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Andrea U'Ren

One Potato, Two Potato; Feeding the Sheep

Oswald Überegger

Gender and the First World War

Varun Uberoi

Options for a New Britain

Tatsuya Uchida

Positive and Normative Analysis in International Economics

Shuji Uchikawa

Industrial Clusters, Migrant Workers, and Labour Markets in India

Hiroko Uchimura

Making Health Services More Accessible in Developing Countries; Fiscal Decentralization and Development

Kate Udall

Stalked; Stolen; Dead Heat; Cold Snap

Monique A. R. Udell

Animal Cognition

Michael Uebel

The Middle Ages At Work; Ecstatic Transformation

Greta Lynn Uehling

Beyond Memory

Andrew Uffindell

The National Army Museum Book of Wellington's Armies

Juan Ugarriza

Democratic Deliberation in Deeply divided Societies:

Thomas Ugelvik

Power and Resistance in Prison

Bengt Kristensson Uggla

Trust and Organizations

Jenny Uglow

The Lunar Men; Nature's Engraver; The Palgrave Macmillan Dictionary of Women's Biography; The Pinecone

Laura Ugolini

A Nation of Shopkeepers

Wendy Ugolini

Experiencing War as the 'Enemy Other'

Wendy Ugolini

Experiencing War as the 'Enemy Other'

Pamela Ugwudike

What Works in Offender Compliance

Matthias Uhl

Experimental Ethics

Stefan H. Uhlig

Aesthetics and The Work of Art; Wordsworth's Poetic Theory

Anders Uhlin

Legitimacy Beyond the State?

Fred Uhlman


John Uhr

How Power Changes Hands

Rehan Ul-Haq

International Banking Strategic Alliances; Alliances and Co-Evolution

Rehan Ul-Haq

Corporate Foresight and Strategic Decisions

Steve Ulfelder

The Whole Lie; Purgatory Chasm; Shotgun Lullaby; Wolverine Bros. Freight & Storage

Julieann Veronica Ulin

Medieval Invasions in Modern Irish Literature

AKM Ahsan Ullah

Refugee Politics in the Middle East and North Africa; Migrant Remittances in South Asia

Ellen Ullman

By Blood; Close to the Machine; The Bug

Jeffrey Ullom

America's First Regional Theatre

Peter Ullrich

Conceptualizing Culture in Social Movement Research

Rohana Ulluwishewa

Spirituality and Sustainable Development

James Ulmer

James Ulmer's Hollywood Hot List

Rickard Ulmestig

Changing Social Risks and Social Policy Responses in the Nordic Welfare States

Kurt Ulrich

Monarchs of the Sea

Özgür Mutlu Ulus

The Army and the Radical Left in Turkey

Marko Ulvila

Global Political Parties

Kaye Umansky

I Am Reading: Alien Alby; Clover Twig and the Magical Cottage; Clover Twig and the Perilous Path

Maiken Umbach

German Federalism

Maiken Umbach

Heimat, Region, and Empire

Maki Umemura

Comparative Responses to Globalization

Thrity Umrigar

Bombay Time

Isaac Unah

The Supreme Court in American Politics

Fatma Gül Ünal

Land Ownership Inequality and Rural Factor Markets in Turkey

Alecia Underhill

For Horse-Crazy Girls Only

Frances A. Underhill

For Her Good Estate

Geoffrey R. D. Underhill

The New World Order in International Finance; Industrial Crisis and the Open Economy

Joseph B. Underhill-Cady

Death and the Statesman

Doug Underwood

The Undeclared War between Journalism and Fiction

Lucy Underwood

Childhood, Youth, and Religious Dissent in Post-Reformation England

Ted Underwood

The Work of the Sun

Deb Olin Unferth


Steven Ungar

Cleo de 5 a 7

Giuseppe Ungaretti

Selected Poems

Christoph Unger

Genre, Relevance and Global Coherence

Corinna R. Unger

International Organizations and Development, 1945-1990

Richard W. Unger

Ships on Maps

Clare Ungerson

Cash for Care Systems in Developed Welfare States

Çagdas Üngör

Turkey in the Cold War

United Nations Development Program

Human Development Report 2006; Human Development Report 2007

United Nations Development Programme

Human Development Report 2010; Human Development Report 2011

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Human Development Report 2009

Vicky Unruh

Telling Ruins in Latin America

Elaine Unterhalter

Global Inequalities and Higher Education; Amartya Sen's Capability Approach and Social Justice in Education


Wider Perspectives on Global Development

Brian Unwin

Terrible Exile

Brian Unwin

Terrible Exile; A Tale in Two Cities

Nicholas Unwin

Aiming at Truth

Alexander Unzicker

Bankrupting Physics

Archana Upadhyay

India's Fragile Borderlands

Anna Upchurch

Humanities in the Twenty-First Century

Martin Upchurch

Partnership and the High Performance Workplace; The Realities of Partnership at Work

Martin Upchurch

Workers and Revolution in Serbia

Mark K. Updegrove

Baptism by Fire

David Updike

Old Girlfriends

John Updike

Testing the Limits of What I Know and Feel

Robert Upstone

William Orpen

Sara Upstone

British Asian Fiction

Sara Upstone

Postcolonial Spaces; Researching and Representing Mobilities

Elizabeth Randell Upton

Music and Performance in the Later Middle Ages

Richard Upward

Titled Globalisation and Labour Market Adjustment

Shujiro Urata

Winning in Asia, Japanese Style

Karina Urback

Bismarck's Favourite Englishman

Olivier Urbain

Music and Conflict Transformation; Daisaku Ikeda's Philosophy of Peace

Olivier Urbain

Music and Conflict Transformation; Daisaku Ikeda and Dialogue for Peace; A Forum for Peace

G. R. Urban

Diplomacy and Disillusion At the Court of Margaret Thatcher

Hugh B. Urban

The Power of Tantra

Jessica LeAnn Urban

Nation, Immigration, and Environmental Security

Mark Urban

Task Force Black

Marsha Urban

Seventeenth-Century Mother's Advice Books

Martin Urban

Emil Nolde

Ian Urbina

Life's Little Annoyances

Lou Ureneck


Diane Urquhart

The Ladies of Londonderry

Rita E. E. Urquijo-Ruiz

Global Mexican Cultural Productions

John Urry

Societies beyond Oil

Cathy Urwin

Psychotherapy and Infancy

Giuseppe Usai

Organizations Today

Paolo Cherchi Usai

The Griffith Project: v. 10: Films Produced in 1916-1918; The Griffith Project: v. 8: Films Produced in 1914; The Griffith Project: v. 5: Films Produced in 1911; The Griffith Project: v. 4: Griffith at the Biograph Company in 1910

Paulo Usai

The Griffith Project: Films Produced 1919-1946: v. 10

Koichi Usami

Non-standard Employment under Globalization

Cornelie Usborne

Cultural Approaches to the History of Medicine

Lori Uscher-Pines, Ph.D.

The Get-Your-Man-to-Marry-You Plan

Graham Usher

Dispatches from Palestine; Palestine In Crisis

Robin Usher

Protestant Dublin, 1660-1760

Ema Ushioda

International Perspectives on Motivation

Jenna Ushkowitz

Choosing Glee

Murat Ustaoglu

Islamic Finance Alternatives for Emerging Economies

Coskun Usterci

Conscientious Objection

Cigdem Ustun

Turkey and European Security Defence Policy

Chikako Usui

Comparative Entrepreneurship Initiatives

Bo Utas

The Role of the State in West Asia

Mats Utas

African Conflicts and Informal Power

Matt Utas

African Conflicts and Informal Power

Janine Utell

James Joyce and the Revolt of Love

R. E. Utley

The French Defence Debate

Robert M. Utley

Sitting Bull

Steven Utley

The City Quiet as Death

Terhi Utriainen

Finnish Women Making Religion

Andrew Utterson

From IBM to MGM

Peter Utting

Reclaiming Development Agendas; Business, Politics and Public Policy

Peter Utting

The Global Crisis and Transformative Social Change

Peter Utting

Corporate Social Responsibility and Regulatory Governance

Matthew Uttley

The Changing Face of Military Power

Matthew H. R. Uttley

The Changing Face of Maritime Power

Peter Utton

Munch! Crunch! What's for Lunch?; Bump! Thump! How Do We Jump?

Milica Uvalic

Transition and Beyond; Globalization, Development and Integration; Serbia's Transition

Peter Uvin

Life After Violence

Umut Uzer

Identity and Turkish Foreign Policy

Dimitri Uzunidis

John Kenneth Galbraith and the Future of Economics; Powerful Finance and Innovation Trends in a High-Risk Economy