development

Tracy Fisher

Gendered Citizenships; What's Left of Blackness

William F. Fisher

Another World is Possible

Charles A. Fishkin

The Shape of Risk

Shelley Fisher Fishkin

Feminist Engagements

Nina Fishman

In Search of Social Democracy

Gjergj Fishta

The Highland Lute

Elaine Fishwick

Crime, Justice and Human Rights

Anna Fishzon

Fandom, Authenticity, and Opera

Carlton Fisk

Fenway Park:The Centennial

Barbara Fister

In the Wind; Through the Cracks

Noel R. Fitch

Walks In Hemingway's Paris

Stona Fitch

Give + Take

Jean-Paul Fitoussi

Report on the State of the European Union; Report on the State of the European Union 2003-2004; Report on the State of the European Union, Volume 2

Jean-Paul Fitoussi

The Global Macro Economy and Finance

Mari Fitzduff

Public Policies in Shared Societies

Christina M. Fitzgerald

The Drama of Masculinity and Medieval English Guild Culture

Dawn FitzGerald

Getting in the Game; Soccer Chick Rules

Edmund V.K. FitzGerald

Global Markets and the Developing Economy

Gerry FitzGerald

Redemption Mountain

Louise FitzGerald

Mamma Mia! The Movie

Pamela Fitzgerald

Therapy Talk

Patrick Fitzgerald

Migration in Irish History 1607-2007; Spies, Lies and the War on Terror

Robert Fitzgerald

Mystery and Manners

Sally Fitzgerald

Mystery and Manners; The Habit of Being

Tanya Fitzgerald

Women Educators, Leaders and Activists

Valpy Fitzgerald

Economic Doctrines in Latin America; Globalization, Violent Conflict and Self-Determination

Valpy FitzGerald

Overcoming the Persistence of Inequality and Poverty

Wendy Fitzgibbon

Probation and Social Work on Trial

John Fitzmaurice

Politics and Government in the Visegrad Countries

Frank Fitzpatrick

The Perfect Game

Matthew P. Fitzpatrick

Liberal Imperialism in Europe

Sheila Fitzpatrick

A Spy in the Archives

Suzanne Fitzpatrick

Young Homeless People

Tess Fitzpatrick

Dimensions of Vocabulary Knowledge

Tony Fitzpatrick

Environment and Welfare; Freedom and Security; New Theories of Welfare; Welfare Theory

Tony Fitzpatrick

Welfare Theory

Lorna Fitzsimmons

Popular Culture in Asia

Allyn Fives

Political and Philosophical Debates in Welfare; Political Reason

Lauren Fix

Lauren Fix's Guide to Loving Your Car

Mona Fixdal

Just Peace; Ways Out of War

Kristin Fjelde Tjelle

Missionary Masculinity, 1870-1930

Karen Fjelstad

Spirits without Borders

Marjorie Flack

Angus and the Cat; Angus and the Ducks; Angus Lost

Kate Flaherty

Teaching Shakespeare Beyond the Centre

Michel Flamée

Global Perspectives on Insurance Today

Kieran Flanagan

Seen and Unseen; Sociology in Theology; Virtue Ethics and Sociology

Marie Therese Flanagan

Charters and Charter Scholarship in Britain and Ireland

Martin Flanagan

Bakhtin and the Movies

William Flanagan

Like Mother, Like Son

Judith Flanders

The Invention of Murder; The Victorian City

Constance O'Day Flannery

Best Laid Plans; Colliding Forces; Old Friends; Shifting Love

Eoin Flannery

Ireland and Postcolonial Studies

Sean Flannery

Achilles' Heel; Broken Idols; Counterstrike; Crossed Swords

Peter Flaschel

Asset Markets, Portfolio Choice and Macroeconomic Activity

Heiner Flassbeck

Economic Reform Now

Jane Flax

Resonances of Slavery in Race/Gender Relations

Timo Fleckenstein

Institutions, Ideas and Learning in Welfare State Change

Michael Fleeman

Deadly Mistress; If I Die...; Killer Bodies; Laci

Friederike Fleischer

Ethnographies of Social Support

Paul Fleischman

Glass Slipper, Gold Sandal: A Worldwide Cinderella; The Mind's Eye; Whirligig

Candace Fleming

A Big Cheese for the White House; Boxes for Katje; Gator Gumbo; Papa's Mechanical Fish

Charles Fleming

The Ivory Coast

D.A. Fleming

Politics and Provincial People

Dan Fleming


Denise Fleming

Alphabet Under Construction; Barnyard Banter; Buster; Buster Goes to Cowboy Camp

Irene Fleming

The Brink of Fame; The Edge of Ruin

James Rodger Fleming

Globalizing Polar Science

Jennie Fleming

Empowerment in Action

Julie Fleming

Moving Lila

Laurence Fleming

Last Children of the Raj

Peter Fleming

Bayonets to Lhasa; Family and Household in Medieval England; Operation Sea Lion; To Peking

Thomas Fleming

A Passionate Girl; Conquerors of the Sky; Dreams of Glory; Hours of Gladness

Ian Fleming-Williams

Constable and His Drawings

Neil Flemming

The Marquess of Londonderry

Augie Fleras

The Politics of Multiculturalism

Cristina Flesher Fominaya

Social Movements and Globalization

Angus Fletcher

Evolving Hamlet

Anthony Fletcher

Childhood in Question

Catherine Fletcher

The Divorce of Henry VIII

Claire Fletcher

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Connie Fletcher

Crime Scene; Every Contact Leaves a Trace

Gordon Fletcher

Dennis Robertson

Loraine Fletcher

Charlotte Smith

Martin Fletcher

Breaking News; Jacob's Oath; The List; Walking Israel

Nichola Fletcher

Charlemagne's Tablecloth

Nina Fletcher

Ethics, Law and Nursing

Pamela Fletcher

The Rise of the Modern Art Market in London

Ralph Fletcher

Guy-Write; Marshfield Dreams; The One O'Clock Chop; The Sandman

Richard Fletcher

The World of El Cid

Seth Fletcher

Bottled Lightning

Antony G. Flew

A Dictionary of Philosophy

Terry Flew

Understanding Global Media

Ari Fliakos

Black Site; Full Assault Mode; How Stella Saved the Farm; Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore

Andrew J. Flibbert

Commerce in Culture

Matthew V. Flinders

Quangos, Accountability and Reform

Steven D. Flinn

The Learning Layer

Adrian Flint

HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa; Trade, Poverty and The Environment

Julie Flint


Shamini Flint

A Bali Conspiracy Most Foul: Inspector Singh Investigates; Inspector Singh Investigates: A Most Peculiar Malaysian Murder; The Singapore School of Villainy: Inspector Singh Investigates

Jill Flint-Taylor

Building Resilience for Success

John-Paul Flintoff

How to Change the World

Anne Fliotsos

Teaching Theatre Today

Matthew Flisfeder

The Symbolic, the Sublime, and Slavoj Zizek's Theory of Film; Zizek and Media Studies

Matthew Flisfeder

The Symbolic, the Sublime, and Slavoj Zizek's Theory of Film

Brian Floca

Ballet for Martha

Jean-Marie Floch

Semiotics, Marketing and Communication

Trine Flockhart

Socializing Democratic Norms

Annegret Flohr

Self-Regulation and Legalization; The Role of Business in Global Governance

Charles Bracelen Flood

Grant and Sherman

Christopher Flood

Islam, Security and Television News

Gavin Flood

The Tantric Body

Joe Flood

Orcs; The Cute Girl Network

Willem Floor

Iran and the World in the Safavid Age; The Monetary History of Iran

Laura Florand

Blame It on Paris

Josanco Floreani

The Economics of the Global Stock Exchange Industry

Namulundah Florence

Immigrant Teachers, American Students

Ronald Florence

The Last Season

Elizabeth Florent-Treacy

Coach and Couch; The Coaching Kaleidoscope

Elizabeth Florent-Treacy

Tricky Coaching

Elena Flores

Fiscal Policy Surveillance in Europe; Policy Instruments for Sound Fiscal Policies

Laurent Flores

Marketing Management

Laurent Flores

How to Measure Digital Marketing

Enrique Flores-Galbis

90 Miles to Havana

Hilary Florido

Between the Panels 2; Bloody Chester

Samuel C. Florman

Blaming Technology; Good Guys, Wiseguys, and Putting Up Buildings; The Aftermath; The Civilized Engineer

Angela Florschuetz

Marking Maternity in Middle English Romance

John Flower

European Financial Reporting; Global Financial Reporting

John Flowerdew

Critical Discourse Analysis in Historiography

Lynne Flowerdew

Corpora and Language Education

Nancey Flowers

He Was My Man First

Bill Floyd

The Killer's Wife

M. Ryan Floyd

Abandoning American Neutrality

Michael Floyd

Get the Truth; Spy the Lie

Richard D. Floyd

Religious Dissent and Political Modernization

Juan M. Floyd-Thomas

The Origins of Black Humanism in America

Mary Floyd-Wilson

Environment and Embodiment in Early Modern England

Carolyn Fluehr-Lobban

Female Well-Being; Shari'a and Islamism in Sudan

Don Flynn

A Brand X Murder

Karen Coen Flynn

Food, Culture, and Survival in an African City

Kevin Flynn

Wicked Intentions

Kevin Flynn

102 Minutes

M. K. Flynn

Ideology, Mobilization and the Nation

Michael Flynn

Eifelheim; Falling Stars; Firestar; In the Country of the Blind

Nick Flynn

Alice Invents a Little Game and Alice Always Wins; Blind Huber; Some Ether; The Captain Asks for a Show of Hands

Norman Flynn

The Market in Chinese Social Policy

Raymond Flynn

John Paul II; The Accidental Pope

Rob Flynn

Risk and the Public Acceptance of New Technologies

Sean Michael Flynn

Land of the Radioactive Midnight Sun

Larry Flynt

One Nation Under Sex

Dario Fo

My First Seven Years (Plus a Few More)

C. R. A. Foakes

The Revenger's Tragedy

Jerry Fodor

What Darwin Got Wrong

Alec Foege

Right of the Dial

Jacqueline Foertsch

Conflict and Counterpoint in Lesbian, Gay, and Feminist Studies

Edward Fogarty

EU Trade Strategies

Mignon Fogarty

Grammar Girl Presents the Ultimate Writing Guide for Students; Grammar Girl's 101 Misused Words You'll Never Confuse Again; Grammar Girl's 101 Troublesome Words You'll Master in No Time; Grammar Girl's 101 Words Every High School Graduate Needs to Know

Richard Fogarty

Empires in World War I

Jared Fogle

Jared, the Subway Guy

Julie Fogliano

And Then It's Spring; If You Want to See a Whale

Kaja Foglio

Girl Genius Omnibus Volume One

Phil Foglio

Girl Genius Omnibus Volume One

Douwe Wessel Fokkema

Theories of Literature in the Twentieth Century

Lilias Folan

Lilias Yoga Complete

Brenda Foley

Undressed for Success

Griff Foley

Learning in Social Action

Michael P. Foley

Why Do Catholics Eat Fish on Friday?

Michael Stewart Foley

Front Porch Politics; The British Presidency

Pam Foley

Children and Young People's Spaces

Susan K. Foley

Women in France since 1789

Susan K. Foley

A Political Romance

Tom Foley

This Way To Heaven

Steen Folke

Aid Impact and Poverty Reduction

Ingvild Folkvord

Ernst Cassirer on Form and Technology

John Follain

A Death in Italy; The Last Godfathers

Maj-Lis Follér

The Politics of AIDS

Richard R. Follett

Evangelicalism, Penal Theory and the Politics of Criminal Law Reform in England,

Wilson Follett

Modern American Usage

Martin Folly

The Palgrave Concise Historical Atlas of the Second World War

Martin H. Folly

Churchill, Whitehall and the Soviet Union, 1940-45

Ari Folman

Waltz with Bashir

Allan Folsom

The Exile; The Hadrian Memorandum; The Machiavelli Covenant

Dr. Richard Foltz

Religions of the Silk Road

Byrne Fone


Martin Fone

Managing Risks in Public Organisations

Eric Foner

Who Owns History?

Chris Fontana

Warrior Police

Giuseppe Fontana

Fiscal Policy in the European Union; Macroeconomics, Finance and Money; The Monetary Theory of Production

Giuseppe Fontana

Macroeconomic Theory and Macroeconomic Pedagogy

Yee-Wah Foo

Chiang Kaishek's Last Ambassador to Moscow

Dr. John Foot

Disastro! Disasters in Italy Since 1860; Italy's Divided Memory; Modern Italy

John Foot

Modern Italy

Rosemary Foot


Geoffrey Foote

The Republican Transformation of Modern British Policies

Mary Q. Foote

Mathematics Teaching & Learning in K-12

Hilary Footitt

War and Liberation in France

Hilary Footitt

Languages and the Military; Languages at War; WarTalk

Paul Forage

Reflections on the Balkan Wars

John Foran

Feminist Futures

Bruce David Forbes

Rapture, Revelation, and the End Times

Jill Forbes

Enfants du Paradis; European Cinema

Cecilia E. Ford

Women Speaking Up

Colin Ford

A World Observed 1940-2010

Darnella Ford

Choke; Crave; Rising

Glyn Ford

North Korea on the Brink

Hamish Ford

Post-War Modernist Cinema and Philosophy

Jackie Ford

Leadership as Identity

Jane Ford

A Social Theory of the WTO

Jeffrey Ford

A Terror; Rocket Ship to Hell

John Ford

'Tis Pity She's a Whore

John M. Ford

The Last Hot Time

Katherine Ford

Politics and Violence in Cuban and Argentine Theater

Marjorie Leet Ford

Do Try to Speak as We Do

Michael Curtis Ford

Gods and Legions; The Fall of Rome; The Last King; The Sword of Attila

Richard Thompson Ford

Rights Gone Wrong; The Race Card

Kate Forde

Design and the Modern Magazine

Susan Forde

Challenging the News

Douglas Fordham

Art and the British Empire

Maxime Forest

The Europeanization of Gender Equality Policies

Victoria Forester

The Girl Who Could Fly

Nicola Forg


David Forgacs

Roberto Rossellini: Magician of the Real; Rome Open City: ("Roma Citta Aperta")

Charles R. Forker

Edward the Second

Charles R. Forker

The Troublesome Reign of John, King of England

Dawn Forman

Leadership Development for Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice

F. Forman

Mastering British Politics

Steven M. Forman

Boca Daze; Boca Knights; Boca Mournings; Eddie the Kid: A Tale of Eddie Perlmutter

Piero Formica

Knowledge Matters

Piero Formica

Stories of Innovation for the Millennial Generation

Claes Fornell

The Satisfied Customer

Gastón Fornés

Foreign Exchange Exposure in Emerging Markets

Gastón Fornés

The China-Latin America Axis

P.M. Forni

Choosing Civility; The Civility Solution; The Thinking Life

Gastn Forns

The China-Latin America Axis

Alan Forrest

Napoleon and His Empire; Napoleon: Life, Legacy, and Image: A Biography; Soldiers, Citizens and Civilians; The Bee and the Eagle

Alan Forrest

War Memories

Christopher Forrest

The Genesis Code

Kelly Forrest

Moments, Attachment and Formations of Selfhood

Alison Forrestal

Politics and Religion in Early Bourbon France

Barry Forshaw

British Crime Film; Death in a Cold Climate

Barry Forshaw

British Gothic Cinema

Carolyn Forshaw

Work and Organizational Behaviour

Peter Forshaw

The Word and the World

Mathew Forstater

Keynes for the Twenty-First Century

Mathew Forstater

Employment Guarantee Schemes; The Job Guarantee

William R. Forstchen

Days of Infamy; Gettysburg; Grant Comes East; Never Call Retreat

Anthony Forster

Armed Forces and Society in Europe; Democratic Control of the Military in Postcommunist Europe; Howard's End; Soldiers and Societies in Post-Communist Europe

E. M. Forster


Greg Forster

Freedom and School Choice in American Education

Marc R. Forster

The Catholic Germany from the Reformation to the Enlightenment

Peter G. Forster

Race and Ethnicity in East Africa

Alison Forsyth

Get Real: Documentary Theatre Past and Present

Donelson R. Forsyth

For the Greater Good of All

Frederick Forsyth

Avenger; The Phantom of Manhattan; The Veteran

Hazel Forsyth

London Eats Out 1500-2000

Hazel Forsyth

London's Lost Jewels

Adrian Fort

Nancy: The Story of Lady Astor

Matthew Fort

Sweet Honey, Bitter Lemons

Stephen Fortescue

Russia's Oil Barons and Metal Magnates

Stephen Fortescue

Russian Politics from Lenin to Putin

Christopher E. Forth

Confronting Modernity in Fin-de-Siècle France; Cultures of the Abdomen; French Masculinities; Masculinity in the Modern West

John Forth

Employment Relations in the Shadow of Recession

Benjamin C. Fortna

Learning to Read in the Late Ottoman Empire and the Early Turkish Republic

Rebecca Fortnum

Contemporary British Women Artists

Joyce Fortune

Understanding Systems Failure

Eve Forward


Cipriani Forza

Product Information Management for Mass Customization

Thomas Foscht

Reverse Psychology Marketing

Eliza Foss

Dancing in the Dark; Eating, Drinking, Overthinking; Hide Yourself Away; Notorious

Angel M. Foster

Emergency Contraception

David Foster

Writers in Conflict in Sixteenth-century France

Don Foster

Author Unknown

Janet Foster

British Archives

Jonathan Foster

Nutrition and Mental Performance

Juliet Foster

Journeys through Mental Illness

Kate Foster

Chinese Literature and the Child

Kevin Foster

Fighting Fictions; Lost Worlds

Lori Foster

All I Want For Christmas; Hot And Bothered; Luring Lucy; Real Men Last All Night

Robert J. Foster


Roy Foster

William Orpen

Sara Foster

Beneath the Shadows

Shirley Foster

Elizabeth Gaskell

Thomas Foster

Transformations of Domesticity in Modern Women's Writing

W. H. Foster

Gender, Mastery and Slavery

Susan Foster-Cohen

Language Acquisition

Augustin Kwasi Fosu

Post-Conflict Economies in Africa

Ramona Fotiade

A Bout de Souffle

Matt Fotis

Long Form Improvisation and American Comedy

Majid Fotuhi, M.D., Ph.D.

The New York Times Crosswords to Keep Your Brain Young

Michel Foucault

"Society Must Be Defended"; Abnormal; Lectures on the Will to Know; Psychiatric Power

Carmen Fought

Chicano English in Context

Adam Foulds

In the Wolf's Mouth

Nick Foulkes

Last of the Dandies

John W. Fountain

The God Who Embraced Me

Four Anonymous Wall Street Guys Staff

The Wall Street Joke Book

Paul Fouracre


Paul Fouracre


Pieter Fourie

The Political Management of HIV and AIDS in South Africa

Pieter P. Fourie

Health for Some

Valerie Fournier

The Dictionary of Alternatives

Jean-Francois Fourny

Situating Sartre in Twentieth Century Thought and Culture

Vassilis K. Fouskas

Cyprus; The Fall of the US Empire; Zones of Conflict

Vassilis K. Fouskas

Greece, Financialization and the EU

Santiago Fouz-Hernández

Live Flesh; Mysterious Skin

Joe Foweraker

Theorizing Social Movements

Ben Fowkes

Ethnicity and Ethnic Conflict in the Post-Communist World; The Post-Communist Era

Charles Fowkes

The Love Poems of John Donne

Blair Fowler

Beneath the Glitter; Where Beauty Lies

Corinne Fowler

Postcolonial Manchester

Damian Fowler

Falling Through Clouds

David Fowler

Youth Culture in Modern Britain, c.1920-c.1970

Elle Fowler

Beneath the Glitter; Where Beauty Lies

James Fowler

Questions of Influence in Modern French Literature

Robert H. Fowler

The Battle of Milroy Station

Therese Anne Fowler

Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald

Will Fowler

Political Violence and the Construction of National Identity in Latin America

Adam Fox

The Spoken Word

Angie Fox

Immortally Embraced; Immortally Ever After; Immortally Yours

Caleb Fox

Zadayi Red

Charles Fox

Uncommon Youth

Christopher Fox

Gulliver's Travels By Jonathan Swift

Cora Fox

Ovid and the Politics of Emotion in Elizabethan England

Edward Fox

Sacred Geography

Elaine Fox

Emotion Science

Emilia Fox

Best Kept Secret; Only Time Will Tell; The Sins of the Father

Jeffrey J. Fox

How to Become a Rainmaker; How to Become CEO; How to Get to the Top; How to Land Your Dream Job

Jo Fox

Justifying War

John Fox

The Boys on the Rock

Jonathan Fox

Bringing Religion into International Relations

Michael Fox

Latin America's Turbulent Transitions

Michael W. Fox

Inhumane Society

Paula Fox

Borrowed Finery; The Coldest Winter

Shannon Fox

Last One Down the Aisle Wins

Sarah Fox-Davies

Do Rabbits Have Christmas?

Gordon Foxall

Understanding Consumer Choice

Gordon R. Foxall

Explaining Consumer Choice; The Behavioural Economics of Brand Choice

Katherine Foxhall

Health, Medicine, and the Sea

Rachel Foxley

The Levellers

Abraham H. Foxman

The Deadliest Lies

Abraham H. Foxman

Jews and Money; Viral Hate

Philip L. Fradkin

Magnitude 8

Peter Fraenkel

No Fixed Abode

Peter Fraenkel, Ph.D.

Sync Your Relationship, Save Your Marriage

Julia E. Monárrez Fragoso

Cities and Citizenship at the U.S.-Mexico Border

Margaux Fragoso

Tiger, Tiger

Maria Frahm-Arp

Development and Politics from Below

Lydia Fraile

Blunting Neo-Liberalism

Jerold C. Frakes

Contextualizing the Muslim Other in Medieval Christian Discourse; The Cultural Study of Yiddish in Early Modern Europe; Vernacular and Latin Literary Discourses of the Muslim Other in Medieval Germany

Robert M. Frakes

The Rhetoric of Power in Late Antiquity

Murray Frame

Russia and the Wider World in Historical Perspective

Ronald Frame


Martyn Frampton

The Long March

Brandel France de Bravo

Trees Make the Best Mobiles

Alan France

A Political Ecology of Youth and Crime

Antonio Franceschet

Kant and Liberal Internationalism

Fabrizio De Francesco

Regulatory Quality in Europe

Richard Franceys

Tapping the Market

Clive Francis

There Is Nothing Like a Dane!; There Is Nothing Like a Thane!

David J. Francis

Peace and Conflict in Africa; Policing in Africa

Diana Francis

From Pacification to Peacebuilding; People, Peace and Power; Rethinking War And Peace

Donette Francis

Fictions of Feminine Citizenship

Eric Francis

A Wife's Revenge; Broken Vows; Taken From Home

Penny Francis

Puppetry: A Reader in Theatre Practice

Penny Francis

Aspects of Puppet Theatre

Peter Francis


Phil Francis


Lauren Francis-Sharma

'Til the Well Runs Dry

Ruth Francisco

The Secret Memoirs of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Rend Rahim Francke

The Arab Shi'a

Penelope Francks

The Historical Consumer

Jorge Franco

Paradise Travel

Étienne François

War Memories

Joseph F. Francois

Pan-Asian Integration

Zoë François

Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day; Artisan Pizza and Flatbread in Five Minutes a Day; Gluten-Free Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day; Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day

Emily C. Francomano

Wisdom and Her Lovers in Medieval and Early Modern Hispanic Literature

Terry Francona

Francona: The Red Sox Years

Daniel Frandji

Educational Policies and Inequalities in Europe

Laura Franey

Victorian Travel Writing and Imperial Violence

Marica Frangakis

Privatisation against the European Social Model

Anna Frangoudaki

Ways to Modernity in Greece and Turkey

Adam Frank

Taijiquan and the Search for the Little Old Chinese Man

John Frank

How to Catch a Fish

Josh Frank

Fool the World

Katherine Frank

A Voyager Out; Lucie Duff Gordon

Kenneth Frank

Visible Islam in Modern Turkey

Lawrence Frank

Victorian Detective Fiction and the Nature of Evidence

Lee Frank

Ultimate Nachos

Marietta Frank

Internationalism in Children's Series

Dr. Nathaniel Frank

Unfriendly Fire

Søren Frank

Migration and Literature

Thaisa Frank

Finding Your Writer's Voice

Thomas Frank

Pity the Billionaire; The Wrecking Crew; What's the Matter with Kansas?

Tibor Frank

Disputed Territories and Shared Pasts

Richter Frank-Jurgen

The Knowledge Economy in India

Ernst G. Frankel

Managing Development

Laurie Frankel

The Atlas of Love

Marvin E. Frankel

Faith and Freedom

Dr. Paul Frankel, Ph.D.

The Methylation Miracle

Sam Frankel

Children, Morality and Society

Valerie Frankel

It's Hard Not to Hate You; Thin Is the New Happy

Christien Franken

A. S. Byatt

Barry M. Franklin

Educational Partnerships and the State; The Death of the Comprehensive High School?

Barry M. Franklin

Curriculum, Community, and Urban School Reform

Caroline Franklin

Mary Wollstonecraft

James Franklin

An Aristotelian Realist Philosophy of Mathematics

John Hope Franklin

Mirror to America

Jon Franklin

The Wolf in the Parlor

Marianne Franklin

Resounding International Relations

Mark Franklin

Elections and Voters

Peter Franklin

Intercultural Interaction

Benjamin Franks

Anarchism and Moral Philosophy

Bradley Franks

Culture and Cognition

Bradley Franks

The Social Psychology of Communication

Jason Franks

Rethinking the Roots of Terrorism

Myfanwy Franks

Women and Revivalism in the West

Suzanne Franks

Women and Journalism

A. S. Frankson

A Caribbean Identity

María E. Franquiz

Inside the Latin@ Experience

Ron Franscell

The Darkest Night

Paul J. C. M. Franssen

Shakespeare and War

Douglas Frantz

Celebration, U.S.A.

Roger Frantz

Hayek and Behavioral Economics

Jonathan Franzen

Farther Away; Freedom; How to Be Alone; Strong Motion

Maria Jose Frapolli

Saying, Meaning and Referring

Tim Frasca

AIDS in Latin America

Francis Frascina

Art, Politics and Dissent

Pasquale Frascolla

Wittgenstein: Mind, Meaning and Metaphilosophy

Alastair Fraser

Zambia, Mining, and Neoliberalism

Anthea Fraser

One Is One and All Alone

Caro Fraser

Judicial Whispers

Caroline Fraser

God's Perfect Child; Rewilding the World

Colin Fraser

Communicating For Development

Derek Fraser

The Evolution of the British Welfare State

Greg Fraser

Writing Poetry

Prof. James W. Fraser

A History of Hope; Between Church and State

Mary Ann Fraser

Ten Mile Day

Matthew Fraser

Weapons of Mass Distraction

Neil Fraser

Working Poverty in Europe

Pete Fraser

Teaching Digital Video Production

Pete Fraser

Current Perspectives in Media Education

Peter Fraser

Teaching Music Video

Rebecca Fraser

Gender, Race and Family in Nineteenth Century America

Robert Fraser

Books Without Borders, Volume 1; Books Without Borders, Volume 2

Robert G. Fraser

Proust and the Victorians

Suzanne Fraser

Cosmetic Surgery, Gender and Culture; Substance and Substitution

Suzanne Fraser

Habits: Remaking Addiction; Vanity: 21st Century Selves

T. G. Fraser

America and the World Since 1945; The Arab-Israeli Conflict, Third Edition

T.G. Fraser

Peacemaking in the Twenty-First Century

Guy Fraser-Sampson

Intelligent Investing; The Pillars of Finance

Alison Frasier

Deep Inside: Extreme Erotic Fantasies

Michael Frassetto

The Year 1000; Western Views of Islam in Medieval and Early Modern Europe

Ewa Fratczak

Childbearing, Women's Employment and Work-Life Balance Policies in Contemporary Europe

Rhiannon Frater

Fighting to Survive (As the World Dies, Book Two); Siege (As the World Dies, Book Three); The First Days (As the World Dies, Book One)

Stephen Frater

Hell Above Earth

Dave Frattini

The Underground Guide to New York City Subways

Eric Frattini

The Entity

Mark Frauenfelder

Rule the Web

Jon Frauley

Criminology, Deviance, and the Silver Screen

Patsie Frawley

Social Work Practice and Intellectual Disability

Stephen Frawley

Managing the Olympics

J. Joaquin Fraxedas

The Lonely Crossing of Juan Cabrera

Christopher Frayling

Design and Popular Entertainment; Spaghetti Westerns; Things to Come

Christopher Frayling

The Innocents

Michael Frayn

A Landing on the Sun; Democracy; Headlong; My Father's Fortune

Elizabeth Frazer

Citizens' Reactions to European Integration Compared

Sir James George Frazer

The Golden Bough

Brad Frazier

Rorty and Kierkegaard on Irony and Moral Commitment

Craig Frazier

Bee & Bird

Ian Frazier

Coyote V. Acme; Dating Your Mom; Family; Gone to New York

Lessie Jo Frazier

Gender and Sexuality in 1968; Gender's Place

Stephen Frears

Typically British: Short History of the Cinema in Britain

Patrick Frederic

George H. W. Bush; Physical

Julia C. Frederick

The History of Venezuela

Sue Frederick

Bridges to Heaven; I See Your Dream Job; I See Your Soul Mate; Reconnecting with Your Loved Ones

Alexis Frederick-Frost

Adventures in Cartooning; Adventures in Cartooning Activity Book; Adventures in Cartooning: Characters in Action; Adventures in Cartooning: Christmas Special

Emmi Fredericks

Fatal Distraction; The Smart Girl's Guide to Tarot

Tom Frederikse

How to DJ

Fredric Field

Key Concepts in Bilingualism

Jack Fredrickson

A Safe Place for Dying; Honestly Dearest, You're Dead; Hunting Sweetie Rose; The Dead Caller from Chicago

Jill Fredston

Rowing to Latitude

Dennis Freeborn

From Old English to Standard English

Bert Rachel Freed

Bead Crochet Jewelry

Dana Elizabeth Freed

Bead Crochet Jewelry

Adam Freedman

Quick and Dirty Tips for Life After College; The Party of the First Part

Amy L. Freedman

Political Change and Consolidation

Amy Freedman

Is It a Big Problem or a Little Problem?

Colette Freedman

The Thirteen Hallows

Des Freedman

The Assault on Universities

Jane Freedman

Gendering the International Asylum and Refugee Debate

Jane Freedman

Engaging Men in the Fight against Gender Violence

Lawrence Freedman

Evolution of Nuclear Strategy, Third Edition; The Politics of British Defence, 1979-98

Monroe H. Freedman

How Can You Represent Those People?

John Freely

A Travel Guide to Homer; Children of Achilles; Crete; Flame of Miletus

John Freely

Celestial Revolutionary

Alan Freeman

The Politics of Empire

Brian Freeman

Immoral; In the Dark; Stalked; Stripped

Douglas K. K. Freeman

The Legacy Family

Edward Freeman

Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance

Gregory A. Freeman

The Last Mission of the Wham Bam Boys; Troubled Water

John Freeman

How to Read a Novelist; New Performance/New Writing

Lee Freeman

Ealing Revisited

Richard Freeman

Inequality Around the World; The Politics of Health in Europe

Thomas S. Freeman

Mary Tudor; The Myth of Elizabeth; Tudors and Stuarts on Film

Tim Freeman

Managing Network of Twenty-First Century Organisations

Tyrone Freeman

Race, Gender, and Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations

Brian Freemantle

Dead Men Living; Kings of Many Castles; Mind/Reader; Red Star Burning

Stephanie Freeth

Employment Relations in the Shadow of Recession

Nicole L. Freiner

The Social and Gender Politics of Confucian Nationalism

Maria Raquel Freire

Key Players and Regional Dynamics in Eurasia; Russia and its Near Neighbours

Roy Freirich

Winged Creatures

Dagmar Freist

Governed By Opinion

Donna Freitas

The Possibilities of Sainthood; The Survival Kit; This Gorgeous Game

Christopher French

An Anomalistic Psychology

Christopher French

Anomalistic Psychology

Christopher C. French

An Anomalistic Psychology

Henry French

Identity and Agency in English Society, 1500-1800; The Character of English Rural Society

Henry French

Making Men: The Formation of Elite Male Identities in England, c.1660-1900

Kathleen French

The Trouble Is the Banks

Kersti French

Wild Strawberries

Kitty French


Michael French

Cheated not Poisoned?; US Economic History Since 1945

Nicci French

Losing You; The Other Side of the Door; Until It's Over

Paul French

North Korea; North Korea: State of Paranoia; Oil on Water

Philip French

Wild Strawberries

Sally French

Working with Disabled People in Policy and Practice

Sean French

The "Terminator"

Thomas French

Unanswered Cries

Vivian French

I Am Reading: Mrs. Hippo's Pizza Parlor; The Kingfisher Book of Fairy Tales; The Kingfisher Book of Nursery Tales; The Kingfisher Mini Treasury of Fairy Tales

Wendy French

After the Rice; Full of It; Going Coastal; sMothering

Ricardo French-Davis

Reforming the Reforms in Latin America

James Frenkel

True Names and the Opening of the Cyberspace Frontier

Michal Frenkel

Core-Periphery Relations and Organization Studies

Fabian Frenzel

Protest Camps

Marie-Soleil Frere

Elections and the Media in Post-Conflict Africa

Patricia Frericks

European Capitalist Welfare Societies

Pamela R. Frese

Anthropology and the United States Military

Helen Freshwater

Theatre and Audience; Theatre Censorship in Britain

Kathy Freston

Expect a Miracle

Alexander Freund

Oral History and Photography

Rudolf Freund


Hugo Frey

Louis Malle

James N. Frey

How to Write a Damn Good Mystery; How to Write a Damn Good Novel; How to Write a Damn Good Novel, II; How to Write a Damn Good Thriller

Marc Frey

Elites and Decolonization in the Twentieth Century

Marco Frey

Public Procurement’s Place in the World

Michel Freyssenet

Globalization or Regionalization of the European Car Industry?; The Second Automobile Revolution

Lorna Freytag

My Humongous Hamster

Ian Fribbance

Personal Finance

Grace Frick

The Abyss

John W. Frick Jr.

Uncle Tom's Cabin on the American Stage and Screen

Aaron Fricke

Sudden Strangers

Walter Fricke

Sudden Strangers

Karen Fricker

Performing the 'New' Europe

Mindy Friddle

Secret Keepers; The Garden Angel

Mara Fridell

Fair Trade, Sustainability and Social Change

Albert Fried

FDR and His Enemies

Liz Fried

Dok Suni

Marvin Fried

Austro-Hungarian War Aims in the Balkans during World War I

Erika Friedl

The Folktales and Storytellers of Tribal Iran

Judith Friedlander

Being Indian in Hueyapan

Saul Friedlander

When Memory Comes

Barry Friedman

The Will of the People

Daniel Friedman

Don't Ever Get Old; Don't Ever Look Back

Daniel Friedman

Morals and Markets

Edward Friedman

Asia's Giants; Tombstone

George Friedman

The Future of War

Jamie Friedman

The Inner Life of Women in Medieval Romance Literature

Jerome Friedman

The Battle of the Frogs and Fairford's Flies

John S. Friedman

The Secret Histories

Jonathan Friedman

Worlds on the Move

Kinky Friedman

What Would Kinky Do?

Lester D. Friedman

Bonnie and Clyde

Lex Friedman

The Snuggie Sutra

Max Paul Friedman

Partisan Histories

Meredith Friedman

The Future of War

Michael D. Friedman

Titus Andronicus

Rebecca Friedman

Masculinity, Autocracy and the Russian University, 1804-1863; Russian Masculinities iIn History and Culture

Rebekka Friedman

After Liberalism?

Robert R. Friedman

Community Policing

Thomas L. Friedman

From Beirut to Jerusalem; Hot, Flat, and Crowded; Hot, Flat, and Crowded 2.0; Longitudes and Attitudes

Dawid Friedrich

Democratic Participation and Civil Society in the European Union; The Challenge of Democratic Representation in the European Union

Elizabeth Friedrich

The Parent's Guide to Raising Twins

Karin Friedrich

Brandenburg-Prussia, 1466-1806

Brian Friel

Brian Friel: Plays 2; Dancing at Lughnasa; Philadelphia, Here I Come!; Three Plays After

Richie Frieman

Quick and Dirty Tips for Life After College; REPLY ALL...and Other Ways to Tank Your Career

David Friend

The Flag; Watching the World Change

Julius W. Friend

Stateless Nations

Elizabeth Friesen

Challenging Global Finance

John W. Friesen

The Palgrave Companion to North American Utopias

Virginia Lyons Friesen

The Palgrave Companion to North American Utopias

Esther M. Friesner

My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding

James Frieze

Naming Theatre

H. Richard Friman

Challenges and Paths to Global Justice

Kwabena Frimpong

Studying Fraud as White Collar Crime

Helmut Frisch

Open-Economy Macroeconomics

Max Frisch

The Firebugs

Scott A. Frisch

Politics to the Extreme

Hannah Frith

Critical Bodies

Barbara Fritz

New Issues in Regional Monetary Coordination

Martin Fritz

Non-Standard Employment in Europe

Linda Fritzinger

Diplomat without Portfolio

Peter Fritzsche

Berlinwalks/Four Intimate Walking Tours of Berlin's Most Historic Neighborhoods, With Maps, Photos, and a Select List of Restaurants, Hotels, and Mor

Jóhanna Katrín Friðriksdóttir

Women in Old Norse Literature

Robert Frodeman

Sustainable Knowledge

David Frodsham

Getting Between the Balance Sheets

Julia Frohlich


Fred M. Frohock

Bounded Divinities

Al From

The New Democrats and the Return to Power

Eugène Fromentin

Between Sea and Sahara

Allen J. Fromherz

The Almohads

Allen J. Fromherz

The Almohads

David Fromkin

A Peace to End All Peace

Erich Fromm

Escape from Freedom; Man for Himself; The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness; The Sane Society

Pete Fromm

As Cool As I Am; As Cool As I Am (Movie Tie-in Edition); How All This Started; Indian Creek Chronicles

Sara Hoskinson Frommer

Death Climbs a Tree

Stephanie Frontz

German Freedom and the Greek Ideal

Paul Frosh

Media Witnessing

Stephen Frosh

After Words; Counselling and Psychotherapy with Older People; Critical Narrative Analysis in Psychology; Hate and the "Jewish Science"

Stephen Frosh

A Brief Introduction to Psychoanalytic Theory; Hauntings: Psychoanalysis and Ghostly Transmissions; Psychoanalysis Outside the Clinic; Social Research after the Cultural Turn

Stephen Frosh

Hauntings: Psychoanalysis and Ghostly Transmissions

Anthony Frost

Improvisation in Drama, Second Edition

Diane Frost

Africa In Crisis

Elizabeth Frost

Thinking about the Lifecourse

Ginger S. Frost

Living in Sin

Gregory Frost

Fitcher's Brides

Helen Frost

Crossing Stones; Diamond Willow; Hidden; Keesha's House

James Bernard Frost

World Leader Pretend

Karolyn Smardz Frost

I've Got a Home in Glory Land

Liz Frost

Young Women and the Body

Polly Frost

Deep Inside: Extreme Erotic Fantasies

Robert Frost

Birches; Enigmatic Proconsul; Robert Frost's Poems; The Poetry of Robert Frost

Andrew Frothingham

Crisp Toasts

Stephen F. Frowen

Economists in Discussion; Financial Decision-Making and Moral Responsibility

Geoffrey K. Fry

Politics of the Thatcher Revolution; The Politics of Crisis; The Politics of Decline

Greg Fry

Intervention and State-Building in the Pacific

Karin Fry

Beyond Religious Right and Secular Left Rhetoric

Michael Fry

How the Scots Made America

Betsy G. Fryberger

Picasso Graphic Magician

David Frydlinger

Getting to We

Jonathan Fryer

Andre and Oscar

Peter Fryer

Staying Power

Benjamin Frymer

Hollywood's Exploited

Jedrzej George Frynas

Transnational Corporations and Human Rights

Hualing Fu

Interpreting Hong Kong's Basic Law

Xiaolan Fu

Exports, Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Development in China; The Rise of Technological Power in the South

David Fubini


Nelida Fuccaro

The Other Kurds

Anne Fuchs

Phantoms of War in Contemporary German Literature, Films and Discourse

Anne Fuchs

After the Dresden Bombing

Rachel Fuchs

Women in Nineteenth-Century Europe

Sebastian Fuchs

Understanding Psychological Bonds between Individuals and Organizations

Erica Fudge

At the Borders of the Human; Perceiving Animals

Carlos Fuentes

A Change of Skin; A New Time for Mexico; Aura; Burnt Water

César M. Fuentes

Cities and Citizenship at the U.S.-Mexico Border

Daniel Diaz Fuentes

Transforming Public Enterprise in Europe and North America

Federico Fuentes

Latin America's Turbulent Transitions

Ricardo Fuentes

Risk, Shocks, and Human Development

Kelli Fuery

New Media

Patrick Fuery

Madness and Cinema; New Developments in Film Theory

Tom Fues

Development Cooperation and Emerging Powers

Sophie Fuggle


Oivind Fuglerud

Life on the Outside

Karl Christian Führer

Mass Media, Culture and Society in Twentieth-Century Germany

Joel Fuhrman, M.D.

Disease-Proof Your Child; Fasting and Eating for Health

Mamenosuke Fujimaru

Alice in the Country of Clover: Ace of Hearts; Alice in the Country of Clover: Bloody Twins; Alice in the Country of Clover: Cheshire Cat Waltz Vol. 1; Alice in the Country of Clover: Cheshire Cat Waltz vol. 2

Rika Fujioka

Comparative Responses to Globalization

Masahisa Fujita

Economic Integration in Asia and India; Regional Integration in East Asia

Chris Fujiwara

The World and Its Double

Andrew Fukuda

The Hunt; The Prey; The Trap

Sakiko Fukuda-Parr

Preventing Violent Conflict in Africa

Isamu Fukui

Truancy; Truancy City; Truancy Origins

Takahiro Fukunishi

Delivering Sustainable Growth in Africa; The Garment Industry in Low-Income Countries

Francis Fukuyama

Global Corruption Report 2005; Our Posthuman Future; The Origins of Political Order

Mary Fulbrook

Interpretations of the Two Germanies, 1945-1990; Representing the German Nation

Tim Fulford

Romanticism and Masculinity

Debra Fulghum Bruce, Ph.D.

The Fibromyalgia Handbook

Robert Fulghum

What on Earth Have I Done?

Mary McClintock Fulkerson

Theological Perspectives for Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

Edward Fullbrook

Pluralist Economics

Bruce Fuller

Good Parents or Good Workers?

Charles Fuller

A Soldier's Play

Graham E. Fuller

The Arab Shi'a; The Future of Political Islam

Linda K. Fuller

African Women's Unique Vulnerabilities to HIV/AIDS; Sport, Rhetoric, and Gender; The Power of Global Community Media; Women, War, and Violence

Mary C. Fuller

Remembering the Early Modern Voyage

Mia Fuller

Italian Colonialism

R. Buckminster Fuller

Critical Path

Steve Fuller

Humanity 2.0

Steve Fuller

Preparing for Life in Humanity 2.0; The Customization of Science; The Proactionary Imperative

Don Fullington

Connoisseur's Guide to Ireland

Liz Fulop

Management and Organisation

Don Fulsom

Nixon's Darkest Secrets

DoVeanna S. Fulton

Sapphire's Literary Breakthrough

Eileen Fulton

Soap Opera

John Fulton

More Than Enough; Retribution

John Fulton

The Professional Doctorate

Richard Fulton

The WTO Primer

Anthony J. Funari

Francis Bacon and the Seventeenth-Century Intellectual Discourse

Jeffrey L. Funk

Global Competition Between and Within Standards

Kate Funk

The Best Cat Book Ever

Jana Funke

Sex, Gender and Time in Fiction and Culture

Katja Funke

Public Investment and Public-Private Partnerships

Peter Funnell

Frank Holl

Warwick Funnell

In Government We Trust

John Funston

Government and Politics in South-East Asia

Bengt Furaker

Flexibility & Stability in Working Life

Bengt Furåker

Sociological Perspectives on Labor Markets

Frank Furedi

Colonial Wars and the Politics of Third World Nationalism; Mythical Pasts, Elusive Futures; New Ideology of Imperialism

Frank Furedi

Moral Crusades in an Age of Mistrust

Philip Furia


Oliver W. Furley

Conflict in Africa

Elina Furman

Enrique Iglesias; Joshua Jackson; LFO: Lyte Funkie Ones; Ricky Martin

Leah Furman

Enrique Iglesias; Felicity; James Van Der Beek; Korn

Jan Hein Furnée

The Landscape of Consumption

Prof. Adrian Furnham

Bad Apples; Body Beautiful; Body Language in Business; Head and Heart Management

Adrian Furnham

Group Dynamics and Organizational Culture; Humanitarian Work Psychology; Managing People in a Downturn; Mental Illness at Work

Adrian Furnham

Leadership: All You Need to Know

Derek Furr

Recorded Poetry and Poetic Reception from Edna Millay to the Circle of Robert Lowell

Arthur Furst

Anne Sexton

Lilian R. Furst

Random Destinations

Marc Furstenau

Cinema and Technology

Dalton Fury

Black Site; Full Assault Mode; Kill Bin Laden; Tier One Wild

Lance D. Fusarelli

The Political Dynamics of School Choice

Maria Fusaro

Trade and Cultural Exchange in the Early Modern Mediterranean

Peter Fusaro

Energy Hedging in Asia

Ludivine Fuschini


Pete Fussey

Researching Crime

Hazuki Futaba

Crimson Empire Vol 1; Crimson Empire Vol. 2; Crimson Empire Vol. 3

Walter Futterweit, M.D.

A Patient's Guide to PCOS

Pearl Fuyo Gaskins

What Are You?

Motoi Fuyukawa

A Certain Scientific Railgun Vol. 4; A Certain Scientific Railgun Vol. 1; A Certain Scientific Railgun Vol. 2; A Certain Scientific Railgun Vol. 3

Peter Fysh

The Politics of Racism in France; The Politics of Racism in France, Second Edition

Giovanni Ferri

Emerging Banking Systems; Financial Instability

Hilary Fraser

Minds, Bodies, Machines, 1770-1930

Keith Frankish

New Waves in Philosophy of Action

Kirsten A. Fenton

Intersections of Gender, Religion and Ethnicity in the Middle Ages

Lee F. Monaghan

Debating Obesity

Steven Finlay

Consumer Credit Fundamentals; Credit Scoring, Response Modelling and Insurance Rating; The Management of Consumer Credit

Michelle Finamore

Hollywood Before Glamour