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Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur: Confessions; Agent Provocateur: Secrets

Andrew Peterson

Civic Republicanism and Civic Education

Anita J. Prazmowska

A History of Poland

Carlos A. Peláez

Globalization and the State: Volume I; Globalization and the State: Volume II

Carlos M. Peláez

Government Intervention in Globalization; Globalization and the State: Volume I; Globalization and the State: Volume II

Clare Parfitt

Planning Your PhD; Completing Your PhD

Clare Parfitt-Brown

Completing Your PhD

Daniele Previati

New Issues in Financial and Credit Markets; New Issues in Financial Institutions Management

David Probert

Technology Management; Managing Innovation Driven Companies

Eve Poole

The Church on Capitalism; Ethical Leadership

Gabriel Petre

Portfolio and Risk Management for Central Banks and Sovereign Wealth Funds

Geoffrey Poole

Syntactic Theory

Gina Potts

Virginia Woolf's Bloomsbury, Volume 2; Virginia Woolf's Bloomsbury, Volume 1; Virginia Woolf's Bloomsbury (2 Volume Pack)

Harry Papasotiriou

America since 1945

Juliette Pattinson

War in a Twilight World

Christopher Pallas

Transnational Civil Society and the World Bank

Liedeke Plate

Technologies of Memory in the Arts; Transforming Memories in Contemporary Women's Rewriting

Lionel Pilkington

Theatre and Ireland; Studies in Settler Colonialism

M. Panic

Globalization: A Threat to International Cooperation and Peace?

Anca Pusca

Revolution, Democratic Transition and Disillusionment

Nikolaj J.L.L. Pedersen

New Waves in Truth

Teemu Paavolainen


Joel Pace

Wordsworth in American Literary Culture

Michelle Pace

Europe, the USA and Political Islam

Michael Pace-Sigge

Lexical Priming in Spoken English Usage

Ramon Pacheco Pardo

After Liberalism?; Dirty Cities

Francesco Pacifico

The Story of My Purity

Jason Pack

The 2011 Libyan Uprisings and the Struggle for the Post-Qadhafi Future

Sasha D. Pack

Tourism and Dictatorship

Chris Packard

Queer Cowboys

Jerrold M. Packard

Victoria's Daughters; American Nightmare; The Lincolns in the White House

George Packer

The Village of Waiting; Blood of the Liberals; The Assassins' Gate; Betrayed

Ian Packer

Liberal Government and Politics, 1905-15

Richard Packer

The Politics of BSE

Carol Packham

Community Research for Community Development

Catherine Packham

Eighteenth-Century Vitalism

Kamila Pacovská

Love and Its Objects

Alex Padamsee

Representations of Indian Muslims in Colonial Discourse

Martin Padget

Beginning Ethnic American Literatures

Carol Padgett

Corporate Governance

Jacqueline Padgett

The Brontë Sisters in Other Wor(l)ds

Stephen Padgett

Rethinking Germany and Europe

Stephen Padgett

Developments in German Politics 4

Elaine Padilla

Theology of Migration in the Abrahamic Religions; Contemporary Issues of Migration and Theology

Heberto Padilla

Legacies; Self-Portrait of the Other; Heroes Are Grazing In my Garden

Ignacio Padilla


M. Padilla

The Girls from the Revolutionary Cantina

Steve Padley

Key Concepts in Contemporary Literature

Ma Deva Padma

Tao Oracle; Osho Zen Tarot

Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa

Europe, a Civil Power

Claudia Padovani

Communication Rights and Social Justice

Donatella Padua

Trust, Social Relations and Engagement

Leonardo Padura

The Man Who Loved Dogs

Gilad Padva

Queer Nostalgia in Cinema and Pop Culture; Sensational Pleasures in Cinema, Literature and Visual Culture

Wolf-Christian Paes

The Military as an Economic Actor

Laura Páez

Liberalizing Financial Services and Foreign Direct Investment

Nicholas O. Pagan

Theory of Mind and Science Fiction

Luigi Paganetto

Equity, Efficiency and Growth; Finance, Research, Education and Growth

Michael A. Pagano

The Dynamics of Federalism in National and Supranational Political Systems

Ben Page

Development and the African Diaspora

Edward Page

From the Active to the Enabling State

Joanna Page

Visual Synergies in Fiction and Documentary Film from Latin America

Katherine Hall Page

The Body In the Vestibule

Katherine Hall Page

The Body in the Cast; The Body in the Basement; The Body In The Belfry; The Body in the Kelp

Norman Page

Auden and Isherwood; Thomas Hardy: The Novels; The Palgrave Literary Dictionary of Tennyson

Ruth E. Page

Literary and Linguistic Approaches to Feminist Narratology

Sheila Page

Regionalism Among Developing Countries

Sophie Page

The Unorthodox Imagination in Late Medieval Britain

Steve Page

Putting Secrets

Stephen Pagel

Absolute Magnitude

Derek Paget

No Other Way To Tell It

Camille Paglia

The Birds

Robert Pagliarini

The Six-Day Financial Makeover; The Other 8 Hours

Harold Pagliaro

Henry Fielding

Marcel Pagnol

My Father's Glory & My Mother's Castle; Jean de Florette and Manon of the Springs

Robert Pahre

Democratic Foreign Policy Making

Päivi Pahta

Dangerous Multilingualism

Pai Kit Fai

The Concubine's Daughter

Jim Paillot

Bedtime Math: A Fun Excuse to Stay Up Late; Bedtime Math: This Time It’s Personal; Matemáticas Antes de Dormir (Bedtime Math)

Angela Ellis Paine

Volunteering and Society in the 21st Century

Sheila Paine

The Afghan Amulet; The Golden Horde

Thomas Paine

Common Sense and Related Writings

Anthony Painter

Left Without a Future?

Borden Painter

Mussolini's Rome

James Painter

Climate Change in the Media

Martin Painter

Challenges to State Policy Capacity; Tradition and Public Administration

Richard W. Painter

Employment Rights

Alan Paisey

International Transfer Pricing; Transfer Pricing Audits in China

Daniel Paisner

The Girl in the Green Sweater; Scratching the Horizon

George Paizis

Love and the Novel

Mojca Pajnik

Contesting Integration, Engendering Migration

Yu Cha Pak

From Here to There

Nacim Pak-Shiraz

Shi'i Islam in Iranian Cinema

Francis Pakes

Riot, Unrest and Protest on the Global Stage

Leslie A. Pal

Frontiers of Governance

Margarita Palacios

Radical Sociality

Ruwan Palapathwala

Religion and Ethics in a Globalizing World

Greg Palast

Democracy and Regulation; The Best Democracy Money Can Buy

Lynda Palazzo

Christina Rossetti's Feminist Theology

Dónal Palcic

Privatisation in Ireland

Grace Paley

Begin Again; Just As I Thought; Enormous Changes at the Last Minute; The Collected Stories

Joan Paley

The Emperor Lays an Egg; Star of the Sea

David Palfreyman

Learner Autonomy Across Cultures

David Palfreyman

Learning and Teaching Across Cultures in Higher Education

Palgrave Macmillan

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The Grants Register 2009

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Bruno Palier

Globalization and European Welfare States; Changing France

Bruno Palier

The EU and the Domestic Politics of Welfare State Reforms

Liz Palika

The New Age Dog

Michael Palin

The Pythons; Diaries 1969-1979: The Python Years; Halfway to Hollywood: Diaries 1980--1988; Brazil

Nicki Palin

Flip The Flaps: Farm Animals; Flip The Flaps: Jungle Animals; Flip The Flaps: Planet Earth; Flip The Flaps: Baby Animals

Ellen Pall

Corpse de Ballet; Slightly Abridged

Michael Paller

Gentlemen Callers

Howard A. Palley

The Politics of Women’s Health Care in the United States

Marian Lief Palley

The Politics of Women’s Health Care in the United States

Thomas I. I. Palley


Ingrid Palmary

Gender and Migration

Joakim Palme

Social Policy and Economic Development in the Nordic Countries

Mr. Alan Palmer

Who's Who in Shakespeare's England

Andrew Palmer

The New Pirates

Daniel James Palmer

First Thrills; First Thrills: Volume 1

David Scott Palmer

The Shining Path of Peru

Debbie Palmer

Who Cared for the Carers?

Dexter Palmer

The Dream of Perpetual Motion

Mrs. Elizabeth Palmer

The Distaff Side; The Dark Side of the Sun

Gareth Palmer

Discipline and Liberty

John D. Palmer

The Internationalization of East Asian Higher Education

Linda Palmer

How to Write It, How to Sell It

Michael Palmer

The Fifth Vial; The First Patient; The Second Opinion; The Last Surgeon

Ransford W. Palmer

The Caribbean Economy in the Age of Globalization

Roger Palmer

The New Global Marketing Reality

Roy Palmer

The Kingfisher First Human Body Encyclopedia; The Little Encyclopedia of the Human Body

Steve Palmer

Rethinking Reward

Ms. Veronica Palmer

Who's Who in Shakespeare's England

William J. Palmer

Dickens and New Historicism; The Films of the Nineties; The Dons and Mr. Dickens

Jennifer Palmgren

Beyond Arthurian Romances

Suzanne Palmieri

The Witch of Little Italy; The Witch of Belladonna Bay

Eero Palmujoki

Regionalism and Globalism in Southeast Asia

Oyvind Palshaugen

Learning Regional Innovation

Jeremy Paltiel

The Empire's New Clothes

Gwyneth Paltrow

Brown Bear & Friends; Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? (Book & CD Set); Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?; Brown Bear and Friends board book and CD set

Antonella Palumbo

Sraffa and the Reconstruction of Economic Theory: Volume Three; Sraffa and the Reconstruction of Economic Theory: Volume Two; Sraffa and the Reconstruction of Economic Theory: Volume One

Susan Palwick

Shelter; Flying in Place; Mending the Moon; The Necessary Beggar

William C. Pamerleau

Existentialist Cinema

Jon Pammett

Activating the Citizen

Zhongqi Pan

Conceptual Gaps in China-EU Relations

Maryam Panah

The Islamic Republic and the World

Elena Panaritis

Prosperity Unbound


Histories and Memories; Life and Death in a German Town

Panikos Panayi

Immigration, Ethnicity and Racism in Britain, 1815-1945

Panikos Panayi

Refugees and the End of Empire

Panikos Panayi

Prisoners of Britain

Podromos Panayiotopoulos

World Development

Prodromos Panayiotopoulos

Ethnicity, Migration and Enterprise

Costas Panayotakis

Remaking Scarcity

Rekha Pande

A Journey into Women's Studies

Sophia Pandya

Muslim Women and Islamic Resurgence

Alex Pang

Navigators: Human Body; Navigators: Knights & Castles

Eul-Soo Pang

The International Political Economy of Transformation in Argentina, Brazil, and Chil

May Pang

Instamatic Karma

Thomas L. Pangle

Political Philosophy Cross-Examined

Piya Pangsapa

Environment and Citizenship

M. Panic

Globalization and National Economic Welfare

Leo Panitch

American Empire and the Political Economy of Global Finance

Francisco Panizza

Contemporary Latin America

Imranali Panjwani

The Shi'a of Samarra

Diana Panke

The Effectiveness of the European Court of Justice

Diana Panke

Unequal Actors in Equalising Institutions

Boris Pankin

The Last Hundred Days of the Soviet Union

Silke Panse

A Critique of Judgment in Film and Television

Harsh V. Pant

Contemporary Debates in Indian Foreign and Security Policy

Christina Pantazis

Beyond Criminology

Niki Panteli

Exploring Virtuality within and beyond Organizations; Virtual Social Networks

Simone Panter-Brick

Gandhi and the Middle East

Simone Panter-Brick

Gandhi and Nationalism

Mihnea Panu

Contextualizing Family Planning

Marco Panza

Plato's Problem

Emanuela Paoletti

The Migration of Power and North-South Inequalities

Marc Paoletti

First Thrills; First Thrills: Volume 4

Paul E. Paolicelli

Dances with Luigi; Under the Southern Sun

Marilena Papachristophorou

Myth, Representation, and Identity

S. Victor Papacosma

NATO in the Post-Cold War Era; Limiting Institutions?

Konstantinos Papadakis

Shaping Global Industrial Relations

Yiannis Papadakis

Echoes from the Dead Zone

Yiannis Papadakis

Cyprus and the Politics of Memory

Dimitri Papadimitriou

Contributions to Stock-Flow Modeling

Dimitri B. Papadimitriou

The Distributional Effects of Government Spending and Taxation; Government Spending on the Elderly

Dimitris Papdimitriou

The Limits of Europeanization

Dimitris Papadimitriou

The Last Ottomans; The EU's Lisbon Strategy

Pyrros Papadimitriou

Mergers and Acquisitions as the Pillar of Foreign Direct Investment

Dimitris Papadopoulos

Analysing Everyday Experience

Dimitris Papadopoulos

Escape Routes

Yannis Papadopoulos

Democracy in Crisis?

Penelope Papailias

Genres of Recollection

Theo Papaioannou

Reading Hayek in the 21st Century

Apostolis Papakostas

Civilizing the Public Sphere

Marina Papanastassiou

The Strategic Development of Multinationals

Georgios Papanicolaou

Transnational Policing and Sex Trafficking in Southeast Europe

Nicholas Papastratigakis

Russian Imperialism and Naval Power

Andreas Papatheodorou

Corporate Rivalry and Market Power

Christos Papatheodorou

Poverty and Social Deprivation in the Mediterranean

Christos Papazoglou

The Economies of South Eastern Europe

Bettina Papenburg

Carnal Aesthetics

Adriano Pappalardo

Elections, Electoral Systems and Volatile Voters

Panayiotis A. Pappas

Variation and Morphosyntactic Change in Greek

Takis S. Pappas

Making Party Democracy in Greece

Takis S. Pappas

Populism and Crisis Politics in Greece

Ilan Pappé

The Making of the Arab-Israeli Conflict, 1947-1951; Middle Eastern Politics and Ideas; Across the Wall

Ilan Pappé

Out of the Frame

Gabriel Paquette

Enlightenment, Governance and Reform in Spain and its Empire 1759-1808

Gabriel B. Paquette

Enlightenment, Governance, and Reform in Spain and its Empire 1759-1808

João M. Paraskeva

Conflicts in Curriculum Theory

Dino Paravano

Death in a Lonely Land

Lizabeth Paravisini-Gebert

Women At Sea; Healing Cultures

Govinda Parayil

Kerala: the Development Experience

Govindan Parayil

Political Economy & Information Capitalism in India; The New Asian Innovation Dynamics

Ulrich Pardey

Frege on Absolute and Relative Truth

Derek Pardue

Brazilian Hip Hoppers Speak from the Margins

Maritza Paredes

Ethnicity and the Persistence of Inequality; The Developmental Challenges of Mining and Oil

Bhikhu Parekh

Rethinking Multiculturalism; A New Politics of Identity

Sabrina Parent

Cultural Representations of Massacre

Michael J. Parenti

The Sword & The Dollar

Sally Lee Parents Magazine

Your Five- and Six-Year-Old

Michael Parfit

The Lost Whale

Trevor Parfitt

The End of Development?

Stefania Parigi

Cinema - Italy

Jay Parini

Robert Frost

Bernard J. Paris

Conrad's Charlie Marlow; Dostoevsky's Greatest Characters

Helen Paris

Performance and Place

Helen Paris

Performing Proximity

Joel Paris

Psychotherapy in an Age of Narcissism

Michael Paris

Repicturing the Second World War

Helen Parish

Religion and Superstition in Reformation Europe

James Robert Parish

Jason Biggs: Hollywod's Newest Cutie-Pie!

Matthew Parish

A Free City in the Balkans

Steve Parish

Home Before Daylight

Steven M. Parish

Subjectivity and Suffering in American Culture

Aurelio Parisotto

Regionalization and Labour Market Interdependence in East and Southeast Asia

Steven Parissien

The Life of the Automobile

Frances Park

Chocolate Chocolate; Allergies, Away!

Ginger Park

Chocolate Chocolate; Allergies, Away!

Hun-Joon Park

Mad Technology

Kyung-Ae Park

Korean Security Dynamics in Transition; New Challenges of North Korean Foreign Policy

Paul Park

The Tourmaline; The Hidden World; The White Tyger; Ragnarok

Stephen Park

The Street of a Thousand Blossoms

Sung-Jo Park

Asia and Europe in the New Global System

Susan Park

World Bank Group Interactions with Environmentalists

Tony Park

The Delta

Tom Parker Bowles

The Year of Eating Dangerously; Let's Eat

Alan Parker

The Sucker's Kiss

Andrew Parker

Sport and Social Identities

Ant Parker

Dazzling Diggers; Roaring Rockets; Amazing Machines Book and Toy Box; Amazing Machines

Brian Parker

Volpone; Volpone, or the Fox

Bruce Parker

The Power of the Sea

Christopher Parker

Resignation Or Revolt; Historiography; Engaging Leadership

Courtney Parker

He Was My Man First

David Parker

Rethinking 'Mixed Race'

Deborah Parker

The DVD and the Study of Film; Inferno Revealed; Interpreting Dan Brown’s Inferno

Derrick Parker

Notorious C.O.P.

Emily Parker

Now I Know Who My Comrades Are

Geoffrey Parker

The Spanish Armada

Ian Parker

Critical Discursive Psychology; Japan in Analysis; Psychology and Society

Ian Parker

Revolution in Psychology; Slavoj Zizek

J. Wilson Parker

The Rule of Law and the Rule of God

James V. Parker

The Animal Research War

Jo Alyson Parker

Narrative Form and Chaos Theory in Sterne, Proust, Woolf, and Faulkner

Joanne Parker

England's Darling

Joanne Parker

‘England’s Darling’

John Parker

Social Theory

Josephine Parker

I Wonder Why Flutes Have Holes; I Wonder Why Mice Are Musical

Lara Parker

Dark Shadows: Wolf Moon Rising; Dark Shadows: Angelique's Descent; Dark Shadows: The Salem Branch

Mark Parker

The DVD and the Study of Film; Inferno Revealed; Interpreting Dan Brown’s Inferno

Martin Parker

The Dictionary of Alternatives

Michael Parker

Postcolonial Literatures; Contemporary Irish Fiction; Northern Irish Literature, 1956-1975; Northern Irish Literature, 1975-2006

Michael Parker

William Trevor

Noel Parker

The Geopolitics of Europe's Identity

Rhian Parker

Women, Doctors and Cosmetic Surgery

Robert Andrew Parker

Ballet of the Elephants; Action Jackson; Mr. Wellington

Rozsika Parker

The Subversive Stitch

Rozsika Parker

Old Mistresses

Steven Parker

I Wonder Why Tunnels Are Round

T. Jefferson Parker

Laguna Heat; Pacific Beat; Summer of Fear; Full Measure

Timothy Parker

Merv Griffin's Crosswords Volume 1; Merv Griffin's Crosswords Volume 3

Christopher Parkes

Children's Literature and Capitalism

Carolyn Parkhurst

Cooking with Henry and Elliebelly

David Parkins

I'm a Truck Driver; I Am Reading: Captain Pepper's Pets

Wendy Parkins

Mobility and Modernity in Women's Novels, 1850s-1930s

Siobhan Parkinson

Blue Like Friday; Long Story Short

Brad Parks

Faces of the Gone; Eyes of the Innocent; The Good Cop; The Girl Next Door

Richard Parks

Four Horsemen, at Their Leisure

Inderjeet Parmar

Think Tanks and Power in Foreign Policy

Fabrice Parme

Tiny Tyrant: Volume One: The Ethelbertosaurus; Tiny Tyrant: Volume Two: The Lucky Winner

Stephan Parmentier

Russia and the Council of Europe; Genocide, Risk and Resilience

Philip C. Parnell

Crime's Power

Susan Parnell

Africa's Urban Revolution

Michael Parness

Rule the Freakin' Markets; Rule Your Freakin' Retirement

Laura Parodi

The Visual World of Muslim India

Jane Parpart

Rethinking the Man Question

Jane L. Parpart

Women, Employment and the Family in the International Division of Labour

Anthony Parr

The Staple of News; Three Renaissance Travel Plays

Tim Parr

Enterprise Programme Management

Francisco Parra

Oil Politics

Lynn Parramore

Reading the Sphinx

Mario Davide Parrilli

SME Cluster Development; High Technology, Productivity and Networks

Mario Davide Parrilli

Interactive Learning for Innovation

Patrick Parrinder

New Directions in the History of the Novel

Emma Parrish

Dr. Witch's Animal Hospital

John A. Parrish, M.D.

Autopsy of War

Richard Parrish

Sports Law and Policy in the European Union

Christine Parrott

Doing Therapy Briefly

Becky Parry

Children, Film and Literacy

Emma Parry

Managing an Age Diverse Workforce

Joshua Alan Parry

Virus Thirteen

Katy Parry

Pockets of Resistance

Katy Parry

Political Culture and Media Genre

Richard Parry

The Wolf's Pack

Richard Lloyd Parry

People Who Eat Darkness

Stephen Parry

Sense and Respond

Vittorio Emanuele Parsi

The Inevitable Alliance

Justin Parsler


Alexander Parsons

Leaving Disneyland

Floyd Parsons

Thomas Hare and Political Representation in Victorian Britain

Garry Parsons

I Am Reading: Ooh La La, Lottie!

Gerald Parsons

Religion in Victorian Britain, Vol. IV

John C. Parsons

Eleanor of Castile; Medieval Queenship; Eleanor of Aquitaine

Kelly Parsons

Doing Harm

Nick Parsons

Reinventing France; Post-Suburban Europe

Nicola Parsons

Reading Gossip in Early Eighteenth-Century England; Reading Historical Fiction

Tony Parsons

The Murder Man

Gillian Partington

Book Destruction from the Medieval to the Contemporary

Frank Partnoy

Infectious Greed

Nigel Parton

Constructive Social Work; Safeguarding Children

Nigel Parton

The Politics of Child Protection

Frances Partridge

Love in Bloomsbury

Hilary Partridge

Italian Politics Today

Norman Partridge

Dark Harvest

Marek Paryz

The Postcolonial and Imperial Experience in American Transcendentalism

Francine Pascal

Sweet Valley Confidential; The Sweet Life #1; The Sweet Life #2: An E-Serial; The Sweet Life #3: An E-Serial

Gillian Pascall

Gender and Welfare States in East Asia

Julie Paschkis

Here Comes Grandma!; Head, Body, Legs; Through Georgia's Eyes; Glass Slipper, Gold Sandal: A Worldwide Cinderella

Allan H. Pasco

Inner Workings of the Novel

Elaine Pascoe

Fooled You!

Nieves Pascual Soler

Rethinking Chicana/o Literature through Food

Margherita Pascucci

Philosophical Readings of Shakespeare

Senia Paseta

Ireland and the Great War

Mustapha Kamal Pasha

Out From Underdevelopment Revisited; Protecting Human Security in a Post 9/11 World

Evgeny Pashukanis

Law and Marxism

Fotios Pasiouras

Greek Banking

Cleo Paskal

Global Warring

Izzy Paskowitz

Scratching the Horizon

Penny A. Pasque

American Higher Education, Leadership, and Policy

Kathy Passero

Blood Secrets; Chasing Ghosts, Texas Style

Andrew Passey

Trust and Civil Society

Don Passman

The Amazing Harvey

Leith Passmore

Ulrike Meinhof and the Red Army Faction

Gail Kern Paster

Michaelmas Term

Robert Paston

The Hour of the Innocents

José Pastor Monsálvez

Crisis, Risk and Stability in Financial Markets; Modern Bank Behaviour

Rogelia Pastor-Castro

The Paris Embassy

Dominic Pasura

African Transnational Diasporas

Haig Patapan

Dissident Democrats; Political Legitimacy in Asia

Keith Patching

Leadership, Character and Strategy

Alpesh B. Patel

Investing Unplugged; Outsourcing Success; Global Financial Markets Revolution

Eboo Patel

We Are Each Other's Business

Ebrahim Patel

The Industrial Policy Revolution II

Klaus Kiran Patel

Europeanization in the Twentieth Century

Mukul Patel

We've Got Your Number

Nandish V. Patel

Organization and Systems Design

Naren Patel

Global Custody and Clearing Services

Priti Patel

Britannia Unchained

Raj Patel

The Value of Nothing

Carole Pateman

Basic Income Worldwide

Troy Patenaude

Re-envisioning Blake

Silvana Paternostro

My Colombian War

David Paternotte

LGBT Activism and the Making of Europe

Chris Paterson

War Reporters Under Threat

Don Paterson

The White Lie; New British Poetry; Landing Light; Rain

Katherine Paterson

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Ken Paterson

Improve Your Grammar

Laura Paterson

British Pronoun Use, Prescription, and Processing

Lindsay Paterson

Politics and Society in Scotland

Matthew Paterson

Understanding Global Environmental Politics

Matthew Paterson

Theories of International Relations

William E. Paterson

The European Parliament, Second Edition; Germany's Gathering Crisis; Research Agendas in EU Studies; Developments in German Politics 4

Biswamoy Pati

South Asia from the Margins

Murali Patibandla

Institutional Dynamics and the Evolution of the Indian Economy

Georgios Patios

Kierkegaard on the Philosophy of History

Heikki Patomäki

A Possible World

Heikki Patomäki

The Great Eurozone Disaster

Katarina Sehm Patomaki

Global Political Parties

Parichay Patra

Bollywood and its Other(s)

Silvana Patriarca

The Risorgimento Revisited

Nicholas Patricios

The Sacred Architecture of Byzantium

Caitlin Patrick

The Violence of the Image

John Patrick

Civic and Moral Learning in America

Seth Patrick


David Patrikarakos

Nuclear Iran

Harry Anthony Patrinos

The Policy Analysis of Child Labor; Indigenous Peoples, Poverty and Human Development in Latin America

Larry Patriquin

Agrarian Capitalism and Poor Relief in England, 1500-1860

Chris Patten

Cousins and Strangers

Eve Patten

The Perils of Print Culture: Book, Print and Publishing History in Theory and Practice

Howard A. Patten

Israel and the Cold War

Robert Patten

Palgrave Advances in Charles Dickens Studies

Benton Rain Patterson

With the Heart of a King

Douglas Patterson

Alfred Tarski: Philosophy of Language and Logic

Eric D. Patterson

Christianity and Power Politics Today; Debating the War of Ideas

Henry Patterson

Unionism and Orangeism in Northern Ireland Since 1945

Henry Patterson

Ireland's Violent Frontier

J. H. Patterson

The Man-Eaters of Tsavo

James G. Patterson

In the Wake of the Great Rebellion

Janci Patterson

Chasing the Skip

Kathleen Patterson

Servant Leadership

Kerry Patterson

An Introduction To Applied Econometrics; A Primer for Unit Root Testing; Palgrave Handbook of Econometrics: Volume 1

Kerry Patterson

Unit Root Tests in Time Series Volume 1; Palgrave Handbook of Econometrics; Unit Root Tests in Time Series Volume 2

Lee Patterson

Temporal Circumstances

Malcolm Hugh Patterson

Privatising Peace

Monica Eileen Patterson

Curating Difficult Knowledge

Nancy Ruth Patterson

The Winner's Walk; Ellie Ever

Richard North Patterson

Exile; Eclipse; The Spire; In the Name of Honor

Steven Patterson

The Cult of Imperial Honor in British India

Teresa Patterson

The World of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time

William H. Patterson Jr.

Robert A. Heinlein, Vol 1; Robert A. Heinlein, Vol 2

C. J. Pattie

The Boundary Commissions

Charles Pattie

From Votes To Seats; Voting for a Scottish Government

Charles Pattie

From From Votes to Seats

David Pattie

Rock Music in Performance

Catherine Pattillo

Economic Policy Options for a Prosperous Nigeria

Juliette Pattinson

Behind Enemy Lines

Eliot Pattison

Water Touching Stone; Bone Mountain; Beautiful Ghosts; The Skull Mantra

David F. Patton

Cold War Politics in Postwar Germany

Kerry Patton

The Syria Report

Lisa Patton

Whistlin' Dixie in a Nor'easter; Yankee Doodle Dixie; Southern as a Second Language

Will Patton

Tree of Smoke; Jesus' Son; Nobody Move; Train Dreams

Bartholomew Paudyn

Credit Ratings and Sovereign Debt

Alan Paul

One Way Out

Ann Whitford Paul

If Animals Kissed Good Night

Annie Paul

Infinite Island

Erik Paul

Little America; Obstacles to Democratization in Southeast Asia

Erik Paul

Neoliberal Australia and US Imperialism in East Asia; Australia as US Client State

Glencairn Balfour Paul

Bagpipes in Babylon

Helena Paul

Hungry Corporations

Henderson Paul

Children and the Communities

Hodgson Paul

The Improbability Principle

J. Gavin Paul

Shakespeare and the Imprints of Performance

Ludwig Paul

Orientalism and Conspiracy

Pamela Paul

Pornified; Parenting, Inc.; By the Book

Scott Paul

Collaboration and Interdisciplinarity in the Republic of Letters

Linus Pauling

A Lifelong Quest for Peace

John Allen Paulos

Innumeracy; Irreligion

Neil Paulsen

Managing Boundaries in Organizations

Jo Ann Paulson

African Economies in Transition, Vol. I; African Economies in Transition, Vol. II

Terrence E. Paupp

Exodus from Empire

Terrence Edward Paupp

The Future of Global Relations

Eva Paus

Foreign Investment, Development, and Globalization; Global Capitalism Unbound; Global Giant

Eva Paus

Getting Development Right

Siegfried Pausewang

Ethiopia in Change; Ethiopia Since the Derg

Hartwig Pautz

Think-tanks, Social Democracy and Social Policy

Anne Pauwels

Maintaining Minority Languages in Transnational Contexts; Boys and Foreign Language Learning

Caroline Pauwels

Private Television in Western Europe; The Palgrave Handbook of European Media Policy

Moses Pava

Leading With Meaning; Jewish Ethics as Dialogue; Jewish Ethics in a Post-Madoff World

Chloe Paver

Memorialization in Germany since 1945

Cesare Pavese

La luna e i falò

Peter Pavia

The Cuba Project

Aleksandar Pavkovic

The Fragmentation of Yugoslavia

Michael Pavkovic

Fighting Techniques of the Napoleonic Age

Dusan Pavlic

The Time Travelers' Handbook; The Adventurers' Handbook

Stel Pavlou


Emmanuele Pavolini

Health Care Systems in Europe under Austerity

Anna Pavord

Flower Power; The Naming of Names

Manohar Pawar

Water and Social Policy

Ernst Pawel

The Labyrinth of Exile

Margaret Pawley

The Watch on the Rhine

Chris Pawling

Critical Theory and Political Engagement

Merry M. Pawlowski

Virginia Woolf and Fascism

Eric Pawson

Seeds of Empire

Hal Pawson

Key Issues in Housing; After Council Housing

Lara Pawson

In the Name of the People

Diana L. Paxson

The Golden Hills of Westria

John Paxton

Imperial Russia; European Political Facts of the Twentieth Century

Simon Payaslian

United States Policy Toward the Armenian Question and the Armenian Genocide; The History of Armenia; The Political Economy of Human Rights in Armenia

Won-Ldy Paye

Head, Body, Legs; The Talking Vegetables; Mrs. Chicken and the Hungry Crocodile

Lynn Payer

Medicine and Culture

Shany Payes

Palestinian NGOs in Israel

Suzanne Paylor

The Nineteenth-Century Press in the Digital Age

Anthony Payne

The New Regional Politics of Development; The Global Politics of Unequal Development

Daniel G. Payne

The Palgrave Environmental Reader

David Payne

The Reenchantment of Nineteenth-Century Fiction

Geoff Payne

Social Divisions, Second Edition

Geoff Payne

Social Divisions

Jasmine Payne

Global Migration, Social Change, and Cultural Transformation

Malcolm Payne

The Origins of Social Work; Social Care Practice in Context; Practising Social Work in a Complex World; Critical Practice in Social Work

Nick Payne

If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet

Tom Payne

Fame; Notes on Fame

Laura D.A. Pazzaglia

Hip Pressure Cooking

Richard Peabody

Mondo Barbie

Rebecca Peabody

The Unruly PhD

Richard Peabody

Mondo James Dean

Sue Peabody

Slavery, Freedom, and the Law in the Atlantic World

Jason Peacey

The Regicides and the Execution of Charles I

Linden Peach

Toni Morrison; The Contemporary Irish Novel; Masquerade, Crime and Fiction; Angela Carter

Christopher Peachment

Caravaggio; The Green and the Gold

A.C.S. Peacock

Ferdowsi, the Mongols and the History of Iran

Andrew Peacock

The Seljuks of Anatolia

Colin Peacock

New Loss Prevention

Doug Peacock

Grizzly Years

James Peacock

Jonathan Lethem

Louise Peacock

Slapstick and Comic Performance

Steven Peacock

Reading 24; Colour

Steven Peacock

Hollywood and Intimacy; Stieg Larsson's Millennium Trilogy

Steven Peacock

Swedish Crime Fiction

John A. Peak

M and M; Mortal Judgment

Julie Peakman

Sexual Perversions, 1670-1890

Julie Peakman

Mighty Lewd Books

Adrian J. Pearce

History and Language in the Andes

Adrian J. Pearce

The Origins of Bourbon Reform in Spanish South America, 1700-1763

Caroline Pearce

Contemporary Germany and the Nazi Legacy

Donn Pearce

Nobody Comes Back

Fiona Pearce

50 Deliciously Decorative Cookies

Jacqui Pearce

London Eats Out 1500-2000

Jenny Pearce

Participation and Democracy in the Twenty-First Century City; Critical Perspectives on Child Sexual Exploitation and Related Trafficking

Lynn Pearce

Fatal Attractions

Lynne Pearce

Postcolonial Manchester

Nick Pearce

Politics for a New Generation

Philippa Pearce

The Further Adventures of Gobbolino and the Little Wooden Horse

Robert Pearce

Global Competition and Technology; Then the Wind Changed in Africa; The Strategic Development of Multinationals; Multinationals in China

Thomas L. Pearcy

The History of Central America

Ann Pearlman

Inside the Crips

Norman Pearlstine

Off the Record

Tory Vandeventer Pearman

Women and Disability in Medieval Literature

Michael Pearn

Building Resilience for Success

Iain Pears

Instance of Fingerpost

Richard Pears

Cite Them Right

Paul Pearsall


Chris Pearson

Mobilizing Nature

Christopher Pearson

Scarred Landscapes

David Pearson

The Politics of Ethnicity in Settler Societies

Geoff Pearson

An Ethnography of English Football Fans

Graham S. Pearson

The Unscom Saga; The Search for Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction

Keith Ansell Pearson

Nihilism Now!; An Introduction to Metaphysics; Creative Evolution

Mary E. Pearson

A Room on Lorelei Street; The Adoration of Jenna Fox; The Miles Between; The Fox Inheritance

Mike Pearson

Site-Specific Performance

Owen Pearson

Albania in the Twentieth Century, A History

Dr. Peter T. Pearson

Tell Me No Lies

Raymond Pearson

The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Empire, Second Edition

Roberta Pearson

Reading Lost

Ruth Pearson

Globalization, Export-Oriented Employment and Social Policy

Ruth Pearson

Thailand's Hidden Workforce

Susan Pearson

Charles Darwin and the Mystery of Mysteries; The Triumph of Evolution

Thomas Pearson

Missions and Conversions

Tracey Campbell Pearson

Where Does Joe Go?; My Brother Bert; The Moon; Bob

Sandra J. J. Peart

F. A. Hayek and the Modern Economy

Bob Pease

A Man's World?; Undoing Privilege; Men and Masculinities Around the World

Bob Pease

Men, Masculinities and Methodologies

Donna Peberdy

Masculinity and Film Performance

Aurelio Peccei

Before it is Too Late

Edward Pechter

Shakespeare Studies Today

Zoran Pecic

Queer Narratives of the Caribbean Diaspora

Edward Peck

Managing Network of Twenty-First Century Organisations; Beyond Delivery; Performing Leadership

James Peck

Ideal Illusions

James Peck

Performing Magic on the Western Stage

Jamie Peck

City of Revolution

John Peck

Middlemarch; Maritime Fiction; Key Concepts in Contemporary Literature; Key Concepts in Postcolonial Literature

John Peck

Write it Right; A Brief History of English Literature

John Peck

The Student's Guide to Writing

M. Scott Peck

Abounding Grace

Robert Shannan Peckham

National Histories, Natural States; Rethinking Heritage

Antoine Pecoud

The Politics of International Migration Management

Antoine Pécoud

The Politics of International Migration Management; Disciplining the Transnational Mobility of People

Effie G. H. Pedaliu

Britain in Global Politics Volume 2

Effie G.H. Pedaliu

Britain, Italy and the Origins of the Cold War

Lauren David Peden

Herbal Folk Medicine

Bettina Tate Pedersen

Being Feminist, Being Christian

Carl Pedersen

The Politics, Economics, and Culture of Mexican-US Migration

Jørgen Dige Pedersen

Globalization, Development and The State

Marianne Pedersen

Iraqi Women in Denmark

Torben Pedersen

Knowledge Flows, Governance and the Multinational Enterprise

Stephanie Pederson

What Your Dog Is Trying To Tell You

Robin H. Pedler

European Union Lobbying

Allan Pedrazas

Angel's Cove

Cyril Pedrosa

Three Shadows

Carolyn Pedwell

Affective Relations

Ben Peek

The Godless

Dr. Pamela Peeke, M.D., M.P.H., F.A.C.P.

Body for Life for Women; Fit to Live

Mark Peel

A History of Australia

Gillian Peele

Developments in American Politics 4

Gillian Peele

Developments in American Politics 7

Thomas Peele

Queer Popular Culture

Jennifer Peeples

Voice and Environmental Communication

Claire Peeps

Activists Speak Out

Larry H. Peer

Romanticism and the Object; Romanticism and the City

Esther Peeren

The Spectral Metaphor

Douglas M. Peers

Between Mars and Mammon

Janet Peery

The River Beyond the World; Alligator Dance; What the Thunder Said

Richard Peet

Geography of Power; Unholy Trinity

Carine Peeters

Economic and Management Perspectives on Intellectual Property Rights

Samantha Pegg

Crime News in Modern Britain

Scott Pegg

Transnational Corporations and Human Rights

Kay Peggs

Identity and Repartnering After Separation

Kay Peggs

Animals and Sociology

Mark Pegrum

Mobile Learning

Alexey Pehov

Shadow Prowler; Shadow Chaser; Shadow Blizzard; A Pehov Duet

Kira Peikoff

Living Proof

Alison Peirse

After Dracula

Cristina Peixoto-Mehrtens

Urban Space and National Identity in Early Twentieth Century São Paulo, Brazil

Harvey Pekar

Students for a Democratic Society; Not the Israel My Parents Promised Me; The Beats

Nicholas Pekearo

The Wolfman

Robert Pekkanen

Japan Decides 2012

Ana Sofia Pelaez

The Cuban Table

Carlos A. Peláez

International Financial Architecture; Global Recession Risk

Carlos A. Peláez

Financial Regulation after the Global Recession; Regulation of Banks and Finance

Carlos M. Peláez

International Financial Architecture; Global Recession Risk

Carlos M. Peláez

Financial Regulation after the Global Recession; Regulation of Banks and Finance

Eloina Pelaez


Theodore Pelagidis

Understanding the Crisis in Greece

George Pelecanos

The Big Blowdown

Yoav Peled

Ethnic Challenges To the Modern Nation State

Nurit Peled-Elhanan

Palestine in Israeli School Books

Nicolas Pelham

A New Muslim Order

Jacques Pelkmans

Global Trade and European Workers

Mathijs Pelkmans

Ethnographies of Doubt

Léna Pellandini-Simányi

Consumption Norms and Everyday Ethics

Chris Pellant

The Best Book of Fossils, Rocks & Minerals; Science Kids: Rocks and Fossils; Discover Science: Rocks and Fossils

Sergio Pellegrinelli

Thinking and Acting as a Great Programme Manager

Frank Pellegrino

Rao's Recipes from the Neighborhood

Frank Pellegrino Jr.

Rao's On the Grill

Kathleen T. Pelley

Magnus Maximus, A Marvelous Measurer

Silvia Pellicer-Ortín

Trauma Narratives and Herstory

Henry Pelling

A Short History of the Labour Party, Twelfth edition

Katja Pelsmaekers

Displaying Competence in Organizations

Mogens Pelt

Military Intervention and a Crisis of Democracy in Turkey

Leonard Peltier

Prison Writings

Lucy Peltz

London Eats Out 1500-2000

Hugh Pemberton

Policy Learning and British Governance in the 1960s

Hugh Pemberton

Reassessing 1970s Britain

Jo-Anne Pemberton

Global Metaphors

Joanne Pemberton

Sovereignty: Interpretations

Neil Pemberton

Rabies in Britain

T. J. Pempel

Japan in Crisis

Rámon Peña-Casas

Working Poverty in Europe

Patricia Pender

Early Modern Women's Writing and the Rhetoric of Modesty

Jennifer Pendergast

Family Business Succession

Jennifer M. Pendergast

A Woman's Place; Healthy Growth for the Family Business; Building a Successful Family Business Board

David Pendleton

Leadership: All You Need to Know

Ruth Penfold-Mounce

Celebrity Culture and Crime

Wensheng Peng

Currency Internationalization: Global Experiences and Implications for the Renminbi

Wang Pengxin

Ethnic Identity and National Conflict in China

Rob Penhallurick

Studying the English Language

Corinna Peniston-Bird

Contesting Home Defense

Miroslav Penkov

East of the West

Monty Noam Penkower

The Swastika's Darkening Shadow

Susan E. Penksa

The European Union in Global Security

Danny Penman


Helen Penman

75 Flowers for Cake Decorators

Sharon Kay Penman

The Queen's Man

Sharon Kay Penman

The Sunne In Splendour; Here Be Dragons; Falls the Shadow; The Reckoning

Michael Penn

Japan and the War on Terror

Roger D. Penn

Children of International Migrants in Europe

Shana Penn

Gender Politics and Everyday Life in State Socialist Eastern and Central Europe

W. S. Penn

Storytelling in the Digital Age

Sara Pennell

Reading and Writing Recipe Books, 1550-1800

D'Ann R. Penner

Overcoming Katrina

Louise Penner

Victorian Medicine and Social Reform

James Penney

After Queer Theory

Sherry Penney

Next Generation Leadership

Guido Pennings

Medical Tourism and Transnational Health Care

Martha C. Pennington

Phonology in Context

Jim Penniston

Encounter in Rendlesham Forest

Caroline Dodds Pennock

Bonds of Blood

Laurie Penny

Penny Red

Louise Penny

Still Life; Bury Your Dead; The Brutal Telling; A Fatal Grace

Nicholas Penny

Art of the Renaissance Bronze

Tim J. Penny

The 15 Biggest Lies in Politics

Mindy Pennybacker

Do One Green Thing

Francois Penz

Cinema and Architecture: From Historical to Digital

Sorpong Peou

Foreign Intervention and Regime Change in Cambodia; International Democracy Assistance for Peacebuilding

Phil Pepe

Turning Two

Carol Pepper

Raise Your Kids to Be Rich; Invest Like a Billionaire; Women Rule; Your Perfect Financial Match

James Pepper

Filming T. E. Lawrence

Leslie Pepper

The Green Coffee Bean Quick Weight Loss Diet

Brian Pera


David Percox

Britain, Kenya and the Cold War

Benjamin Percy

Refresh, Refresh

Graham Percy

I am Reading: Albert's Raccoon

Walker Percy

Lancelot; Love in the Ruins; The Second Coming; The Last Gentleman

Julius Perdana

Build Your Own Paper Robots

Nicholas Perdikis

Economic Development Through Regional Trade

Willie Perdomo

Visiting Langston; Clemente!

Lewis Perdue

The Da Vinci Legacy; Slatewiper; Daughter of God

Jaroslav Peregrin


Ângela Pereira

The Ethics of Memory in a Digital Age

Carlos Pereira

Making Brazil Work

Charmaine Pereira

Changing Narratives of Sexuality

Gustavo Pereira

Elements of a Critical Theory of Justice

Richard Pereira

Capital Market Instruments

Michael Perelman

Class Warfare in the Information Age; Pathology of the U.S. Economy; The Natural Instability of Markets; The Pathology of the U.S. Economy Revisited

Michael Perelman

Manufacturing Discontent

Michael Perelman

The Confiscation of American Prosperity

Suvendrini Perera

Australia and the Insular Imagination

Vanessa Perez Rosario

Hispanic Caribbean Literature of Migration

Vanessa Pérez Rosario

Hispanic Caribbean Literature of Migration

Daniel Enrique Pérez

Rethinking Chicana/o and Latina/o Popular Culture

Francisco Pérez

Political Communication in Europe

José Pérez

Users Guide to the Euro

Kristina Pérez

The Myth of Morgan la Fey

Orlando J. Pérez

Political Culture in Panama

Richard Perez

Contemporary U.S. Latino/a Literary Criticism

Richard Perez

Moments of Magical Realism in US Ethnic Literatures

Camillo Perez-Bustillo

The Poverty of Rights

Nieves Pérez-Solórzano

Constitutional Politics in the European Union

Michael Perfect

Contemporary Fictions of Multiculturalism

Roberta Pergher

In the Society of Fascists

Chrysostomos Pericleous

The Cyprus Referendum

Vladimir Pericliev

Componential Analysis of Kinship Terminology

Luigi Perissinotto

Wittgenstein and Plato

Anna Kasafi Perkins

Justice and Peace in a Renewed Caribbean

Claire Perkins

Film Trilogies

Harvey Perkins

Place, Identity and Everyday Life in a Globalizing World

Lori Perkins

Hungry for Your Love

Maureen Perkins

The Reform of Time

Roy Perkins

British Film Editors: The Heart of the Movie

Stephanie Perkins

My True Love Gave To Me

V.F. Perkins

La Regle du jeu; The Magnificent Ambersons

Wilder Perkins

Hoare and the Headless Captains; Hoare and the Matter of Treason

James W. Perkinson

White Theology; Shamanism, Racism, and Hip Hop Culture

James W. Perkinson

Messianism Against Christology

Robert Perkinson

Texas Tough

Markus Perkmann

Globalization, Regionalization and Cross-Border Regions

Micah Perks

We Are Gathered Here

Liz Perle

Money, A Memoir

Raymond Perlman

Fossils; Geology; Rocks, Gems and Minerals

Joel Perlmann

Immigrants, Schooling and Social Mobility

David D. Perlmutter

Visions of War

Linda Perlstein

Tested; Not Much Just Chillin'

Govin Permanand

EU Pharmaceutical Regulation

Andrea Perna

CRM Systems in Industrial Companies

Nunzio Pernicone

Carlo Tresca

Regine Pernoud

Joan of Arc: Her Story

Hilary Perraton

A History of Foreign Students in Britain

Jonathan Perraton

Where Are National Capitalisms Now?

Charles Perrault

Puss in Boots

Chris Perrault

The Best Book of Fossils, Rocks, and Minerals

Sarah Perrault

Communicating Popular Science

Jeanne Perreault

Photographs, Histories, and Meanings

Geoffrey Perret

Commander in Chief

David Perrett

In Your Face

Perri 6

Public Emotions

Chris Perriam

Theorizing World Cinema

Dr. Nicholas Perricone

Dr. Perricone's 7 Secrets to Beauty, Health and Longevity

Maureen Perrie

The Cult of Ivan the Terrible in Stalin's Russia

Sarah Perrigo

The Geneva Conventions Under Assault

Jo Anna Perrin

Back in the Fight

Kayla Perrin

The Sisters of Theta Phi Kappa; An All Night Man; The Delta Sisters; We'll Never Tell

Pascal Perrineau

Politics in France and Europe

Andrew Perris

Beautiful Cows; Beautiful Chickens

Sarah Perron

Baby Om

Diane Perrons

Gender, Migration and Domestic Work

Jean Perrot

The Palace of Darius at Susa

Tom Perrotta

The Wishbones; Little Children; Joe College; The Abstinence Teacher

Anne Perry

Transgressions: Price of Desire; Transgressions Vol. 4; Naked Came the Phoenix

Charles Perry

Air/Missile Defense Counterproliferation

Chrissie Perry

Go Girl! #6: Surf's Up!; Go Girl! #1: The Secret Club

Dennis R. Perry

Poe, "The House of Usher," and the American Gothic; Adapting Poe

Donna J. Perry

The Israeli-Palestinian Peace Movement

Gill Perry

Women, Scholarship and Criticism C. 1790-1900

Gill Perry

Placing Faces

Heather Perry

Recycling the Disabled

John D. Perry

The G Spot

Karen Perry

The Innocent Sleep

Luke Perry

Mitt Romney, Mormonism, and the 2012 Election

Marvin Perry

Anti-Semitism; The Theory and Practice of Islamic Terrorism

Matt Perry

Marxism and History

Matt Perry

Memory of War in France, 1914-45

Matt Perry

‘Red Ellen’ Wilkinson

Philippa Perry

Couch Fiction; How to Stay Sane

Richard Perry

"Race" and Racism

Seamus Perry

1800; S.T. Coleridge

Yaron Perry

Modern Medicine in the Holy Land

Yasmin Perry

Participation, Citizenship and Intergenerational Relations in Children and Young People's Lives

Sune Persson

Contested Sovereignties

Thomas Persson

Participatory Governance in the EU

Manuela Perteghella

Staging and Performing Translation

Volker Perthes

The Political Economy of Syria Under Asad

Anna Cristina Pertierra

Consumer Culture in Latin America

Susanna Pertot

Rights, Promotion and Integration Issues for Minority Languages in Europe

Diana Peschier

Nineteenth-Century Anti-Catholic Discourses

Jaroslav Pesina

The Master of the Hohenfurth Altarpiece

Yvon Pesqueux

Stakeholder Theory

Catherine Pesso-Miquel

Fundamentalism and Literature

Rosalind Petchesky

Negotiating Reproductive Rights

Rosalind Pollack Petchesky

Global Prescriptions

Jason Peter

Hero of the Underground

Stuart Peterfreund

Turning Points in Natural Theology from Bacon to Darwin

B. Guy Peters

Governance, Politics and the State; Administering the Summit; Developments in American Politics 4; Modern Politics and Government

B. Guy Peters

Tradition and Public Administration; The Coordination of Public Sector Organizations

B. Guy Peters

Strategies for Comparative Research in Political Science; Developments in American Politics 7

Belinda Roberts Peters

Marriage in Seventeenth-Century English Political Thought

Bernhard Peters

Transnationalization of Public Spheres

Charles Peters

Lyndon B. Johnson

Christabelle Peters

Cuban Identity and the Angolan Experience

Christine Peters

Women in Early Britain, 1450-1640

Dirk Peters

Constrained Balancing: The EU's Security Policy

Gretchen Peters

Seeds of Terror

Guy Peters

Debating Institutionalism

Guy Peters

Debating Institutionalism

Ingo Peters

New Security Challenges: the Adaptations of International Institutions

Jimmy Peters

The Nigerian Military and the State

Joel Peters

Introduction to International Relations; Israel and Africa

Laura Peters

Orphan Texts

Laura Peters

Dickens and Race; Orphan Texts

Lisa Westberg Peters

The Sun, the Wind and the Rain; Volcano Wakes Up!

Margaret Peters

Youth, Music and Creative Cultures

Michael A. Peters

Deconstructing Derrida

Ralph Peters

Victory - Volume 2; The War After Armageddon; The Officers' Club; Cain at Gettysburg

Robert Peters

Getting What You Came For

Dr. Ruth Peters

It's Never Too Soon to Discipline

Stuart Peters

National Systems of Innovation

Alan Petersen

Engendering Emotions; Nanotechnology, Risk and Communication

David Petersen

A Hunter's Heart; On the Wild Edge

Marie Juul Petersen

Politics of Modern Muslim Subjectivities

Melody Petersen

Our Daily Meds

Thomas S. Petersen

New Waves in Applied Ethics

Brenda Peterson

Seal Pup Rescue (My Readers Level 2)

Ivars Peterson

The Mathematical Tourist; Newton's Clock

James Braxton Peterson

The Hip-Hop Underground and African American Culture

Jeanne Peterson

Falling to Heaven

Jenny Peterson

Building a Peace Economy?

John Peterson

Decision-Making in the European Union

Kaara L. Peterson

The Afterlife of Ophelia

Kirstin Peterson

Rule the Freakin' Markets

Mark Peterson

Computer Games and Language Learning

Peter G. Peterson

Running on Empty

Steven A. Peterson

Human Nature and Public Policy; The Failure of Democratic Nation Building

Tore T. Peterson

The Middle East Between the Great Powers

Bo Petersson

Majority Cultures and the Everyday Politics of Ethnic Difference

Dag Petersson

The Art of Reconciliation

Magnus Petersson

NATO: The Power of Partnerships; NATO's European Allies

Anita Peti-Stantic

Language Planning and National Identity in Croatia

Philippe Petit

Tales from the Brothers Grimm; To Reach the Clouds

Fabio Petito

Religion in International Relations; Civilizational Dialogue and World Order

Fabio Petito

Towards a Postsecular International Politics

Robert Petkoff

A Heartbeat Away; Oath of Office; Gangster Squad; Political Suicide

Julian Petley

Television News, Politics and Young People

Julian Petley

Media and Public Shaming

Maria Petmesidou

Poverty and Social Deprivation in the Mediterranean

Robert Petrag

Asset Management Standards

Marina Petrakis

The Metaxas Myth


The Poetry of Petrarch

James Petras

The Dynamics of Social Change in Latin America; Globalization Unmasked; A System in Crisis; Empire with Imperialism

James Petras

Social Movements in Latin America

James Petras

The New Extractivism

Boris Petric

Democracy at Large

Duncan Petrie

Screening Scotland

Stephanie Petrie

Controversies in Policy Research

Alessandra Petrina

Representations of Elizabeth I in Early Modern Culture

Joseph Petro

Standing Next to History

Karen Petrone

Gender Politics and Mass Dictatorship

Nikolay Petrov

Russia 2025

Evgeniya Petrova

Body Language in Business

Nataliya Petrova

250 Years of Lomonosov Porcelain

Milenko Petrovic

The Democratic Transition of Post-Communist Europe

Klaus Petrus

Meaning and Analysis: New Essays on Grice

Amanda Petrusich

It Still Moves

Jane Pettegree

Foreign and Native on the English Stage, 1588-1611

Anders Petterson

From Text to Literature

Per Petterson

In the Wake; Out Stealing Horses; To Siberia; I Curse the River of Time

Anders Pettersson

The Concept of Literary Application

Simon Pettet

Other Flowers

James Pettifer

The New Macedonian Question; The Albanian Question

Ann Pettifor

The Real World Economic Outlook 2003; The Coming First World Debt Crisis

Lloyd Pettiford

Foreign Policies of the Major Powers

Richard Pettinger

Contemporary Strategic Management; Introduction to Management, Fourth Edition

Richard Pettinger


Charles C. P. Pettit

Reading Thomas Hardy

Robin T. Pettitt

Contemporary Party Politics

Ralph Pettman

Reason, Culture, Religion

J. T. Petty

Bloody Chester; Between the Panels 2; Angel Season; The Rise of Aurora West

Reneau Peuifoy

Overcoming Anxiety

Detlev J. K. Peukert

The Weimar Republic

Sébastien Peyrouse

China and India in Central Asia

John Peysner

Access to Justice

Paolo Pezzino

Memory and Massacre

Daria Pezzoli-Olgiati

Religious Representation in Place

Chuck Pfarrer

SEAL Target Geronimo

Birgit Pfau-Effinger

Care Between Work and Welfare in European Societies

Richard Pfefferman

Strategic Reinvention in Popular Culture

Will Pfeifer

The Advance Team

Margaret Pfeil

The Scandal of White Complicity in US Hyper-incarceration

Barbara Pfetsch

Political Communication Cultures in Western Europe

Frank R. Pfetsch

Negotiating Political Conflicts

James P. Pfiffner

Examining Torture

Roger Pfister

Apartheid South Africa and African States

Thomas Pfister

The Activation of Citizenship in Europe

Stephen Pfohl

Counter-Colonial Criminology

Rob Phaal

Technology Management

Andrew X. Pham

Catfish and Mandala

LeUyen Pham

Prince of Persia; The Boy Who Loved Math; Solomon's Thieves; Templar

Thach Pham

Higher Education in Vietnam

Thien Pham

Level Up; Sumo; Between the Panels 2

Aimee Phan

The Reeducation of Cherry Truong; We Should Never Meet

Peter C. Phan

Theology of Migration in the Abrahamic Religions; Contemporary Issues of Migration and Theology

Sock-Yong Phang

Housing Finance Systems

Walid Phares

Future Jihad; The War of Ideas; The Confrontation: Winning the War against Future Jihad; The Lost Spring

Frances Pheasant-Kelly

Fantasy Film Post 9/11; Abject Spaces in American Cinema

Jennifer Phegley

Teaching Nineteenth-Century Fiction

Claire Phelan

Motherhood and War

Joseph Phelan

The Nineteenth Century Sonnet

Joseph Phelan

The Music of Verse

Matt Phelan

Spilling Ink: A Young Writer's Handbook

Sean Phelan

Discourse Theory and Critical Media Politics

Edmund S. Phelps

Equity, Efficiency and Growth; Finance, Research, Education and Growth

Isela Phelps

Loom Knitting Primer; Loom Knitting Socks; Loom Knitting Scarves, Hats, Bags & More; Loom Knitting for Babies & Toddlers

Nicholas A. Phelps

Post-Suburban Europe

Nicholas A. Phelps

International Perspectives on Suburbanization

Robert G. Phelps

Collected Stories of Colette

Stacey Philbrick Yadav

Islamists and the State

George Philip

Mexico's Struggle for Public Security

Gillian Philip

Firebrand; Bloodstone; Wolfsbane

Neil Philip

Mythology of the World

George Philippidis

Current Economic Issues in EU Integration

Nicos Philippou

Photography and Cyprus

David Philipps

Lethal Warriors

Cyril Philips

Beyond the Ivory Tower

Deborah Philips

Literary Politics

Kim M. Philips

Medieval Maidens

Peter Phillimore

Contesting Recognition

Kate Phillippo

Advisory in Urban High Schools

A. D. M. Phillips

An Historical Atlas of Staffordshire

Adam Phillips

Missing Out; On Kindness; On Balance

Alastair Phillips

Journeys of Desire

Alastair Phillips

100 Film Noirs; Rififi

Anne Phillips

Gender, Agency, and Coercion

Betty S. Phillips

Word Frequency and Lexical Diffusion

C. B. Phillips

An Historical Atlas of Staffordshire

Carl Phillips

The Tether; Rock Harbor; The Rest of Love; Pastoral

Carly Phillips

Naughty or Nice?; Santa, Baby; On the Naughty List

Crystal Phillips

The Me I Knew I Could Be

D. Z. Phillips

Wittgenstein and Religion; Religion and Hume's Legacy; Moral Questions By Rush Rhees; Kant and Kierkegaard on Religion

Debra Phillips

The High Price of a Good Man; Too Much Drama

Denise Phillips

The Gourmet Jewish Cookbook

Donald T. Phillips

Run to Win; The Clinton Charisma

Fred Phillips

Social Cultural and High-Tech Economic Development

Gary Phillips

The Darker Mask

Helen Phillips

An Introduction To the Canterbury Tales

Henry Phillips, M.B.E.

From Obscurity To Bright Dawn

Horace Phillips

Envoy Extraordinary

Jim Phillips

The Industrial Politics of Devolution; Cheated not Poisoned?

Jim Phillips

The Great Alliance

Jim Phillips

Collieries, Communities and the Miners' Strike in Scotland, 1984-85

John Phillips

How to Think About Statistics; Contested Knowledge; Transgender on Screen; Sade

John L. Phillips

The Origins of Intellect

Jonathan Phillips

The Second Crusade

Judith Phillips

Critical Issues in Social Work with Older People

Judith Phillips

Social Work with Older People

Julie Phillips

James Tiptree, Jr.

Kathy J. Phillips

Manipulating Masculinity

Kevin Phillips

William McKinley

Lynne Phillips

Contesting Publics

Max Phillips

The Artist's Wife

Mike Phillips

Stuff That Scares Your Pants Off!

N. Phillips

Developments in Latin American Political Economy

Nicola Phillips

Globalizing International Political Economy

Patrick Phillips

Understanding Film Texts: Meaning and Experience

Paul Phillips

A Clockwork Counterpoint

Paul Phillips

A Clockwork Counterpoint

Philip Edward Phillips

Prison Narratives from Boethius to Zana

Richard Phillips

Sex, Politics and Empire

Richard Phillips

Muslim Spaces of Hope

Sarah T. Phillips

Yemen's Democracy Experiment in Regional Perspective

Thomas Phillips

The Subject of Minimalism

Tony Phillips

Europe on the Brink

Ty Phillips

Blacktop Cowboys

Greg Philo

Israel and Palestine; More Bad News From Israel; Bad News for Refugees

Tasha S. Philpot

African-American Political Psychology

Maryam Philpott

Air and Sea Power in World War I

William J. Philpott

Anglo-French Defence Relations Between the Wars; The Palgrave Concise Historical Atlas of the First World War; Palgrave Advances in Modern Military History

Alan Philps

The Boy from Baby House 10

David Phinnemore

Post-Communist Romania; The EU and Romania; Reflections on European Integration

David Phinnemore

The Treaty of Lisbon

Phuong Dzung Pho

Authorial Stance in Research Articles

Joanna Phoenix

Making Sense of Prostitution

Mark Phythian

Intelligence, Security and Policy Post-9/11

Bianca Piachaud

Outsourcing of R&D in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Ronald Piana

The Great Prostate Hoax

Beata Piatele

The British Migrant Experience, 1700-2000

Massimo Piattelli-Palmarini

What Darwin Got Wrong

Marco Piatti

A Century of American Economic Review

Liza Picard

Elizabeth's London; Victorian London; Dr. Johnson's London; Restoration London

Caroline Joan S. Picart

Speaking of Monsters; Critical Race Theory and Copyright in American Dance

Patrick W. Picciarelli

Undercover Cop

Angela Piccini


Antonio Piccinini

Agricultural Policies in Europe and the USA

Sol Picciotto

Regulating International Business

Diane Piccitto

Blake's Drama

Giandomenico Picco

The Fog of Peace

Marie-Claude Pichery

Wine Economics

Pia Pichler

Gender and Spoken Interaction; Talking Young Femininities

Robert Pichler

Conflicting Loyalties in the Balkans

Hella Pick

Guilty Victims

Nancy Pickard

Naked Came the Phoenix

Sarah Pickard

Anti-Social Behaviour in Britain

Andreas Pickel

The Problem of Order in the Global Age

Jonathan Picken

Literature, Metaphor and the Foreign Language Learner

Cathy Pickens

Can't Never Tell; Done Gone Wrong; Hush My Mouth; Southern Fried

James Pickens

The Art of Closing Any Deal

Jenny Pickerill


Jenny Pickerill

Anti-War Activism

Kenneth Pickering

Theatre Studies; Key Concepts in Drama and Performance

Kenneth Pickering

Naturalism in Theatre; Musical Theatre

Michael Pickering

Stereotyping; Beyond a Joke

Michael Pickering

The Mnemonic Imagination

Paul A. Pickering

Historical Reenactment

Sharon Pickering

Globalization and Borders; Borders and Crime

Linda Pickett

Youth Literature for Peace Education

Rex Pickett


Henry W. Pickford

In Defense of Intuitions

Carl E. Pickhardt, Ph.D.

The Connected Father; The Future of Your Only Child; Stop the Screaming

Carolyn Pickles


John Pickles

State and Society in Post-Socialist Economies; Globalization and Regionalization in Post-Socialist Economies; Towards Better Work

Katie Pickles

Female Imperialism and National Identity; Transnational Outrage; Female Imperialism and the National Identity

Clifford A. Pickover

The Paradox of God and the Science of Omniscience

John V. Pickstone

Medicine, Madness and Social History; Surgeons, Manufacturers and Patients

Ian Pickup

Studying and Working in France

Dr. Gernard Picot

Handbook of International Mergers and Acquisitions

Julianne Pidduck

Contemporary Costume Film: Space, Place and the Past

Krzysztof Piech

The Knowledge-Based Economy in Central and East European Countries

Reinhard Piechocki

Alice's Piano

Steve Pieczenik

Tom Clancy's Op-Center: Out of the Ashes

Frank N. Pieke

The Chinese in Europe

Rod Pienaar

Capital Market Instruments

Antje Pieper

Music and the Making of Middle-Class Culture

Henning Pieper

Fegelein's Horsemen and Genocidal Warfare

Barbara Pierce

Wicked Under the Covers; Sinful Between the Sheets; Scandalous by Night; Naughty by Nature

Charles P. Pierce

Moving the Chains

Clayton Pierce

Education in the Age of Biocapitalism

M. Pierce

Night Owl

Giuliana Pieri

The Cult of the Duce

Lucia Pieroni-Jawlensky

Alexej Von Jawlensky, Volume Two 1914-1933; Alexej Von Jawlensky, Volume Three 1934-1937; Alexej Von Jawlensky, Volume One 1890-1914; Alexej Von Jawlensky, Volume Four

Jon Pierre

Governance, Politics and the State; Partnerships in Urban Governance; Challenges to State Policy Capacity; Governing Complex Societies

Michael Pierse

Writing Ireland's Working Class

Edgar Pieterse

City Futures

Edgar Pieterse

Africa's Urban Revolution

Jan Nederveen Pieterse

Globalization and Social Movements; Is There Hope for Uncle Sam?

Jan Nederveen Pieterse

Globalization and Emerging Societies; 21st Century Globalization

Carlo Pietrobelli

Industry, Competitiveness, and Technological Capabilities in Chile

Tamson Pietsch

Empire of Scholars

Sally Piff

Quantitative Methods

Sally Piff

Quantitative Methods

Gustavo Piga

Capital Accumulation, Productivity and Growth; Economics of Public Procurement

Charles Pigden

Hume on Is and Ought; Hume on Motivation and Virtue

John Piggott

International Trade Policy and the Pacific Rim

Judith Piggott

International Business Economics

Phillipe Pignarre

Capitalist Sorcery

Tim Pigott-Smith

The Triumph of the Sun; Blue Horizon

A.C. Pigou

The Economics of Welfare

Pekka Pihlanto

Knowledge Management in Project-based Companies

Sami Pihlström

William James on Religion

Sami Pihlström

Taking Evil Seriously

Kees Van Der Pijl

Global Regulation; Global Rivalries

Christopher Pike

Alosha; The Yanti; Falling; The Shaktra

David Wingeate Pike

Franco and the Axis Stigma

Francis Pike

Empires at War

Rosemund Pike


Keith Pilbeam

Finance and Financial Markets

Keith Pilbeam

International Finance

Pamela M. Pilbeam

Saint-Simonians in Nineteenth-Century France

Stephen Pilbeam

Contemporary Themes in Strategic People Management

Jane Pilcher

Young People in Transition

Jane Pilcher

Thatcher's Grandchildren?

Robin Pilcher

A Risk Worth Taking; Starburst; Starting Over; The Long Way Home

Rosamunde Pilcher

September; The Carousel; Flowers In The Rain; Coming Home

Susy Pilgrim Waters

Grandma and the Great Gourd

David Pilgrim

Mental Health Policy in Britain, Second Edition; Mental Health and Inequality; Examining Trust in Healthcare

David Pilgrim

Recovery and Mental Health

Colin Pilkington

The Politics Today Companion To the British Constitution; Britain in the European Union Today

Edward Pilkington

Beyond the Mother Country

Gopinath Pillai

The Political Economy of South Asian Diaspora

Anu Pillay

The Aftermath

Devan Pillay

Labour and the Challenges of Globalization

Bruce Pillbeam

Conservatism in Crisis?

Ann Pilling

A Kingfisher Treasury of Bible Stories, Poems, and Prayers for Bedtime; The Kingfisher Treasury of Myths and Legends

John Pilling

A Samuel Beckett Chronology

Michael Pillsbury

The Hundred-Year Marathon

Anne M. Pillsworth

Summoned; The Madonna of the Abattoir

Madan Pillutla

Making Negotiations Predictable


The Human Alphabet

Deb Pilutti

Ten Rules of Being a Superhero

Charise Pimentel

From Uncle Tom's Cabin to The Help

Prof. William F. Pinar

Race, Religion, and a Curriculum of Reparation

William F. Pinar

Curriculum Studies in South Africa; Curriculum Studies in Brazil; The Character of Curriculum Studies; Curriculum Studies in Mexico

William F. Pinar

Curriculum Studies in the United States; Curriculum Studies in China

David Pinault

The Shiites; Horse of Karbala

Natália Pinazza

Journeys in Argentine and Brazilian Cinema

Amit Pinchevski

Ethics of Media

Amit Pinchevski

Media Witnessing

Calvin Lewis Pinchin

Issues in Philosophy

Steven Pincus

The Politics of the Public Sphere in Early Modern England

Steven C. A. Pincus

England's Glorious Revolution

John Pinder

Foundations of Democracy in the European Union; EU & Russia; Altiero Spinelli and Brit Federa

Sherrow O. Pinder

The Politics of Race and Ethnicity in the United States

Emilie Pine

The Politics of Irish Memory

Melissa Pine

Harold Wilson and Europe

Melissa Pine

Harold Wilson and Europe

Nancy Pine

Educating Young Giants

Michael Pinedo

Operational Control in Asset Management

Michael Pinedo

Global Asset Management

Camila Piñeiro Harnecker

Cooperatives and Socialism

Caridad Pineiro

Friday Night Chicas

R. J. Pineiro

Victory - Volume 3; Cyberterror; Havoc; Spyware

Miguel Piñero

Short Eyes

Jim Pines

Black and White in Colour: Black People in British Television Since 1936

Debbie Pinfold

Remembering and Rethinking the GDR

He Ping

China's Search For Modernity

Raymond Ping-man Chow

The Harmony Versus Conflict in Asian Business

Barbara Pini

Men, Masculinities and Methodologies

Maria Pini

Club Cultures and Female Subjectivity

Stewart Pinkerton

The Fall of the House of Forbes

Misha Pinkhasov

Real Luxury

Robin L. Pinkley

Get Paid What You're Worth

Brian Pinkney

Little Diva; Busy-Busy Little Chick

Robert Pinkney

The International Politics of East Africa; NGOs, Africa and the Global Order

Daniel Pinkwater

5 Novels; Beautiful Yetta; Beautiful Yetta's Hanukkah Kitten

Jill Pinkwater

Beautiful Yetta; Beautiful Yetta's Hanukkah Kitten

Anthony B. Pinn

African American Humanist Principles; African American Religious Life and the Story of Nimrod; Loving the Body; Black Religion and Aesthetics

Anthony B. Pinn

What Has the Black Church to do with Public Life?; Theism and Public Policy

Manuel Pino Toro

Buried Alive

Nathan W. Pino

Globalization, Police Reform and Development; The Death and Resurrection of Deviance

Robert Pinsky

Jersey Rain; The Figured Wheel; The Sounds of Poetry; History of My Heart

Halleli Pinson

Education, Asylum and the 'Non-Citizen' Child

Saku Pinta

Libertarian Socialism

Lawrence Pintak

Reflections in a Bloodshot Lens; Seeds of Hate; The New Arab Journalist

Tracy Pintchman

Woman and Goddess in Hinduism

Annamaria Pinter

Children Learning Second Languages

Pedro Pinto

Lisbon Rising

Thom Pinto

The Little Book of Common Sense Investing

Stefanie Pintoff

In the Shadow of Gotham; A Curtain Falls; Secret of the White Rose

Francesca Piombo

The Holy See and Hitler's Germany

Jessica Piombo

Electoral Politics in South Africa; Institutions, Ethnicity, and Political Mobilization in South Africa

Alessandra Piontelli

Twins in the World

Karen Piper

Left in the Dust

Laurence Piper

Mediated Citizenship

Mike Piper

Digital Strategies in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Nicola Piper

South-South Migration

Daniel Pipes

The Hidden Hand

Turk Pipkin

The Old Man and the Tee; Fast Greens

Leila Piran

Institutional Change in Turkey

Simon Pirani

Change in Putin's Russia

David Pirie

A New Heritage of Horror

Gordon Pirie

Air Empire

Gordon Pirie

Cultures and Caricatures of British Imperial Aviation

Saviour Pirotta

Around the World in 80 Tales; Aesop's Fables

Danna Piroyansky

Making Martyrs

Robert M. Pirsig

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Dr. Michael Pirson

Humanistic Management in Practice; Humanistic Ethics in the Age of Globality; Banking with Integrity; Business Schools Under Fire

Daniela Pîrvu

Corporate Income Tax Harmonization in the European Union

Ali Pirzadeh

The Knowledge of Culture and the Culture of Knowledge

Michael Pisani

Consumption, Informal Markets, and the Underground Economy

James Piscatori

Monarchies and Nations

James Piscatori

Monarchies and Nations

Deborah Perry Piscione

Secrets of Silicon Valley

Ed Piskor

The Beats

Salvatore Pistoia Reda

Pragmatics, Semantics and the Case of Scalar Implicatures

Ben Pitcher

The Politics of Multiculturalism

John A. Pitcher

Chaucer's Feminine Subjects

Luke Pitcher

Writing Ancient History

Jonathan Pitches

Performance Perspectives

Mark Pitchford

The Conservative Party and the Extreme Right 1945-1975

Rick Pitino

The One-Day Contract

Alexandra Pitsis

The Poetic Organization

Bob Pitt

Engaging Communities and Service Users

Kristin E. Pitt

Body, Nation, and Narrative in the Americas

William Rivers Pitt

The Greatest Sedition Is Silence

Renée Ilene Pittin

Women and Work in Northern Nigeria

Murray Pittock

Loyalty and Identity

Murray G. H. Pittock

Scottish Nationality; Celtic Identity and the British Image

Murray G.H. Pittock

Material Culture and Sedition, 1688-1760

Byron Pitts

Step Out on Nothing

J. A. Pitts

Black Blade Blues; Honeyed Words; Forged in Fire

John Pitts

The New Politics of Youth Crime

Marian Pitts

Researching the Margins

Victoria Pitts

In the Flesh

David Pittu

Generosity; The Nearest Exit; The Devotion of Suspect X; The Marriage Plot

Kurt Pitzer

Eating with the Enemy

Marjorie Pivar

Fourth Uncle in the Mountain

Susan Piver

How Not to Be Afraid of Your Own Life; Freedom from Fear: A Seven-Day Meditation Program

Jayne Pivik

New Approaches to Early Child Development

Sam Pivnik


Jocelyn Pixley

Financial crises and the nature of capitalist money

Marcella Pixley

Freak; Without Tess

Piya Pal-Lapinski

Byron and the Politics of Freedom and Terror

Mark Pizzato

Ghosts of Theatre and Cinema in the Brain

Barbara Pizziconi

Japanese Modality

Nicola Pizzolato

Challenging Global Capitalism

Greg Pizzoli

Not Very Scary

Robert Michael Place

The Vampire Tarot

Tomasz Placek

The History and Philosophy of Polish Logic

María Elena Placencia

Spanish Pragmatics

Beverley Placzek

A Record of Friendship

Caroline Plaisted

The Kingfisher Treasury of Ballet Stories

Tony Plana

Runaway Heart

M. C. Planck

The Kassa Gambit

Brigitte Planken

Business Discourse

Prof. Jane Plant

The No-Dairy Breast Cancer Prevention Program; Your Life In Your Hands

Raymond Plant

PR for Europe

Richard Plant

The Pink Triangle

David Plante

The Age of Terror

Carl Plasa

Jean Rhys; Charlotte Brontë

Robert Plasman

The Minimum Wages, Low Pay and Unemployment; Gender Pay Differentials

Harvey Plasse

Sinusitis Relief

Berta Platas

Friday Night Chicas; Cinderella Lopez; Lucky Chica

S. Brent Plate

Religion, Art, and Visual Culture; Representing Religion in World Cinema; Re-Viewing The Passion

Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk

Suburban Nation

Kin Platt

A Mystery for Thoreau

Len Platt

Musical Comedy on the West End Stage, 1890-1939

Richard Platt

Eureka!; Through Time: Pompeii; Communication; Through Time: Beijing

Julian M. Pleasants

Hanging Chads

Warren Pleece

Life Sucks

Heiko Pleines

Challenges of the Caspian Resource Boom

Dan Plesch

America, Hitler and the UN

Constantine Pleshakov

There Is No Freedom Without Bread!

Martin Plimmer

Beyond Coincidence

Martha Plimpton

After This

Patricia Ploesch

Global Migration, Social Change, and Cultural Transformation

Olaf Ploetner

Counter Strategies in Global Markets

Ania Plomien

Gender, Migration and Domestic Work

Martine Plompen

Innovative Corporate Learning

Martin Plot

Claude Lefort

Mariano Ben Plotkin

The Transnational Unconscious

Sami Plotkin

Speak the Speech!

Judith Plotz

Romanticism and the Vocation of Childhood

Andrew Plowman

East German Writers and the Politics of Culture

John Plowright

Causes, Course and Outcomes of World War Two

Albert Plugge

Managing Change in IT Outsourcing

J. H. Plumb

The Death of the Past

Lord Plumb

Shaping Europe

Therese Plummer

High Crimes

Gene A. Plunka

Staging Holocaust Resistance

John Plunkett

Victorian Literature

Karen Plunkett-Powell

Remembering Woolworth's

Bert Pluymen

The Thinking Person's Guide to Sobriety

Juan Poblete

Redrawing the Nation

Michael Pocalyko

The Navigator

Dina Koutas Poch

I Heart My In-Laws

John Poch

Hockey Haiku

Ivy Pochoda

The Art of Disappearing

Leslie M. Pockell

100 Essential American Poems

Laura Podalsky

The Politics of Affect and Emotion in Contemporary Latin American Cinema

Sukanya Podder

Child Soldiers: From Recruitment to Reintegration

John Podhoretz

Bush Country

Junius Podrug

The Betrayers; Aztec Rage; The Disaster Survival Bible; Aztec Fire

Justin Podur

Haiti's New Dictatorship

Edgar Allan Poe

A Collection of Stories; Classics Illustrated #4: The Raven & Other Poems; Classics Illustrated Deluxe #10: The Murders in the Rue Morgue, and Other Tales

Steven Poelmans

Expanding the Boundaries of Work-Family Research

Istvan Pogany

The Roma Cafe

Scopas S. Poggo

The First Sudanese Civil War

Letty Cottin Pogrebin

Three Daughters

David Pogue

Abby Carnelia's One and Only Magical Power

William R. Pogue

How Do You Go To The Bathroom In Space?; The Trikon Deception

Stefano Pogutz

Cross-Sector Leadership for the Green Economy

Frederik Pohl

Platinum Pohl; Man Plus; Beyond the Blue Event Horizon; The Space Merchants

Rudiger Pohl

EU Enlargement and Its Macroeconomic Effects in Eastern Europe

Tom Pohrt

Crow and Weasel

Point Blank

How to DJ

Ann Pointon

Framed: Interrogating Disability in the Media

Jeremy Points

Teaching TV Drama

Richard Poirier

Trying It Out in America

Sydney Tamiia Poitier

Goddess of Vengeance; Drop Dead Beautiful; The Power Trip; Confessions of a Wild Child

Wendy Pojmann

Migration and Activism in Europe since 1945

Sydney Pokorny

So You Want to Be a Lesbian?

Bob Pokrant

Trade, Labour and Transformation of Community in Asia

Nana Poku

Global Health and Governance; Politics in Africa

Michal Polák

Class, Surplus, and the Division of Labour

Dana Polan

Jane Campion; Pulp Fiction

Kari Polanyi Levitt

From the Great Transformation to the Great Financialization

Bronwyn Polaschek

The Postfeminist Biopic

Maurizio Polato

The Economics of the Global Stock Exchange Industry

Christopher Pole

Young People in Transition

Eyal Poleg

Approaching the Bible in Medieval England

Richard D. Polenberg

The Era of Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1933-1945

Francois Polet

The State of Resistance

Francois Polet

Globalizing Resistance

John Polgreen

The Sky Observer's Guide

Coleman Polhemus

A Banquet for Hungry Ghosts; Return to Daemon Hall; Daemon Hall

Sandy Polishuk

Sticking to the Union

Gae Polisner

The Pull of Gravity

Gabriela Polit Dueñas

Meanings of Violence in Contemporary Latin America

Anna Politkovskaya

Putin's Russia

Mary Polito

The Humorous Magistrate (Arbury)

Mary Polito

The Humorous Magistrate (Osborne)

Mary Polito

Performing Environments

Mark Polizzotti

Los Olvidados

William R. Polk

Understanding Iran

Jessica Polka

75 Seashells, Fish, Coral & Colorful Marine Life to Knit & Crochet

Pauline Polkey

Representing Lives

John D. Pollack

The World on a String

William Pollack

Real Boys

Alexander Pollak

Discursive Construction of Memory

A J Pollard

The Wars of the Roses

Alton B. Pollard

"How Long This Road"

Jane Pollard

Postcolonial Economies

Katherine Pollard

Interprofessional Working in Health and Social Care

Eve A. Pollecoff

Pioneer Merchant Trader

Bella Pollen

Hunting Unicorns

Martin Polley

Sports History

Gina Pollinger

Shakespeare's Verse

Christopher Pollitt

Agencies; The New Public Management in Europe

Katha Pollitt

Pro: Reclaiming Abortion Rights

Michael Pollitt

Understanding How Issues in Business Ethics Develop; Multinationals in their Communities

Judith Pollmann

Catholic Communities in Protestant States

Della Pollock


Griselda Pollock

Avant-Gardes and Partisans Reviewed; The Sacred and the Feminine; Conceptual Odysseys; Bluebeard's Legacy

Griselda Pollock

Old Mistresses

Griselda Pollock

After-affects / After-images; Visual Politics of Psychoanalysis; Concentrationary Memories

Jane Pollock

Who Knew Raising Kids in New York Could Be This Easy?

Mary Sanders Pollock

Figuring Animals

Linda Polman

The Crisis Caravan

Avgust Polonsky

The Russian Province After Communism

David Polonsky

Waltz with Bashir

Gennady Polonsky

The Russian Province After Communism

Rachel Polonsky

Molotov's Magic Lantern

Stanislav Poloucek

Reforming the Financial Sector in Central European Countries

Carol Polsgrove

Ending British Rule in Africa

Carol Polsgrove

Ending British Rule in Africa

Sandhya L. Polu

Infectious Disease in India, 1892-1940

Valentina Polukhina

Joseph Brodsky

Shauna Pomerantz

Girls, Style, and School Identities

John Pomfret

Chinese Lessons

Karolina Pomorska

The EU and its Neighbours

Graham Pond

The Unofficial Tourists' Guide to Second Life

Steve Pond

The Big Show

Stephen Ponder

Managing the Press

Elena Poniatowska

The Skin of the Sky

Thomas Ponniah

Another World is Possible

Bruno Pons

Architecture and Panelling

Sara Pons-Sanz

The Language of Early English Literature

Blanca Pons-Sorolla

Joaquin Sorolla

James Ponsoldt

Refresh, Refresh

Jean-francois Ponsot

The Political Economy of Monetary Circuits

Stefano Ponte

The Coffee Paradox; Global Agro-Food Trade and Standards

Stefano Ponte

Governing through Standards

Giovanni Pontiero

El coronel no tiene quien le escriba

Clive Ponting

The Twentieth Century

Sandra Ponzanesi

The Postcolonial Cultural Industry

Adrian Poole

Victorian Shakespeare, Volume 2; Victorian Shakespeare, Volume 1

Elizabeth Poole

Reporting Islam; Muslims and the News Media

Julia Poole


Robert Poole

The Lancashire Witches

Sara Poole

Poison; The Borgia Betrayal; The Borgia Mistress

Steve Poole

The Politics of Regicide in England 1760-1850

Stuart C. Poole

An Introduction To Linguistics

Jefferson Pooley

Media and Social Justice

Simon Pooley

Burning Table Mountain

Tim Pooley

Social and Linguistic Change in European French

Sara S. Poor

Women and Medieval Epic

Benjamin Poore

Heritage, Nostalgia and Modern British Theatre

Liliana Pop

Democratising Capitalism?

Sita Popat

Performance Perspectives

Catherine Pope

Culture and Climate in Health Care Organisations

Dan Pope

In the Cherry Tree

Dudley Pope

Decision at Trafalgar

Hugh Pope

Dining with al-Qaeda

Laurence Pope

The Demilitarization of American Diplomacy

Nick Pope

Encounter in Rendlesham Forest

Nicole Pope

Honor Killings in the Twenty-First Century

Paul Pope

Battling Boy; The Death of Haggard West; The Rise of Aurora West

Rob Pope

How To Study Chaucer

Robert Pope

Creativity in Language and Literature

Priscilla Pope-Levison

Turn the Pulpit Loose

Andrei Popescu


Marina Popescu

Embodying Democracy

Monica Popescu

South African Literature Beyond the Cold War

Petru Popescu

Weregirls: Birth of the Pack

Thomas Popkewitz

Educational Partnerships and the State; Governing Children, Families and Education

Thomas S. Popkewitz

Inventing the Modern Self and John Dewey

Thomas S. Popkewitz

Rethinking the History of Education

Gregory Popovich

You CAN Train Your Cat

Keith Popple

Social Work and the Community

Simon Popple

The Lost World of Mitchell and Kenyon: Edwardian Britain on Film; The Lost World of Mitchell and Kenyon

Simon Popple

Content Cultures

Oliver Popplewell

Benchmark; Hallmark

Jill Poppy

Teaching Stars and Performance

Bob Popyk

Here's My Card

Dan Porat

The Boy

Douglas Porch

The French Secret Services; The Conquest of the Sahara; The Conquest of Morocco; The Path to Victory

Ilaria Porciani

Atlas of European Historiography; Setting the Standards

J. L. Porket

Modern Economic Systems and Their Transformation

Eva Porras Gonzalez

The Cost of Capital

Clara Portela

EU-ASEAN Relations in the 21st Century

Prof. Alessandro Portelli

The Order Has Been Carried Out

Bruce Porteous

Economic Capital and Financial Risk Management for Financial Services Firms and Conglomerates

Tom Porteous

Britain in Africa

Andrew Porter

European Imperialism, 1860-1914; Religion versus Empire?

Bernard Porter

Critics of Empire

Cheryl Anne Porter

Popping the Question; To Make a Marriage; Wild Flower; Prairie Song

Chloe Porter

Making and Unmaking in Early Modern English Drama

David Porter

Comparative Early Modernities

David L. Porter

Hell on Earth

Davina Porter

The Ladies of Grace Adieu and Other Stories

Jacqueline Porter

Justice and Peace in a Renewed Caribbean

Linda Porter

The Myth of "Bloody Mary"; Tudors Versus Stewarts; Katherine the Queen

Michael E. Porter

The Global Competitiveness Report 2004-2005; The Global Competitiveness Report 2006-2007; The Global Competitiveness Report 2007-2008

Ray Porter

Assassin's Code; Extinction Machine; Code Zero

Robert Porter

Dramatizing the Political: Deleuze and Guattari

Robin Porter

British Foreign Policy and the National Interest

Roy Porter

The Enlightenment, Second Edition

Sam Porter

Social Theory, Health and Healthcare

Steve Porter

The 50-Percent Theory of Life

Val Porter

Beautiful Cows

Venetia Porter

Metalwork and Material Culture in the Islamic World

James D. Porterfield

Dining By Rail

John Portmann

In Defense of Sin; Sex and Heaven

Laura M. M. Portnoi

Higher Education, Policy, and the Global Competition Phenomenon

Brian Portnoy

The Investor's Paradox

Caroline Pöschl

The Local Alternative

Mick Posen


Merrick Posnansky

Africa and Archaeology

Paul W. Posner

State, Market, and Democracy in Chile

Richard N. Posnett

The Scent of Eucalyptus

Jerrold M. Post

The Mind of the Terrorist; The World's Most Threatening Terrorist Networks and Criminal Gangs

Joseph W. Postell

Toward an American Conservatism

Hector Postigo

Managing Privacy through Accountability

Martin Postle

Model and Supermodel

Ted Poston

Reason and Explanation

Adam Potkay

Black Atlantic Writers of the Eighteenth Century

Allan Potofsky

Constructing Paris in the Age of Revolution

Christian Potschka

Towards a Market in Broadcasting

Barry Potter

The International Handbook of Public Financial Management

David Potter

A History of France, 1460-1560

David M. Potter

Media, Bureaucracies, and Foreign Aid

Ellen Potter

The Kneebone Boy; Spilling Ink: A Young Writer's Handbook; The Humming Room; Otis Dooda

Franz J. Potter

The History of Gothic Publishing, 1800-1835

Giselle Potter

Shrinking Violet; Three Cheers for Catherine the Great!; Beatrice Spells Some Lulus and Learns to Write a Letter

John Potter

Digital Media and Learner Identity

Lawrence G. Potter

The Persian Gulf At the Millennium; Security in the Persian Gulf; Iran, Iraq, and the Legacies of War; The Persian Gulf in History

Lois Potter


Matthew Potter

The Inspirational Genius of Germany

Nicholas Potter

Antony and Cleopatra; Shakespeare's Late Plays

Johan Pottier

Negotiating Local Knowledge

Stan Pottinger

The Final Procedure

Jan Pottker

Janet and Jackie; Sara and Eleanor

David B. Potts

Development Planning and Poverty Reduction; Liberal Education for a Land of Colleges

Deborah Potts

African Urban Economies

John Potts

Culture and Technology; A History of Charisma; After the Event

John Potts

The Unacceptable; The Future of Writing

Laura K. Potts

Towards Understanding Community

Mark Potts

International Educational Development and Learning through Sustainable Partnerships

Tracey Potts


John Potvin

Bachelors of a Different Sort

Vincent Pouliot

Metaphors of Globalization

Christine Poulson

Stage Fright; Murder Is Academic

William Poundstone

Fortune's Formula; Gaming the Vote; Priceless

Jerry Pournelle

Escape from Hell; Inferno; Beowulf's Children

Parvaneh Pourshariati

Decline and Fall of the Sasanian Empire

Frédéric Pousin

Seeing from Above

Tom Pow

Captives; The Pack

F. Douglas Powe Jr.

Religio-Political Narratives in the United States

Randy Powel

The Whistling Toilets

Anastasia Powell

Preventing Sexual Violence

Anna Powell

Teaching the Gothic

Anton Powell


Barnaby Powell

China Calling; China Counting

Christopher Powell

Conceptualizing Relational Sociology; Applying Relational Sociology

Colin Powell

The America I Believe In

David Powell

Nationhood and Identity

Fred Powell

Youth Policy, Civil Society and the Modern Irish State

Fred Powell

Youth Policy, Civil Society and the Modern Irish State

George Powell

Language, Thought and Reference

Helen Powell

Stop the Clocks!

J. Mark Powell

The Curse of Cain

Jim Powell

Greatest Emancipations

Margaret Powell

Below Stairs; Margaret Powell's Cookery Book; Servants' Hall

Martyn J. Powell

Britain and Ireland in the Eighteenth-Century Crisis of Empire; The Politics of Consumption in Eighteenth-Century Ireland

Nate Powell

The Silence of Our Friends; The Year of the Beasts

Neil Powell

Benjamin Britten

Randy Powell

Tribute to Another Dead Rock Star; Dean Duffy

Sarah Powell

The Cardboard Box Book

Steven Powell

100 American Crime Writers

William Campbell Powell

Expiration Day

Carla Power

If the Oceans Were Ink

Daniel J. Power

Frontiers in Question

Dave Power

The Curve Ahead

Dominic Power

The Immersive Internet

Jean Power

200 Beading Tips, Techniques & Trade Secrets

Marcus Power

China's Resource Diplomacy in Africa

Margaret Power

New Perspectives on the Transnational Right

Mike Power

Drugs Unlimited

Samantha Power

Realizing Human Rights

Suzanne Power

The Lost Souls' Reunion

Alan Powers

Eric Ravilious

Alan Powers

Eric Ravilious

Bob Powers

Happy Cruelty Day!; The Terrible, Horrible, Temp-to-Perm Debacle; You Are a Miserable Excuse for a Hero!

J. F. Powers

Suitable Accommodations

Jeanne M. Powers

Charter Schools

Katherine A. Powers

Suitable Accommodations

Richard Powers

Plowing the Dark; The Time of Our Singing; Galatea 2.2; The Echo Maker

Ron Powers

Tom and Huck Don't Live Here Anymore

Stephen Powers

The Art of Getting Over

Tim Powers

Expiration Date; Earthquake Weather

Chris Powling

The Kingfisher Book of Scary Stories

Beth Powning

The Hatbox Letters

Phil Powrie

Jean-Jacques Beineix; Essays on Luc Besson; The Films of Luc Besson

David Poyer

The Command; Tomahawk; The Passage; The Weapon

Ernesto Poza

Governance in Family Enterprises

Rajiv Prabhakar

Stakeholding and New Labour; Rethinking Public Services; Assets Agenda

Fernando Prada

The Future of Development Financing

Minka Pradelski

Here Comes Mrs. Kugelman

Jaya Prakash Pradhan

The Rise of Indian Multinationals

Deepa Prakash

Qualitative Methods in International Relations

Madhu Suri Prakash

Grassroots Post-Modernism

Madhu Suri Prakash

Grassroots Post-modernism

Jochen Prantl

Effective Multilateralism

Anshuman Prasad

Postcolonial Theory and Organizational Analysis

Naren Prasad

Social Policy, Regulation and Private Sector Participation in Water Supply

Lawrence Pratchett

Local Democracy

Anthony Pratkanis

Age of Propaganda

James Michael Pratt

The Lighthouse Keeper; Ticket Home; Paradise Bay; The Last Valentine

Jeff Pratt

Class, Nation and Identity; Food for Change

Minnie Bruce Pratt

Feminism and War

Nicola Pratt

Women and War in the Middle East

Pierre Pratt

That New Animal; Skunkdog

Stephanie Pratt

Native American Adoption, Captivity, and Slavery in Changing Contexts

Tim Pratt

Silver Linings

Menah A.E. Pratt-Clarke

Critical Race, Feminism, and Education

Alex Pravda

Who's Who in Russia and the New States; Yearbook of Soviet Foreign Relations, 1991; The Tauris Soviet Directory

S.S. Prawer

The Blue Angel

S.S. Prawer

Nosferatu (1979)

Anita J. Prazmowska

Civil War in Poland, 1942-1948; Poland

Simon Prebble

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell; The Ladies of Grace Adieu and Other Stories

Line Nyhagen Predelli

Majority-Minority Relations in Contemporary Women's Movements

Julian Preece

The Life and Work of Günter Grass; Baader-Meinhof and the Novel

Sian Preece

Posh Talk: Language and Identity in Higher Education

Megan Shaw Prelinger

Collective Action

James Preller

Six Innings; A Pirate's Guide to First Grade; Bystander; Before You Go

Jack Prelutsky

Me I Am!

Ralph Premdas

Trinidad and Tobago

Cassie Premo Steele

We Heal From Memory

John Prendergast

Crisis Response

Marc Prensky

Brain Gain

Tim Prentki

The Fool in European Theatre

Tim Prenzler

Policing and Security in Practice; Understanding and Preventing Corruption

Guido Giacomo Preparata

Conjuring Hitler; The Ideology of Tyranny

Lynda Prescott

A World of Difference

Paul Prescott

Richard III

Sarah Prescott

Ethnicity, Exclusion and the Workplace; Women and Poetry, 1660-1750

John R. Presley

Islamic Finance

Caroline Presno

Profiling Your Date

Bill Press

Toxic Talk; The Obama Hate Machine

Eyal Press

Beautiful Souls

Jon Press

Business Elites and Corporate Governance in France and the UK

Brittany Pressley

Fated; Echo; A Midsummer Night's Scream; Party Games

Steven Pressman

Alternative Theories of the State

Julia Prest

Theatre under Louis XIV; Controversy in French Drama

Claire Preston

Edith Wharton's Social Register

Douglas Preston

Reliquary; Relic; Mount Dragon; The Codex

Douglas J. Preston

Dinosaurs in the Attic

John Preston

Education, Equality and Social Cohesion

Julia Preston

Opening Mexico

Matthew Preston

Ending Civil War

P. W. Preston

Arguments and Actions in Social Theory; England after the Great Recession; Britain After Empire; After the Empires


The Life and Death of the Spanish Republic

Peter Preston

Raymond Williams: Politics, Education, Letters

Peter W. Preston

Relocating England

Rebecca Preston

Picker House and Collection

Rosemary Preston

The Capacity to Share

Michael Preston-Shoot

Effective Groupwork

Michael Preston-Shoot

Making Good Decisions

David Prete

Transgressions: Price of Desire

Elizabeth Prettejohn

The Modernity of Ancient Sculpture

Margi Preus

The Peace Bell; Celebritrees

Lutz Preuss

The Green Multiplier

Jacques Prevert

How to Paint the Portrait of a Bird

Gary Prevost

Neoliberalism and Neopanamericanism; The Bush Doctrine and Latin America; From Revolutionary Movements to Political Parties; Social Movements and Leftist Governments in Latin America

Gary Prevost

US National Security Concerns in Latin America and the Caribbean

Dunstan Prial

The Producer

Frank Prial


Alan Price

The End of the Age of Innocence

Brian L. Price

Cult of Defeat in Mexico's Historical Fiction; TransLatin Joyce

Charlie Price

Dead Connection; The Interrogation of Gabriel James; Dead Girl Moon; Desert Angel

Christopher Price

Britain, America and Rearmament in the 1930s; The Blueprint

Colin Price


Deborah Price

The Principles and Practice of Change

Fiona Price

Historical Writing in Britain, 1688-1830

J. L. Price

The Dutch Republic in the Seventeenth Century

John Price

Can Latin America Compete?

Leslie Price

The Medieval Military Revolution

Morgan Philips Price

Dispatches from the Weimar Republic

Munro Price

The Road from Versailles

Patrick Price

Drama Queen

Richard Price

Lush Life; Clockers; Bloodbrothers; The Breaks

Richard M. Price

The United Nations and Global Security

Steven Price

The Plays, Screenplays and Films of David Mamet; The Screenplay

Steven Price

A History of the Screenplay

Stuart Price

Brute Reality; Worst-Case Scenario?

Susan Price

The Dark Side

Terry L. L. Price

The Values of Presidential Leadership; Executive Power in Theory and Practice

Andrew T. Price-Smith

Plagues and Politics

Marjorie Priceman

Who Says Women Can't Be Doctors?

Alex Prichard

Libertarian Socialism

Craig Prichard

Managing Knowledge

Michael Prichard

The Web of Life

Roger Priddy

Happy Baby: 123; Happy Baby: Words; Happy Baby: Colors; Happy Baby: Animals

Geoffrey Pridham

Designing Democracy

Pat Pridmore

Children As Partners For Health

Ludger Pries

Cross Border Migrant Organizations in Comparative Perspective; Shifting Boundaries of Belonging and New Migration Dynamics in Europe and China; Cross-Border Staff Mobility

Cherie Priest

Four and Twenty Blackbirds; Wings to the Kingdom; Not Flesh Nor Feathers; Boneshaker

Christopher Priest

The Prestige

Jan Priest

Management Research

Jason Priestley

Paranoia (movie tie-in edition)

Tom Priestly

Rights, Promotion and Integration Issues for Minority Languages in Europe

Eric Prieto

Literature, Geography, and the Postmodern Poetics of Place

José Manuel Prieto

Caviar with Rum

Marc Priewe

Imagined Transnationalism

Franz Prihonsky

The New Anti-Kant

Isaac Prilleltensky

Doing Psychology Critically; Community Psychology

Ora Prilleltensky

Motherhood and Disability

Penelope B. Prime

Global Giant

Irwin Primer

Bernard Mandeville's "A Modest Defence of Publick Stews"

Ranka Primorac

The Place of Tears

Igor Primoratz

Terrorism; Politics and Morality

Cathryn J. Prince

Death in the Baltic

Sebastiaan Princen

Agenda-Setting in the European Union

Rob Principe

On the Record

Keith Pringle

A Man's World?; European Perspectives on Men and Masculinities; Men and Masculinities Around the World

Robert Pringle

The Money Trap

Tim Pringle

The Challenge of Transition

Mastin Prinsloo

The Future of Literacy Studies

Mastin Prinsloo

Educating for Language and Literacy Diversity

Christopher Prior

Exporting Empire

Christopher Prior

Edwardian England and the Idea of Racial Decline

Nick Prior

Digital Sociology

Paul Prior

Exploring Semiotic Remediation as Discourse Practice

Pauline M. Prior

Globalization and European Welfare States

David Pritchard

Riot, Unrest and Protest on the Global Stage

Duncan Pritchard

Epistemology A-Z; New Waves in Epistemology; Knowledge

Gareth Pritchard

The Making of the GDR, 1945-53

William H. Pritchard

Selected Poems

John Privilege

Michael Logue and the Catholic Church in Ireland, 1879-1925

John Privilege

Michael Logue and the Catholic Church in Ireland, 1879–1925

Ilya Prizell

Post-Communist Eastern Europe

Chrsitian Proano

Asset Markets, Portfolio Choice and Macroeconomic Activity

Rebecca Probert

Cohabitation and Non-Marital Births in England and Wales, 1600-2012

Tim Probert


Mary A. Procida

Married To The Empire

Mary A. Procida

Married to the Empire

James Procter

Writing Black Britain 1948-1998; Comparing Postcolonial Diasporas

James Proctor

Writing Black Britain 1948-1998

Robert Proctor


Paola Profeta

Women Directors

James Proimos

Knuckle and Potty Destroy Happy World; 12 Things to Do Before You Crash and Burn

Raia Prokhovnik

Spinoza and Dutch Republicanism; Sovereignties

Raia Prokhovnik

International Political Theory after Hobbes; Dialogues with Contemporary Political Theorists

Frederic Prokosch

Dark Dancer; A Ballad of Love; The Asiatics

Brian Pronger

The Arena of Masculinity

Barbara Pronin

Substitute Teaching

Bill Pronzini

Nightcrawlers; Mourners; Savages; Fever

Carol Propper

The Economics of Social Problems

Jim Proser

I'm Staying with My Boys

Stephen Prothero

American Jesus

Orel Protopopescu

Thelonious Mouse

Scott Proudfit

Collective Creation in Contemporary Performance; A History of Collective Creation

Lindsay Proudfoot

Imperial Spaces

Rea Prouska

Business and Management Practices in Greece

Nada Prouty

Uncompromised: The Rise, Fall, and Redemption of an Arab-American Patriot in the CIA

Michael Provance

Entrepreneurial Profiles of Creative Destruction

Colin Provost

President George W. Bush's Influence over Bureaucracy and Policy

Malcolm Prowle

Public Services and Financial Austerity

Sergei Prozorov

Understanding Conflict between Russia and the EU; The Ethics of Postcommunism

Sergei Prozorov

Europe Beyond Universalism and Particularism

Elisabeth Prügl

Diversity in the European Union

Gayle Pruitt

The Dog-Gone Good Cookbook; Dog-Gone Good Cuisine

Cay-Ruediger Prüll

A Short History of the Drug Receptor Concept

Markus J. Prutsch

Making Sense of Constitutional Monarchism in Post-Napoleonic France and Germany

Sue Pryce

Fixing Drugs

Sam Pryke

Nationalism in a Global World

Ian Pryor

Peter Jackson

Stathis Psillos

Knowing the Structure of Nature

Evangelia Psychogiopoulou

Understanding Media Policies; Media Policies Revisited

Kosmas Psychopedis

The Politics of Change; Open Marxism, Volume 3; Open Marxism, Volume 2; Open Marxism, Volume 1

Anna Puccio

Women Directors

Martin Puchner

Against Theatre

Andy Puddicombe

Get Some Headspace; How Mindfulness Can Change Your Life in 10 Minutes a Day

Markus Pudelko

Japanese Management

Debbie Puente

Elegantly Easy Creme Brulee

Barbara Puett

Golf Etiquette

Uwe Puetter

The Eurogroup

Jonathan Pugh

What is Radical Politics Today?

Prof. Martin Pugh

Britain Since 1789

Michael Pugh

Regeneration of War-Torn Societies; Liberal Internationalism

Michael Pugh

Whose Peace? Critical Perspectives on the Political Economy of Peacebuilding

Tison Pugh

Queering Medieval Genres; Race, Class, and Gender in "Medieval" Cinema; Sexuality and Its Queer Discontents in Middle English Literature; The Disney Middle Ages

Stanislao G. Pugliese

Italian Fascism and Anti-Fascism; The Legacy of Primo Levi; Frank Sinatra: History, Identity, and Italian American Culture; Bitter Spring

Maurizio Pugno

Productivity Growth and Economic Performance

Susanne Christine Puissant

Irony and the Poetry of the First World War

Patricia Pulham

Vernon Lee; Haunting and Spectrality in Neo-Victorian Fiction

Valeria Pulignano

Flexibility at Work

Lisa Pulitzer

Mob Daughter; Portrait of a Monster; A Woman Scorned; Murder in Paradise

Tuija Pulkkinen

Hegel's Philosophy and Feminist Thought

Brian Pullan

The Jews of Europe and the Inquisition of Venice; Judicial Tribunals in England and Europe, 1200-1700

Brian Pullan

A History of the University of Manchester, 1973–90

Wendy Pullan

Locating Urban Conflicts

Christine Pullein-Thompson

Horse and Pony Stories; More Horse and Pony Stories; Saddle Up

Alison Pullen

Managing Identity; Exploring Identity

Christopher Pullen

Gay Identity, New Storytelling and the Media; LGBT Transnational Identity and the Media; Queer Love in Film and Television; Queer Youth and Media Cultures

Philip Pullman

Detective Stories

Andy Pulman

Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts and More

Jenni Pulos

Grin and Bear It

Mark Puls

Samuel Adams: Father of the American Revolution; Henry Knox

Andrew Pulver

Night and the City

Maurice Punch

The Governance of Policing and Security; State Violence, Collusion and the Troubles

Daniel Punday

Narrative Bodies

Grace Pundyk

The Honey Trail

David Punter

Spectral Readings; Modernity

Vanessa Pupavac

Language Rights

Louise Purbrick

Contested Spaces

Louise Purbrick

The Great Exhibition of 1851

John Purcell

Strategy and Human Resource Management

Richard Purcell

Race, Ralph Ellison and American Cold War Intellectual Culture

Stephen Purcell

Popular Shakespeare; Webster: The White Devil; Shakespeare and Audience in Practice

Thomas Purcell

The Limits to Capital in Spain

Sean Purchase

Key Concepts in Victorian Literature

A.W. Purdue

The Second World War

Todd S. Purdum

An Idea Whose Time Has Come; A Time of Our Choosing

Shalini Puri

The Caribbean Postcolonial; The Grenada Revolution in the Caribbean Present

Carol Purington

Morning Song

Prarthana Purkayastha

Indian Modern Dance, Feminism and Transnationalism

Jonathan Purkis

Changing Anarchism

Christer Pursiainen

At the Crossroads of Post-Communist Modernisation

Campbell Purton

Person-Centred Therapy

Valerie Purton

The Palgrave Literary Dictionary of Tennyson; Iris Murdoch Chronology

June Purvis

The Women's Suffrage Movement

Leland Purvis

Resistance; Defiance; Victory

Tony Purvis

Television Drama

Anca M. Pusca

Revolution, Democratic Transition and Disillusionment; Walter Benjamin and the Aesthetics of Change

Robert D. Putnam

The Age of Obama

M. J. Putney

Dark Mirror; Dark Passage; Dark Destiny; Fallen from Grace

Keith Puttick

Employment Rights

Adam Putz

The Celtic Revival in Shakespeare's Wake

Alex Puvilland

Prince of Persia; Solomon's Thieves; Templar

Douglas Pye

Style and Meaning; 100 Film Musicals

Lyn Pykett

Charles Dickens

Howard Pyle

The Wonder Clock

Kevin C. Pyle

Katman; Take What You Can Carry; Bad for You

Hanna Pylväinen

We Sinners

John Pym

The Palm Beach Story

Richard Pym

The Gypsies of Early Modern Spain

Tasha Pym

Have You Ever Seen a Sneep?

Thomas Pynchon

Mason & Dixon

Robert Pyper

The Public Management and Modernisation in Britain; Britain's Modernised Civil Service

Olli Pyyhtinen

Simmel and 'the Social'; Disruptive Tourism and its Untidy Guests

Carrie Pyykkonen

Inside "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe"; Secrets of The Wee Free Men and Discworld

Razvan Pascalau

Financial Econometrics Modeling: Derivatives Pricing, Hedge Funds and Term Structure Models; Financial Econometrics Modeling: Market Microstructure, Factor Models and Financial Risk Measures; Nonlinear Financial Econometrics: Forecasting Models, Computational and Bayesian Models; Nonlinear Financial Econometrics: Markov Switching Models, Persistence and Nonlinear Cointegration

Stylianos Papathanassopoulos

Communications Policy

Thomas Pogge

Global Financial Crisis: The Ethical Issues