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Robert Rayman

A Multi-Gear Strategy for Economic Recovery

Ben Rogaly

Moving Histories of Class and Community

Richard RichardBiernacki

Reinventing Evidence in Social Inquiry

Emma Rich

Debating Obesity

James Raven

Books between Europe and the Americas

Jesper Ryberg

Punishment and Ethics

Jessica Richard

The Romance of Gambling in the Eighteenth-Century British Novel

John A.G. Roberts

A History of China

Karen Rodham

Health Psychology

Ken Richardson

The Evolution of Intelligent Systems

Lawrence E. Rose

Territorial Choice

Lynton Robins

British Politics

M.C. Ricklefs

A New History of Southeast Asia

M.W. Rowe

Philip Larkin: Art and Self

Maria R. Markus

Modern Privacy

Martin Rhodes

New Modes of Governance in Europe

Mary Richardson

Planning Your PhD; Completing Your PhD

Pamela Beth Radcliff

Making Democratic Citizens in Spain

Patrick Russell

Shadows of Progress

Petra Rau

Conflict, Nationhood and Corporeality in Modern Literature

Portia Reyes

A New History of Southeast Asia

Pradumna Bickram Bickram Rana

Pan-Asian Integration; Asia and the Global Economic Crisis

Basem L. Ra'ad

Hidden Histories

Uri Ra'anan

Russian Pluralism

David Raab

Terror in Black September

Dominic Raab

Britannia Unchained

Eric Raab

Halo: Evolutions

Selwyn Raab

Five Families

Jos C.N. Raadschelders

The Civil Service in the 21st Century

Jean-Michel Rabate

Jacques Lacan

Jean-Michel Rabaté

Palgrave Advances in James Joyce Studies

Richard P. Rabatin

The Quotable Paul Johnson

Intisar Rabb

Law and Tradition in Classical Islamic Thought

Jonathan Rabb

Shadow and Light; The Second Son; Rosa

Melinda Alliker Rabb

Satire and Secrecy in English Literature from 1650 to 1750

Nasser Rabbat

Mamluk History Through Architecture

Annika Rabbo

A Shop of One's Own

David Rabe

Mr. Wellington

Jean Rabe

A Taste of Magic; When the Husband is the Suspect; Dragon Mage

David Raber

Through Cougar's Eyes

Karen L. Raber

The Culture of the Horse; Early Modern Ecostudies

David Ian Rabey

Howard Barker: Ecstasy and Death; Howard Barker: Politics and Desire

David Ian Rabey

Howard Barker's Art of Theatre

Uzi Rabi

International Intervention in Local Conflicts

Mohamed Rabie

Saving Capitalism and Democracy; Global Economic and Cultural Transformation

Robert G. Rabil

Religion, National Identity, and Confessional Politics in Lebanon

Dana Rabin

Identity, Crime and Legal Responsibility in Eighteenth-Century England

Ilana Rabinowitz

Inside Therapy

Yakov M. Rabkin

A Threat from Within

Annika Rabo

The Role of the State in West Asia; Education in Multicultural Societies

Emily Raboteau

The Professor's Daughter

D. L. Raby

Democracy and Revolution

Julian Raby

Qajar Portraits; Venice, Dürer and the Oriental Mode

Rosalind Latiner Raby

Increasing Effectiveness of the Community College Financial Model

Kate Racculia

This Must Be the Place

Kristen Race, PhD

Mindful Parenting

Mary-Clare Race

Mental Illness at Work

Richard Race

Advancing Race and Ethnicity in Education

Mircea Raceanu

Romania Versus the United States

Rachel Rahman

Sport Psychology

Daniel Rachel

The Art of Noise

Jean Racine


Timothy P. Racine

A Wittgensteinian Perspective on the Use of Conceptual Analysis in Psychology

Mary Rack

Ethnic Distinctions, Local Meanings

Imogen Racz

Art and the Home

Bob Raczka

Lemonade: and Other Poems Squeezed from a Single Word

Claudio M. Radaelli

Regulatory Quality in Europe

Claudio M. Radaelli

Research Design in European Studies

Mal Radcliff

Kings of Vice

Anthony Radcliffe

Renaissance and Later Sculpture; Art of the Renaissance Bronze

Cynthia Radding

Borderlands in World History, 1700-1914

Branislav Radeljic

Europe and the Collapse of Yugoslavia

Peter Rader

Mike Wallace

Marian Radetzki

Energy and Economic Reform in the Former Soviet Union

Andrew Radford

Franco-British Cultural Exchanges, 1880-1940

John Radford

An Indian Journal

Giles Radice

Offshore; Trio

Hugo Radice

100 Years of Permanent Revolution

Mariusz-Jan Radlo

Reaganomics Goes Global; Growth versus Security

Zdravko Radman

Knowing without Thinking

Duška Radosavljevic


Slavo Radosevic

The Knowledge-Based Economy in Central and East European Countries

Ivan Radovanovic

The Fall of Milosevic

Susannah Radstone

Culture and the Unconscious; Public Emotions

Domnica Radulescu

"Gypsies" in European Literature and Culture

Raluca Radulescu

Gentry Culture in Late-Medieval England

Vladimir Radunsky

The Maestro Plays

Helen Raduntz

Renewing Dialogues in Marxism and Education

Noha Radwan

Egyptian Colloquial Poetry in the Modern Arabic Canon

Noha M. Radwan

Egyptian Colloquial Poetry in the Modern Arabic Canon

Martyn Rady

Nobility, Land and Service in Medieval Hungary; In the Shadow of Hitler

Martyn Rady

In the Shadow of Hitler

Carole Radziwill

The Widow's Guide to Sex and Dating

Catherine M. Rae

Marike's World

Catherine M. Rae

Sunlight On a Broken Column

David Rae


Gavin Rae

Poland's Return to Capitalism

Gavin Rae

Realizing Freedom: Hegel, Sartre, & the Alienation of Human Being; Ontology in Heidegger and Deleuze

Gavin Rae

Poland's Return to Capitalism

Ian Rae

Singular and Different; The Overseas Chinese of South East Asia

Michael Rae

Ending Aging

Paul Rae

Theatre and Human Rights

Paul Raeburn

Do Fathers Matter?

Timothy Raeymaekers

Violence on the Margins

Neil C. Rafeek

Communist Women in Scotland

Neil C. Rafeek

Communist Women in Scotland

Carmen Raff

A Future for the Excluded - Job creation and Income generation by the Poor. Clodom

Tobias Raffel

Innovating at the Top

Michael Rafferty

Capitalism with Derivatives

Oliver Rafferty

Irish Catholic Identities

Tess Rafferty

Recipes for Disaster

Trisha Rafferty

I Wouldn't Thank You for a Valentine

Mohammed Rafiq

Principles of Retailing

Kevin Rafter

Irish Journalism Before Independence

Christian Ragacs

Minimum Wages and Employment

Naomi Ragen

The Ghost of Hannah Mendes; The Covenant; The Saturday Wife; The Tenth Song

Edward Ragg

Wallace Stevens across the Atlantic

Grier H. Raggio

How to Divorce in New York

Srinath Raghavan

War and Peace in Modern India

Marianne Ragins

Winning Scholarships For College, Third Edition; Winning Scholarships for College, Fourth Edition

Jean Muteba Rahier

Black Social Movements in Latin America; Blackness in the Andes

Lily Zubaidah Rahim

Muslim Secular Democracy

Nasrin Rahimieh

Forugh Farrokhzad, Poet of Modern Iran

Keijo Rahkonen

A Social and Economic Theory of Consumption

Ahmad Rahman

The Regime Change of Kwame Nkrumah

Anika Rahman

Female Genital Mutilation

Md Mizanur Rahman

Diaspora Engagement and Development in South Asia; Migrant Remittances in South Asia

Momin Rahman

Homosexualities, Muslim Cultures and Modernity

Zia Haider Rahman

In the Light of What We Know

Ali Rahnema

Islamic Economic Systems; An Islamic Utopian; Pioneers of Islamic Revival

Ali Rahnema

An Islamic Utopian

Majid Rahnema

The Post-Development Reader

Saeed Rahnema

Iran After the Revolution

Milan Rai

7-7; Regime Unchanged

Shirin M. Rai

International Perspectives On Gender and Democratisation; The Gender Politics of Development; Global Governance

Mario Raich


Steven Raichlen

Island Apart

Monica Raileanu-Szeles

Re-Examining EU Policies from a Global Perspective

Benjamin Railton

Redefining American Identity

Benjamin Railton

The Chinese Exclusion Act

David Rain

The Heat of the Sun

Helen Rainbird

Training in the Workplace

Mark Rainbird

Strategic Operations Management

Lydia Rainford

Literature and Visual Technologies

Seppo Rainisto

How to Brand Nations, Cities and Destinations

Rob Rains

Baseball Samurais; Mark McGwire

Catherine Rainwater

Figuring Animals

Tiina Räisänen

Dangerous Multilingualism

Jayne Raisborough

Lifestyle Media and the Formation of the Self

Kapil Raj

Relocating Modern Science

Masood Ashraf Raja

Critical Pedagogy and Global Literature

Jehan S. Rajab

Kedgeree and Rhubarb Crumble; Silver Jewellery of Oman; Invasion Kuwait

Ashish Rajadhyaksha

Edge of Desire; Encyclopedia of Indian Cinema

Bahram M. Rajaee

National Security under the Obama Administration

Farhang Rajaee

Kenneth W. Thompson, the Prophet of Norms


Darwinian Fitness in the Global Marketplace; Managing Social Media and Consumerism; Architecting Enterprise

Susi Rajah

How to Spot a Bastard by His Star Sign

Shefali Rajamannar

Reading the Animal in the Literature of the British Raj

Lindy Rajan Cartner

And the Twain Shall Meet

Balachandra Rajan


Ramkishen Rajan

Exchange Rates, Currency Crisis and Monetary Cooperation in Asia

Ramkishen S. Rajan

Fiscal Sustainability and Competitiveness in Europe and Asia

Sudhir Chella Rajan

How We Can Save the Planet; The Suicidal Planet

Hannu Rajaniemi

The Quantum Thief; The Causal Angel; The Fractal Prince

James Rajasekar

Culture and Gender in Leadership

Shan Rajegopal

Sun Tzu and the Project Battleground; Project Portfolio Management

Shan Rajegopal

Portfolio Management

Sladana Barjaktarovic Rakocevic

Innovative Management and Firm Performance

Marina Rakova

The Extent of the Literal

Jack Rakove

Declaring Rights

Ted Rall

After We Kill You, We Will Welcome You Back as Honored Guests

Monder Ram

Perspectives in Entrepreneurship

Chakravarthi Ram-Prasad

Knowledge and Liberation in Classical Indian Thought

Vijaya Ramachandran

Beyond Structural Adjustment

Niranjan Ramakrishnan

Reading Gandhi in the Twenty-First Century

Fernando Ramallo

New Approaches to Discourse and Business Communication

Anandi Ramamurthy

Imperial Persuaders

Anandi Ramamurthy

Black Star

K Ravi Raman

Corporate Social Responsibility

Shankar Raman

Knowing Shakespeare

R.K. Ramazani

Iran at the Crossroads; The Future of Liberal Democracy; Religion, State, and Society

Vaheed Ramazani

Writing in Pain

Cat Rambo

Clockwork Fairies

Dominique Rambure

Payment Systems

Boumediene Ramdani

The Long Conversation

Ron Ramdin

Reimaging Britain

M. Ramesh

Welfare Capitalism in Southeast Asia

Sabrina P. Ramet

Serbia and the Serbs in World War Two; Civic and Uncivic Values in Macedonia; Religion and Politics in Post-Socialist Central and Southeastern Europe

Lauri Ramey

Black British Writing; Slave Songs and the Birth of African American Poetry

Lynn T. Ramey

Race, Class, and Gender in "Medieval" Cinema

Steven W. Ramey

Hindu, Sufi, or Sikh

David Ramirez

The Forever Watch

Jacobo Ramirez

Understanding Organizations in Complex, Emergent and Uncertain Environments

Nicolette Ramirez

Infinite Island

Renya K. Ramirez

Gendered Citizenships

Ricardo Ramirez

Communication for Another Development

Carlos Ramirez-Faria

The Historical Dictionary of World Political Geography

Ramkishen S. Rajan

Emerging Asia

Ronnie Ramlogan

Karl Polanyi

Ronnie Ramlogan

Karl Polanyi

Ramn H. Rivera-Servera

Performance in the Borderlands

Tina K. Ramnarine

Beautiful Cosmos

Begoña Ramón Cámara

Wittgenstein and Plato

Shula Ramon

Empowerment, Lifelong Learning and Recovery in Mental Health

Jenni Ramone

Postcolonial Theories

Pedro Pablo Ramos

Network Models for Organizations

David Rampton

William Faulkner

David Rampton

Vladimir Nabokov

Lall Ramrattan

Franco Modigliani

Hayden Ramsay

Beyond Virtue; Reclaiming Leisure

Oliver Ramsbotham

The Crescent and the Cross

Ashley Ramsden

Seven Fathers

Herbert Ramsden

Bodas De Sangre; La Casa de Bernarda Alba; Lorca's Romancero Gitano; Romancero Gitano by Federico Garcia Lorca

Jeremy Ramsden

Spiritual Motivation

John Ramsden

The Dam Busters

Mary K. Ramsey

Cultural Studies of the Modern Middle Ages

Nick Ramsey

Psychology in the Brain

Paul J. Ramsey

Bilingual Public Schooling in the United States

Martin Ramstedt

Religion in Disputes

Eric D. Ramstetter

Restructuring of the Steel Industry in Northeast Asia; Multinational Corporations in Indonesia and Thailand


Dragonar Academy Vol. 1; Dragonar Academy Vol. 2; Dragonar Academy Vol. 3

Ruvani Ranasinha

South Asians and the Shaping of Britain, 1870-1950

David Ranc

Foreign Players and Football Supporters

Costanzo Ranci

Social Vulnerability in Europe; Social Vulnerability in European Cities

Ayn Rand

The Unconquered

Gloria Rand

Salty Dog; Prince William

Ted Rand

Country Kid, City Kid; Barn Dance!; The Ghost-Eye Tree; Here Are My Hands

Amy Randall

The Soviet Dream World of Retail Trade and Consumption in the 1930s

David Randall

The Great Reporters; The Universal Journalist

Don Randall

Kipling's Imperial Boy; David Malouf

Ed Randall

Food, Risk and Politics

Geoffrey Randall

Supermarket Wars

Stephen Randall

The Other Side of Mulholland

Willard Sterne Randall

George Washington

Karen Randell

Screening the Dark Side of Love

Nico Randeraad

Contemporary History on Trial; States and Statistics in the Nineteenth Century

Nico Randeraad

Contemporary History on Trial

Shalini Randeria

Worlds on the Move

Robert J. Randisi

Boot Hill; Hey There (You with the Gun in Your Hand); You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Kills You; Everybody Kills Somebody Sometime

Jenny Randles

The Truth Behind Men In Black

Sally Randles

Karl Polanyi

Sally Randles

Karl Polanyi

Tiina Randma-Liiv

Organizing for Coordination in the Public Sector

David Rando

Modernist Fiction and News

Lewis A. Randolph

Dimensions of Black Conservatism in the U.S.; The Black Urban Community

Halim Rane

Reconstructing Jihad amid Competing International Norms

Halim Rane

Media Framing of the Muslim World

Patricia Ranft

Women and the Religious Life in Premodern Europe; A Woman's Way; The Theology of Work; Women in Western Intellectual Culture, 600-1500

U. Srinivasa Rangan

Capital Rising

Charles B. Rangel

And I Haven't Had a Bad Day Since

Paradorn Rangsimaporn

Russia as an Aspiring Great Power in East Asia

David M. Rankin

Transformed by Crisis; Winning the White House, 2008

Ian Rankin

Dead Souls; The Hanging Garden; Knots and Crosses; Hide and Seek

Lissa Rankin, MD

What's Up Down There?; Fertility, Pregnancy, and Childbirth: A Gynecologist Answers Your Most Important Questions; Sex, Orgasm, and Coochies: A Gynecologist Answers Your Most Embarrassing Questions

Rosa Rankin-Gee

The Last Kings of Sark

Marion Ranoux

Hidden Gardens of Paris

Sandy Ransford

Horses and Ponies; Otter; First Riding Lessons; Horse & Pony Care

Christopher Ransom

The Birthing House

Arthur Ransome

The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship

James Ransome

A Joyful Christmas

Paul Ransome

Social Theory

Paul Ransome

Ethics and Values in Social Research

William Ransome

Moral Reflection

Magnus Ranstorp

Hizb'allah in Lebanon

Anupama Rao

Gender and Caste

B. Bhaskara Rao

Cointegration for the Applied Economist, Second Edition

Nirmala Rao

Representation and Community in Western Democracies; Transforming Local Political Leadership

P. K. Rao

The Economics of Transaction Costs

Vijayendra Rao

History, Historians and Development Policy

Lauri Rapeli

The Conception of Citizen Knowledge in Democratic Theory

Amy Raphael

Mike Leigh on Mike Leigh

Lutz Raphael

Atlas of European Historiography

Raphael Raphael

Transnational Stardom

Mark Rapley

De-Medicalizing Misery; De-Medicalizing Misery II

Adam Rapp

Nocturne; Stone Cold Dead Serious; The Year of Endless Sorrows; Red Light Winter

Helen Rappaport

The Last Days of the Romanovs; Capturing the Light; The Romanov Sisters; A Magnificent Obsession

Alexis Rappas

Cyprus in the 1930s

Joel Rappelfeld

The Complete In-Line Skater

Brian Rappert

Biotechnology, Security and the Search for Limits; Technology and Security; Biosecurity

Brian Rappert

How to Look Good in a War

Michael Rapport

Nineteenth Century Europe

Nigel Rapport

The Trouble With Community

Nigel Rapport

Community, Cosmopolitanism and the Problem of Human Commonality

Angelo Rasanayagam


Laura Rascaroli

From Moscow to Madrid

Laura Rascaroli

Antonioni: Centenary Essays

William Rasch

German Postwar Films

Chris Raschka

If You Were a Dog

Erik Raschke

The Book of Samuel

Felicity Rash

German Images of the Self and the Other

Ron Rash

One Foot in Eden; Saints at the River; Chemistry and Other Stories; The World Made Straight

Abdul Rasheed

The Convergence of Corporate Governance

Samory Rashid

Black Muslims in the US

Ziba Rashidian

Representing the Modern Animal in Culture

Ed Rasimus

Fighter Pilot; Palace Cobra

Karen Rasler

Puzzles of the Democratic Peace

Jack Rasmus

Epic Recession; Obama's Economy

Ane Marie Bak Rasmussen

Modern African Spirituality

Eric Rasmussen

Doctor Faustus; The Shakespeare Thefts

Eric Rasmussen

The Shakespeare First Folios: A Descriptive Catalogue; William Shakespeare and Others; Dr. Faustus: The A- and B- Texts (1604, 1616)

Lissi Rasmussen

Christian and Muslim Relations in Africa

Mark David Rasmussen

Renaissance Literature and Its Formal Engagements

Mary Louise Rasmussen

Youth and Sexualities

Mikkel Rasmussen

Quantitative Portfolio Optimisation, Asset Allocation and Risk Management

Mikkel Vedby Rasmussen

The West, Civil Society and the Construction of Peace

Terje Rasmussen

Personal Media and Everyday Life

Dina Rasor

Betraying Our Troops

G. Hussein Rassool

Understanding Addiction Behaviours

G.Hussein Rassool

Cultural Competence in Caring for Muslim Patients

Paul Rastall

Internationalising the University

Luca Rastello

I Am the Market

Jed Rasula

Modernism and Poetic Inspiration

Elizabeth Rata

Public Policy and Ethnicity

Elizabeth Rata

Knowledge and the Future of the Curriculum

Matthew Ratcliffe

Rethinking Commonsense Psychology

Peter Ratcliffe

The Politics of Social Science Research

Amy Ratelle

Animality and Children's Literature and Film

Nancy A. Ratey

The Disorganized Mind

Eliza Rathbone

Impressionists in Winter

Julian Rathbone

The Last English King

Holger Rathgeber

Our Iceberg Is Melting

Andrew Rathmell

Secret War in the Middle East

Joel Rathus

Japan, China and Networked Regionalism in East Asia

Henry Rathvon

The New York Times Acrostic Puzzles Volume 10

Nora Räthzel

Transnational Corporations from the Standpoint of Workers

Ben Ratliff

The Jazz Ear; Coltrane

Rajan Ratna

Perspectives on Rules of Origin

Steven R. Ratner

The New UN Peacekeeping

T. P. B. Rattenbury

Public Law within Government

Luca Ratti

NATO beyond 9/11

Paul Rátz de Tagyos

Maybelle in the Soup; Maybelle Goes to Tea; Maybelle in the Soup / Maybelle Goes to Tea; Maybelle and the Haunted Cupcake

Cheryl Rau

Early Childhood Education in Aotearoa New Zealand

Alan Rauch

England in 1815

Bill Rauch


Jonathan Rauch

Gay Marriage

Eric Rauchway

Murdering McKinley; Blessed Among Nations; Banana Republican

Catharina Raudvere

The Book and the Roses; Religion, Politics, and Turkey's EU Accession; Sufism Today

Emmanuel Raufflet

International Business and the Dilemmas of Development

Karen Raugust

The Animation Business Handbook

Jane Rave

Conversations and Cosmopolitans

Robert Rave

Waxed; Conversations and Cosmopolitans; Spin

Barbara Ravelhofer

English Historical Drama, 1500-1660

James Raven

Lost Libraries

Margot Theis Raven

Circle Unbroken; Night Boat to Freedom

Neil Raven

Towns, Regions and Industries

Daniel Raventos

Basic Income

Laurence Raw

Global Jane Austen

Alan Rawes

Romanticism and Form; Reading, Writing and the Influence of Harold Bloom

Peg Rawes

Space, Geometry and Aesthetics after Kant and Deleuze

Elizabeth Rawitsch

Frank Capra’s Eastern Horizons

Helen Rawlings

Church, Religion And Society In Early Modern Spain

Helen Rawlings

The Debate on the Decline of Spain

Louis Rawlings

The Ancient Greeks at War

Peter Rawlings

Henry James and the Abuse of the Past; Palgrave Advances in Henry James Studies

Donna Rawlins


Mark Rawlinson

Pat Barker; Charles Sheeler

Nick Rawlinson

William Blake's Comic Vision

Patricia Rawlinson

From Fear to Fraternity

Peter Rawlinson

The Richmond Diary; Indictment for Murder

Melanie Rawn

Touchstone; Fire Raiser; Thornlost; Spellbinder

Gary D. Rawnsley

Political Communication and Democracy

Ranajoy Ray Chaudhuri

The Changing Face of American Banking

Deborah Kogan Ray

Down the Colorado; Dinosaur Mountain; Paiute Princess

Francis Ray

I Know Who Holds Tomorrow; Somebody's Knocking at My Door; Trouble Don't Last Always; Let's Get It On

Gene Ray

Terror and the Sublime in Art and Critical Theory

Mo Ray

Critical Issues in Social Work with Older People

Mo Ray

Social Work with Older People

Satyajit Ray

Satyajit Ray

Sid Ray

Mother Queens and Princely Sons

Thomas Rayfiel

Colony Girl

Graham A. Rayman

The NYPD Tapes

Paula M. Rayman

Beyond the Bottom Line

R.A. Rayman

Toxic Economic Theory, Fraudulent Accounting Standards, and the Bankruptcy of Economic Policy; A Multi-Gear Strategy for Economic Recovery

Paul Rayment

The Resistible Rise of Market Fundamentalism

Gino G. Raymond

The French Communist Party during the Fifth Republic; The Construction of Minority Identities in France and Britain; Redefining the French Republic

Gino G. Raymond

The Sarkozy Presidency

James Raymond

Henry VIII's Military Revolution

Joad Raymond

Conversations with Angels

Catherine Rayner

Ernest, the Moose Who Doesn't Fit; Solomon Crocodile

Jay Rayner

The Man Who Ate the World

Jonathan Rayner

Contemporary Australian Cinema; The Naval War Film

Sarah Rayner

One Moment, One Morning; The Two Week Wait; The Other Half; Getting Even

Peter Raynor

Rehabilitation, Crime and Justice

Peter Raynor

What Works in Offender Compliance

Hery Razafitombo

Understanding Investment Funds

Shahra Razavi

Globalization, Export-Oriented Employment and Social Policy; Gender and Social Policy in a Global Context

Shahra Razavi

The Global Crisis and Transformative Social Change

Zarlasht Muhammad Razeq

UNDP's Engagement with the Private Sector, 1994-2011

Pauline Rea-Dickins

Program Evaluation in Language Education

Alan Read

Theatre, Intimacy & Engagement; Theatre, Intimacy and Engagement

Christopher Read

The Making and Breaking of the Soviet System; The Stalin Years

Christopher Read

War and Revolution in Russia, 1914-22

Colin Read

Global Financial Meltdown; The Fear Factor

Colin Read

The Rise and Fall of an Economic Empire; BP and the Macondo Spill; The Life Cyclists; The Portfolio Theorists

Gray Read

Modern Architecture in Theatre

Jacinda Read

The New Avengers

Jim Read

Psychiatric Drugs

Justin Read

Modern Poetics and Hemispheric American Cultural Studies

Piers Paul Read

The Templars; Alice in Exile

Rupert Read

Film as Philosophy

Sara Read

Flesh and Spirit; Menstruation and the Female Body in Early Modern England

Keith Reader

Robert Bresson; Regis Debray; La Regle du Jeu

Anna Reading

The Media in Britain; The Social Inheritance of the Holocaust

Anna Reading

Save As... Digital Memories

Kate Reading

Crossroads of Twilight; Emma's Secret; New Spring; The Eye of the World

Mario Reading

The Nostradamus Prophecies

Mark Readman

Teaching Scriptwriting, Screenplays and Storyboards for Film and TV Production; Teaching Film Censorship and Controversy

Paul Readman

The Land Question in Britain, 1750-1950

Paul Readman

Borderlands in World History, 1700-1914

Michael Reagan

The New Reagan Revolution

Riccardo Realfonzo

The Monetary Theory of Production

Todd C. Ream

Christianity and Moral Identity in Higher Education

Frederic Reamer

The Real Consequences of Justice

Kelly Lynch Reames

Women and Race in Contemporary U.S. Writing

Steven L. Rearden

The Origins of U.S. Nuclear Strategy, 1945-1953

Joan Reardon

Poet of the Appetites

Matthew Reason

Documentation, Disappearance and the Representation of Live Performance

James Reasoner

Battle Lines; Trial By Fire; Zero Hour

Paula Reavey

Psychology, Mental Health and Distress

Gil Reavill

Mafia Summit

Barry Reay

Rural Englands; New York Hustlers

Dave Reay

Climate Change Begins at Home

Diane Reay

White Middle-Class Identities and Urban Schooling

Storms Reback

All In; Ship It Holla Ballas!

Dan Rebellato

Theatre and Globalization

Antonio Lázaro Reboli

Defining Cult Movies

Riccardo Rebonato

Taking Liberties

Paola Rebughini

Children of Immigrants in a Globalized World

Bernd Rechel

Health Reforms in South-East Europe

Erich H. Reck

The Historical Turn in Analytic Philosophy

Viktoria Reck-Malleczewen

A History of the Münster Anabaptists

Marsha Recknagel

If Nights Could Talk

Helen Recorvits

Yoon and the Jade Bracelet; Where Heroes Hide; Goodbye, Walter Malinski; My Name Is Yoon

John Rector

The Cold Kiss

John L. Rector

The History of Chile

Geneviève Reday-Mulvey

Working Beyond 60

Guy Redden

News Online

Anthony G. Reddie

Black Theology in Transatlantic Dialogue

Anthony G. Reddie

Churches, Blackness, and Contested Multiculturalism

P. S. Reddy

Improving Local Government

Catherine Redfern

Reclaiming the F Word

Martin Redfern

The Kingfisher Young People's Book of Space; The Kingfisher Young People's Book of Planet Earth

Neil Redfern

Class or Nation

Neil Redfern

Class or Nation

Kay Redfield Jamison

The Benefits of Restlessness and Jagged Edges

Jill Redfield

Eve of Destruction

Duncan Redford

The Submarine

Duncan Redford

Maritime History and Identity; A History of the Royal Navy: World War II; The Royal Navy

Christine Redington

A Guide to the Small Museums of Britain

David P. Redlawsk

Feeling Politics

Robert Y. Redlinger

Wind Energy in the 21st Century

Peter Redman


Andrea Redmond

Rwanda, Inc.: How a Devastated Nation Became an Economic Model for the Developing World

John Redmond

From Versailles To Maastricht; International Organisation in World Politics

Jonathan Redmond

Ordinary Psychosis and The Body

Sean Redmond

Celebrity and the Media

David Redvaldsen

The Labour Party in Britain and Norway

John Redwood

Superpower Struggles

Jonathan Rée

I See a Voice

Gregory L. Reece

Elvis Religion; UFO Religion; Weird Science and Bizarre Beliefs; Creatures of the Night

Spencer Reece

The Road to Emmaus

Abigail Reed

Choices; Under Pressure

Christopher Reed

What is Zen; Zen and the Art of Tea; Zen and the Love of Nature; Zen and the Samurai

Henry Reed

Awakening Your Psychic Powers

Jennifer Reed

The Queer Cultural Work of Lily Tomlin and Jane Wagner

John Reed

The Schubert Song Companion

Julia Reed

Ham Biscuits, Hostess Gowns, and Other Southern Specialties; But Mama Always Put Vodka in Her Sangria!

Ken Reed

Work-Life Integration; Ways of Living

Kimberly C. Reed

Henry James and the Supernatural

Kit Reed

Thinner Than Thou; Dogs of Truth; Enclave; The Night Children

Maggi-Meg Reed

One False Move; The Hidden Diary of Marie Antoinette; Dark Side of the Moon; The Ice Dragon

MK Reed

Americus; The Cute Girl Network

Nathan Reed

The Pet Sitter: Dixie In Danger; The Pet Sitter: Tiger Taming; The Pet Sitter: Beware the Were-puppy; The Pet Sitter: Parrot Pandemonium

Peter P. Reed

Rogue Performances

Robert Reed

Sister Alice; The Next Invasion; Our Candidate; Swingers

Steven Reed

Japan Decides 2012

Lee Reeder

Hell on Earth

Patrick Reedy

The Dictionary of Alternatives

Guy Reel

The National Police Gazette and the Making of the Modern American Man, 1879-1906

A.L. Rees

Fields of View: Art, Film and Spectatorship

A.L. Rees

A History of Experimental Film and Video

Andy Rees

Genetically Modified Food

David Rees

People Management

E. A. Rees

Stalinism and Soviet Rail Transport, 1928-41; Centre-Local Relations in the Stalinist State 1928-1941; Political Thought from Machiavelli to Stalin; The Leader Cult in Communist Dictatorship

Emma L. E. Rees

Margaret Cavendish

Nicholas Rees

Europeanisation and New Patterns of Governance in Ireland

Tim Rees

Reinterpreting Revolution in Twentieth Century Europe

Valery Rees

From Gabriel to Lucifer

Wyn Rees

The European Union and Internal Security; Redefining Transatlantic Security Relations

James Reese

The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll & Mademoiselle Odile

Laura Reese

Topping from Below; Panic Snap

William J. Reese

History, Education, and the Schools

William J. Reese

Rethinking the History of American Education

Willy Peter Reese

A Stranger to Myself

James Reeve

Cocktails, Crises and Cockroaches

N. H. Reeve

The Novels of Rex Warner; The Fiction of the 1940s; Reading Late Lawrence

Alice Reeve-Tucker

Utopianism, Modernism, and Literature in the Twentieth Century

Eoin Reeves

Privatisation in Ireland

Frank Reeves

Immigration and Race Relations

Marcus Reeves

Somebody Scream!


Who's Who 2003, 155th Edition

Brian Regal

Searching for Sasquatch

Ciaran Regan

Intoxication and Society

Jennifer Regan

Cosmopolitan Nationalism in the Victorian Empire

Shaun Regan

Making the Novel

Stephen Regan

Philip Larkin

Josna E. Rege

Colonial Karma

Alexander Regier

Wordsworth's Poetic Theory

Ed Regis

What Is Life?

Meta Regis

Daydreams and the Function of Fantasy

Katherine E. Register

Constant Battles

Raquel Rego

The Trend Towards the European Deregulation of Professions and its Impact on Portugal Under Crisis

Christine Reh

Constitutionalizing the European Union

Boike Rehbein

Globalization and Emerging Societies; Globalization and Inequality in Emerging Societies

Linda Rehberg

More Bread Machine Magic; Bread Machine Magic; Slow Cooker Magic

Ben Rehder

Gun Shy

Robert Rehder

Stevens, Williams, Crane and the Motive for Metaphor

Christoph Rehmann-Sutter

The Human Enhancement Debate and Disability

Eugenie Samuel Reich

Plastic Fantastic

Kersten Reich

Pragmatism and Diversity

Kersten Reich

John Dewey’s Philosophy of Education

Simon Reich

Global Norms, American Sponsorship and the Emerging Patterns of World Politics

Wilhelm Reich

Character Analysis; The Mass Psychology of Fascism; Listen, Little Man!; The Function of the Orgasm

Birgit Reichenstein

Challenges For International Organizations in the 21st Century

David Reichert

Chasing the Devil

Walter Reichman

Industrial and Organizational Psychology Help the Vulnerable

James Reichmuth

Weddings of the Times; SkyMaul 2

John Reichmuth

Weddings of the Times; SkyMaul 2

Anne Reichold

The Other

Alastair J. Reid

A Short History of the Labour Party, Twelfth edition; The Tide of Democracy

Camilla Reid

Aztecs and Incas

Christopher Reid

Oratory in Action; Letters of Ted Hughes

Colin Reid

The Lost Ireland of Stephen Gwynn

David Reid

Suffer in Silence

Donald G. Reid

Tourism, Globalization And Development

Fiona A. Reid

Bats of the World

George K. Reid

Pond Life

Gilbert Reid

So This Is Love

Hannah Reid

Climate Change and Human Development

Howard Reid

In Search of the Immortals

Julia Reid

Robert Louis Stevenson, Science, and the Fin de Siècle

Julian Reid

The Biopolitics of the War on Terror

Maryann Reid

Sex and the Single Sister; Use Me or Lose Me; Marry Your Baby Daddy; Mrs. Big

Michael Reid

The Kingfisher Treasury of Pet Stories

Michelle Reid

Time Management; Report Writing

Mick Reid

The Kingfisher Treasury of Stories for Eight Year Olds

Paul Reid

The Beethoven Song Companion

Susan E. Reid

Women in the Khrushchev Era

T. R. Reid

Congressional Odyssey

Trish Reid

Theatre and Scotland

Victoria Reid

Franco-British Cultural Exchanges, 1880-1940

Nelly Reifler

Elect H. Mouse State Judge

Kurt Reighley

Marilyn Manson

Anne Marie Reijnen

Protecting Nature, Saving Creation

Theodor Reik

Listening with the Third Ear

Charles A. Reilly

Peace-Building and Development in Guatemala and Northern Ireland

Jacqueline Reilly

Applying Social Psychology

Kara Reilly

Automata and Mimesis on the Stage of Theatre History; Theatre, Performance and Analogue Technology

Kevin Reilly

The Complete Tolkien Companion

Matthew Reilly

Ice Station; Area 7; Temple; Scarecrow

Pail Reilly

Framing the Troubles Online

Saskia Reilly

Living, Studying, and Working in France

Tom Reilly

The Big Picture

Katya Reimann

Prince of Fire and Ashes; A Tremor in the Bitter Earth; Wind from a Foreign Sky; The Wanderer

Monica Reinagel

Nutrition Diva's Secrets for a Healthy Diet; Nutrition Diva's 5 Secrets for Aging Well; Nutrition Diva's Grocery Store Survival Guide; How to Win at Losing

Hayo Reinders

Study Skills for Speakers of English as a Second Language; The International Student Handbook

Hayo Reinders

Beyond the Language Classroom; Key Concepts in Second Language Acquisition; Facilitating Workshops

Hayo Reinders

Digital Games in Language Learning and Teaching

Janelle Reinelt

Theatre, Intimacy & Engagement

Carl Reiner

My Anecdotal Life

Sophus Reinert

The Political Economy of Empire in the Early Modern World

Wolfgang Reinhard

A Short History of Colonialism

Jessica Reinisch

The Disentanglement of Populations

June M. Reinisch

The Kinsey Institute New Report On Sex

Tim Reinke-Williams

Women, Work and Sociability in Early Modern London

Elisa P. Reis

Democratization and Bureaucratic Neutrality; Elite Perceptions of Poverty and Inequality

Jaime Reis

International Monetary Systems in Historical Perspective

Liz Reisberg

The Global Future of Higher Education and the Academic Profession

Harriet Reisen

Louisa May Alcott

David Reisman

Conservative Capitalism

Earl A. Reitan

Politics, Finance, and the People

Bernd Reiter

The Democratic Challenge

Rosina Márquez Reiter

Spanish Pragmatics

Yitzhak Reiter

Jerusalem and Its Role in Islamic Solidarity

Elizabeth Reitz Mullenix

Wearing the Breeches

Andreas Reitzig

Public Participation in Foreign Policy

Jacques Reland

Britain and Euroland

Ana Maria Relaño Pastor

Shame and Pride in Narrative

Constance C. Relihan

Prose Fiction and Early Modern Sexualities in England, 1570-1640

Robert V. Remini

John Quincy Adams; Andrew Jackson: A Biography

Bingqiang Ren

Chinese Environmental Governance

Jane Rendall

Soldiers, Citizens and Civilians; Gender, War and Politics

Jane Rendall

War, Empire and Slavery, 1770-1830

John Rendall

Christian the Lion

Jane Rendell

Art and Architecture; Site-Writing

Aaron Renier

The Unsinkable Walker Bean

Tony Rennell

Tail-End Charlies; The Last Days of Glory

Mark Rennella

The Boston Cosmopolitans

Mark Rennella

Entrepreneurs, Managers, and Leaders

James Renner

The Man from Primrose Lane

Judith Renner

Discourse, Normative Change and the Quest for Reconciliation in Global Politics

Robert Rennhack

The Macroeconomy of Central America

Kriston R. Rennie

The Foundations of Medieval Papal Legation

Joachim K. Rennstich

The Making of a Digital World

Joshua Reno

Economies of Recycling

Emma Renold

Peer Violence in Children's Residential Care

Sal Renshaw

The Subject of Love

Stanley A. Renshon

In His Father's Shadow

Dave Renton

British Fascism and the Labour Movement; Fascism

David Renton

Sidney Pollard; The Congo

David Renton

Struck Out

James Renton

The Zionist Masquerade

Ruth Rentschler

Creative Marketing

Chris Renwick

British Sociology's Lost Biological Roots

Neil Renwick

Japan's Alliance Politics and Defence Production; Northeast Asian Critical Security

Bettina Renz

Securitising Russia

Birgit Renzl

The Future of Knowledge Management

Reporters Without Borders

Israel/Palestine: The Black Book

Thomas Reppetto

NYPD; American Mafia; Bringing Down the Mob

William Hernández Requejo

Global Negotiation

Elyse Resch, M.S., R.D., F.A.D.A.

Intuitive Eating, 2nd Edition; Intuitive Eating

Evelyne Resnick

Wine Brands

Uri Resnick

Dynamics of Asymmetric Territorial Conflict

Oliver Ressler

It’s the Political Economy, Stupid

Robert K. Ressler

Whoever Fights Monsters

Greg Restall

New Waves in Philosophical Logic

Elvira Mariá Restrepo

The Colombian Criminal Justice in Crisis

Sonia Restrepo-Estrada

Communicating For Development

James Retallack

Germany in the Age of Kaiser Wilhelm II

Joan Retallack

Poetry and Pedagogy

Kate Retford

Placing Faces

Lena Rethel

The Problem With Banks

Glen Retief

The Jack Bank

Matthew Rettenmund

Boy Culture

Jeffrey J. Reuer

Strategic Alliances

Christian Reus-Smit

Theories of International Relations

Darja Reuschke

The Economies of Urban Diversity

Geert Reuten

The Culmination of Capital

Marta Reuter

Trust and Organizations

Timothy Reuter

The Annals of Fulda

Alexander Reutlinger

A Theory of Causation in the Social and Biological Sciences

Cheli Reutter

Crisscrossing Borders in Literature of the American West

Werner Reutter

Germany on the Road to Normalcy

Derek S. Reveron

America's Viceroys

Derek S. Reveron

Inside Defense

Andrew C. Revkin

New York Times The North Pole Was Here; The New York Times North Pole Was Here

Antoine Revoy

Haunted Houses

Alan Rew

Identity and Affect

Adam Rex

The Dirty Cowboy

Richard Rex

The Lollards; Henry VIII and the English Reformation, Second Edition

Carlos Rey

Management by Missions

Rafael Reyes-Ruiz

Engaging Otherness

Berenice Reynaud

A City of Sadness

Christine Reynier

Virginia Woolf's Ethics of the Short Story

Aaron Reynolds

Big Hairy Drama (Joey Fly, Private Eye, Book 2); Creepy Crawly Crime

April Reynolds

Knee-Deep in Wonder

Bill Reynolds

Glory Days; Fall River Dreams; Basketball Junkie

Bryan Reynolds

Performing Transversally; Rematerializing Shakespeare; Transversal Enterprises in the Drama of Shakespeare and His Contemporaries

Bryan Reynolds

The Return of Theory in Early Modern English Studies; The Return of Theory in Early Modern English Studies, Volume II

Bryan Reynolds

Transversal Subjects

David Reynolds

Allies At War; FDR's World

David Reynolds

FDR's World

E. Bruce Reynolds

Thailand and Japan's Southern Advance, 1940-1945; Japan in the Fascist Era

Guy Reynolds

Twentieth-Century American Women's Fiction

Jill Reynolds

Mental Health Still Matters

Joey Reynolds

The Ultimate Cheesecake Cookbook

John N. Reynolds

Ethics in Investment Banking

Kimberley Reynolds

Representations of Childhood Death; Modern Children's Literature; Radical Children's Literature

Kimberley Reynolds

Children's Literature Studies

Margaret Reynolds

The Sappho Companion; The Sappho History

Martin Reynolds

The Environmental Responsibility Reader

Peter Reynolds

Dramatic Events

Quentin Reynolds

I, Willie Sutton; Courtroom

Simon Reynolds

Learning from Disasters; Retromania

Filip Reyntjens

Political Economy of the Great Lakes Region of Africa

Yasmina Reza

Life x 3; Art; Yasmina Reza: Plays 1; The God of Carnage

Jeffrey S. Reznick

John Galsworthy and Disabled Soldiers of the Great War; Healing the Nation

S. Ghon Rhee

Emerging Markets and Financial Resilience

Jörg Rheinboldt

Simply Seven

Julian Rhind-Tutt

Harbor; Jeeves and the Wedding Bells

Han-Kyun Rho

Shareholder Activism

Frank H. T. Rhodes

Fossils; Geology

James Rhodes

The State of Race

Jewell P. Rhodes

Voodoo Dreams

John Rhodes

The End of Plagues

John David Rhodes

Antonioni: Centenary Essays; Meshes of the Afternoon

Kate Rhodes

A Killing of Angels; Crossbones Yard

Kent Rhodes

Managing Conflict in the Family Business

Martin Rhodes

The Future of European Welfare; Developments in European Politics 2

R. A. W. Rhodes

Administering the Summit; Observing Government Elites

R.A.W. Rhodes

The Australian Study of Politics

Alan Riach

Representing Scotland in Literature, Popular Culture and Iconography

Lucy Riall


Lucy Riall

The Risorgimento Revisited

Ali Riaz

Islam and Identity Politics Among British-Bangladeshis

Sanaa Riaz

New Islamic Schools

Alison Ribeiro de Menezes

Embodying Memory in Contemporary Spain

Feliciano Ribera

Mexican Americans/American Mexicans

Ramon Ribera-Fumaz

The Limits to Capital in Spain

Leigh Riby

Nutrition and Mental Performance

Maricruz Ricalde

Global Mexican Cinema

Joan Enric Ricart

Creating Value Through International Strategy

Brad Ricca

Super Boys

Manfredi Ricca


Simone Ricca

Reinventing Jerusalem

Ornella Ricci

Bancassurance in Europe

Sabra Ricci

Lobster for Leos, Cookies for Capricorns; Cooking with the Stars; Sexy Star Sign Cooking

Luciana Ricciutelli

Feminist Politics, Activism and Vision

Andrew Rice

The Teeth May Smile but the Heart Does Not Forget

Elmer Rice

Elmer Rice: Three Plays

Michael Rice

Traces of Paradise; Swifter than the Arrow

Rob S. Rice

Fighting Techniques of the Napoleonic Age; Fighting Techniques of Naval Warfare

Robert Rice

Agent of Judgment

Nathaniel Rich

Odds Against Tomorrow

Patricia Gray Rich

Latin America

Paul B. Rich

Reaction and Renewal in South Africa; Hope and Despair

Rachel Rich

Bourgeois Consumption

Chrystelle Richard

Finance: The Discreet Regulator

Amy Richards

Grassroots; Opting In; Manifesta [10th Anniversary Edition]

Anne R. Richards

Historic Engagements with Occidental Cultures, Religions, Powers

Barry Richards

Emotional Governance

Brian Richards

Vocabulary Studies in First and Second Language Acquisition

Brian J. Richards

Lexical Diversity and Language Development

Chris Richards

Children, Media and Playground Cultures

Dave Richards

Institutional Crisis in 21st Century Britain

David Richards

Changing Patterns of Governance in the United Kingdom; New Labour and the Civil Service

Dusty Richards

Lawless Land; Rancher's Law; Servant of the Law

Eric Richards

Destination Australia

Jeffrey Richards

Diana, The Making of a Media Saint; Imperialism And Music; Films and British National Identity; Best of British

Jeffrey Richards

The Ancient World on the Victorian and Edwardian Stage; Cinema and Radio in Britain and America, 1920-60

Julian Richards


K. Malcolm Richards

Derrida Reframed

Keith Richards

Qualitative Inquiry in TESOL; Applying Conversation Analysis; Professional Discourse Encounters in Tesol; Language and Professional Identity

Linda L. Richards

Death Was in the Picture; Death Was the Other Woman

Lyn Richards

Applying Qualitative Methods to Marketing Management Research; Organising Knowledge

Mark J Richards

The Politics of Freedom of Expression

Martin Richards

Congestion Charging in London

Angelique Richardson

The New Woman in Fiction and Fact

Angelique Richardson

Victorian Literature

Ben Richardson

Sugar: Refined Power in a Global Regime

Bill Richardson

Bachelor Brothers' Bed & Breakfast; Waiting for Gertrude

Brenda Lane Richardson

You Should Really Write a Book

Brendan Richardson

Tribal Marketing, Tribal Branding

Catherine Richardson

Domestic Life and Domestic Tragedy in Early Modern England

Diane Richardson

Introducing Gender & Womens Studies

Diane Richardson

Intersections between Feminist and Queer Theory; Contesting Recognition; Sexuality, Equality and Diversity

Glenn Richardson

Tudor England and Its Neighbours

Heather S. Richardson

The Quotable Paul Johnson

Helen Richardson

Work and Life in the Global Economy

Ingrid Richardson

Gaming in Social, Locative and Mobile Media

Jeanita W. Richardson

The Full-Service Community School Movement

John E. Richardson

Muslims and the News Media; Analysing Newspapers

Kay Richardson

Internet Discourse and Health Debates; Public Issue Television

Kay Richardson

Political Culture and Media Genre

Kay Richardson

Political Culture and Media Genre

Kevin Richardson

Part of the Pride

Michael Richardson

Partnership and the High Performance Workplace; Surrealism Against The Current

Mike Richardson

Flexibility at Work; The Realities of Partnership at Work; We Sell Our Time No More

Mike Richardson

A Business and Labour History of Britain

Niall Richardson

The Queer Cinema of Derek Jarman

Niall Richardson

Studying Sexualities; Gender in the Media

R. C. Richardson

The Debate on the English Revolution; Household Servants in Early Modern England

Sarah Richardson

Women in British Politics, 1780-1860; Using Computers in History

Tony Richardson

We Sell Our Time No More

Xavier Richer

Splendours of Morocco

Julia Richers

Soviet Space Culture

Graham Riches

First World Hunger

Graham Riches

First World Hunger Revisited

William T. Martin Riches

The Civil Rights Movement

James Richey

Quest for the Fallen Star

Lisa Ann Richey

Population Politics and Development

Alexandra Richie

Warsaw 1944

Eugene Richie

Collected French Translations: Poetry; Collected French Translations: Prose

Nancy Richler

The Imposter Bride

Bonnie Richley

Managing by Values

Colin Richmond

Lollardy and the Gentry in the Later Middle Ages

Oliver P. Richmond

The United Nations and Human Security; Maintaining Order, Making Peace; The Transformation of Peace; Conflict

Oliver P. Richmond

Hybrid Forms of Peace

Steven Richmond

The Voice of England in the East

Susan Richmond

Lynda Benglis

Frank Jurgen Richter

Advances in Human Resource Management in Asia

Frank-Jürgen Richter

Asian Post-Crisis Management; The Knowledge Economy in India; Corruption and Governance in Asia; Infrastructure and Productivity in Asia

Ingo K. Richter

Risk Society and the Culture of Precaution; Building a Transnational Civil Society

Judith Richter

Holding Corporations Accountable

Michael Richter

Medieval Ireland

Simon Richter

Women, Pleasure, Film

Virginia Richter

Literature After Darwin

Jane Rickard

Authorship and Authority: The Writings of James VI and I; Shakespeare's Book

John Rickards

Winter's End

Mary Rickert

The Mothers of Voorhisville

Aidan Ricketts

The Activists' Handbook

Phil Rickman

The Bones of Avalon

Giovanna Ricoveri

Nature for Sale

John M. Riddle

Goddesses, Elixirs, and Witches

Sue Riddle

Gotta Go! Gotta Go!

Anouk Ride

Community Resilience in Natural Disasters

Sally Ride

Mission: Planet Earth; Mission: Save the Planet; Voyages: Space

Jeff Rider

The Inner Life of Women in Medieval Romance Literature

Tom Ridge

The Test of Our Times

Lloyd Ridgeon

Islamic Interpretations of Christianity; Religion and Politics in Modern Iran

Lloyd Ridgeon

Shi'i Islam and Identity

Rick Ridgeway

The Shadow of Kilimanjaro

Nick Riding

Researching the Psychotherapy Process

Charles R. Ridley

The Elements of Ethics for Professionals; The Elements of Mentoring

Nicholas Ridout

Theatre and Ethics

Michael Ridpath

Where the Shadows Lie; Far North

J. Terry Riebling

SEAL Warrior

Paula M. Rieder

On the Purification of Women

Leni Riefenstahl

Leni Riefenstahl

David Rieff

Reborn; As Consciousness Is Harnessed to Flesh

Joerg Rieger

Religion, Theology, and Class

Anna Riehl

The Face of Queenship

Gene Riehl

Quantico Rules; Sleeper

Martina Rieker

Gendering Urban Space in the Middle East, South Asia, and Africa

Michael Riera

Uncommon Sense for Parents With Teenagers

Monica Riera

The Lasting War

Manuel Riesco

Latin America

Martin Rieser

The New Screen Media: Cinema/art/narrative

Lothar Rieth

The Role of Business in Global Governance

Ralph A. Rieves

Investor Relations for the Emerging Company

Amal Rifa'i

We Just Want To Live Here

Roula El Rifai

Palestinian Refugees

Zeb Rifaqat

Harnessing and Guiding Social Capital for Rural Development

Jeremy Rifkin

The Third Industrial Revolution; The Zero Marginal Cost Society

June Rifkin

The Complete Book of Astrology

Sherri Rifkin


Gabrielle Rifkind

The Fog of Peace

Louis Rigaud

Popville; Wake Up, Sloth!

Nigel Rigby

Modernism and Empire; Epic Adventure: Epic Voyages

S. H. Rigby

Marxism and History; Chaucer in Context; Engels and the Formation of Marxism

Jonathan Rigg

Unplanned Development(s)

Ronald E. Riggio

Leadership and the Liberal Arts

Pía Riggirozzi

Governance after Neoliberalism in Latin America; Advancing Governance in the South

Alan Riggs

Quest for the Fallen Star

Cynthia Riggs

Touch-Me-Not; The Bee Balm Murders; The Paperwhite Narcissus; Shooting Star

David Riggs

The World of Christopher Marlowe

Maggie Righetti

Knitting in Plain English; Crocheting in Plain English; Sweater Design in Plain English

Andrea Righi

Biopolitics and Social Change in Italy

Mike Right

Kid Pickers

Ann Rigney

Commemorating Writers in Nineteenth-Century Europe

Marguerite Rigoglioso

The Cult of Divine Birth in Ancient Greece

Marguerite Rigoglioso

Virgin Mother Goddesses of Antiquity

Sergio Rigoletto

Popular Italian Cinema

Isabelle Rigoni

Mediating Cultural Diversity in a Globalised Public Space

Mohammad Rihan

The Politics and Culture of an Umayyad Tribe

Søren Riis

New Waves in Philosophy of Technology

Glenn Rikowski

Renewing Dialogues in Marxism and Education

Denise Riley

The Language, Discourse, Society Reader; The Force of Language

Jeni Riley

First Word Book; The Kingfisher Word Box; Mi Primer Libro de Palabras; First Word Fun

John Riley

Dmitri Shostakovich: A Life in Film

Mike Riley

Construction Technology 2: Industrial and Commercial Building

Naomi Schaefer Riley

God on the Quad

Robin L. Riley

Interrogating Imperialism; Feminism and War

Robin Lee Riley

Depicting the Veil

Sarah Riley

Critical Bodies

Shannon Rose Riley

Mapping Landscapes for Performance as Research

Tim Riley


Jonathan Riley-Smith

The Knights Hospitaller in the Levant, c.1070-1309

Rainer Maria Rilke

Duino Elegies; New Poems; The Book of Images; Uncollected Poems

Nina Rilla

Changes in Innovation

Marco Rimanelli

Comparative Democratization and Peaceful Change in Single-Party-Dominant Countri

Peter J. Rimmer

Cities, Transport and Communications

Lucia Rinaldi

Assassinations and Murder in Modern Italy

James F. Rinehart

Apocalyptic Faith and Political Violence

Erik Ringmar

Liberal Barbarism

Priscilla Ringrose

Fundamentalism in the Modern World 2 Volume Set; Fundamentalism in the Modern World Vol 1; Fundamentalism in the Modern World Vol 2

James Riordan

The Kingfisher Treasury of Irish Stories; Escape From War

Torsten Riotte

Monarchy and Exile

Jean-Sébastien Rioux

Media, Bureaucracies, and Foreign Aid

W. L. Ripley

Pressing the Bet; Springer's Gambit

John Paul Riquelme

Tess of the D'Urbervilles

Ole Risager

Understanding the Financial Crisis: Investment, Risk and Governance

Saba Risaluddin

The Crescent and the Cross

Bob Risch


Jessica Riskin

Nature Engaged

Mathias Risse

Global Political Philosophy

Thomas Risse

Promoting Democracy and the Rule of Law

Thomas Risse

Promoting Democracy and the Rule of Law

Gilbert Rist

The Delusions of Economics

Gilbert Rist

The History of Development

Jamaica Ritcher

There is More to Life than Life

Jenny Ritchie

Early Childhood Education in Aotearoa New Zealand

L. David Ritchie

Context and Connection in Metaphor

Nick Ritchie

A Nuclear Weapons-Free World?

Andreea Deciu Ritivoi

Outrage: Art, Controversy, and Society

Mike Ritland

Trident K9 Warriors; Navy SEAL Dogs; Navy SEALs BUD/S Preparation Guide

Berthold Rittberger

Differentiated Integration

Volker Rittberger

Authority in the Global Political Economy

Volker Rittberger

International Organization

Josh Rittenberg

Tomorrow Will be a Better Day

John Ritter

8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter

Todd Ritter

Death Notice; Bad Moon; Devil's Night

Karen A. Ritzenhoff

Screening the Dark Side of Love; Heroism and Gender in War Films

Andrés Rivarola Puntigliano

Resilience of Regionalism in Latin America and the Caribbean

Celia Rivenbark

We're Just Like You, Only Prettier; Stop Dressing Your Six-Year-Old Like a Skank; Bless Your Heart, Tramp; Belle Weather

Raquel Z. Rivera

New York Ricans from the Hip Hop Zone

Roxanne Rivera

There's No Crying in Business

Beatriz Rivera-Barnes

Reading and Writing the Latin American Landscape

Peter Rivere

Absent Minded Imperialism

Lisa Rivero

The Homeschooling Option

Josep Riverola

Problem Driven Management; The New Operational Culture

Josep Riverola

When Business Meets Culture

Alton Rivers

Love, Ava

Rochelle Rives

Modernist Impersonalities

Luisa Rivi

European Cinema after 1989

Thomas Rixen

The Political Economy of International Tax Governance

Paul Rixon

American Television on British Screens; TV Critics and Popular Culture

Younan Labib Rizk

Britain and Arab Unity

Carlos Rizowy

Latin American Business Cultures

Hasan-Askari Rizvi

Military, State and Society in Pakistan

Kishwar Rizvi

The Safavid Dynastic Shrine

Aaron Rizzieri

Pragmatic Encroachment, Religious Belief and Practice

Ronin Ro


Andrew Roadnight

United States Policy Towards Indonesia in the Truman and Eisenhower Years

Caris Roane

Ascension; Burning Skies; Wings of Fire; Born of Ashes

Susan RoAne

RoAne's Rules; The Secrets of Savvy Networking; How to Work a Room

Brady Robards

Mediated Youth Cultures

Christina Robb

This Changes Everything

George Robb

British Culture and the First World War

J. D. Robb

Naked Came the Phoenix

Peter Robb

M; Midnight in Sicily

Peter Robb

A History of India

Thomas Robb

A Strained Partnership?

Chandler S. Robbins

Birds of North America

Charles Robbins

Life Among the Cannibals; The Accomplice; The U.S. Senate

Harold Robbins

The Predators; The Storyteller; Heat of Passion; The Betrayers

Jann Robbins

Hope and Honor; Harold and Me

Jeffrey W. Robbins

Religion, Politics, and the Earth

Keith Robbins

Transforming the World

Ken Robbins

Pumpkins; Food For Thought; For Good Measure

Maria Robbins

Biscotti & Other Low Fat Cookies; The One-Dish Vegetarian; Simple One-Pot Stews

Michael Robbins

The Railway Age

Peter Robbins

Stolen Fruit

Ruth Robbins

Literary Feminisms; Victorian Gothic; Pater to Forster, 1873-1924; Subjectivity

Stever Robbins

Get-It-Done Guy's 9 Steps to Work Less and Do More; Get-It-Done-Guy's 9 Steps to Work Less and Do More; Get-it-Done Guy's 3 Bad Habits Successful People Break; Quick and Dirty Tips for Life After College

Timothy R. Robbins

New Trends in Contemporary Latin American Narrative

Tom Robbins

Mob Boss

James David Robenalt

The Harding Affair

Hannah Roberts McKinnon

Franny Parker; The Properties of Water

Adam Roberts

The History of Science Fiction

Adam Roberts

The Riddles of the Hobbit

Amy Roberts

The Internationalization of East Asian Higher Education

Andrew Michael Roberts

Conrad and Masculinity

Bethany Roberts

Double Trouble Groundhog Day

Brenda C. Roberts

Jazzy Miz Mozetta

Brian Roberts

Micro Social Theory

Brian Roberts

Policing the Crisis

Bryan Roberts

The Design and Use of Political Economy Indicators

Bryan R. Roberts

Urban Segregation and Governance in the Americas

Dallas Roberts

A Home at the End of the World

Daniel S. Roberts

Romanticism and Blackwood's Magazine

David Roberts

Jean Stafford; Tyrannosaurus Drip; Human Insecurity

David Roberts

Global Governance and Biopolitics

David Roberts

Operation Bunny; Three Pickled Herrings; The Vanishing of Billy Buckle

Denys Roberts

Another Disaster

Geoffrey K. Roberts

The Soviet Union and the Origins of the Second World War; German Politics Today; The Politics Today Companion to West European Politics; European Politics Today

Graham Roberts

Forward Soviet!; The Man With the Movie Camera

Gwyneth Roberts

Adult Social Care Law in England

Ian Roberts

The Energy Glut

John Roberts

Realism, Philosophy and Social Science

John Roberts

Philosophizing the Everyday

John Maddox Roberts

SPQR III: The Sacrilege; SPQR IV: The Temple of the Muses; SPQR I: The Kings Gambit; SPQR II: The Catiline Conspiracy

John Michael Roberts

The Aesthetics of Free Speech

John Michael Roberts

The Competent Public Sphere

Karl Roberts

'Honour' Killing and Violence

Ken Roberts

The Leisure Industries; Key Concepts in Sociology; Youth in Transition

Ken Roberts

Class in Contemporary Britain

Kenneth M. Roberts

Beyond Neoliberalism in Latin America?

Kristi Roberts

My Thirteenth Season

Les Roberts

The Strange Death of Father Candy

Les Roberts

The City and the Moving Image; Mapping Cultures

Marian Roberts

A-Z of Mediation

Mark Roberts

Why Institutions Matter

Matthew Roberts

My First Horse and Pony Book; My First Horse and Pony Care Book; Political Movements in Urban England, 1832-1914

Michèle Roberts

Fair Exchange; The Looking Glass; Daughters of the House; The Mistressclass

Neil Roberts

D.H. Lawrence, Travel and Cultural Difference; Ted Hughes

Neil Roberts

Ted Hughes: From Cambridge to Collected

Paul William Roberts

River in the Desert; Journey of the Magi; The Demonic Comedy

Peder Roberts

The European Antarctic

Peder Roberts

The Surveillance Imperative

Penny Roberts

Fear in Early Modern Society

Penny Roberts

Peace and Authority During the French Religious Wars c.1560-1600

Rachel Roberts

Avalon: Web of Magic Book 1; Avalon: Web of Magic Book 2; Avalon: Web of Magic Book 3; Avalon: Web of Magic Book 4

Rebecca Roberts

Palestinians in Lebanon

Richard Samuel Roberts

All Around Town

Robert Roberts

A Ragged Schooling

Sam Roberts

Who We Are Now; Only in New York

Sasha Roberts

Reading Shakespeare's Poems in Early Modern England

Sheila Roberts

Bikini Season; Love in Bloom; Angel Lane; Small Change

Adam Roberts

Democracy, Sovereignty and Terror

Steven Roberts

Class Inequality in Austerity Britain; Young People and Social Policy in Europe

Steven K. Roberts

A Ministry of Enthusiasm

A. H. Robertson

Human Rights in the World

Bridget M. Robertson

Angels in Africa

Duncan Robertson

The Vernacular Spirit

Elizabeth Robertson

Representing Rape in Medieval and Early Modern Literature

Elizabeth Robertson

Medieval and Early Modern Devotional Objects in Global Perspective

Emma Robertson

Chocolate, Women and Empire

Emma Robertson

Chocolate, Women and Empire

Ian Robertson

Opening the Mind's Eye

Ian H. Robertson

The Winner Effect

Ivan Robertson


James Robertson

The New Economics of Sustainable Development; The Last of the Proconsuls

Justin Robertson

Power and Politics After Financial Crisises

Kellie Robertson

The Middle Ages At Work; The Laborer's Two Bodies

Lauren Robertson

The Best Book of Martial Arts

Linda Robertson

Kwanzaa Fun

Mark Robertson

The Kingfisher Treasury of Dragon Stories

Maxine Robertson

Managing Knowledge Work and Innovation, 2nd Edition

Michael Robertson

The Baker Street Letters; The Brothers of Baker Street; Moriarty Returns a Letter; The Baker Street Translation

Nicole Robertson

Consumerism and the Co-operative Movement in Modern British History

Robbie Robertson

The Three Waves of Globalization

Robert Robertson

Government by the Gun; Eisenstein on the Audiovisual

Robin Robertson

Sailing the Forest

Roland Robertson

European Cosmopolitanism in Question

Sebastian Robertson

Rock and Roll Highway

Shanthi Robertson

Transnational Student-Migrants and the State

Una A. Robertson

The Illustrated History of the Housewife, 1650-1950

Robin Ryde

Thought Leadership; Custom-Built Leadership

Nicholas Robinette

Realism, Form and the Postcolonial Novel

Deri Robins

The Great Pirate Activity Book; Christmas Fun

Gregg S. Robins

Banking in Transition

Dr. Howard Robins, M.D.

Ultimate Training

Kevin Robins

Redrawing the Map

Madeleine E. Robins

Sold for Endless Rue; Petty Treason; Point of Honour; The Stone War

Nick Robins

The Corporation That Changed the World

Philip Robins

Turkey's Engagement with Modernity

Rebecca Robins

Brand Medicine

Rebecca Robins


David Robinson

Economic Development from the State and Local Perspective

Alan Robinson

Imagining London, 1770-1900; Chaplains at War

Alan Robinson

Narrating the Past

Alan Robinson

Chaplains at War

Alistair Robinson

David Harrison

Andrew Robinson

Rabindranath Tagore: An Anthology; Satyajit Ray: The Inner Eye; Satyajit Ray; Rabindranath Tagore

Benedict S. Robinson

Islam and Early Modern English Literature

Cynthia Robinson

First Thrills; The Dog Park Club; First Thrills: Volume 4; The Barbary Dogs

Daniel Robinson

The Poetry of Mary Robinson

David Robinson

Richard Attenborough

David Robinson

Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari

David J. Robinson

Economic Development from the State and Local Perspective

Emily Robinson

History, Heritage and Tradition in Contemporary British Politics

Frank M. Robinson

The Dark Beyond the Stars; Waiting; The Donor; The Power

Gillian Robinson

Researching Violently Divided Societies

Gina Robinson

The Spy Who Left Me; Diamonds Are Truly Forever; Live and Let Love; License to Love

Graham Robinson

Unsecured Ladders

Gwen Robinson

Rehabilitation, Crime and Justice

Hilary Robinson

Reading Art, Reading Irigaray

I. S. Robinson

Eleventh-Century Germany

Jackie Robinson

Free Minds and Hearts at Work

James Robinson

Inventions; Kingfisher Knowledge: Inventions

Jeffrey Robinson

Standing Next to History

Jeffrey Robinson

Values and Opportunities in Social Entrepreneurship

Jeffrey Robinson

Reception and Poetics in Keats; Social Entrepreneurship; International Perspectives on Social Entrepreneurship Research

Jeffrey C. Robinson

Unfettering Poetry

Jeremy Robinson

Pulse; Instinct; Threshold; SecondWorld

Jo Ann Robinson

Education As My Agenda

Joan Robinson

Teddy Robinson Storybook, The

Joan Robinson

The Accumulation of Capital

Katherine Robinson

Climate Ethics

Kathryn Robinson

Asian and Pacific Cosmopolitans

Keith Robinson

Deleuze, Whitehead, Bergson

Kerry Robinson

Rethinking School Violence

Kim Stanley Robinson

Escape From Kathmandu; Pacific Edge; The Gold Coast; The Wild Shore

Lena Robinson

Cross-Cultural Child Development for Social Workers

Lloyd Robinson

The Stolen Election

Lucy Robinson

Gay Men and the Left in Post-War Britain

Luke Robinson

Independent Chinese Documentary

Marc Robinson

Performance Budgeting

Marilynne Robinson

Mother Country; Housekeeping; Gilead; The Death of Adam

Mark Robinson

Budgeting for the Poor

Mark L. Robinson

Marketing Big Oil

Michelle Robinson

How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth

Nick Robinson

Picture-Perfect Origami

Oliver Robinson

Development through Adulthood

P. Stuart Robinson

The Politics of International Crisis Escalation

Peter Robinson

The Changing World of Gay Men; Gay Men's Relationships Across the Life Course

Piers Robinson

Pockets of Resistance

Rebecca Robinson

Hide and Seek: In the Jungle; Hide and Seek: Pets

Richard Robinson

History of Nowhere

Robert C. Robinson

Justice and Responsibility-Sensitive Egalitarianism

Roxana Robinson

Cost; Sparta

Simon Robinson

Ethics in the Alcohol Industry

Simon Robinson

Islam in the West

Sionade Robinson

Customer Loyalty

Spider Robinson

Variable Star

Stewart Robinson


Tim Robinson

King George: What Was His Problem?; Two Miserable Presidents; Which Way to the Wild West?

Tony Robinson


Victoria Robinson

Mundane Heterosexualities; Introducing Gender & Womens Studies

Diane Robinson-Dunn

The Harem, Slavery and British Imperial Culture

Diane Robinson-Dunn

The Harem, Slavery and British Imperial Culture

Christopher Robinson-Easley

Preparing for Today's Global Job Market; Beyond Diversity and Intercultural Management

Emma Robinson-Tomsett

Women, Travel and Identity

Richard Robison

The Neoliberal Revolution

Richard Robison

Political Economy and the Aid Industry in Asia

Alfredo C. Robles Jr.

French Theories of Regulation and Concepts of the International Division of Labo

Alex Robson

Law and Markets

Lucia St. Clair Robson

The Tokaido Road; Last Train from Cuernavaca; Ghost Warrior; Shadow Patriots

Mark Robson

The Sense of Early Modern Writing

Mark Robson

The Sense of Early Modern Writing

Martin Robson

Britain, Portugal and South America in the Napoleonic Wars

Martin Robson

A History of the Royal Navy: The Napoleonic Wars

Peter Robson

Law and Poverty

Ruthann Robson

A/K/A; The Struggle for Happiness

Terry Robson

The State and Community Action

François Roca

Soar, Elinor!

Agnès Rocamora

Fashioning the City

Jean-Louis Rocca

Politics In China

Jean-Paul Rocchi

Understanding Blackness through Performance

Roberto Roccu

The Political Economy of the Egyptian Revolution

Carolina Rocha

Masculinities in Contemporary Argentine Popular Cinema

Carolina Rocha

Representing History, Class, and Gender in Spain and Latin America

Héctor O. Rocha

Entrepreneurship and Regional Development

Leon Antonio Rocha

Foucault, the Family and Politics

Anthony Roche

Contemporary Irish Drama

Anthony Roche

Brian Friel

Cullen Roche

Pragmatic Capitalism

Denis Roche

A Truck Goes Rattley-Bumpa; A Plane Goes Ka-Zoom!

George Roche

Childhood in India

Patrick Roche

The Northern Ireland Question

Dale Roche-Lebrec

What's Next?

Dona Roche-Tarry

What's Next?

Harriet Welty Rochefort

French Toast; Joie de Vivre

Colin Rochester

Volunteering and Society in the 21st Century

Colin Rochester

Volunteering and Society in the 21st Century; Rediscovering Voluntary Action

Jean-Yves Rochex

Educational Policies and Inequalities in Europe

James F. Rochlin

Social Forces and the Revolution in Military Affairs

Steven A. Rochlin

Beyond Good Company

Frances Rock

Rights Communication

Stella Rock

Nationalist Myths and Modern Media

Stella Rock

Nationalist Myths and Modern Media

Anja Röcke

Framing Citizen Participation

Rudolf Rocker


Kate Rockland

Falling Is Like This; 150 Pounds

Edward L. Rocklin

Romeo and Juliet

Alicia Rockmore

Everything (almost) In Its Place

Misako Rocks!

Detective Jermain Volume 1

Anne Rockwell

My Preschool; At the Supermarket

John Rockwell

The Idiots

Thomas Rockwell

Emily Stew

Joyce Rockwood

To Spoil the Sun; Groundhog's Horse

Nick Roddick

The Festival Business

Ruth Roded

Women in Islam and the Middle East

Frederick S. Roden

Same Sex Desire in Victorian Religious Culture; Palgrave Advances in Oscar Wilde Studies; Catholic Figures, Queer Narratives

Patsy Rodenburg

The Actor Speaks; Speaking Shakespeare

Knut Roder

The Left and the European Constitution

John J. Rodger

From A Welfare State To A Welfare Society

Bill Rodgers

Marathon Man

Chris Rodgers

Informal Coalitions

Dennis Rodgers

Youth Violence in Latin America

Dennis Rodgers

Latin American Urban Development into the Twenty First Century

James Rodgers

Reporting Conflict

Nini Rodgers

Ireland, Slavery and Anti-Slavery: 1645-1865; Ireland, Slavery and Anti-Slavery: 1612-1865

Rick Rodgers

The Essential James Beard Cookbook

Susan Rodgers

Practicing Catholic

Robert L. Rodin

Articles of Faith

Maxime Rodinson

Europe and the Mystique of Islam

Chris Rodley

Lynch on Lynch, Revised Edition

Mary Ann Rodman

Jimmy's Stars; Yankee Girl

Rosamond C. Rodman

Women, Gender, Religion

Colby Rodowsky

Not My Dog; Ben and the Sudden Too-Big Family

José María Rodríguez García

The City of Translation

Carlos Rodríguez González

Issues in Finance and Monetary Policy; The European Union

Leandro Rodriguez Medina

The Circulation of European Knowledge

Eliza Rodriguez y Gibson

The Un/Making of Latina/o Citizenship

Edel Rodriguez

Oye, Celia!

Jacob Rodriguez

C.S. Lewis

Jacob P. Rodriguez

The Cost of Institutions

Juan Carlos Rodríguez

New Documentaries in Latin America

Leila Rodriguez

Applying Respondent Driven Sampling to Migrant Populations

Linda Rodriguez

Every Last Secret; Every Broken Trust; Every Hidden Fear

Rachel Victoria Rodriguez

Through Georgia's Eyes; Building on Nature

Cesar Rodriguez-Garavito

The New Latin American Left

Maria Rodriguez-McKey

Proportional Western Europe

Xon Paulo Rodriguez-Yáñez

New Approaches to Discourse and Business Communication

Alan Roe

Fiscal Policy for Development

Dinah Roe

Christina Rossetti's Faithful Imagination

Micheál Roe

The Role of Memory in Ethnic Conflict

Nicholas Roe

The Politics of Nature; English Romantic Writers and the West Country

David Roediger

The Best American History Essays 2008

Michael Franz Roehrig

Foreign Joint Ventures in Contemporary China

Bruno Roelants

Capital and the Debt Trap

John E. Roemer

Property Relations, Incentives and Welfare; Intergenerational Equity and Sustainability

Anne Roemer-Mahler

The Transformation of Global Health Governance

Hans K. Roethel

Kandinsky Watercolours; Kandinsky; Kandinsky Drawings: Two Volume Set; Kandinsky Drawings: Volume Two: Sketchbooks

Dr. Steffi Roettgen

Anton Raphael Mengs 1728-79 and his British Patrons

J. Simon Rofe

Franklin Roosevelt's Foreign Policy and the Welles Mission

J. Simon Rofe

The Embassy in Grosvenor Square

Eric Rofes

Youth and Sexualities

Lisa Rogak

A Boy Named Shel; Haunted Heart; And Nothing But the Truthiness; Angry Optimist

Eugene Rogan

Village, Steppe and State; Outside In

James Rogauskas

Office Haiku

Pernille Røge

The Political Economy of Empire in the Early Modern World

Nathan Roger

Image Warfare in the War on Terror

Julia Rogers Hamrick

Choosing Easy World

A. P. V. Rogers

Law on the Battlefield

Ann Rogers


Anne Rogers

Mental Health Policy in Britain, Second Edition; Mental Health and Inequality

Chris Rogers

The IMF and European Economies

Chris Rogers

Capitalism and Its Alternatives

Chrissie Rogers

Parenting Inclusive Education

Colin Rogers

Researching the Police in the 21st Century

Colin D. Rogers

The Surname Detective; The Family Tree Detective

David Rogers

The Revisions of Englishness

Gregory Rogers

The Hero of Little Street

Helen Rogers

Gender and Fatherhood in the Nineteenth Century

Ibram H. Rogers

The Black Campus Movement

J. T. Rogers

The Overwhelming; Blood and Gifts

Jacqueline Rogers

Perfectly Chelsea

Jamie Rogers

Strategy, Value And Risk-The Real Options Approach; Strategy, Value and Risk

Jamie Rogers

Strategy, Value and Risk

Jay Rogers

People: The New Asset on the Balance Sheet

Joel Rogers

Right Turn

Karl Rogers

On the Metaphysics of Experimental Physics; Modern Science and the Capriciousness of Nature; Participatory Democracy, Science and Technology

Katharine M. Rogers

L. Frank Baum

Kenneth Rogers

The Attention Complex

Kenny Rogers

What Are the Chances

Kim Lacy Rogers

Life and Death in the Delta

Mary Rogers

Women in Italy, 1350-1650

Mary Rogers

Women and the Visual Arts in Italy c. 1400-1650

Paul Rogers

Iraq and the War on Terror; Into the Long War; A War Too Far; A War on Terror

Peter Rogers

The Everyday Resilience of the City; Running Out of Water

Rebecca Rogers

Girls' Secondary Education in the Western World

Rosemary Rogers

Mother-Daughter Movies

Susan Fox Rogers

Women on the Verge

Conny Roggeband

Gender Equality Norms in Regional Governance

Stefan Roggenhofer

Journey to Lean

Mark A. Roglán

Fernando Gallego and His Workshop

Arnold Rogow

A Fatal Friendship

Richard Rohan

John Adams; Woodrow Wilson; Franklin Delano Roosevelt; William McKinley

Achim Rohde

Iraq Between Occupations

Sam Rohdie

Montage; Promised Lands: Cinema, Geography, Modernism; The Passion of Pier Paolo Pasolini; Fellini Lexicon

Ingo Rohlfing

Case Studies and Causal Inference

Eric Rohmann

Clara and Asha; Bone Dog; My Friend Rabbit; Last Song

Augusta Rohrbach

Truth Stranger Than Fiction

Sophie Rohrbach

I Am Reading: Alien Alby

Robert Rohrschneider

Public Opinion, Party Competition, and the European Union in Post-Communist Europe

Larry Rohter

Brazil on the Rise

Cristina Rojas

Elusive Peace

Rafael Rojas

Essays in Cuban Intellectual History

Chris Rojek

Leisure Theory; A Handbook of Leisure Studies

Naomi Rokotnitz

Trusting Performance

Gérard Roland

The Economics of Transition; Institutional Change and Economic Behaviour; Corruption, Development and Institutional Design

Gérard Roland

Economies in Transition; Institutions and Comparative Economic Development

Kjell Roland

Western Aid at a Crossroads

Lise Rolandsen Agustín

Gender Equality, Intersectionality, and Diversity in Europe

Jim Rolfe

International Conflict over Water Resources in Himalayan Asia

Dave Rolinson

Alan Clarke

Martin Roll

Asian Brand Strategy

James Haywood Rolling Jr.

Swarm Intelligence

Brent Rollins

Ego Trip's

Joe Rollins

AIDS and the Sexuality of Law

Craig Rollo

Displaying Competence in Organizations

Alistair Rolls

French And American Noir

Carl Rollyson

American Isis

Glenn Rolnick

Carmine's Celebrates

Julia Roloff

Social Responsibility, Entrepreneurship and the Common Good

Sheena Rolph

Residential Care Transformed

Michal Rom

Feminism, Family, and Identity in Israel

G. Franco Romagnoli

The Bicycle Runner

A. E. Roman

Chinatown Angel; The Superman Project

Camille Roman

Elizabeth Bishop's World War II-Cold War View

Dave Roman

Astronaut Academy: Zero Gravity; Astronaut Academy: Re-entry

Kenneth Roman

How to Advertise; The King of Madison Avenue

Clara Román-Odio

Transnational Borderlands in Women's Global Networks; Sacred Iconographies in Chicana Cultural Productions

Lisiunia A. Romanienko

Body Piercing and Identity Construction

Lisiunia A. Romanienko

Degradation Rituals

Aldo Romano

Open Business Innovation Leadership

David Romano

Conflict, Democratization, and the Kurds in the Middle East

Bassam Romaya

The Iraq War

Adam Rome

The Genius of Earth Day

Caterina Romeo

Postcolonial Italy

Elizabeth Romer

The Tuscan Year

John Romer

A History of Ancient Egypt

Francisco J. Romero Salvado

Twentieth-Century Spain

Esther Romero

Explicit Communication

George Romero


Asaf Romirowsky

Religion, Politics, and the Origins of Palestine Refugee Relief

Jonathan Romney

Atom Egoyan

Mitt Romney

No Apology

Heike Roms

Contesting Performance

Heike Roms

Contesting Performance

Richard Ronald

The Ideology of Home Ownership

Richard Ronald

Housing East Asia

Susan Ronald

Heretic Queen

Sônia Roncador

Domestic Servants in Literature and Testimony in Brazil, 1889-1999

Alessandro Roncaglia

Piero Sraffa

Dennis A. Rondinelli

Beyond Reconstruction in Afghanistan

Paul G. Roness

Autonomy and Control of State Agencies

Michael Ronis

Carmine's Family-Style Cookbook

Dieter Ronte

Christo and Jeanne-Claude: International Projects

Steve Rook

The Graduate Career Guidebook

Caroline Rooney

Kipling and Beyond

Christof Roos

Liberal States and the Freedom of Movement; The EU and Immigration Policies

Johan Roos

Thinking from Within; Everyday Strategic Preparedness

Eleanor Roosevelt

Growth that Starts From Thinking

Elliott Roosevelt

Murder at the President's Door

Kermit Roosevelt

In the Shadow of the Law

Theodore Roosevelt IV

African Game Trails; The Man in the Arena

Barry Root

The Araboolies of Liberty Street

Kimberly Bulcken Root

The Doll with the Yellow Star

Phyllis Root

Paula Bunyan

Rebecca K. Root

Transitional Justice in Peru

Kate Rope

The Complete Guide to Medications During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Brian S. Roper

The History of Democracy

Derek Roper

'Tis Pity She's a Whore

Ian Roper

Contesting Public Sector Reforms; Modernising Work in Public Services

Jane Roper

Double Time

Jon Roper

Over Thirty Years

Jonathan Roper

Charms and Charming in Europe; Charms, Charmers and Charming

Jonathan Roper

Alliteration in Culture

L.H. Roper

Conceiving Carolina

Michael Roper

The Secret Battle

Robert Roper

Fatal Mountaineer; Now the Drum of War

Steven D. Roper

The Development of Institutions of Human Rights

Dr. Allan Ropper

Reaching Down the Rabbit Hole

Ricardo Roque

Headhunting and Colonialism; Engaging Colonial Knowledge

Dominique Roques

Sleep Tight, Anna Banana!

Ginny Rorby

Hurt Go Happy

Ana Ros

The Post-dictatorship Generation in Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay

Rafael Rosado

Giants Beware!; Dragons Beware!

Tim Rosaforte

Heartbreak Hill; Raising the Bar

Ben Rosamond

Theories of European Integration

Josep Maria Rosanas

Decision-Making in an Organizational Context

Gina Rosati

The Cairn in Slater Woods; Auracle

Madeleine Rosca

Hollow Fields Vol 2; Hollow Fields Vol 3; Hollow Fields Vol 1; Hollow Fields Omnibus

Felix Rösch

The Concept of the Political

Felix Rösch

Émigré Scholars and the Genesis of International Relations

Paul J. Rosch, M.D., F.A.C.P

De-Stress, Weigh Less

Heike Roscher

Governments and Corporate Social Responsibility

Jane Roscoe

Faking It

Prof. Will Roscoe

Changing Ones; Boy-Wives and Female-Husbands; Living the Spirit

Roman Rosdolsky

The Making of Marx's Capital, Volume 1; The Making of Marx's Capital, Volume 2

Andrew Rose

The Woman Before Wallis

Caspar Rose

Understanding the Financial Crisis: Investment, Risk and Governance

Chris Rose

Self Awareness and Personal Development

Christine Rose

Representing Rape in Medieval and Early Modern Literature

David Edward Rose

The Ethics and Politics of Pornography

Jean Rose

The Mature Student's Guide to Writing

Jenny Rose


John Rose

The Myths of Zionism

Jonathan Rose

The Public Understanding of Political Integrity

Kalima Rose

Where Women Are Leaders

Lawrence Rose

Comparing Local Governance

M. J. Rose

How to Publish and Promote Online

Malcolm Rose

Lost Bullet; Roll Call; Double Check; Traces: Lost Bullet

Norman Rose


Peter Rose

How the Troubles Came To Northern Ireland

Phyllis Rose

The Shelf: From LEQ to LES: Adventures in Extreme Reading

Susan Rose

Britain, France and the Empire, 1350-1500

Susan D. Rose

Challenging Global Gender Violence

Tom Rose

Big Miracle

Tricia Rose

Longing to Tell

Susan Rose-Ackerman

Building a Trustworthy State in Post-Socialist Transition; Creating Social Trust in Post-Socialist Transition

Lynn Roseberry

Corporate Social and Human Rights Responsibilities

Laura Roselle

Media and the Politics of Failure

Mike Roselle

Tree Spiker

Alessandro Roselli

Italy and Albania; The UK Banking System and its Regulatory and Supervisory Framework

Alessandro Roselli

Financial Structures and Regulation: A Comparison of Crises in the UK, USA and Italy

Mark Roseman

The Wannsee Conference and the Final Solution; A Past in Hiding

Philipp W. Rosemann

Understanding Scholastic Thought With Foucault

McGee Rosemary

Citizen Action and National Policy Reform

Henry Rosemont

A Reader's Companion to the Confucian Analects

Andrew Rosen

The Transformation of British Life 1950-2000

Carol Rosen

Sam Shepard

Jeffrey Rosen

The Supreme Court

Jonathan Rosen

The Talmud and the Internet; Eve's Apple; Joy Comes in the Morning; The Life of the Skies

Larry D. Rosen, Ph.D.

Me, MySpace, and I; Rewired; iDisorder: Understanding Our Obsession with Technology and Overcoming Its Hold on Us

Lev A.C. Rosen

All Men of Genius

Michael Rosen

101 Damnations; The Kingfisher Book of Children's Poetry; Poems for the Very Young; Funny Stories

Renee Rosen

Every Crooked Pot

Russell S. Rosen

Teaching and Learning Signed Languages

Benjamin Rosenbaum

Feature Development for Social Networking

Eckehard F. Rosenbaum

Privatization, Corporate Governance and the Emergence of Markets

Jonathan Rosenbaum

Dead Man; Movie Mutations: The Changing Face of World Cinephilia; Greed

Julia B. Rosenbaum

The American Bourgeoisie

S.P. Rosenbaum

Aspects of Bloomsbury; Edwardian Bloomsbury; Georgian Bloomsbury

S.P. Rosenbaum

The Bloomsbury Group Memoir Club

Thane Rosenbaum

Elijah Visible; Second Hand Smoke

Beth Carole Rosenberg

Virginia Woolf and the Essay

Betsy Rosenberg

The Zigzag Kid

Emily Rosenberg

Spreading the American Dream

Joel C. Rosenberg

The Last Jihad; The Last Days

Leah Reade Rosenberg

Nationalism and the Formation of Caribbean Literature

Liz Rosenberg

Tyrannosaurus Dad

Nancy Taylor Rosenberg

The Cheater; My Lost Daughter

Rosalind Rosenberg

Divided Lives

Samuel Rosenberg

American Economic Development Since 1945

Shawn W. Rosenberg

Deliberation, Participation and Democracy

Vera Rosenberry

Vera Runs Away; Vera Goes to the Dentist; Vera's First Day of School; Vera Rides a Bike

Barbara Rosenblat

Destroyer Angel

Susan Rakosi Rosenbloom

The Multiracial Urban High School

Lauren Rosenblum

Communal Modernisms

Mary Rosenblum


Mort Rosenblum

Chocolate; Escaping Plato's Cave

Neal M. Rosendorf

Franco Sells Spain to America

Sasha Roseneil

Globalization and Social Movements

Sasha Roseneil

Social Research after the Cultural Turn; Remaking Citizenship in Multicultural Europe; Beyond Citizenship?

Dr. Alvin Rosenfeld, M.D.

The Over-Scheduled Child; Hyper-Parenting

Arthur Rosenfeld

Diamond Eye

Seth Rosenfeld


David Rosenfelt

Don't Tell a Soul; Down to the Wire; On Borrowed Time; Heart of a Killer

Maxine Rosenfield

Telephone Counselling

Marsha Rosengarten

Innovation and Biomedicine

Ruth Rosengarten

Love and Authority in the Work of Paula Rego

Mats Rosengren

Cave Art, Perception and Knowledge

Steven L. Rosenhaus

Writing Musical Theater

Linda Rosenkrantz

Baby Names Now; Beyond Jennifer & Jason, Madison & Montana; The Baby Name Bible; Cool Names for Babies

Magdalene Rosenmöller

Managing eHealth

Kerstin Rosenow-Williams

Islamic Organizations in Europe and the USA

Jan Olof Rosenqvist

Interaction and Isolation in Late Byzantine Culture

Alan Rosenthal

New Challenges for Documentary

Cindy Rosenthal

The Rise of Performance Studies

Daniel Rosenthal

100 Shakespeare Films

Jim Rosenthal

Pitch Like a Pro; Don Mattingly's Hitting Is Simple; Ichiro's Art of Playing Baseball

Joel T. Rosenthal

Margaret Paston's Piety

Michele Rosenthal

American Protestants and TV in the 1950s

Neal I. Rosenthal

Reflections of a Wine Merchant

Mark Rosentraub

The Economics of Sport

Jennyson Rosero

Freerunners Vol 1; No Man's Land Vol 1; No Man's Land Vol 2

Jalil Roshandel

Jihad and International Security; The United States and Iran

Michael Rosie

The Sectarian Myth in Scotland

Frank Rosillo-Calle

Food versus Fuel

Joshua Rosner

Reckless Endangerment

Barbara D. Rosof

The Worst Loss

Meg Rosoff

Jumpy Jack & Googily; Meet Wild Boars; Wild Boars Cook

Alex Ross

The Rest Is Noise; Listen to This

Angus Ross

A Textual Introduction To Social and Political Theory

Cameron Ross

The Transition From Communism To Capitalism; Federalism and Democratization in Post-Communist Russia; Russian Politics Under Putin; Regional Politics in Russia

Cathy Ross

London Eats Out 1500-2000; Twenties London

Ciaran Ross

Beckett's Art of Absence

Corey Ross

Constructing Socialism At the Grass-Roots; Mass Media, Culture and Society in Twentieth-Century Germany

Corey Ross

Pleasure and Power in Nazi Germany

Dennis Ross

The Missing Peace; Statecraft

Don Ross

Philosophy of Economics

Eric B. Ross

The Malthus Factor

Fiona C. Ross

Bearing Witness

George Ross

The European Union and its Crises

Heather Ross

Teacher's Pets; No Dogs Allowed

John F. Ross

Enduring Courage: Ace Pilot Eddie Rickenbacker and the Dawn of the Age of Speed

John J. Ross, MD

Shakespeare's Tremor and Orwell's Cough

Julie A. Ross, M.A.

Joint Custody with a Jerk

Sarah C.E. Ross

The Contemporary British Novel Since 1980

Stanley Ralph Ross

Self-Hypnosis; Channeling Your Higher Self; Meditation; A Book of Five Rings

Steven Ross

Assessing Second Language Pragmatics

Tony Ross

Susan Laughs; Centipede's One Hundred Shoes; The Kingfisher Treasury of Pirate Stories; Three Little Kittens and Other Favorite Nursery Rhymes

Niklas H. Rossbach

Heath, Nixon and the Rebirth of the Special Relationship

Janice Rossen

Women Writing Modern Fiction

Mariam Rosser-Owen

Metalwork and Material Culture in the Islamic World

Peter M. Rosset

Food Is Different

Felicia Rosshandler

Passing Through Havana

Arianna Rossi

Towards Better Work

Patricia Rossi

Everyday Etiquette

Sergio Rossi

The Political Economy of Monetary Circuits

Michael Rossington

Romanticism's Debatable Lands

D. J. Rossiter

The Boundary Commissions

David Rossiter

From Votes To Seats

Wendy Rosslyn

Women in Russian Culture and Society, 1700-1825

Dr. Martin L. Rossman

Fighting Cancer From Within

Shannen Rossmiller

The Unexpected Patriot

Nadine Rossol

Performing the Nation in Interwar Germany

GJ (Deon) Rossouw

Global Perspectives on Ethics of Corporate Governance

Elaheh Rostami-Povey

Afghan Women; Iran's Influence

Tine Rostgaard

Care Between Work and Welfare in European Societies

Mikael Rostila

Social Capital and Health Inequality in European Welfare States

Murray Roston

Graham Greene's Narrative Strategies

Barbara Sherr Roswell

Turning Teaching Inside Out

Joseph Rotblat

A Quest for Global Peace; War No More

Mark Rotella

Stolen Figs; Amore

David Rotenberg

The Lake Ching Murders

Robert Rotenberg

The Guilty Plea; Old City Hall

Ariel Ilan Roth

Leadership in International Relations

Chaya H. Roth

The Fate of Holocaust Memories

Henry Roth

Requiem for Harlem; From Bondage; Call It Sleep

John K. Roth

Remembering For the Future; Genocide and Human Rights; Ethics During and After the Holocaust; The Double Binds of Ethics after the Holocaust

Joseph Roth

Rebellion; The Tale of the 1002nd Night

Marco Roth

The Scientists

Melinda Roth

The Man Who Talks to Dogs

Philip Roth

The Anatomy Lesson; The Breast; The Counterlife; The Facts

Susan L. Roth

Leon's Story

Davy Rothbart

My Heart Is an Idiot

Helen Rothberg

Intelligence in Action

Martine Rothblatt, PhD

Virtually Human

Alice Rothchild

Broken Promises, Broken Dreams

Franz Rothenbacher

The European Population Since 1945

Franz Rothenbacher

The Central and East European Population since 1850

Daniel Rothenberg

Memory of Silence

David Rothenberg

Survival of the Beautiful; Bug Music

Sandra Rothenberger

Pricing Perspectives

John Rothenstein

An Introduction to English Painting

Bjrn Rother

The Determinants of Currency Crises

Dennis Rothermel

A Critique of Judgment in Film and Television

Mark Rothery

Making Men: The Formation of Elite Male Identities in England, c.1660-1900

Heinz Rothgang

The State and Healthcare

David Rothkopf

Superclass; Power, Inc.

Katherine Rothkopf

Impressionists in Winter; Pissarro

Christine Rothmayr Allison

Comparative Policy Studies

Deborah Menaker Rothschild

Picasso's Parade

Bo Rothstein

Restructuring the Welfare State; Creating Social Trust in Post-Socialist Transition

Anna Rotkirch

Sexual Lifestyles in the Twentieth Century

Anna Rotkirch

Fertility Rates and Population Decline

Shelley Rotner

Every Season

Joseph W. Rottman

Offshore Outsourcing of IT Work

Jennifer Rottmann

Reconsidering Canadian Curriculum Studies

Laura Rotunno

Postal Plots in British Fiction, 1840-1898

Luc Rouban

Politics in France and Europe

Richard Roud

Decades Never Start on Time

Alan Roughley

Anthony Burgess and Modernity

Michael Rouland

Cinema in Central Asia

Stéphanie Roulin

Transnational Anti-Communism and the Cold War

Virginia Rounding

Catherine the Great; Alix and Nicky

Lluís Roura Aulinas

Transnational Challenges to National History Writing

John Rouse

Performance, Politics and Activism

Margitta Rouse

The Medieval Motion Picture

George Rousseau

Children and Sexuality

George S. Rousseau

Framing and Imagining Disease in Cultural History; Nervous Acts

Nicole Rousseau

Black Woman's Burden

Stéphanie Rousseau

Women's Citizenship in Peru

Duane Rousselle


Elodie Rousselot

Exoticising the Past in Contemporary Neo-Historical Fiction

Sylvie Roussillon

Handbook of Top Management Teams

Eve-Alice Roustang-Stoller

Women, Feminism, and Femininity in the 21st Century

Christopher Routledge

Mystery in Children's Literature

Paul Routledge

Global Justice Networks

Madeleine Roux

Allison Hewitt Is Trapped; Sadie Walker Is Stranded

Alwyn R. Rouyer

Turning Water Into Politics

Jeff Rovin

Rogue Angel; Tempest Down; Fatalis; Conversations with the Devil

Christopher Rowan

The Politics of Water in Africa

Judith Rowbotham

Crime News in Modern Britain

Rick Rowden

The Deadly Ideas of Neoliberalism

Anne Rowe

Iris Murdoch; Iris Murdoch and Morality

Anne Rowe

Iris Murdoch: Texts and Contexts

Christopher Rowe

Jack of Coins

Dorothy C. Rowe

Women, the Arts and Globalization; After Dada

Elana Rowe

Russia's Encounter with Globalisation

Frantz Rowe

Innovation and IT in an International Context

Michael Rowe

Racism and Anti-Racism in Football; Collaboration and Resistance in Napoleonic Europe

Mike Rowe

The Best Book of Wolves and Wild Dogs

Nicholas Rowe

Raising Dust

Nicholas Rowe

Talking Dance: Contemporary Histories from the Southern Mediterranean

Rochelle Rowe

Imagining Caribbean Womanhood

Charles Henry Rowell

Making Callaloo

Jay Rowell

A Political Sociology of the European Union

Jay Rowell

The Field of Eurocracy

Rainbow Rowell

Eleanor & Park; Fangirl; Landline

Antony Rowland

'Choosing Tough Words'; Performing Masculinity

Cherry Rowland

The Parent's Guide to Raising Twins

Laura Joh Rowland

The Concubine's Tattoo; The Pillow Book of Lady Wisteria; The Perfumed Sleeve; The Assassin's Touch

Richard Rowland

The First and Second Parts of King Edward IV; The First and Second Parts of King Edward the Fourth

Susan Rowland

From Agatha Christie To Ruth Rendell

Alison Rowlands

Witchcraft Narratives in Germany; Witchcraft and Masculinities in Early Modern Europe

Mark Rowlands

The Environmental Crisis; Sci-Phi; Animal Rights

Rob Rowlands

Mass Housing in Europe

William Rowlandson

Biografía de un Cimarrón

Alison Rowley

Helen Frankenthaler

Anna Rowley

Leadership Therapy

Christopher Rowley

Arkham Woods; Heavy Metal Pulp: Pleasure Model; Heavy Metal Pulp: The Bloodstained Man; Heavy Metal Pulp: Money Shot

Hazel Rowley

Franklin and Eleanor

Tom Rowley

Brands and Gaming

William Rowley

The Changeling

Don K. Rowney

Russian Bureaucracy and the State

Angus Roxburgh

The Strongman

Denny Roy

The Politics of Human Rights In East Asia; The Future of United States, China, and Taiwan Relations

Joaquín Roy

The Cuban Revolution (1959-2009)

Johanna Roy

The New Book Of Whole Grains

Katherine Roy

Buried Beneath Us; Neighborhood Sharks

Olivier Roy

Religious Conversions in the Mediterranean World

Sara Roy

Failing Peace

Srila Roy

New South Asian Feminisms

Anastasia Royal

Undoing I Do

Becket Royce


Brenda Scott Royce

Hogan's Heroes

Dr. David Royko

Voices of Children of Divorce

Edward Royle

Robert Owen and the Commencement of the Millennium; Revolutionary Britannia?

Nicholas Royle

Deconstructions; The Uncanny

Stephen A. Royle

The Company's Island; Company, Crown and Colony

Trevor Royle

Crimea: The Great Crimean War, 1854-1856; Lancaster Against York; Montgomery

Luis Royo

The Ice Dragon

Sebastian Royo

Lessons from the Economic Crisis in Spain

Sebastián Royo

Varieties of Capitalism in Spain; Lessons from the Economic Crisis in Spain

Francesca T. Royster

Becoming Cleopatra

S. J. Rozan

China Trade; Concourse; No Colder Place; Winter and Night

Michal Jan Rozbicki

Cross-Cultural History and the Domestication of Otherness

Robert Rozehnal

Islamic Sufism Unbound

Mark J. Rozell

Religion and the Bush Presidency; Fundamentalism, Politics, and the Law; Religion and the American Presidency

Lew Rozelle

Origami Sailboats; Origami Rockets; Origami Ornaments

Minna Rozen

Homelands and Diasporas

Gilbert Rozman

Japan and Russia; Japanese Strategic Thought toward Asia; Russian Strategic Thought toward Asia; South Korean Strategic Thought toward Asia

Gilbert Rozman

Chinese Strategic Thought toward Asia

Gilbert Rozman

China’s Foreign Policy

Marcy Roznick

If You Give a Kid a Cookie, Will He Shut the F**k Up?

Rob Roznowski

Collaboration in Theatre

Rob Roznowski

Inner Monologue in Acting

Monica Rthers

Soviet Space Culture

Kevin Ruane

The Rise and Fall of the European Defence Community; The Vietnam Wars

Robert Ruark

The Old Man and the Boy; The Old Man's Boy Grows Older

Ulrike Rüb

European Governance

Luis Rubalcaba

Business Services in European Economic Growth

Kristin Rubecksen

Autonomy and Control of State Agencies

David Rubel

The New York Times Living History: World War II, 1939-1942: The Axis Assault; The New York Times Living History: World War II, 1942-1945: The Allied Counteroffensive

Nicole Rubel

Rotten Ralph Feels Rotten; Best in Show for Rotten Ralph; Three Strikes for Rotten Ralph; Rotten Ralph's Rotten Family

Jed Rubenfeld

The Interpretation of Murder

Sheldon Rubenfeld

Medicine after the Holocaust

Hallie Rubenhold

The Lady in Red

Giles Rubens

Law Firm Mergers

Carolyn Rubenstein


Roberta Rubenstein

Home Matters; Virginia Woolf and the Russian Point of View

Roberta Rubenstein

Literary Half-Lives

Jill Rubery

The Organisation of Employment; European Employment Models in Flux

Sarah Rubidge

Choreographic Dwellings

Margarete Rubik

Early Women Dramatists, 1550-1800

Avi Rubin

Ottoman Nizamiye Courts

Barry Rubin

Iraq's Road To War; Islamic Fundamentalism in Egyptian Politics, Updated Edition; The Truth about Syria; Lebanon

David Rubín

The Rise of Aurora West

Isaac Ilyich Rubin

History of Economic Thought

Jeff Rubin

The Big Flatline

Michael Rubin

Eternal Iran

Miri Rubin

Love, Friendship and Faith in Europe, 1300-1800

Neil Rubin

American Jewry and the Oslo Years

Rachel Rubin

Radicalism in the South since Reconstruction

Dr. Theodore Isaac Rubin, M.D.

Lisa and David / Jordi / Little Ralphie and the Creature

Daphne Rubin-Vega

Make Him Look Good

Antonia Rubino

Trilingual Talk in Sicilian-Australian Migrant Families

Frankie Rubinstein

A Dictionary of Shakespeare's Sexual Puns and Their Significance

Hilary L. Rubinstein

The Palgrave Dictionary of Anglo-Jewish History

John Rubinstein

Xenocide; Children of the Mind

Murray Rubinstein

Religion and the Formation of Taiwanese Identities

William D. Rubinstein

Twentieth-Century Britain; The Palgrave Dictionary of Anglo-Jewish History

Joshua B. Rubongoya

Regime Hegemony in Museveni's Uganda

Lois Ruby

The Secret of Laurel Oaks; Journey to Jamestown

Robert Ruby

Unknown Shore

Dieter Rucht

Social Movements in a Globalizing World

Greg Rucka

Perfect Dark: Initial Vector; Perfect Dark: Second Front

Rudy Rucker

As Above, So Below; Spaceland; Frek and the Elixir; Postsingular

Arne Ruckert

Post-Neoliberalism in the Americas

A. G. Rud

Albert Schweitzer's Legacy for Education; Teaching with Reverence

Juhani Rudanko

Changes in Complementation in British and American English; Discourses of Freedom of Speech

Andrew Rudd

Sympathy and India in British Literature, 1770-1830

Chris D. Rudd

The Business Growth Benefits of Higher Education

David Rudd

Reading the Child in Children's Literature

Gillian Rudd


Danny Ruderman

The Ultimate College Acceptance System

Judith Ruderman

Race and Identity in D. H. Lawrence

Richard S. Ruderman

Reorientation: Leo Strauss in the 1930s

Richard Rudin

Broadcasting in the 21st Century

Stefan Rudnicki

First Meetings; Speaker for the Dead; Xenocide; Shadow Puppets

Jennifer Domino Rudolph

Embodying Latino Masculinities

John L. Rudolph

Scientists in the Classroom

Joseph Rudolph

Politics and Ethnicity

Julia Rudolph

Revolution By Degrees

Penny Rudolph

Eye of the Mountain God

David Rudrum

Literature and Philosophy

Mette Rudvin

Interpreting in the Community and Workplace

Elliott Rudwick

From Plantation to Ghetto

Seth Rudy

Literature and Encyclopedism in Enlightenment Britain

Caroline Rueckert

The Study Abroad Handbook

María Helena Rueda

Meanings of Violence in Contemporary Latin America

John Ruedy

Islamism and Secularism in North Africa

Johannes Rüegg-Stürm

The New St. Gallen Management Model

Johannes Rüegg-Stürm

Multi-rational Management

Martin A. Ruehl

Hitler - Films from Germany

Dietrich Rueschemeyer

States and Development

Marilyn Rueschemeyer

Art and the State

Reynold Ruffins

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Trout!

Anneli Rufus

California Babylon; Weird Europe

Judith Rugg

Exploring Site-Specific Art

Julie Rugg

Churchyard and Cemetery

Vincenzo Ruggiero

Punishment in Europe

Andrea B. Rugh

The Political Culture of Leadership in the United Arab Emirates; International Development in Practice

William A. Rugh

The Practice of Public Diplomacy

William A. Rugh

Front Line Public Diplomacy

Alan M. Rugman

Inside the Multinationals 25th Anniversary Edition; Rugman Reviews International Business

Eric Rugraff

Transnational Corporations and Development Policy

Brian Ruh

Stray Dog of Anime

Dick Ruhe

Know Can Do!

Sarah Ruhl

Dear Elizabeth: A Play in Letters from Elizabeth Bishop to Robert Lowell and Back Again; 100 Essays I Don't Have Time to Write

Edwin Rühli

Sustainable Success with Stakeholders

Michael Ruhlman

The Making of a Chef

Li Rui

Silver City

K. M. Ruiz

Mind Storm; Terminal Point; Strykers

Pollyanna Ruiz

Articulating Dissent

Alison Rukavina

The Development of the International Book Trade, 1870-1895

Jürgen Rüland

Methodology and Research Practice in Southeast Asian Studies

Adi Rule

Strange Sweet Song

Kate Rumbold

Cultural Value

Bahar Rumelili

Constructing Regional Community and Order in Europe and Southeast Asia

Chris Rumford

The Globalization of Strangeness; Cosmopolitan Borders

James Rumford

Silent Music; Tiger and Turtle; From the Good Mountain

Jack Rummel

Under a Hoodoo Moon

Robert Rummel-Hudson

Schuyler's Monster

Alex Runchman

Delmore Schwartz

Michael Rundell

Macmillan English Dictionary

Christopher Rundle

Translation Under Fascism

Erin Runions

How Hysterical

Benjamin Runkle

Wanted Dead or Alive

Sean Runnette

Washington Rules; EVE: Templar One; The Hunt; Steve Jobs: The Man Who Thought Different

Katherine Runswick-Cole

Disabled Children's Childhood Studies

Jason D. Runyan

Human Agency and Neural Causes

Markku Ruotsila

John Spargo and American Socialism

Kumar Rupesinghe

Civil Wars, Civil Peace

Jacques Rupnik

The Road to the European Union

Laura Rupp

Syntax of Imperatives in English and Geramic

Richard Rupp

NATO after 9/11

Louis A. Ruprecht Jr.

Classics at the Dawn of the Museum Era

Louis A. Ruprecht Jr.

Was Greek Thought Religious?; Winckelmann and the Vatican's First Profane Museum

John L. Rury

Urban Education in the United States

John L. Rury

Rethinking the History of American Education

Alan Rusbridger

Play It Again

Hannes Rusch

Experimental Ethics

Frank Rusciano

Global Rage after the Cold War

Alessandra Rusconi

New Arenas of Education Governance

Antonin Rusek

The Economic Performance of the European Union

Jonathan Rush

Due Diligence

Michael Rush

Parliament Today; Palgrave Review of British Politics 2005; Palgrave Review of British Politics 2006; Gordon Takes the Helm

Michael Rush

Parliamentary Socialisation

Allison Rushby

The Heiresses #1; The Heiresses #2; The Heiresses #3; The Heiresses #4

Kevin Rushby

Chasing the Mountain of Light

Salman Rushdie

The Ground Beneath Her Feet; Mirrorwork

Salman Rushdie

The Wizard of Oz

Josh Rushing

Mission Al-Jazeera

Peter Rushton

Eighteenth-Century Criminal Transportation

Richard Rushton

The Reality of Film

Richard Rushton

The Politics of Hollywood Cinema; The Reality of Film

Simon Rushton

Partnerships and Foundations in Global Health Governance

Simon Rushton

The Transformation of Global Health Governance

Mel Rusnov

The Artistry in Hidden Talents

Elisabetta Ruspini

Men and Masculinities Around the World

Paolo Ruspini

Migration in the New Europe

Meir Russ

Management, Valuation, and Risk for Human Capital and Human Assets

Sabine Ruß-Sattar

New Border and Citizenship Politics

Alison Russell

Crossing Boundaries

Andrew Russell

Neither Left nor Right

Anthony Russell

Outrageous Fortune

Dave Russell

Popular Music in England 1840-1914; Looking North

David O. Russell


Denise Russell

Who Rules the Waves?

Gillian Russell

New Waves in Philosophical Logic

Harriet Russell

Is It Still Cheating If I Don't Get Caught?

James A. Russell

Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction in the Middle East; Critical Issues Facing the Middle East

Lisa Russell

Education, Work and Social Change

Lynette Russell

Colonial Frontiers

Meg Russell

Building New Labour

Mike Russell

Undercover Cop

Mona Russell

Creating the New Egyptian Woman

Patrick Russell

100 British Documentaries; The Lost World of Mitchell and Kenyon: Edwardian Britain on Film; The Lost World of Mitchell and Kenyon

Paul Russell

The Coming Storm; The Salt Point; Sea of Tranquillity; War Against the Animals

Penny Russell

Transnational Lives

Sheldon Russell

The Yard Dog; The Insane Train; Dead Man's Tunnel; The Hanging of Samuel Ash

Bruce Russett

The Once and Future Security Council; Purpose and Policy in the Global Community

Mark Russinovich

Zero Day; Operation Desolation; Trojan Horse; Rogue Code

Kira Artemis Russo

What Water is Worth

Marisabina Russo

Sophie Sleeps Over

Martha Dana Rust

Imaginary Worlds in Medieval Books

Val D. Rust

Higher Education, Policy, and the Global Competition Phenomenon