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Paul 't Hart

How Power Changes Hands

Andy Thornley

Planning World Cities

Asle Toje

The European Union as a Small Power

Bruno Tissot

Economic Forecasting; Economic Forecasting and Policy

David Tod

Sport Psychology

David Tucker

British Social Realism in the Arts since 1940

David Tuckett

Minding the Markets

Erik Thomas


Evelyn B. Tribble

Cognitive Ecologies and the History of Remembering

Gary Thomas

Doing Research

Greg Tuck

New Takes in Film-Philosophy

James Taylor

Shadows of Progress

Jennifer D. Thibodeaux

Negotiating Clerical Identities

Joanne Thatcher

Sport Psychology

John Taylor

The Elephant In the Boardroom; Bad Apples

Les Todres

Embodied Enquiry

Maria Touri

Alcohol Advertising and Young People’s Drinking

Marilyn Taylor

Public Policy in the Community

Matthew Tinkcom

Grey Gardens

Michael J. Turner

Britain's International Role, 1970-1991

Ole Thyssen

Business Ethics and Organizational Values; Aesthetic Communication

Richard Terry

The Plagiarism Allegation in English Literature from Butler to Sterne; Melancholy Experience in Literature of the Long Eighteenth Century

Mehmet Tabak

Dialectics of Human Nature in Marx's Philosophy

David Tabatsky

Beautiful Old Dogs

Pedro Alexis Tabensky

The Positive Function of Evil

Laura Tabili

Global Migrants, Local Culture

Kristoffer Tabori

Middlesex; The Easter Parade; A Good School

Toshiaki Tachibanaki

Wage Differentials; Banking, Capital Markets and Corporate Governance

Getnet Tadele

Vulnerabilities, Impacts, and Responses to HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa

Neferti X. M. Tadiar

Beyond the Frame

Mohammad Zulfan Tadjoeddin

Explaining Collective Violence in Contemporary Indonesia

Mariz Tadros

Women in Politics

Ron Taffel

Nurturing Good Children Now; The Second Family

Dennis Tafoya

Dope Thief; The Wolves of Fairmount Park; The Poor Boy's Game

Dennis W. Tafoya

Organizations in the Face of Crisis; Marginal Organizations

Caroline Tagg

The Language of Social Media

James H. Taggart

International Business; Multinationals in A New Era

Sally Tagholm

The Otter; Everyday Life in the Ancient World; The Frog; The Barn Owl

Rabindranath Tagore

Rabindranath Tagore: An Anthology

Si Belkacem Taieb

Decolonizing Indigenous Education

Stephanie Tailby

Partnership and the High Performance Workplace; The Realities of Partnership at Work

Michael Taillard

Economics and Modern Warfare; Psychology and Modern Warfare

Clodagh Tait

Death, Burial and Commemoration in Ireland, 1550-1650

Peta Tait

Wild and Dangerous Performances

Bertrand Taithe

Benjamin's Arcades; French Masculinities; Defeated Flesh

Bertrand Taithe

Evil, Barbarism and Empire

Suha Taji-Farouki

Islamic Thought in the Twentieth Century

Yoshiki Tajiri

Samuel Beckett and the Prosthetic Body

Madoka Takadono

Devils and Realist Vol. 1; Devils and Realist Vol. 2

Hideko Takahashi

In My New Yellow Shirt; The Peace Bell

Hiroo Takahashi

The Challenge for Japanese Multinationals

Kenichirou Takaki

Senran Kagura: Skirting Shadows, Vol. 1; Senran Kagura: Skirting Shadows Vol. 2

Toshiyuki Takamiya

The Medieval Python

Yoshio Takanashi

Emerson and Neo-Confucianism

Masayuki Takano

Boogiepop Dual Vol 1; Boogiepop Dual Vol 2; Blood Alone Vol 4; Blood Alone Omnibus 1

Yasuo Takao

Reinventing Japan

Amami Takatsume

Senran Kagura: Skirting Shadows, Vol. 1; Senran Kagura: Skirting Shadows Vol. 2

Yuyuko Takemiya

Toradora! Vol. 1; Toradora! Vol. 2; Toradora! Vol. 3; Toradora! Vol. 4

Hirotaka Takeuchi

Towards Organizational Knowledge

Ray Takeyh

The Origins of the Eisenhower Doctrine; Hidden Iran

Greg Takoudes

When We Wuz Famous

Namuchi Takumi

Strawberry Panic (manga) Vol 2; Strawberry Panic: The Manga Vol 1; Strawberry Panic Omnibus (manga); Strawberry Panic: The Complete Novel Collection

Laurence Talairach-Vielmas

Fairy Tales, Natural History and Victorian Culture

Leila Simona Talani

The Future of EMU; From Egypt to Europe; The Global Crash; Europe and the Financial Crisis

Kamran Talattof

Contemporary Debates in Islam; The Poetry of Nizami Ganjavi; Modernist and Fundamentalist Debates in Islam

Colin Talbot

Agencies; The Alternative Comprehensive Spending Review

George Talbot

Censorship in Fascist Italy, 1922-43

Ian Talbot


John R. Talbott

Sell Now!

John R. Talbott

Survival Investing

Lisa Talbott, MPH

Breast Fitness

Susan Talburt

Youth and Sexualities

Jonas Tallberg

Transnational Actors in Global Governance

Frank Tallett

The Right in France

Marcia Talley

Naked Came the Phoenix; I'd Kill For That

Raymond Tallis

Newton's Sleep; Enemies of Hope; The Explicit Animal

Vicci Tallis

Feminisms, HIV and AIDS

Shirley Tallman

The Cliff House Strangler; Murder on Nob Hill; The Russian Hill Murders; Scandal on Rincon Hill

Robert T Tally Jr.

Utopia in the Age of Globalization

Robert T. Tally Jr.

Fredric Jameson; Literary Cartographies

Robert T. Tally Jr.

Geocritical Explorations

Benjamin Talton

Politics of Social Change in Ghana; Black Subjects in Africa and Its Diasporas

Jillian Tamaki

This One Summer

Mariko Tamaki

This One Summer

Norio Tamaki

Yukichi Fukuzawa, 1835-1901

Nozomu Tamaki

Dance in the Vampire Bund Vol 2; Dance in the Vampire Bund Vol 1; Dance in the Vampire Bund Vol 3; Dance in the Vampire Bund Vol 4

Taku Tamaki

Deconstructing Japan's Image of South Korea

Kazuo Tamayama

Railwaymen in the War

Jeremy Tambling

Henry James; Blake's Night Thoughts; On Anachronism

Jeremy Tambling

Literature and psychoanalysis

Maria Tamboukou

Women, Education and the Self

Anna Tambour

The Walking-stick Forest

Tulus Tambunan

SMEs in Asian Developing Countries

Mohammad Tamdgidi

Gurdjieff and Hypnosis

Mohammad H. Tamdgidi

Gurdjieff and Hypnosis

Nick Tamkin

Britain, Turkey and the Soviet Union, 1940-45

Terry Tamminen

Cracking the Carbon Code

Jürgen Tampke

Czech-German Relations and the Politics of Central Europe

Eileen H. Tamura

The History of Discrimination in U.S. Education

Hideaki Tamura

Human Psychology and Economic Fluctuations

Alex C. Tan

China, India and the End of Development Models

Alexander C. Tan

Identity and Change in East Asian Conflicts

Andrew T H Tan

U.S. Strategy Against Global Terrorism; Security Strategies in the Asia-Pacific

Khee Giap Tan

Fiscal Sustainability and Competitiveness in Europe and Asia

Kong Yam Tan

Fiscal Sustainability and Competitiveness in Europe and Asia

Li Tan

The Paradox of Catching Up

Marcus Cheng Chye Tan

Acoustic Interculturalism

May Tan-Mullins

China's Resource Diplomacy in Africa

May Tan-Mullins

Chinese Migrants and Africa's Development

Kazuaki Tanahashi

Moon in a Dewdrop

Motoko Tanaka

Apocalypse in Contemporary Japanese Science Fiction

Yoko Tanaka

The Witch's Guide to Cooking with Children; The Witch's Curse

Yoshiro Tanaka

Access, Equity, and Capacity in Asia-Pacific Higher Education

Yuuki Tanaka

Strike Witches: Maidens in the Sky Vol. 1; Strike Witches: Maidens in the Sky Vol. 2; Strike Witches: The Sky That Connects Us

Rajesh Tandon

Globalising Citizens

Rajesh Tandon

Knowledge, Democracy and Action

Leora Tanenbaum

Taking Back God

James Elisha Taneti

Caste, Gender, and Christianity in Colonial India

Kwong-leung Tang

Social Security and Development; National Perspectives on Globalization; Regional Perspectives on Globalization

Shiping Tang

Living with China; A Theory of Security Strategy for Our Time

Nagaru Tanigawa

Amnesia Labyrinth Vol. 1; Amnesia Labyrinth Vol 2



Jeremy Tankard

Piggy Bunny

Etain Tannam

International Intervention in Ethnic Conflict

Claire Tanner

Vanity: 21st Century Selves

Duncan Tanner

Debating Nationhood and Government in Britain, 1885-1939

Marcus Tanner

Albania's Mountain Queen

Norman Tanner

The Ages of Faith; The Church in Council

Norman P. Tanner

The Church in the Later Middle Ages

Ralph Tanner

Religion and the Environment

Tony Tanner

Jane Austen

Digby Tantam

Understanding Repeated Self-Injury

Giancarlo Tanucci

Boundaryless Careers and Occupational Wellbeing

Vito Tanzi

Dollar, Euros and Debt

Pradip Tapadar

Economic Capital and Financial Risk Management for Financial Services Firms and Conglomerates

Josep Tàpies

Family Values and Value Creation

Mark Tappan, Ed.D.

Packaging Boyhood

Aaron J. Hahn Tapper

Muslims and Jews in America

Jake Tapper

Body Slam: The Jesse Ventura Story

Richard Tapper

A Taste of Thyme; Culinary Cultures of the Middle East; The New Iranian Cinema; Islam and Democracy in Iran

William G. Tapply

Nervous Water; Hell Bent; Past Tense; Scar Tissue

Chris Tapscott

Citizenship and Social Movements

Grant Tapsell

Restoration Politics, Religion and Culture

Grant Tapsell

The Later Stuart Church, 1660-1714

Usman A. Tar

The Politics of Neoliberal Democracy in Africa

Lubna Tarabey

Family Law in Lebanon

Ray Taras

Liberal and Illiberal Nationalisms

Shlomo Yedidia Tarba

Mergers, Acquisitions and Strategic Alliances

Jim Tarbell

Imperial Overstretch

Alan Tardi

Romancing the Vine

Nicholas Tarling

From Versailles To Pearl Harbor

Alvin R. Tarlov

Investing in Early Childhood Development

Andrew Tarnowski

The Last Mazurka

Jean-Claude Tarondeau

The Management of Opera

Finn Tarp

Debt Relief for Poor Countries

Carrie Tarr

Diane Kurys; Reframing Difference

Judith Tarr

The Hound and the Falcon; Bring Down the Sun; Queen of the Amazons; Tides of Darkness

H. Micheal Tarver

The History of Venezuela

Jeremy Tasch

Contesting the Arctic

Aatish Taseer

Noon; Stranger to History

Jake Tashjian

My Life as a Stuntboy; My Life as a Book; My Life as a Cartoonist; Einstein the Class Hamster

Janet Tashjian

Fault Line; Marty Frye, Private Eye; Tru Confessions; Vote for Larry

Yvonne Tasker

The Silence of the Lambs

Nico Tassi

Making Spirits

Biagio G. Tassone

From Psychology to Phenomenology

Motasam Tatahi

Privatisation Performance in Major European Countries since 1980

Allen Tate

Collected Poems, 1919-1976

Andrew Tate

Douglas Coupland

Gayle T. Tate

Dimensions of Black Conservatism in the U.S.; The Black Urban Community

Jordan Tate

The Contemporary Dictionary of Sexual Euphemisms

Simon Tate

A Special Relationship?

Trudi Tate

Modernism, History and the First World War; Women, Men and the Great War

Trudi Tate

The Silent Morning

Mark Tatham

Speech Production and Perception

Darsham Singh Tatla

Sikhs in Britain

Ahu Tatli

Global Diversity Management

Jeremy Tatman

Andre Gorz

Ian Tattersall

Masters of the Planet

Dale C. Tatum

Genocide at the Dawn of the Twenty-First Century

Eric Taub

Gaffers, Grips and Best Boys

Mel Taub

The New York Times Easy as Pie Crossword Puzzles

Lora Taub-Pervizpour

Media and Social Justice

Amy Taubin

Taxi Driver

Bryna Taubman

Hell Hath No Fury

Jane Taubman

Kira Muratova

Ashley Tauchert

Mary Wollstonecraft and the Accent of the Feminine; Romancing Jane Austen

Matthew Taunton

Fictions of the City

Juan Tauri

Crime, Justice and Social Democracy

María Tausiet

Urban Magic in Early Modern Spain

Hal Taussig

The Thunder: Perfect Mind

Hal Taussig

Meals in the Early Christian World; Re-reading the Gospel of Mark Amidst Loss and Trauma; Meals in Early Judaism

Birgit Tautz

Reading and Seeing Ethnic Differences in the Enlightenment

Mohamad Tavakoli-Targhi

Refashioning Iran

Ana Teresa Tavares

Multinationals, Clusters and Innovation

Daniela Tavasci

Minsky, Crisis and Development

Daniela Tavasci

Beyond the Developmental State

Sasan Tavassoli

Christian Encounters with Iran

Lord Taverne

Pension Reform in Europe

Harold Taw

Finding Prosperity By Feeding Monkeys

Olga Taxidou

Modernism and Performance

Dennis Tay

Approaches to Language, Culture, and Cognition

Sharon Lin Tay

Women on the Edge: Twelve Political Film Practices

Kassy Tayler

Ashes of Twilight; Shadows of Glass; Remnants of Tomorrow

Alice Taylor

Country Days

Andrew Taylor

The Judgement of Strangers; The Afterlife of John Brown; Labour, the State, Social Movements & the Challenge of Neo-Liberal Globalisation

Andrew Taylor

Stanley Cavell

Andrew Taylor

State Failure

Andrew Taylor

Thomas Pynchon

Anthea Taylor

Single Women in Popular Culture

Antony Taylor

Lords of Misrule; London Politics, 1760-1914

Anya Taylor

Erotic Coleridge

Astra Taylor

The People's Platform

Avram Taylor

Working Class Credit and Community Since 1918; Social Theory and Social History

B. F. Taylor

The British New Wave

B. F. Taylor

The British New Wave

Barbara Taylor

Women, Gender and Enlightenment; I Wonder Why the Sun Rises; The Earth; Time and Seasons

Becky Taylor

A Minority and the State

Becky Taylor

Moving Histories of Class and Community

Becky Taylor

A Minority and the State

Charles Taylor

The Kingfisher Science Encyclopedia

Christopher Taylor

Inside the Bank of England

Craig Taylor

Sympathy; Joan of Arc

D. J. Taylor

Bright Young People

David Taylor

Policing the Victorian Town; The New Police in Nineteenth-Century England

David Taylor

Policing in England and Wales, 1918-39

Elizabeth Dowling Taylor

A Slave in the White House

Emmeline Taylor

Surveillance Schools

Gary Taylor

Writing Race Across the Atlantic World; Buying Whiteness; The Tamer Tamed; or, The Woman's Prize; The Creation and Re-creation of Cardenio

Gary W. Taylor

Ideology and Welfare

George Taylor

Negotiated Governance and Public Policy in Ireland

Graham Taylor

Globalisation, Modernity and Social Change; The New Political Sociology

Greg Taylor

Killer Pizza; Killer Pizza: The Slice; The Girl Who Became a Beatle

Ian Taylor

Federal Brit in Fed Europe; The New Multilateralism in South African Diplomacy

Jane Taylor

Imperial Istanbul; Petra and the Lost Kingdom of the Nabataeans

Jennifer Taylor

Halo: Contact Harvest; Out of Austria

John Taylor

The Dark Side of Behaviour at Work; Learning at Work

John R. Taylor, N.D.

The Wonder of Probiotics

Jonathan Taylor

Mastery and Slavery in Victorian Writing

Kara Taylor

Prep School Confidential; Wicked Little Secrets; Deadly Little Sins

Katherine Taylor

Rules for Saying Goodbye

Kenneth B. Taylor

21st Century Economics

Laura Jane Taylor


Lib Taylor

Indeterminate Bodies

Lou Taylor

The Study of Dress History; A Family of Fashion

Lynne Taylor

Between Resistance and Collaboration

Marcus Taylor

From Pinochet to the 'Third Way'

Marilyn M. Taylor

Learning Toward an Ecological Consciousness; Emergent Learning for Wisdom

Mary Taylor

What Are You Hungry For?

Mike Taylor

The Buddhist Guide to New York

Miles Taylor

The Victorians since 1901; Southampton

Miles Taylor

The Victorian Empire and Britain's Maritime World, 1837-1901

Monique Taylor

The Chinese State, Oil and Energy Security

Neil Taylor

Issues in Upper Secondary Science Education

Nelson Taylor

America Bizarro

Nicola Taylor

The Constitution of Capital

Norman Taylor

Cinematic Perspectives on Digital Culture

Patrick Taylor

An Irish Country Doctor; An Irish Country Village; An Irish Country Christmas; An Irish Country Girl

Peter Taylor

In the Tennessee Country; A Woman of Means; The Collected Stories of Peter Taylor

Philip Taylor

The Future of Worker Representation; The Meaning of Work in the New Economy

Philip M. Taylor

War and the Media; Munitions of the Mind; Pockets of Resistance

Richard Taylor

Film Propaganda; The Battleship Potemkin; The BFI Companion to Eastern European and Russian Cinema; The Eisenstein Reader

Richard Taylor

E. P. Thompson and English Radicalism

Rod Taylor


Sarah Stewart Taylor

Still as Death; Judgment of the Grave; Mansions of the Dead; O' Artful Death

Sean Taylor

I Am Reading: Small Bad Wolf; When a Monster Is Born; Goal!

Shelley E. Taylor

The Tending Instinct

Simon Taylor

Agent-based Modeling and Simulation

Sonia Taylor

Business Statistics

Steve Taylor


Steven S. Taylor

Leadership Craft, Leadership Art

Stuart Taylor Jr.

Until Proven Innocent

T.K. Taylor

Sunset of the Empire in Malaya

Terence Taylor

Bite Marks; Blood Pressure

Theodore Taylor III

When the Beat Was Born

Tim Taylor

Knowing What is Good For You

Timothy Taylor

The Artificial Ape

Will Taylor

Bright Bazaar

William C. Taylor

Military Responses to the Arab Uprisings and the Future of Civil-Military Relations in the Middle East

Yvette Taylor

Working Class Lesbian Life; Lesbian and Gay Parenting

Yvette Taylor

Theorizing Intersectionality and Sexuality; Mapping Intimacies; Sexualities: Past Reflections, Future Directions; Educational Diversity

Samuel Taylor-Alexander

On Face Transplantation

Juliette Taylor-Batty

Multilingualism in Modernist Fiction

Peter Taylor-Gooby

Ideas and Welfare State Reform in Western Europe

Peter Taylor-Gooby

The Double Crisis of the Welfare State and What We Can Do About It

Leigh Taylor-Young

Serenity Through A Course in Miracles

Tanyel B. Taysi

The Kurds in Iran

Ghoncheh Tazmini

Khatami's Iran; Revolution and Reform in Russia and Iran

Ghoncheh Tazmini

Khatami's Iran

Claudia Tazreiter

Globalization and Social Transformation in the Asia-Pacific

Richard Tchen

Corkscrew Counts

Alexie Tcheuyap

Postnationalist African Cinemas

Dov Te’eni

Innovation and IT in an International Context

Alison Teagle

Culture and Identity

Jean Teasdale

The Onion Presents A Book of Jean's Own!

Melanie Tebbutt

Being Boys

Melanie Tebbutt

Being Boys

James Teboul

Service Is Front Stage

Hildy Teegen

NGOs and the Millennium Development Goals

Karen Teel

Racism and the Image of God

Damtew Teferra

Funding Higher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa

Michael Tefula

Student Procrastination

Katherine Tegen

Pink Cupcake Magic

Charlene Teglia

Wild Wild West; Satisfaction Guaranteed; Wicked Hot; Animal Attraction

Majid Tehranian

Worlds Apart; Asian Peace; Dialogue of Civilizations; Bridging a Gulf

Jessica Teich

Trees Make the Best Mobiles

Robin Teigland

The Immersive Internet

Khoo Boo Teik

Between Dissent and Power

Mo Teitelbaum

The Stylemakers

Mo Teitelbaum

The Stylemakers

Teivo Teivainen

A Possible World

Aurora Teixeira

Multinationals, Clusters and Innovation

Ali Tekin

Geo-Politics of the Euro-Asia Energy Nexus

Tariq Moraiwed Tell

Village, Steppe and State

Tariq Moraiwed Tell

The Social and Economic Origins of Monarchy in Jordan

Ian Tellam

Fuel For Change

Bonnie Teller

How to Shop for a Husband

Mario Telò

Europe: A Civilian Power?

Anand Teltumbde

The Persistence of Caste

Yama Temouri

International Business and Institutions after the Financial Crisis

Sylke Tempel

We Just Want To Live Here

Howard Temperly

Britain and America Since Independence

Lou Jane Temple

Death Is Semisweet; Red Beans and Vice; The Cornbread Killer; Bread on Arrival

Michael Temple

The French Cinema Book; Jean Vigo

Michael Temple

Decades Never Start on Time

Paul Temple

The Unbalanced Economy

Peter Temple

The Broken Shore; Truth

Dina Temple-Raston

A Death in Texas

Stephen Templin

I Am a SEAL Team Six Warrior; SEAL Team Six

Thijs ten Raa

The Economics of Benchmarking; Microeconomics

Markus Tendahl

A Hybrid Theory of Metaphor

Joseph Tendler

Opponents of the Annales School

Keren Tenenboim-Weinblatt

Journalism and Memory

Klaus Tenfelde

Pictures of Krupp

Nancy Tengler

The Women's Guide to Successful Investing

Don Tennant

Spy the Lie; Get The Truth

Emma Tennant

A House in Corfu; Pemberley; Sylvia and Ted

Susan Tenneriello

Spectacle Culture and American Identity

Philip Tennyson

The Missing Girls

Stig Tenold

Global Shipping in Small Nations; The World's Key Industry

Stephen Teo

Hong Kong Cinema: The Extra Dimensions; Wong Kar-Wai: Auteur of Time

Jeanine Teodorescu

Local History, Transnational Memory in the Romanian Holocaust

Daniela Tepe

The Myth about Global Civil Society

Sheri S. Tepper

The Awakeners

Tadayoshi Terao

Development of Environmental Policy in Japan and Asian Countries

John Tercier

The Contemporary Deathbed

Leif G. Terdal

The Hyperactive Child Book

William Terdoslavich

The Jack Ryan Agenda

Tiziana Terranova

Network Culture

Virginie Terraza

Exchange Rates and Macroeconomics Dynamics; Understanding Investment Funds

Katherine H. Terrell

The Anglo-Scottish Border and the Shaping of Identity, 1300-1600

Richard Terrell

Childhood in India; Civilians in Uniform

David Terrenoire

Beneath a Panamanian Moon

Geraldine Terry

Women's Rights

Janice Terry

U.S. Foreign Policy in the Middle East

Paul Terry

Counselling and Psychotherapy with Older People

Carolijn Terwindt

NGOs under Pressure in Partial Democracies

Andrea Terzi

Euroland and the World Economy

Sevan G. Terzian

Science Education and Citizenship

Yacob Tesfai

Holy Warriors, Infidels, and Peacemakers in Africa

Paul Teske

President George W. Bush's Influence over Bureaucracy and Policy

Lynn Tesser

Ethnic Cleansing and the European Union

Timothy Tessin

Religion and Hume's Legacy; Kant and Kierkegaard on Religion; Philosophy of Religion in the 21st Century

Ph.D. Tina B. Tessina

The 10 Smartest Decisions a Woman Can Make After 40

Anne-Renee Testa

Glass Houses

Dom Testa

The Comet's Curse; The Web of Titan; The Cassini Code; The Dark Zone

Keith Tester

The Social Thought of Zygmunt Bauman; Eric Rohmer; Bauman's Challenge

Wisdom J. Tettey

African Media and the Digital Public Sphere

Andrew Teverson

Salman Rushdie

Andrew Teverson

Postcolonial Spaces

Jerry Tew

Social Theory, Power and Practice; Social Approaches to Mental Distress

Philip Tew

Jim Crace; Re-Reading B.S. Johnson; Zadie Smith

Philip Tew

Ageing, Narrative and Identity

Mark Tewdwr-Jones

Spatial Planning and Governance

Henning Tewes

Germany, Civilian Power and the New Europe

Texas Children's Hospital

The Family Guide to Fighting Fat

Mark Textor

Judgement and Truth in Early Analytic Philosophy and Phenomenology

Håkan Thörn

Transformations of the Swedish Welfare State

Andrew Thacker

Dubliners; Moving through Modernity

David Thackeray

Conservatism for the Democratic Age

Janice Farrar Thaddeus

Frances Burney

K.V. Thai

Economics of Public Procurement

Monika Thakur

Militias and the Challenges of Post-Conflict Peace

Ramesh Thakur

Past Imperfect, Future Uncertain

Nigel Thalakada

Unipolarity and the Evolution of America's Cold War Alliances

Andrea Thalasinos

An Echo Through the Snow; Traveling Light

Mathias Thaler

On the Uses and Abuses of Political Apologies

Kristina E. Thalhammer

Courageous Resistance

Philippe Thalmann

Construction and Real Estate Dynamics

Siew Yean Tham

Globalization and Social Transformation in the Asia-Pacific

Pat Thane

Reassessing 1970s Britain

Deepak Thapa

A Kingdom Under Siege

Shyam Thapa

Sex Without Consent

P.K.M. Tharakan

International Trade, Foreign Direct Investment, and the Economic Environment

Dan Tharp

Africa Lost

Lori Tharps

Hair Story

Tojo Thatchenkery

Making the Invisible Visible

Ian D. Thatcher

Leon Trotsky and World War One; Late Imperial Russia; Reinterpreting Revolutionary Russia

Christian Thauer

Business and Governance in South Africa

Carlyle A. Thayer

Vietnamese Foreign Policy in Transition

Cynthia Thayer

A Certain Slant of Light; Strong for Potatoes

The Alternative Survey Group

India - Alternative Economic Survey, 2003-2004

The Association of Commonwealth Universities

Commonwealth Universities Yearbook 2005; Commonwealth Universities Yearbook 2006

The Boston Globe

The Rivals

The British Medical Association

The Medical Profession and Human Rights

The Editors of Prevention Health Books

Outsmart High Cholesterol

The Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research

The Gulf; Caspian Energy Resources; Education and the Arab World; The Balance of Power in South Asia

The Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research

Essentials of School Education in the United Arab Emirates; Britain and the Administration of the Trucial States, 1947-1965

The Exploratorium

The Inquisitive Cook; The Garden Explored

The Moosewood Collective

Moosewood Restaurant Favorites; Moosewood Restaurant Naturally Delicious Drinks and Dishes

The New York Times

The New York Times Easy Crossword Puzzles, Volume 2; New York Times Crosswords for Your Coffee Break; The New York Times Sunday Crossword Omnibus Volume 6; The New York Times on the Web Crosswords for Teens

The Office for National Statistics

The Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) 2010 Vol 3; Family Spending 2010; Birth Statistics 2009, Vol 38; Social Trends (41st Edition)

The Office for National Statistics

Social Trends (38th Edition); Family Spending (2007-2008); Family Spending 2009

The Paris Review

The Paris Review Book; The Paris Review Book of People with Problems; The Paris Review Interviews, I; The Paris Review Interviews, II

The Phantom Gourmet

Phantom Gourmet Guide to Boston's Best Restaurants; Phantom Gourmet Guide to Boston's Best Restaurants 2008

The Reality of Aid

The Reality of Aid 2004; The Reality of Aid

The Staff of The Harbus

65 Successful Harvard Business School Application Essays, Second Edition

The Staff of the Humane Society of America

The Humane Society of the United States Complete Guide to Cat Care

Kevin Theakston

After Number 10; Volumes of Influence; How Labour Governments Fall; Former Leaders in Modern Democracies

Verena Theile

New Formalisms and Literary Theory

Tobias Theiler

Political Symbolism and European Integration

Gordon Theisen

Staying Up Much Too Late

Tatjana Thelen

The Anthropology of Sibling Relations

John R. Thelin

Philanthropy and American Higher Education

Spyros Themelis

Social Change and Education in Greece

Theo Theobald

Doing the Right Thing; Shut Up and Listen

Rod Theodorou

Curious Kids: Dinosaurs; I Wonder Why Triceratops Had Horns

Dimitrios Theodossopoulus

Land, Law and Environment

Jeanne F. Theoharis

Freedom North

Jean-Claude Theonig

Making Strategy and Organization Compatible

Janet Theophano

Eat My Words

Ioannis Theotokas

Leadership in World Shipping

Jennifer Thermes

Little Author in the Big Woods; Maggie & Oliver or A Bone of One's Own

Melanie Thernstrom

The Pain Chronicles

Marcel Theroux

Far North; Strange Bodies

Richard Therrien

Accounting for Genocide

Margaret Olofson Thickstun

Milton's Paradise Lost

Liz Thiel

Jessica's First Prayer AND Froggy's Little Brother

Markus Thiel

Diversity in the European Union; The Limits of Transnationalism

Ronald F Thiemann

The Humble Sublime

John Thieme

Derek Walcott; R. K. Narayan

Amanda Third

Gender and the Political

Ben Thirkell-White

The IMF and the Politics of Financial Globalization

A. P. Thirlwall

Keynes and the Role of the State; Economic Growth and the Balance of Payments Constraint; Growth and Development, Eighth Edition

A. P. Thirlwall

Economics of Development

Adam Thirlwell

The Delighted States; The Escape


The Supreme Court

This I Believe

A Mother's Gift

Jill Thistlethwaite

Leadership Development for Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice

Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite

Interfaith Just Peacemaking

Shiraz Thobani

Narrating Islam

Philip Thody

Don't Do It!

Jean-Claude Thoenig

Marking Enterprise

Jean-Claude Thoenig

When Managers Rebel

Deborah Thom

Nice Girls and Rude Girls

Mary Thom

Bella Abzug

Alfred Thomas

Shakespeare, Dissent and the Cold War

Amanda Thomas

Quick and Dirty Tips for Life After College

Calvin Thomas

Masculinity, Psychoanalysis, Straight Queer Theory

Carol Thomas

Sociologies of Disability and Illness

Caroline Thomas

Globalization and the South; Global Governance, Development And Human Security

Cat Thomas

50 Pincushions to Knit & Crochet

Catherine E. Thomas

Violent Masculinities

Daniel C. Thomas

Making EU Foreign Policy

David Thomas

Four Georgian and Pre-Revolutionary Plays; Six Restoration and French Neoclassic Plays

Edward A. Thomas

Islam's Perfect Stranger

Edwin Thomas

The Blighted Cliffs

Felicity Thomas

Migration, Health and Inequality

Garen Thomas

Yes We Can

Gordon Thomas

Operation Exodus; Secret Wars; Gideon's Spies; The Pope's Jews

Graham Thomas

New Social Connections

Graham F. Thomas

The Last of the Proconsuls

Greg Thomas

Hip-Hop Revolution in the Flesh

Helen Thomas

Dance in the City; The Body, Dance and Cultural Theory

Herbert Thomas

The Superlative Man

J. E. Thomas

Social Disorder in Britain 1750-1850

Jacqui Thomas

The Kingfisher Treasury of Witch and Wizard Stories

Jane Thomas

Thomas Hardy and Desire

Jim Thomas

Surviving in the City

Joan Maria Thomàs

Roosevelt and Franco during the Second World War; Roosevelt, Franco, and the End of the Second World War

Judith Thomas

Interprofessional Working in Health and Social Care

Julia Thomas

Reading Images

Justin Thomas

Psychological Well-Being in the Gulf States

Kenneth P Thomas

Investment Incentives and the Global Competition for Capital

Kenneth P. Thomas

Structure and Agency in International Capital Mobility

Lloyd B. Thomas

The Financial Crisis and Federal Reserve Policy

Lloyd B. Thomas

The Financial Crisis and Federal Reserve Policy

Lyn Thomas

The Politics and Pleasures of Consuming Differently; Religion, Consumerism and Sustainability

Marie-Claude Thomas

Women in Lebanon

Martin Thomas

The French Empire at War, 1940-1945; The French Empire Between the Wars

Maureen Thomas

Cinema and Architecture: From Historical to Digital

Michael Thomas

The Reception of Derrida

Michael Thomas

Digital Education

Nigel Thomas

Participation, Citizenship and Intergenerational Relations in Children and Young People's Lives

Nigel Thomas

Participation, Citizenship and Intergenerational Relations in Children and Young People's Lives

Rev. Oliver Thomas

10 Things Your Minister Wants to Tell You

Pam Thomas

Social Work with Disabled People

Paul Thomas

Youth, Multiculturalism and Community Cohesion

Pradip N. Thomas

Who Owns the Media?

Pradip Ninan Thomas

Global and Local Televangelism; Public Memory, Public Media and the Politics of Justice

Raju G. C. Thomas

Nuclear India in the Twenty-First Century

Raju G. C. Thomas

Democracy, Security, and Development in India

Richard Thomas

Selections from A Course in Miracles

Ross Thomas

Out on the Rim; Briarpatch; The Cold War Swap; The Fools in Town Are on Our Side

Sam Thomas

The Harlot's Tale; The Midwife's Tale; The Maidservant and the Murderer

Sarah Thomas

Cult Film Stardom

Scott M. Thomas

The Diplomacy of Liberation; The Global Resurgence of Religion and the Transformation of International Relations

Shelley Moore Thomas

The Seven Tales of Trinket

Steve Thomas


Sue Thomas

Imperialism, Reform and the Making of Englishness in Jane Eyre

Sue Thomas

Telling West Indian Lives

Susie Thomas

Hanif Kureishi

Suzie Thomas

Heritage Crime

Terry Thomas

Criminal Records

Trisha R. Thomas

Nappily Married; Nappily Faithful; Un-Nappily in Love; Nappily in Bloom

Will Thomas

Fatal Enquiry

Lasse Thomassen

Radical Democracy

Lasse Thomassen

Radical Democracy

Abigail Thompson

How to Ace Calculus; How to Ace the Rest of Calculus

Allan Thompson

The Media and the Rwanda Genocide

Andrew Thompson

George Eliot and Italy; Theorizing Nationalism

Andrew Thompson

Writing Imperial Histories

Andrew S. Thompson

The Impact of the South African War

Andrew S. Thompson

Empire, Migration and Identity in the British World; Writing Imperial Histories

Angel Thompson

Feng Shui

Annette Thompson

Erich Fromm

Ayanna Thompson

Weyward Macbeth

C. Bradley Thompson

Freedom and School Choice in American Education

Carlene Thompson

Black for Remembrance; All Fall Down; Don't Close Your Eyes; If She Should Die

Chuck Thompson

Smile When You're Lying; To Hellholes and Back

Cole Thompson

Portrait of a Monster

Cole Thompson

Chocolate Lizards

Dave Thompson

Perry Farrell; Never Fade Away

David Thompson

Scorsese on Scorsese; Altman on Altman; Don't Hassel the Hoff

Don Thompson

The $12 Million Stuffed Shark; The Supermodel and the Brillo Box

Doug Thompson

La luna e i falò

Eleanor Thompson

A Family of Fashion

Emma Thompson

Nanny McPhee Returns

Frank Thompson

The Blind Date Guide to Dating

George Thompson

The Bhagavad Gita

Graham Thompson

The Business of America

Helen Thompson

Might, Right, Prosperity and Consent

Helen Thompson

China and the Mortgaging of America

J. Lee Thompson

Theodore Roosevelt Abroad; Never Call Retreat

James Thompson

Digging Up Stories; Performance Affects

James Thompson

Performance Affects

James Thompson

Languages of Politics in Nineteenth-Century Britain

Jayne Thompson

Naturalism in Theatre

John Thompson

The UK Financial System

John M. Thompson

America's Transatlantic Turn

Judith Thompson

John Thelwall in the Wordsworth Circle

Julian Thompson

The Imperial War Museum Book of the War in Burma 1942-1945

Kate Thompson

Creature of the Night

Larry D. Thompson

The Trial; Dead Peasants

Lauren Thompson

Ballerina Dreams; The Forgiveness Garden

Lawrance Thompson

The Robert Frost Reader

Lisa Thompson

Citizenship and Social Movements

Lyke Thompson

The Political and Institutional Effects of Term Limits

Marc Thompson

Full Measure

Marcus Thompson

Social Enterprise

Mark Thompson

Saudi Arabia and the Path to Political Change

Michael Thompson

Fire, Blood and the Alphabet: One Hundred Years of Lorca

Michael Thompson

Clumsy Solutions for a Complex World

Michael J. Thompson

Fleeing the City

Mike J. Thompson

Wise Management in Organisational Complexity

Neil Thompson

Loss and Grief; Communication and Language; People Problems; Management in Social Work, Third Edition

Neil Thompson

Effective Communication; Promoting Equality; Grief and its Challenges; Anti-Discriminatory Practice

Nicholas Thompson

The Baobab and the Mango Tree; The Hawk and the Dove

Paul Thompson

Rethinking Reward; Working Life

Paul B. Thompson

The Nature of Work; Work Organisations

Richard H. Thompson

Real Venture Capital

Ron Thompson

Education, Work and Social Change

Ronda Thompson

Midnight Pleasures; Love at First Bite; The Dark One; The Untamed One

Scott Thompson

The Baobab and the Mango Tree

Sharon Thompson

Going All the Way

Silvanus P. Thompson

Calculus Made Easy

Simon Thompson

Emotion, Politics and Society

Simon Thompson

Global Justice and the Politics of Recognition

Sue Thompson

The Critically Reflective Practitioner

Tony Thompson

The Kombi Trail

Victoria Thompson

Women in Nineteenth-Century Europe

W. Scott Thompson

The Philippines in Crisis

Wayne Thompson

Redefining Transatlantic Security Relations

William Irwin Thompson

The Time Falling Bodies Take To Light; Coming Into Being; Imaginary Landscape

William R. Thompson

Puzzles of the Democratic Peace; Systemic Transitions

Willie Thompson

Postmodernism and History; What Happened to History?; Global Expansion; The Left In History

Brian M. Thomsen

Shadows of Blue & Gray; The Civil War Memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant; Commanding Voices of Blue & Gray; The Man in the Arena

Paul A. Thomsen

Rebel Chief

Steen Thomsen

Understanding the Financial Crisis: Investment, Risk and Governance

Michael C. Thomsett

Options for Risk-Free Portfolios; Options for Swing Trading; Investing in Energy

Alex Thomson

U.S. Foreign Policy Towards Apartheid South Africa, 1948-1994; Africa In Crisis

Alistair Thomson

Ten Pound Poms; Moving Stories

Alistair Thomson

Oral History and Photography

Brian Lindsay Thomson

Graham Greene and the Politics of Popular Fiction and Film

David Thomson

The Big Sleep; The Big Screen; Bette Davis; Gary Cooper

Garrett Thomson

Redefining Religious Education

Guy Thomson

The Birth of Modern Politics in Spain

Ian Thomson

Primo Levi

Peninah Thomson

A Woman's Place is in the Boardroom; A Woman's Place is in the Boardroom: The Roadmap

Peninah Thomson

Women and the New Business Leadership

Peter Thomson

Future Work

Peter Thomson

Future Work (Expanded and Updated)

Sandra A. Thomson

Pictures from the Heart

Stuart Thomson

New Activism and the Corporate Response

Susan Thomson

Emotional and Ethical Challenges for Field Research in Africa

Katherine Thomson-Jones

New Waves in Aesthetics

Marie-Cecile Thoral

From Valmy to Waterloo

Erik Thorbecke

The Impact of Globalization on the World's Poor; Globalization and the Poor in Asia

Henry David Thoreau

The Essays of Henry D. Thoreau

Julien Thorez

Development in Central Asia and the Caucasus

Marianne Thormählen

Rethinking Modernism

Håkan Thörn

The Politics of AIDS

Håkan Thörn

Anti-Apartheid and the Emergence of a Global Civil Society; Transformations of the Swedish Welfare State

Charles Thornbury

John Berryman

Alison Thorne

Vision and Rhetoric in Shakespeare; Shakespeare's Romances

John Thorne

Serious Pig; Outlaw Cook; Simple Cooking; Mouth Wide Open

Matt Lewis Thorne

Serious Pig; Outlaw Cook; Mouth Wide Open; Pot on the Fire

Helen Thornham

Renewing Feminisms; Content Cultures

Sue Thornham

Television Drama

Sue Thornham

What If I Had Been the Hero?

Chris Thornhill

Niklas Luhmann's Theory of Politics and Law

Carole Thornley

Globalization and Varieties of Capitalism

David C. Thorns

The Transformation of Cities

David C. Thorns

Place, Identity and Everyday Life in a Globalizing World

Martin Thornton

Churchill, Borden and Anglo-Canadian Naval Relations, 1911-14

Sara Thornton

Advertising, Subjectivity and the Nineteenth-Century Novel

Stephanie Thornton

Growing Minds; Understanding Human Development

Stephen Thornton

Richard Crossman and the Welfare State

Rosemary Thorp

An Economic History of Twentieth-Century Latin America, Volume 1; An Economic History of Twentieth-Century Latin America, Volume 2; An Economic History of Twentieth-Century Latin America, Volume 3; Economic Doctrines in Latin America

Rosemary Thorp

Ethnicity and the Persistence of Inequality; Overcoming the Persistence of Inequality and Poverty; The Developmental Challenges of Mining and Oil

Teresa M. Thorp

Climate Justice

Adam Thorpe

The Rules of Perspective

Andrew Thorpe

A History of the British Labour Party, Third Edition

David Thorpe

How to Think More About Sex; How to Find Fulfilling Work; How to Change the World

Holly Thorpe

Snowboarding Bodies in Theory and Practice; Transnational Mobilities in Action Sport Cultures

Julie Thorpe

Pan-Germanism and the Austrofascist State, 1933-38

Richard Thorpe

Performance Management

Tony Thorpe

Creating Citizenship Communities

Dag Einar Thorsen

The Nordic Model of Social Democracy

Dorte Thorsen

Child Migration in Africa

Carla L. Thorson

Politics, Judicial Review, and the Russian Constitutional Court

Dottie Thorson

The Huntress

Christian Thorun

Explaining Change in Russian Foreign Policy

Lars Thorup Larsen

Morality Politics in Western Europe

Hamsa Thota

Key Concepts in Innovation

Rachel Thrasher

The Future of South-South Economic Relations

Hkan Thrn

Transformations of the Swedish Welfare State

Elizabeth A. Throop

Psychotherapy, American Culture, and Social Policy

Karen Throsby

When IVF Fails; Gender and Interpersonal Violence

Lars Thue

Creating Nordic Capitalism

Nancy Thumim

Self-Representation and Digital Culture

Janet Thumin

Small Screens, Big Ideas

Ekkehard Thümler

Philanthropy and Education

Cecile Thun

Majority-Minority Relations in Contemporary Women's Movements

David Thurfjell

Faith and Revivalism in a Nordic Romani Community

Aimée Thurlo

Blackening Song; Second Sunrise; Death Walker; Bad Medicine

David Thurlo

Blackening Song; Second Sunrise; Death Walker; Bad Medicine

Crispin Thurlow

Tourism Discourse

Richard Thurlow

Fascism in Britain

Chris Thurman

Government Intervention in the Brewing Industry

Judith Thurman

Isak Dinesen; Cleopatra's Nose

Mark Thurston

Self-Hypnosis; Channeling Your Higher Self; Meditation

Michael Thurston

The Underworld in Twentieth-Century Poetry

Daya Kishan Thussu

Communicating India's Soft Power

Anthony Thwaite

Collected Poems

Tony Thwaites

Introducing Cultural and Media Studies

Niels Thygesen

The Illusion of Management Control

John Q. Tian

Government, Business, and the Politics of Interdependence and Conflict across the Taiwan Strait

Min Tian

Mei Lanfang and the Twentieth-Century International Stage

Weiming Tian

China's Agriculture At the Crossroads

John C. Tibbetts

The Gothic Imagination

Donald F. Tibbs

From Black Power to Prison Power

Yves Tiberghien

Leadership in Global Institution Building

Vincent Tiberj

Developments in French Politics 5

Bassam Tibi

Arab Nationalism; Conflict and War in the Middle East; Islam Between Culture and Politics; Islam Between Culture and Politics, Second Edition

Flo Ticehurst

Living with the Genome

Rosemarie Tichler

Actors at Work

John Tickell

Golf & Life

Lavie Tidhar

Dragonkin; Selfies

Kathryn Tidrick

Heart-Beguiling Araby; Gandhi; Empire and the English Character; Heart Beguiling Araby

Claus Tieber

The Sounds of Silent Films

Vicky Tiel

It's All About the Dress

Mark Tier

The Winning Investment Habits of Warren Buffett & George Soros

Sonja Tiernan

Eva Gore-Booth

Dolores Tierney

Emilio Fernández

Dolores Tierney

Emilio Fernández

Dolores Tierney

The Transnational Fantasies of Guillermo del Toro

Ronald Tiersky

François Mitterrand: The Last French President

Lionel Tiger

The Decline of Males

Galin Tihanov

The Bakhtin Circle

Hakeem Ibikunle Tijani

Union Education in Nigeria

Kea Tijdens

Empowering Women in Work in Developing Countries; The Multinational Companies and Domestic Firms in Europe

Vladimir Tikhomirov

The Political Economy of Post-Soviet Russia

Christopher Tilghman

The Right-Hand Shore; Mason's Retreat

Brian Michael Till

Conversations with Power

Geoffrey Till

The Challenges of High Command

Leon Walter Tillage

Leon's Story

Helen L. Tilley

Ordering Africa

Virginia Tilley

Beyond Occupation

Barrett Tillman

Victory - Volume 4; Vulcan's Fire; LeMay: A Biography; Combat, Vol. 2

Nancy Tillman

The Wonder of You; Tumford the Terrible; Tumford's Rude Noises; It's Time to Sleep, My Love

Chris Tilly

Are Bad Jobs Inevitable?

Meg Tilly


Stella Tillyard

Tides of War

Mark Tilse

Transnationalism in the Prussian East

Geoff Tily

Keynes's General Theory, the Rate of Interest and 'Keynesian' Economics

Geoff Tily

Keynes Betrayed

Amy Timberlake

The Dirty Cowboy

Frances Timbers

Magic and Masculinity

Sami Timimi

Naughty Boys; Rethinking ADHD; The Myth of Autism

Frans Timmerman

Life Without Money

Carsten Timmermann

Devices and Designs; A History of Lung Cancer; Cancer Patients, Cancer Pathways

Geoffrey Timmins

Making Sense of the Industrial Revolution; Made in Lancashire

Edward Timms

Romantic Communist; Nationalist Myths and Modern Media

Edward Timms

Nationalist Myths and Modern Media

Christopher Timothy

All Creatures Great and Small; Every Living Thing; James Herriot's Animal Stories; James Herriot's Cat Stories

Paola Tinagli

Women in Italian Renaissance Art; Women in Italy, 1350-1650

Paola Tinagli

Women and the Visual Arts in Italy c. 1400-1650

Estella Tincknell

Jane Campion and Adaptation

Robert Tine

Blood & Wine

Elizabeth C. Tingle

Authority and Society in Nantes during the French Wars of Religion, 1558-1598

Vebjorg Tingstad

Children, Food and Identity in Everyday Life

Vebjørg Tingstad

Childhood and Consumer Culture

Xavier Tinguely

The New Geography of Innovation

Theresa Tinkle

Gender and Power in Medieval Exegesis

Ronald Tinnevelt

Between Cosmopolitan Ideals and State Sovereignty

Annie Tinsley

A Postcolonial African American Re-reading of Colossians

Karen Tintori

Unto the Daughters; The Book of Names; The Illumination

Laurent Tirard

Moviemakers' Master Class

Julia Tischler

Light and Power for a Multiracial Nation

Len Tischler

Spirituality in Business

Sergio Tischler

Negativity and Revolution

E. Kay M. Tisdall

Children and Young People's Participation and Its Transformative Potential

Larry E. Tise

Conquering the Sky

Gordon Titcomb

The Last Train

Elise Title

Inside Out; Killing Time

Gavan Titley

The Crises of Multiculturalism

Garry Titterton

Brand Storming

Robert Tittler

The Face of the City

Robert Tittler

The Face of the City

Edward Tivnan

Escape from Slavery

Meera Tiwari

After 2015: International Development Policy at a Crossroads; The Capability Approach

Piyush Tiwari

International Real Estate Economics

Vibeke Schou Tjalve

Realist Strategies of Republican Peace

Aksel Tjora

Café Society

Madina Tlostanova

Gender Epistemologies and Eurasian Borderlands

B. Ann Tlusty

The Martial Ethic in Early Modern Germany

Frederick Toates

Burrhus F. Skinner

Héctor Tobar

The Barbarian Nurseries; Deep Down Dark; The Tattooed Soldier

Simona Tobia


Greg Tobin

Council; Conclave; Holy Holidays!; The Siege of Troy

Jim Tobin

Sue MacDonald Had a Book; The Very Inappropriate Word

Samuel Tobin

Portable Play in Everyday Life

Toby Thacker

Joseph Goebbels

Nathalie Tocci

Cyprus: A Conflict at the Crossroads

Nathalie Tocci

Cyprus: A Conflict at the Crossroads

Antony Todd

Authorship and the Films of David Lynch

Charles Todd

Wings of Fire; Search the Dark

Erica Todd

Passionate Love and Popular Cinema

Justin Todd

The Kingfisher Book of Scary Poems

Paul Todd

Global Intelligence; Spies, Lies and the War on Terror

Susan Todd

Morning Song

Tzvetan Todorov

Facing The Extreme

Ellen H. Todras

All About America: Wagon Trains and Settlers; All About America: Explorers, Trappers, and Pioneers

Ingeborg Toemmel

The European Union

Richard J. Tofel

Restless Genius; Eight Weeks in Washington, 1861

Laura Toffler-Corrie

The Life and Opinions of Amy Finawitz; My Totally Awkward Supernatural Crush

Kim Toffoletti

Cyborgs and Barbie Dolls; Baudrillard Reframed

Brian Toft

Learning from Disasters

Carlo Tognato

Central Bank Independence

Kazuhiko Togo

Japanese Strategic Thought toward Asia; Russian Strategic Thought toward Asia

Kazuhiko Togo

Japan and Reconciliation in Post-war Asia

Nayereh Tohidi

Globalization, Gender, and Religion

Jarkko Toikkanen

The Intermedial Experience of Horror

Asle Toje

Neoclassical Realism in European Politics

Sow Keat Tok

Managing China's Sovereignty in Hong Kong and Taiwan

Brian Tokar

Redesigning Life?

Dave Toke

Green Politics and Neo-Liberalism

David Toke

Ecological Modernisation and Renewable Energy

Meltem Toksöz

Cities of the Mediterranean

Meltem Toksöz

Cities of the Mediterranean

Sandi Toksvig

Hitler's Canary

Wendy Nelson Tokunaga

Midori by Moonlight; Love in Translation

Fiona Tolan

Teaching Gender

Patrick Toland

Teaching Film at GCSE

Fiona Tolhurst

Geoffrey of Monmouth and the Feminist Origins of the Arthurian Legend

Fiona Tolhurst

Geoffrey of Monmouth and the Translation of Female Kingship

Harvey Tolibao

New Spring: the Graphic Novel

Simon Tolkien

The Inheritance; Orders from Berlin; The King of Diamonds

Jo Tollebeek

Setting the Standards

Aina Tollefsen

Transnational Corporations from the Standpoint of Workers

Kim Tolley

Transformations in Schooling

Rodney Tolley

Global Transport Issues

Andrew Tolson

Media Talk and Political Elections in Europe and America

Vera Tolz

European Democratization Since 1800; Nation and Gender in Contemporary Europe

Mark Toma

Monetary Policy and the Onset of the Great Depression

Saverio Tomaiuolo

Victorian Unfinished Novels

Barry Tomalin

Cross-Cultural Communication

Marcus Tomalin

Romanticism and Linguistic Theory

Hörst Tomann

Globalization of Capital Markets and Monetary Policy; Varieties of Capitalism in Post-Communist Countries; Monetary Integration in Europe

Junko Tomaru

The Postwar Rapprochement of Malaya and Japan, 1945-61

Katarina Tomasevski

Education Denied

Floris Tomasini

Examining Trust in Healthcare

Rolando Tomasini

Humanitarian Logistics

Elena Tomassini

Interpreting in the Community and Workplace

Francis Tombs

Power Politics

Peter Tombs

Mondo Macabro

Steve Tombs

Beyond Criminology

Jason Tomes

Albania's Greatest Friend

Luca Tomini

Europeanization and European Integration

Alannah Tomkins

The Experience of Urban Poverty, 1723-1782; The Poor in England 1700-1850

Calvin Tomkins

Off the Wall; Lives of the Artists

Michael Tomko

British Romanticism and the Catholic Question

Liz Tomlin

Acts and Apparitions

Barbara Tomlinson

Authors on Writing

Chris Tomlinson

Tomlinson Hill

Heather Tomlinson

The Swan Maiden; Toads and Diamonds; Aurelie

Jim Tomlinson

The Labour Governments 1964-1970

Mark Tomlinson

Innovation by Demand

Sophie Tomlinson

Three Seventeenth-Century Plays on Women and Performance

Anthony Tommasini

The New York Times Essential Library: Opera

Kiril Tomoff

Writing the Stalin Era

Joanne Tompkins

Unsettling Space

Joanne Tompkins

Performing Site-Specific Theatre

Joanne Tompkins

Performing Site-Specific Theatre

William J. Tompson

Institutions, Ideas and Leadership in Russian Politics

Jonathan Toms

Mental Hygiene and Psychiatry in Modern Britain

Dr. Voldemar Tomusk

The Open World and Closed Societies

Lars Tønder

Radical Democracy

Lars Tønder

Radical Democracy

Andrea Tone

Devices and Desires

Anna Toner

Development Planning and Poverty Reduction

Phillip Toner

Main Currents in Cumulative Causation

Reba Toney

The Rating Game

Andie Tong

The Eye of the World: The Graphic Novel, Volume Four; The Eye of the World: The Graphic Novel, Volume Two; The Eye of the World: The Graphic Novel, Volume Five

Jonathan Tonge

Labour's Second Landslide; The New Northern Ireland Politics; Sinn Fein and the SDLP; Britain Decides: The UK General Election 2005

Jonathan Tonge

Abandoning Historical Conflict?; Irish Protestant Identities

Carole Tongue

Shaping Europe

Gabriele Toniolo

Estimating SMEs Cost of Equity Using a Value at Risk Approach

Evelien Tonkens

Crafting Citizenship

Maggie Tonkin

Angela Carter and Decadence

Fran Tonkiss

Trust and Civil Society

Katherine Tonkiss

Migration and Identity in a Post-National World

Erik Tonning

Modernism and Christianity

Ben Tonra

Rethinking European Union Foreign Policy; Global Citizen and European Republic

Ben Tonra

Global Citizen and European Republic

Clare Toohey

The Malfeasance Occasional

Hunt Tooley

The Western Front

Kevin Toolis

Rebel Hearts

Deirdre Toomey

Yeats and Women

Adam Toon

Models as Make-Believe

Elizabeth Toon

Cancer Patients, Cancer Pathways

Theo A.J. Toonen

The Civil Service in the 21st Century

Rachel Toor

Admissions Confidential; On the Road to Find Out

Saadia Toor

The State of Islam

Roger Tooze

Authority and Markets

Liubomir K. Topaloff

Political Parties and Euroscepticism

Rebecca Tope

A Death to Record; Grave Concerns; Dark Undertakings

Jan Toporowski

Minsky, Crisis and Development; Michal Kalecki: An Intellectual Biography; Economic Crisis and Political Economy; The Legacy of Rosa Luxemburg, Oskar Lange and Michal Kalecki

Margaret Topping

Beckett's Proust/Deleuze's Proust

Andrew Topsfield

In the Realm of Gods and Kings

Andrew Topsfield

In the Realm of Gods and Kings

Kudret Topyan

Risk and Return in Asian Emerging Markets

Pablo Toral

Multinational Enterprises in Latin America since the 1990s

Kjell M. Torbiorn

Destination Europe

Jason Torchinsky

Ad Nauseam

Carlos J. Torelli

Globalization, Culture, and Branding

Suzanne Toren

Master of Dragons; Through the Evil Days

Massoumeh Torfeh

Cultural Revolution in Iran; Persian Service

Jacob Torfing

Discourse Theory in European Politics; Democratic Network Governance in Europe; Theories of Democratic Network Governance

Beth Torgerson

Reading the Brontë Body

Carole J. Torgerson

Designing Randomised Trials in Health, Education and the Social Sciences

David J. Torgerson

Designing Randomised Trials in Health, Education and the Social Sciences

Benno Torgler

A Century of American Economic Review

Jane Tormey

Photographic Realism

Erin Torneo

Picking Cotton

Olle Törnquist

Rethinking Popular Representation

Olle Törnquist

Democratization in the Global South; Rethinking Popular Representation; Assessing Dynamics of Democratisation; Politicising Democracy

Mélanie Torrent

Diplomacy and Nation-Building in Africa

Marcos Giralt Torrente

Father and Son

Richard Torrenzano

Digital Assassination

Décio Torres Cruz

Postmodern Metanarratives

Germán Torres

The Advance Team

Leyla Torres

The Subway Sparrow

Octavio A. Carranza Torres

The Bullwhip Effect in Supply Chains

Olivier Torres

The Wine Wars

Mr. Steven Torres

Death in Precinct Puerto Rico: Book Two; Precinct Puerto Rico; Blackout in Precinct Puerto Rico; Burning Precinct Puerto Rico: Book Three

Susana B. Torres

Company Towns

Theresa L. Torres

The Paradox of Latina Religious Leadership in the Catholic Church

Silvio Torres-Saillant

An Intellectual History of the Caribbean

Malcolm Torry

The Managing Religion: The Management of Christian Religious and Faith-Based Organizations

Ana Tortajada

The Silenced Cry

Gabriel Tortella

Entrepreneurship and Growth; Spanish Money and Banking

John Tortorice

The Sacred in Twentieth-Century Politics

Dayna Tortorici

The Trouble Is the Banks

Alberto Toscano

Theatre of Production

Paul Tosey

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

John Tosh

Why History Matters

Josh Tosh

Masculinities in Politics and War

Alessandra Tosi

Women in Russian Culture and Society, 1700-1825

Laura Tosi

Representations of Elizabeth I in Early Modern Culture

Jale Tosun

Public Policy

Sally Totman

How Hollywood Projects Foreign Policy

Nahid Toubia

Female Genital Mutilation

Shelley Tougas

The Graham Cracker Plot

Michael J. Tougias

Ten Hours Until Dawn; When Man is the Prey; The Finest Hours

Sarah Toulalan

Bodies, Sex and Desire from the Renaissance to the Present

Camilla Toulmin

Climate Change in Africa

Vanessa Toulmin

Electric Edwardians: The Films of Mitchell and Kenyon; The Lost World of Mitchell and Kenyon: Edwardian Britain on Film; The Lost World of Mitchell and Kenyon

Meline Toumani

There Was and There Was Not


Never Drank the Kool-Aid

Cyril Tourneur

The Revenger's Tragedy

Nadine Tournois

The Paradoxes of Globalization

Eric Toussaint

Who Owes Who?; The World Bank

Saadia Touval

Mediation in the Yugoslav Wars

Doreen Tovey

Cats in May; Cats in the Belfry

Paige Tovey

The Transatlantic Eco-Romanticism of Gary Snyder

Alfred Tovias

Mapping European Economic Integration

George Tovstiga

Capabilities for Strategic Advantages

William Tow

Bilateral Perspectives on Regional Security

Wells Tower

Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned

Shafquat Towheed

The Correspondence of Edith Wharton and Macmillan, 1901-1930; Publishing in the First World War

Shafquat Towheed

The History of Reading (3 volume pack); The History of Reading, Volume 3; The History of Reading, Volume 1


Temptations of Power

Philip Towle

Going to War

Phillip Towle

Britain and Japan in the Twentieth Century

Anni Townend


Emilie M. Townes

Womanist Ethics and the Cultural Production of Evil

Alvin Townley

Spirit of Adventure; Legacy of Honor; Fly Navy; Defiant: The POWs Who Endured Vietnam's Most Infamous Prison, the Women Who Fought for Them, and the One Who Never Returned

Camilla Townsend

Pocahontas and the Powhatan Dilemma

Chris Townsend

Art and Death

John Townsend

Proconsul to the Middle East

Keith Townsend

The Future of Employment Relations

Peter Townsend

Building Decent Societies

Jules Townshend

Interpreting Modern Political Philosophy

Nigel Townson

Spain Transformed

Barbara Toy

Traveling the Incense Route

Ryoko Toyama

Managing Flow

John Toye

Challenging the Orthodoxies

Richard Toye

Making Reputations; Churchill's Empire

Richard Toye

The Aftermath of Suffrage

Arnold Toynbee

Choose Life; I Agree with a Pagan

Toshihisa Toyoda

Economic and Policy Lessons from Japan to Developing Countries

Junichi Toyota

Diachronic Change in the English Passive

Daniel S. Traber

Whiteness, Otherness, and the Individualism Paradox from Huck to Punk

Fawwaz Traboulsi

A History of Modern Lebanon


Drawing Now



Liz Tracey

So You Want to Be a Lesbian?

Paul Tracey

Global Competitiveness and Innovation

Alan Trachtenberg

Reading American Photographs; Shades of Hiawatha; The Incorporation of America; Lincoln's Smile and Other Enigmas

Amy Trachtenberg

Verses That Hurt

Jordan Trachtenberg

Verses That Hurt

Geoff Tracy

Baby Love

Kathleen Tracy

Sacha Baron Cohen; The Girl's Got Bite

Tony Tracy

Masculinity and Irish Popular Culture

Stuart L. Trager, M.D.

The All-New Atkins Advantage

Jennifer Traig

The Autobiographer's Handbook

Mark Trainer

Jeffrey Archer Presents: New Wife

Ted Trainer

The Conserver Society

Mare Tralla

Private Views

Ly Tran

Higher Education in Vietnam

Transparency International

Global Corruption Report 2006; Global Corruption Report 2005; Global Corruption Report 2004

Tomas Transtromer

The Half-Finished Heaven; The Deleted World

Emily R. Transue, M.D.

On Call; Patient by Patient

Randolph J. Trappey

Brand Choice

Vera Trappmann

Fallen heroes in global capitalism

Monica Trasandes

Broken Like This

Mary Anne Trasciatti

Representing Sacco and Vanzetti

Kerry A. Trask

Black Hawk

Janee Trasler

Mimi and Bear in the Snow

Fabrizio Traù

Structural Macroeconomic Change and the Size Pattern of Manufacturing Firms

James Traub

The Best Intentions; The Freedom Agenda

Rudolf Traub-Merz

Participatory Budgeting in Asia and Europe

Gaston Trauffler

Sustained Innovation Management

Florian Trauner

The Europeanisation of the Western Balkans

Karl G. Trautman

The Underdog in American Politics

Ted Travelstead

The Petraeus Files

B. Traven

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

Amy E. Traver

Service-Learning at the American Community College

Robert Traver

Anatomy of a Murder

Martin Travers

An Introduction To Modern European Literature

Tony Travers

Transport Policy in Britain

Enzo Traverso

Understanding The Nazi Genocide

Thomas Travisano

Words in Air

Karen Traviss

Halo: Evolutions; Halo: Mortal Dictata; Halo: Glasslands; HALO: The Thursday War

John Traynor

Mastering Modern German History 1864-1990

Amal Treacher

Public Emotions

Matt Treacy

The IRA 1956-69

Matt Treacy

The IRA 1956–69

Warren Treadgold

A Concise History of Byzantium; The Early Byzantine Historians

Warren Treadgold

The Middle Byzantine Historians

James Treadwell

Football Hooliganism, Fan Behaviour and Crime

Joseph B. Treaster

New York Times Hurricane Force

James Treat

Around the Sacred Fire

John Treddenick

Managing the Revolution in Military Affairs

Nicolas Tredell

The Fiction of Martin Amis; Macbeth; Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night's Dream

Nicolas Tredell

C.P. Snow; Charles Dickens: David Copperfield/ Great Expectations

Linda Tredennick

New Formalisms and Literary Theory

Isabella Tree

Sliced Iguana

David H. Treece

Cultures of the Lusophone Black Atlantic

Andrew Trees

Club Rules

Jeanine Treffers-Daller

Vocabulary Studies in First and Second Language Acquisition

James Trefil

Human Nature

Theodore Trefon

Reinventing Order in the Congo; Congo Masquerade

Hans Trefousse

Rutherford B. Hayes

Mary Tregellas

Homemade Preserves & Jams

Louisa Treger

The Lodger

Ian Tregillis

Bitter Seeds; What Doctor Gottlieb Saw; Something More Than Night; The Coldest War

Jeremy Treglown

Franco's Crypt

Jean-Paul Tréguer

50+ Marketing

Nidhi Trehan

Romani Politics in Contemporary Europe

Deborah Treisman

20 Under 40

Vilna Bashi Treitler

Race in Transnational and Transracial Adoption

Rose Tremain

The Colour

Peter Tremayne

Hemlock at Vespers; Whispers of the Dead; An Ensuing Evil and Others; The Leper's Bell

Manon Tremblay

Women and Legislative Representation

Paul Tremblay

The Little Sleep; No Sleep till Wonderland

Christopher Tremewan

The Political Economy of Social Control in Singapore

Joerg Tremmel

Climate Ethics

Milan Trenc

Another Night at the Museum

Alan Trench

Devolution and Power in the United Kingdom

Charles Chenevix Trench

Men Who Ruled Kenya

Balázs Trencsényi

'Regimes of Historicity' in Southeastern and Northern Europe, 1890-1945

Sean Trende

The Lost Majority

Cassie J. E. H. Trentaz

Theology in the Age of Global AIDS & HIV

Frank Trentmann

Civil Society; Worlds of Political Economy; Food and Conflict in Europe in the Age of the Two World Wars; Beyond Sovereignty

Hans-Jörg Trenz

Rethinking the Public Sphere Through Transnationalizing Processes

Richard W. Tresch

Public Sector Economics

James Tresilian

Sensorimotor Control and Learning

Evangelia Tressou

Beyond Pedagogies of Exclusion in Diverse Childhood Contexts

David Treuer

The Hiawatha; The Translation of Dr Apelles; Native American Fiction

Julian Treuherz

Ford Madox Brown

Susan Trevaskes

The Death Penalty in Contemporary China

Laura Trevelyan

A Very British Family

Laura Trevelyan

A Very British Family

Raleigh Trevelyan

Sir Walter Raleigh

Regina Treviño

PreMBA Analytical Primer

Jonathan Trevor

Can Pay Be Strategic?

Hugh Trevor-Roper

The Wartime Journals

Philippa Trevorrow

Cyberwar, Netwar and the Revolution in Military Affairs

Karen Trew

Applying Social Psychology

Bryoni Trezise

Performing Feeling in Cultures of Memory

Núria Triana-Toribio

The Cinema of Álex de la Iglesia

Núria Triana-Toribio

The Cinema of Álex de la Iglesia

Anna Triandafyllidou

Transcultural Europe; The European Public Sphere and the Media

Anna Triandafyllidou

Migrant Smuggling; The Greek Crisis and European Modernity

Peter Triantafillou

New Forms of Governing

Fernando Trías de Bes

Winning at Innovation

Jeffery L. Tribble

Transformative Pastoral Leadership in the Black Church

Evelyn B. Tribble

Cognition in the Globe

Dr. Jeffery L. Tribble Sr.

Transformative Pastoral Leadership in the Black Church

Laurence Tribe

Uncertain Justice

Evelyn Tribole, M.S., R.D.

Intuitive Eating, 2nd Edition; Intuitive Eating

Pasquale Tridico

Institutions, Human Development and Economic Growth in Transition Economies

Peter Pericles Trifonas

Deconstructing Derrida; Communities of Difference

Andrew Trigg

Personal Investment: financial planning in an uncertain world

Benigno Trigo

Remembering Maternal Bodies

Ludmilla A. Trigos

The Decembrist Myth in Russian Culture

Calvin Trillin

Messages From My Father; Travels with Alice; Family Man; The Tummy Trilogy

Lionel Trilling

The Moral Obligation to Be Intelligent

Richard Trim

Metaphor Networks

Richard Trim

Metaphor and the Historical Evolution of Conceptual Mapping

Chris Trimble

How Stella Saved the Farm; Beyond the Idea

Jürgen Trimborn

Leni Riefenstahl

Nicos Trimikliniotis

Beyond a Divided Cyprus

Tony Trimmer

SideSplitters Seriously Silly School Jokes

Greg Trine

The Curse of the Bologna Sandwich; The Revenge of the McNasty Brothers; The Grateful Fred; Terror in Tights

Harold Trinkunas

Global Politics of Defense Reform

Ben Tripp

The Accidental Highwayman

Anthony Trippett

Ramón J. Sender's Crónica del alba

Helmuth Trischler

Building Europe on Expertise

Alan Tritton

When the Tiger Fought the Thistle

Tracy Trivas

A Princess Found

Arun Trivedi

Trade Finance

Frances Trix

Muslim Voices and Lives in the Contemporary World

Tamara Trodd


Yaroslav Trofimov

Faith at War

Daniel Tröhler

Pestalozzi and the Educationalization of the World

Richard W. Trollinger

Philanthropy and American Higher Education

Willem Trommel

Manufacturing Civil Society

Jarle Trondal

Unpacking International Organisations

Jarle Trondal

The Agency Phenomenon in the European Union; Unpacking International Organisations

Lewis Trondheim

Kaput and Zosky; Tiny Tyrant: Volume One: The Ethelbertosaurus; Tiny Tyrant: Volume Two: The Lucky Winner

Kjetil Tronvoll

Ethiopia Since the Derg

Joseph Tropiano

Big Night

Theodore Louis Trost

The African Diaspora and the Study of Religion

Jeanette Trotman

Easy Knitted Socks

Robert T. Trotter

Transforming Culture

Joe Trotter

The African American Urban Experience

Joy Trotter

Child Sexual Assault

Alexis S. Troubetzkoy

Arctic Obsession

Jean-Marc Trouille

France, Germany and Britain

Michel-Rolph Trouillot

Global Transformations

Jean Trounstine

Shakespeare Behind Bars

Rachel Trousdale

Nabokov, Rushdie, and the Transnational Imagination

Andrew Trout

City On the Seine

Steven Trout

The Literature of the Great War Reconsidered

Shelley Trower

Place, Writing, and Voice in Oral History

Shelley Trower

Vibratory Modernism

Paul Trowler

Cultures and Change in Higher Education

Tiffany A. Troxel

Parliamentary Power in Russia, 1994-2001

Jodok Troy

Christian Approaches to International Affairs

Maria Troy

Making Home

Lara Trubowitz

Civil Antisemitism, Modernism, and British Culture, 1902-1939

John Truby

The Anatomy of Story

Noah Andre Trudeau

Robert E. Lee: Lessons in Leadership

Jacqui True

Doing Feminist Research in Political and Social Science

Jacqui True

Theories of International Relations

Alison Truelove

Gentry Culture in Late-Medieval England

Sue Truesdell

A Moose That Says Moo

Achim Truger

Wages, Employment, Distribution and Growth

Mary Trull

Performing Privacy and Gender in Early Modern Literature

Cristina Trullols

Islamic Economics and Finance; Islamic Finance in Western Higher Education; Social Impact Finance

Charles Truman

Renaissance Jewels, Gold Boxes and Objets De Vertu

Margaret Truman

Monument to Murder: A Capital Crimes Novel; Margaret Truman's Experiment in Murder; Margaret Truman's Undiplomatic Murder

Angus Trumble

The Finger

Donald Trump

The America We Deserve

Thanh-Dam Truong

Engendering Human Security

Alan Truscott

The New York Times Bridge Book

Dorothy Truscott

The New York Times Bridge Book

Peter Truscott

Russia First

Elizabeth Truss

Britannia Unchained

Danielle Trussoni

Falling Through the Earth

Jennifer Trusted

The Mystery of Matter

Truth and Reconcilation Commission of South Africa

Truth and Reconciliation Commission of South Africa Report

Pia Tryde

Sew!: Exclusive Cath Kidston Designs for Over 40 Simple Sewing Projects

Roza Tsagarousianou

Islam in Europe

Shih-shan Henry Tsai

Lee Teng-Hui and Taiwan's Quest for Identity

Weipin Tsai

Reading Shenbao

Euclid Tsakalotos

Crucible of Resistance

Myrto Tsakatika

Political Responsibility and the European Union

Vasiliki Tsakiri


Villy Tsakona

The Narrative Construction of Identities in Critical Education

Panayotis Tsakonas

The Incomplete Breakthrough in Greek-Turkish Relations

Eileen Yuk-Ha Tsang

The New Middle Class in China

Steve Tsang

Hong Kong; Peace and Security Across the Taiwan Strait; A Modern History of Hong Kong; Governing Hong Kong

Steve Tsang

The Vitality of Taiwan

Steven Tsang

The Cold War's Odd Couple

Charalambos Tsardanidis

Eldorado Or Fortress? Migration in Southern Europe

Dimitris Tsarouhas

Social Democracy in Sweden

Dieter Tschemernjak

Enduring Success

Hugo Tschirky

Managing Innovation Driven Companies

Helen Tse

Sweet Mandarin

Michael Tse

Wing Chun Kung Fu; Qigong for Healing and Relaxation

Andromachi Tseloni

The International Crime Drop

Chiao-I Tseng

Cohesion in Film

Wanda S. Tseng

India's and China's Recent Experience with Reform and Growth

Noël K Tshiani

Building Credible Central Banks

Vassilis Tsianos

Escape Routes

Michael J. Tsinisizelis

Theory and Reform in the European Union

Yuri Tsivian

Ivan the Terrible

Anastassia Tsoukala

Football Hooliganism in Europe

Hardimos Tsoukas

Organizations as Knowledge Systems

Maria Tsouroufli

Creating Citizenship Communities

Asu Tsubaki

He Is My Master Vol 4; He Is My Master Vol 2; He Is My Master Vol 3; He Is My Master Vol 5

Anne S. Tsui

Management and Organizations in the Chinese Context

Judy S.L. Tsui

The Governance of East Asian Corporations

Masatsugu Tsuji

Industrial Clusters in Asia; From Agglomeration to Innovation

Yuko Tsujita

Inclusiveness in India; Inclusive Growth and Development in India

Gail Tsukiyama

Night of Many Dreams; The Language of Threads; A Hundred Flowers; Women of the Silk

Linda Tsung

Minority Languages, Education and Communities in China

William M. Tsutsui

In Godzilla's Footsteps; Godzilla on My Mind

Bakut tswah Bakut

Africa at the Millennium

Andrei Tsygankov


Peter Tu

Health Economics

Kristin O' Donnell Tubb

Selling Hope; The 13th Sign

Nigel Tubbs

History of Western Philosophy

Stanley Tucci

Life's Little Annoyances; The One and Only Shrek!; Shrek! (Book & CD Set); Shrek!

Hans N. Tuch

Communicating with the World

Konrad Tuchscherer

The Autobiography of an African Princess

Aaron Tucker

Interfacing with the Internet in Popular Cinema

Barbara M. Tucker

Industrializing Antebellum America

Bruce Tucker

American Culture Transformed

George Holbert Tucker

Jane Austen the Woman

Jim B. Tucker, M.D.

Life Before Life; Return to Life

John Tucker

The Modern Family Business

Jonathan Tucker

The Silk Road

Ken Tucker

Kissing Bill O'Reilly, Roasting Miss Piggy; Scarface Nation

Kenneth H. Tucker Jr.

Industrializing Antebellum America

Reed Tucker

Duke Sucks

Shelby Tucker

Among Insurgents; Burma

Spencer Tucker

The Second World War

Todd Tucker

Over and Under

Tom Tucker


Treva J. Tucker

The Culture of the Horse

William Tucker

Lights Out!

Margaret Tudeau-Clayton

Textures of Renaissance Knowledge

Christopher L. Tudico

Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Keith Tudor

The Person-Centred Approach

Louis Embleton Tudor

The Person-Centred Approach

Rob Van Tulder

Cars, Carriers of Regionalism?

Emmanuelle Tulle

Ageing, The Body and Social Change

Hugh Tulloch

The Debate On the American Civil War Era

John Tulloch

Trevor Griffiths

Elsa Tulmets

East Central European Foreign Policy Identity in Perspective

Stephen Tumino

Cultural Theory After the Contemporary

Diana G. Tumminia

A Study of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness

John Tunbridge

Pluralising Pasts

Daria Tunca

Stylistic Approaches to Nigerian Fiction

Martin Tunley

Mandating the Measurement of Fraud

Michael O. Tunnell

The Prydain Companion; The Prydain Companion (Reissue)

Fran Tunno

Nobody Knows

Thomas Nelson Tunstall

Outsourcing and Management

Thomas Nelson Tunstall

Outsourcing and Management

Leigh Anne Tuohy

In a Heartbeat

Sean Tuohy

In a Heartbeat

Antti Tuomainen

The Healer

Ruanni Tupas

Language, Education and Nation-building

Berna Turam

Secular State and Religious Society

Colin Turbett

Doing Radical Social Work

Romeo V. Turcan

Toward a Metatheory of Economic Bubbles

Davide Turcato

Making Sense of Anarchism

Valeri S. Turchin

Vojo Stanic

Marius Turda

Modernism and Eugenics

Marius Turda

Eugenics and Nation in Early 20th Century Hungary

N. Naim Turfan

Rise of the Young Turks

Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev

The Torrents Of Spring

Ayhan Turhan Aktar

Nationalism in the Troubled Triangle

Vladimir Turjacanin

Youth Ethnic and National Identity in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Henning Türk

A History of Franco-German Relations in Europe

Jon Turk

The Raven's Gift

Abdullah Q. Turkistani

Islamic Economics and Finance

Richard Marggraf Turley

The Politics of Language in Romantic Literature

Eboni Marshall Turman

Toward a Womanist Ethic of Incarnation

Kim Turnbull James

Leadership Learning

Nick Turnbull

Rhetoric in British Politics and Society

Peter Turnbull

Fear of Drowning

Peter Turnbull

Reassessing the Employment Relationship

Sharon Turnbull

Worldly Leadership

Barry Turner

China Profiled; The UK Today; Central Europe Profiled; The Statesman's Yearbook 2002

Barry Turner

The Statesman's Yearbook 2011; The Statesman's Yearbook 2012; The Statesman's Yearbook 2013; The Statesman's Yearbook 2014

Bertram Turner

Religion in Disputes

Cathy Turner

Dramaturgy and Performance

Christopher Turner

Adventures in the Orgasmatron

Colin Turner

Strategy and Policy for Trans-European Networks; Said Nursi

Ed Turner

Political Parties and Public Policy in the German Länder

Edith Turner


Elizabeth Hutton Turner

Pierre Bonnard; Calder/Miró

Gerard L.E. Turner

Directory of British Scientific Instrument Makers 1550-1851

Graham Turner

The Credit Crunch; No Way to Run an Economy

Jack Turner

Teewinot; Travels in the Greater Yellowstone

John Turner

Inquisition in Early Islam

John A. Turner

Religious Ideology and the Roots of the Global Jihad

Laura Turner

William Etty

Mandy Turner

Whose Peace? Critical Perspectives on the Political Economy of Peacebuilding

Mark Turner

Challenging Global Inequality

Mark W. Turner

Trollope and the Magazines

Matthew Turner

Amazing Achievements

Max Turner

Night Runner; End of Days; Dark Talents

Michael Turner

British Politics in An Age of Reform

Nancy E. Turner

Sarah's Quilt; The Star Garden; My Name Is Resolute

Nikki Turner

Project Chick II: What's Done in the Dark; The Glamorous Life 2; Unique; Unique II: Betrayal

Pamela S. Turner

A Life in the Wild

Priscilla Turner

The War Between the Vowels and the Consonants

Stephen Turner

American Sociology

Thomas Turner

The Congo Wars

Toni Turner

Short-Term Trading in the New Stock Market

Whitney Turner

The War Between the Vowels and the Consonants

Chris Turney

Bones, Rocks and Stars; Ice, Mud and Blood

Rob Turnock

Television and Consumer Culture; Interpreting Diana: Television Audiences and the Death of a Princess

Ivan Turok

Changing Cities

Scott Turow

Personal Injuries; Pleading Guilty; Presumed Innocent; The Laws of our Fathers

Alessandro Turrini

Fiscal Policy Surveillance in Europe

Nick Turse

The Complex; Kill Anything That Moves

Meredeth Turshen

The Aftermath; What Women Do in Wartime; Women's Health Movements; African Women

Harry Turtledove

Into the Darkness; Conan of Venarium; The First Heroes; Through The Darkness

Brian Turton

Global Transport Issues

David Turton

Film As Ethnography

Katy Turton

Forgotten Lives

Victoria Turvey-Sauron

The Sacred and the Feminine

John Tusa

Engaged with the Arts

John Tusa

Pain in the Arts

Heinz-Josef Tuselmann

Employee Relations in Foreign-Owned Subsidiaries

Nasir al-Din Tusi

Contemplation and Action

Penelope Tuson

Playing the Game

David J. Tuss

Animal Weapons

Diana Tussie

Trade Negotiations in Latin America

Jennifer A. Tuten

Teaching and Learning in the (dis)Comfort Zone

Jennifer A. Tuten

Successful Reading Assessments and Interventions for Struggling Readers

David Tutera

The Big White Book of Weddings; That Costs How Much?: The Bride's Guide to Budgeting for an Unforgettable Wedding

Desmond Tutu

The Gospel According to Judas by Benjamin Iscariot

Sammy van Tuyll

Users Guide to the Euro

Kaleil Isaza Tuzman

The Entrepreneur's Success Kit

Mich Tvede

Overlapping Generations Economies

Terje Tvedt

The River Nile in the Age of the British; The Nile; Southern Sudan, Volume 1; Southern Sudan, 2 Volume Set

Terje Tvedt

A Journey in the Future of Water; History of Water, A, Series II, Three volume set; History of Water, A, Series III, Volume 1

Michael Twaddle

Imperialism and the State in the Third World

Clotilde Twagiramariya

What Women Do in Wartime

Mark Twain

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn; The Adventures of Tom Sawyer; Classics Illustrated Deluxe #4: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Katherine Twamley

Love, Marriage and Intimacy among Gujarati Indians

Piotr Twardzisz

The Language of Interstate Relations

Jill Tweedie

In the Name of Love

Alison Twells

British Women's History; The Civilizing Mission and the English Middle Class,1792-1850

Alan Twelvetrees

Community Work

Dr. Abraham Twerski, M.D.

The Thin You Within You

Abraham J. Twerski, M.D.

Waking up Just in Time; When Do The Good Things Start?; Life's Too Short!

Judyth L. Twigg

Russia's Torn Safety Nets; HIV/AIDS in Russia and Eurasia, Volume I; HIV/AIDS in Russia and Eurasia, Volume II

Julia Twigg

The Body in Health and Social Care

Robert Twigger

Red Nile

Charlotte A. Twight

Dependent on D.C.

Michael Twohey

Authority and Welfare in China

Jim Twombly

The Progression of the American Presidency

Anne Twomey

Bait and Switch; Transgressions: Chasing Shadows; A Perfect Union; Fin & Lady

Christina Twomey

A History of Australia

Christopher P. Twomey

Perspectives on Sino-American Strategic Nuclear Issues

Afua Twum-Danso Imoh

Childhoods at the Intersection of the Local and the Global

John Twyning

London Dispossessed; Forms of English History in Literature, Landscape, and Architecture

Nicholas Tyacke

Aspects of English Protestantism C. 1530-1700

Nicholas Tyacke

The English Revolution c. 1590–1720

Larry Tye

The Father of Spin; Rising from the Rails; Home Lands

Christopher Tyerman

The Debate on the Crusades, 1099-2010

Guri Tyldum

Applying Respondent Driven Sampling to Migrant Populations

Claire M. Tylee

Jewish Women's Writing in Britain

Aaron Tyler

Islam, the West, and Tolerance

Imogen Tyler

Revolting Subjects

J. E. A. Tyler

The Complete Tolkien Companion

Katharine Tyler

Majority Cultures and the Everyday Politics of Ethnic Difference

Katharine Tyler

Whiteness, Class and the Legacies of Empire

Melissa Tyler

The Management of Everyday Life

Patrick Tyler

Fortress Israel; A World of Trouble

Paul Tyler

Labour's Lost Leader

Paul Tyler

Labour's Lost Leader

Jane Tynan

British Army Uniform and the First World War

Peg Tyre

The Good School

J.M. Tyree

The Big Lebowski

J.M. Tyree


David Tyrer

The Politics of Islamophobia

Ian Tyrrell

Transnational Nation

Shaun Tyson

Managing an Age Diverse Workforce

Will Tyson

Becoming an Engineer in Public Universities

Demetra Tzanaki

Women and Nationalism in the Making of Modern Greece

Rodanthi Tzanelli

Nation-Building and Identity in Europe

Rodanthi Tzanelli

Olympic Ceremonialism and The Performance of National Character

Zafiris Tzannatos

Child Labor and Education in Latin America

George N. Tzogopoulos

US Foreign Policy in the European Media

Lao Tzu

The Tao Te Ching of Lao Tzu