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Jan Švankmajer

Touching and Imagining

Vasileios Vlachos

Mergers and Acquisitions as the Pillar of Foreign Direct Investment

Alan D. Vardy

Constructing Coleridge

Arthur H O Van Soest

Ageing, Health and Pensions in Europe

Dirk van Dierendonck

Servant Leadership

Hester Vaizey

Surviving Hitler's War

Iara Vigo De Lima

Foucault's Archaeology of Political Economy

Ilja Van Damme

Modernity and the Second-Hand Trade

Naysaburi Verena Klemm

Memoirs of a Mission

Lorenzo Veracini

Settler Colonialism

Sue Vice

Introducing Bakhtin; Children Writing the Holocaust; Jack Rosenthal; Shoah


The Mafia Manager

Emmanuelle Vaast

Materiality and Time

Liz Vaccariello

Flat Belly Diet!

Franco Vaccarini

La Isla de Mil Vidas

Tere Vaden


Shalini Vadhera

Passport to Beauty

Ana Parejo Vadillo

Women Poets and Urban Aestheticism

Ana Parejo Vadillo

Victorian Literature

Diane Vadino

Smart Girls Like Me

Gianni Vaggi

A Concise History of Economic Thought

Gianni Vaggi

A Concise History of Economic Thought

Mark D. Vagle

Developmentalism in Early Childhood and Middle Grades Education

Mark D. Vagle

Developmentalism in Early Childhood and Middle Grades Education

Gabriel Vahanian

Theopoetics of the Word

Hamid Vahid

Epistemic Justification and the Skeptical Challenge; The Epistemology of Belief

Tise Vahimagi

The "Untouchables"

Neal Vahle

Smart Baseball

Aparna Vaidik

Imperial Andamans

Rachel Vail

Justin Case; Flabbersmashed About You; Piggy Bunny; Justin Case: Shells, Smells, and the Horrible Flip-Flops of Doom

Amanda Vaill

Hotel Florida: Truth, Love, and Death in the Spanish Civil War

Vlad Vaiman

Talent Management of Knowledge Workers; Talent Management of Self-Initiated Expatriates

Maria Vaiou

Diplomacy in the Early Islamic World

Bapu Vaitla

Seasons of Hunger; Hunger Watch Report 2007-08

Jesús Valdaliso

The World's Key Industry

Enrico Valdani

Competitive Strategies

Alberto Valdes

Rural Poverty in Latin America

Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez

El club social de las chicas temerarias; The Dirty Girls Social Club; Playing with Boys; Make Him Look Good

Avelardo Valdez

Mexican American Girls and Gang Violence

Damian Valdez

German Philhellenism

Juan R. Valdez

Tracing Dominican Identity

Stephen Valdez

An Introduction to Global Financial Markets

Brian Vale

A Frigate of King George; Independence or Death; A War Betwixt Englishmen; Cochrane in the Pacific

Peter Vale

Theory, Change and Southern Africa's Future

Edward J. Valeau

Increasing Effectiveness of the Community College Financial Model

Keja L. Valens

Desire between Women in Caribbean Literature

Catherynne M. Valente

Deathless; The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making; The Girl Who Fell Beneath Fairyland and Led the Revels There; The Girl Who Ruled Fairyland--For a Little While

Michael Valente

Strategic Organizational Change

Claire Valentin

Human Resource Development

Genevieve Valentine

Terrain; The Insects of Love

Joanne Valentine

The Person-Centred Approach

Kylie Valentine

Substance and Substitution

Madeline Valentine

Ava and the Real Lucille

Michelle Valentine

A Girl's Gotta Eat; Insatiable

Penny Valentine

Dancing with Demons

Philipp Valentini

Protecting Nature, Saving Creation

Tiziana Valentini

Women and Terrorism

Valeria Venturelli

Bridging the Equity Gap for Innovative SMEs

Brandon Valeriano

Hollywood's Representations of the Sino-Tibetan Conflict

Abbas Vali

Kurds and the State in Iran

Arafaat A. Valiani

Militant Publics in India

Elisabeth Valiente-Riedl

Is Fairtrade Fair?

Jussi Välimaa

Managing Reform in Universities

Anne Valk

Living with Jim Crow

Pekka Valkama

Innovations in Financing Public Services; Organizational Innovation in Public Services

Nastasha Vall

Cultural Region

Andrew B. G. Vallance

The Air Weapon

Edward Vallance

Contexts of Conscience in the Early Modern World 1500-1700

Kate Vallance

Getting the Most from Supervision

Jan W. Valle

What Mothers Say about Special Education

Eleuterio Vallelado

Frontiers of Banks in a Global World

Peter Vallentyne

The Origins of Left-Libertarianism; Left-Libertarianism and Its Critics

Abbas Valli

Kurds and the State in Iran

Yasmin Valli

Islam in the West

David Vallins

Coleridge and the Psychology of Romanticism; Coleridge's Writings: On the Sublime

Eduard Vallory

World Scouting

Josep Francesc Valls Giménez

Beyond the Low Cost Business

Nadia Valman

'The Jew' in Late-Victorian and Edwardian Culture

Elizabeth van Acker

Governments and Marriage Education Policy

Bastiaan van Apeldoorn

Neoliberal European Governance and Beyond

Bastiaan van Apeldoorn

Neoliberalism in Crisis

Cees van Beers

Determinants of Innovative Behaviour

Douglas A. Van Belle

Media, Bureaucracies, and Foreign Aid

Rik Van Berkel

The Governance of Active Welfare States in Europe

Ingrid Van Biezen

Political Parties in New Democracies

Jeroen Van Bouwel

The Social Sciences and Democracy

Jeroen van Bree

Game Based Organization Design

Martin Van Bruinessen

Sufism and the 'Modern' in Islam

Martin Van Bruinessen

Sufism and the 'Modern' in Islam

Leen Van Brussel

The Social Construction of Death

Peter Van Buren

We Meant Well

Roderick van Cann

Software Business Start-up Memories

Paul Van Casteren

Executive Coaching

Alfred van Cleef

The Lost Island

Martin van Creveld

The Land of Blood and Honey; Defending Israel

Nikolaos van Dam

The Struggle For Power in Syrian; The Struggle for Power in Syria

Thijs Van de Graaf

The Politics and Institutions of Global Energy Governance

Edwin van de Haar

Classical Liberalism and International Relations Theory

Stefanie Van de Peer

Art and Trauma in Africa

Nicolas Van de Walle

Beyond Structural Adjustment

Steven Van de Walle

Public Sector Information in Bureaucracy Politics and Society

Steven Van de Walle

Performance Information in the Public Sector

Manon van de Water

Moscow Theatres for Young People; Theatre, Youth, and Culture

Janwillem van de Wetering

The Empty Mirror; Afterzen; A Glimpse of Nothingness

Christien van den Anker

The Political Economy of New Slavery; Trafficking and Women's Rights

Christien van den Anker

Human Rights and Migration

Annette Van den Berg

Institutional Economics

Laura van den Berg

The Isle of Youth

Lutgart Van den Berghe

How to Make Boards Work

Karoline van den Brande

Sustainable Development and Subnational Governments

Gerrit Jan van den Brink

Operational Risk; Banking/Trading-Operations Management

D. Van Den Bulcke

International Trade, Foreign Direct Investment, and the Economic Environment

Chris van der Borgh

NGOs under Pressure in Partial Democracies

Simone van der Burg

Ethics on the Laboratory Floor

Cees van der Eijk

Elections and Voters

Nikki van der Gaag

Feminism and Men

Jan van der Harst

Documents On European Union

Hein-Anton van der Heijden

Social Movements, Public Spheres and the European Politics of the Environment

Charles van der Leeuw

Azerbaijan; Oil and Gas in the Caucasus & Caspian

Bob van der Linden

Music and Empire in Britain and India

Tanja van der Lippe

Quality of Life and Work in Europe

Frits M. Van der Meer

The Civil Service in the 21st Century

Kees Van Der Pijl

Nomads, Empires, States; The Foreign Encounter in Myth and Religion

Kees Van Der Pijl

The Discipline of Western Supremacy

Ruud van der Rol

The Search; Anne Frank: Her life in words and pictures from the archives of The Anne Frank House

Maria van der Schaar

G.F. Stout and the Psychological Origins of Analytic Philosophy

Peter van der Veer

Religious Networks in Asia and Beyond

Anna van der Vleuten

Gender Equality Norms in Regional Governance

Erik van der Vleuten

The Making of Europe's Critical Infrastructure

Andrew Van der Vlies

South African Textual Cultures

Adriaan van der Weel

Changing Our Textual Minds

Reina Van der Wiel

Literary Aesthetics of Trauma

Emmy van Deurzen

Existential Perspectives on Human Issues; Existential Perspectives on Supervision

Emmy van Deurzen

Existential Perspectives on Coaching; Existential Perspectives on Relationship Therapy

Nancy van Deusen

Central and Eastern Europe in the Middle Ages

Peter Van Diemen

Indonesia in Transition

Pitou van Dijck

Latin America's New Insertion in the World Economy

Jan van Dijk

The International Crime Drop

Jan A. G. M. van Dijk

Digital Skills

Marcus van Dijk

Sensory Marketing

Rijk van Dijk

The Social Life of Connectivity in Africa

Teun Van Dijk

Discourse and Power

Luc van Dongen

Transnational Anti-Communism and the Cold War

Wouter Van Dooren

Public Sector Information in Bureaucracy Politics and Society

Wouter Van Dooren

Performance Information in the Public Sector

Petrus van Duyne

Transnational Terrorism, Organized Crime and Peace-Building

Jennifer Van Dyck

Think Twice

Jere Van Dyk


Carolynn Van Dyke

Rethinking Chaucerian Beasts

Greg van Eekhout

California Bones; Last Son of Tomorrow

Anouka van Eerdewijk

Gender Equality Norms in Regional Governance

Klaas Van Egmond

Sustainable Civilization

Martine van Elk

Tudor Drama Before Shakespeare, 1485-1590

Joan van Emden

Presentation Skills for Students

Bart Van Es

A Critical Companion to Spenser Studies

Paul Van Fenema

Knowledge Processes in Globally Distributed Contexts

Krista Van Fleit Hang

Literature the People Love

R. W. Van Fossen

Eastward Ho!

Geert Jan Van Gelder

Close Relationships

Willem van Genugten

The Poverty of Rights

Maarten Van Ginderachter

Nationhood from Below

Geert Van Goethem

American Labor's Global Ambassadors

Peter Van Ham

Mapping European Security After Kosovo

Nick Van Heck

From Local Champions To Global Masters

Jennifer Van Heerde-Hudson

The Political Costs of the 2009 British MPs’ Expenses Scandal

Richard Van Heertum

Hollywood's Exploited

Tran Van Hoa

Prospects in Trade, Investment and Business in Vietnam and East Asia; The Social Impact of the Asia Crisis; New Asian Regionalism

Franca Van Hooren

The Welfare State as Crisis Manager

Tom Van Hout

Displaying Competence in Organizations

Elizabeth Van Houts

The Normans in Europe

Virginie Van Ingelgom

Citizens' Reactions to European Integration Compared

Ronald van Kempen

Mass Housing in Europe

Mendeltje van Keulen

Analyzing the European Union Policy Process

L. van King

The Dwarf in the Drawer

Maarten van Klaveren

Empowering Women in Work in Developing Countries; The Multinational Companies and Domestic Firms in Europe

Reginald Van Lee

Megacommunities: How Leaders of Government, Business and Non-Profits Can Tackle Today's Global Challenges Together

Theo van Leeuwen

Speech, Music, Sound

Dick van Lente

The Nuclear Age in Popular Media

Fred Van Lente

Halo: Evolutions

Ilse van Liempt

Human Rights and Migration

Maria van Lieshout

Peep!; Catching Kisses

Luk Van Mensel

Minority Languages in the Linguistic Landscape

William Van Meter

Cruel Heart

Christof Van Mol

Intra-European Student Mobility in International Higher Education Circuits

Philip Van Munching

Actually, It Is Your Parents' Fault

Rens van Munster

Securitizing Immigration

Anne Van Neck


Henk van Nierop

Catholic Communities in Protestant States

Lori Van Pelt

Amelia Earhart

Bruno van Pottelsberghe de la Potterie

Economic and Management Perspectives on Intellectual Property Rights

Douglas Van Praet

Unconscious Branding

Ad van Riet

A Flow of Funds Perspective on the Financial Crisis Volume I; A Flow of Funds Perspective on the Financial Crisis Volume II

A. Bowdoin Van Riper

1950s "Rocketman" TV Series and Their Fans

Janet Van Roden

Summer Smarts 1; Summer Smarts 2; Summer Smarts 4; Summer Smarts 5

Robert van Rooij

Game Theory and Pragmatics

Alison Van Rooy

The Global Legitimacy Game

Michael Van Rooy

Your Friendly Neighborhood Criminal; An Ordinary Decent Criminal

Johann Van Rooyen

Hard Right

Louise Van Schaik

EU Effectiveness and Unity in Multilateral Negotiations

Willem van Schendel

Identity Politics in Central Asia and the Muslim World

Miriam Van Scott

The Encyclopedia of Hell

Gonda Van Steen

Liberating Hellenism from the Ottoman Empire

Ulrich van Suntum

The Isolated State in Relation to Agriculture and Political Economy

Sandra Van Thiel

The New Public Management in Europe

Sandra Van Thiel

Government Agencies

Christopher Van Tilburg

Mountain Rescue Doctor; The Adrenaline Junkie's Bucket List

Doan Van Toai

'Vietnam'; Vietnam

Sjoerd van Tuinen

Deleuze and the Fold: A Critical Reader

A. E. van Vogt

The War Against the Rull; Slan; The World of Null-A; The Voyage of the Space Beagle

Elisa Van Waeyenberge

The Political Economy of Development

Brigid van Wanrooy

Employment Relations in the Shadow of Recession

Luk van Wassenhove

Humanitarian Logistics

Oscar van Weerdenburg

Intercultural Readiness

Hans van Wees

Ships and Silver, Taxes and Tribute

Sonja van Wichelen

Commitment and Complicity in Cultural Theory and Practice

Elizabeth Van Wie Davis

Ruling, Resources and Religion in China

Sophia A. van Wingerden

The Women's Suffrage Movement in Britain, 1866-1928

Clint Van Winkle

Soft Spots

Berte van Wyk

Indigenous Concepts of Education

Hans van Zon

Russia's Development Problem

Glenn Van Zutphen

Happy Customers Everywhere

Sabine Vanacker

Sherlock Holmes and Conan Doyle

Emmanuelle Anne Vanborre

The Originality and Complexity of Albert Camus’s Writings

Alexander Vance

The Heartbreak Messenger

Jack Vance

Ports of Call; Tales of the Dying Earth; Alastor; Night Lamp

Simon Vance

Sophie's World; The Religion; The Quest; Dune

Dr. Joshi Vandana

Gender and Power in the Third Reich

Roel Vande Winkel

Cinema and the Swastika

Roel Vande Winkel

Cinema and the Swastika; Silencing Cinema

Harry Vanden

Social Movements and Leftist Governments in Latin America

Harry E. Vanden

US National Security Concerns in Latin America and the Caribbean

Andrew Vandenberg

Citizenship and Democracy in A Global Era

Philipp Vandenberg

Mysteries of the Oracles

Yannick Vanderborght

Basic Income in Japan

Guy Vanderhaeghe

The Englishman's Boy

Ann VanderMeer

The Weird; The Time Traveler's Almanac

Jeff VanderMeer

Shriek: An Afterword; Halo: Evolutions; Errata; The Weird

Sandra Vandermerwe

Breaking Through

Sandra Vandermerwe

Breaking Through, 2nd Edition

Sarah Owen Vandersluis

Poverty in World Politics

Emily E. VanDette

Sibling Romance in American Fiction, 1835-1900

Dirk Vandewalle

Libya since 1969

Zach VandeZande

Critical Pedagogy and Global Literature

Howard Vane

Economics for Business

Jason Vanhee

Engines of the Broken World; Come Back to the Sea

Stijn Vanheule

The Subject of Psychosis: A Lacanian Perspective

Stijn Vanheule

Diagnosis and the DSM

Sophie Vanhoonacker

Civil Servants and Politics; The Politics of Information

Pieter Vanhuysse

Post-Communist Welfare Pathways

Ruth Vanita

Same-Sex Love in India; Love's Rite; Gender, Sex, and the City

Biljana Vankovska

Between Past and Future

Donna VanLiere

The Christmas Shoes; The Christmas Blessing; The Christmas Hope; The Christmas Promise

Marc A. VanOverbeke

The Standardization of American Schooling

Wayne Vansant

The Vietnam War

Brenda Rickman Vantrease

The Illuminator; The Mercy Seller; The Heretic's Wife

Cecilia Varcasia

Business and Service Telephone Conversations

Dimitris Vardoulakis

Freedom and Confinement in Modernity

Alan Vardy

John Clare, Politics and Poetry

Ethlie Ann Vare

Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda: The Broken Places

Richard J. Varey

Humanistic Marketing

Mihai Varga

Worker Protests in Post-Communist Romania and Ukraine

Mario Vargas Llosa

The Feast of the Goat; The Storyteller; The Real Life of Alejandro Mayta; Who Killed Palomino Molero?

Rebecca Varghese Buchholz

The Global Crisis and Transformative Social Change


This I Believe; Some of the Best From, 2013 Edition

Various Authors

Halo: Evolutions Volume I; Halo: Evolutions; Halo Boxed Set; Nursery Rhyme Comics

Daniel Varisco

Islam Obscured

Karine Varley

Under the Shadow of Defeat

Rosemary Varley

Principles of Retailing

Tony Varley

Land Questions in Modern Ireland

Andrekos Varnava

British Imperialism in Cyprus, 1878-1915; Reunifying Cyprus

Andrekos Varnava

British Imperialism in Cyprus, 1878-1915

Lambros Varnavides

Maritime Economics

Daniel Varndell

Hollywood Remakes, Deleuze and the Grandfather Paradox

Kristin Varner

Pink Cupcake Magic

Andrew Varney

Eighteenth-Century Writers in Their World

Denise Varney

Theatre and Performance in the Asia-Pacific

Wendy Varney

This Little Kiddy Went to Market

Lee Varon

Adopting On Your Own

Sara Varon

Robot Dreams; Bake Sale; Odd Duck

Yanis Varoufakis

The Global Minotaur

Yanis Varoufakis

The Global Minotaur

Antonio Varsori

The Failure of Peace in Europe, 1943-48

Antonio Varsori

European Union History

Antonio Varsori

Détente in Cold War Europe

Starre Vartan

The Eco Chick Guide to Life

Anne Varty

Children and Theatre in Victorian Britain

Johannes Varwick

The United Nations

Luciano Vasapollo

Empire with Imperialism

Nick Vasile

A Member of the Family

Ian Vasquez

In the Heat; Lonesome Point; Mr. Hooligan

Sam Vásquez

Humor in the Caribbean Literary Canon

Francesca Vassallo

France, Social Capital and Political Activism

Salvatore Vassallo

The 2008 Presidential Elections

M.G. Vassanji

The Book of Secrets

Ivaylo Vassilev

Examining Trust in Healthcare

George Vassiliou

From the President's Office

Panayiota Vassilopoulou

Late Antique Epistemology

Brigitte Vassort-Rousset

Building Sustainable Couples in International Relations

Ellie Vasta

International Migration and the Social Sciences

Giorgio Vasta

Time on My Hands

Ravi Vasudevan

The Melodramatic Public

Florence Vatan

Memory and Postwar Memorials

Christopher Vaughan

The Borderlands of South Sudan

Elizabeth Vaughan

Warlord; Warsworn

Frances Vaughan

Selections from A Course in Miracles

Geraldine Vaughan

The 'Local' Irish in the West of Scotland 1851-1921

James Vaughan

The Failure of American and British Propaganda in the Middle East, 1945-1957

Martin Vaughan

Model and Supermodel

Megan Vaughan

Psychiatry and Empire

Michael Vaughan

Creative Evolution

Olufemi Vaughan

Transnational Africa and Globalization; West African Migrations

Patrick Vaughan


Robert Vaughan

Armor of God; The Masada Scroll; Light of Hope

Carrie Vaughn

Discord's Apple; After the Golden Age; Kitty Goes to War; Kitty's Big Trouble

Dean Vaughn

How to Remember Anything

Jacqueline Vaughn

Philanthropy and the National Park Service

Robert Vaughn

A Fortunate Life

Alexandre Vautravers

Globalization and the Reform of the International Banking and Monetary System

Andrey Vavilov

The Russian Public Debt and Financial Meltdowns

Frances Vavrus

Critical Approaches to Comparative Education

Raimo Väyrynen

The Prevention of Humanitarian Emergencies

Tarja Vayrynen

Culture and International Conflict Resolution

Tarja Väyrynen

Culture and International Conflict Resolution

Mostafa Vaziri

Buddhism in Iran

Colin Veach

Lordship in Four Realms

Anthony J. Veal

A Handbook of Leisure Studies

Angela Veale

Child and Youth Migration

Sarah Veale

Statutory Regulation and Employment Relations

Alessandra Vecchi

The Business of Space

Marjorie Vecchio

The Films of Claire Denis

Patrice Vecchione

Revenge and Forgiveness

George Vecsey

The Rivals; Eight World Cups

Joyce L. Vedral

Uncle John's Third Bathroom Reader

Antonio Vazquez Vega

Managing Diversity in the Global Organization

Frode Veggeland

Unpacking International Organisations

Frode Veggeland

Unpacking International Organisations

Soile Veijola

Disruptive Tourism and its Untidy Guests

Farzin Vejdani

Iran Facing Others

Manuel Velasquez

Just Business Practices in a Diverse & Developing World

Selvaraj Velayutham

Everyday Multiculturalism

Olga Velikanova

Popular Perceptions of Soviet Politics in the 1920s

Mitja Velikonja


Jo Vellacott

Pacifists, Patriots and the Vote

Sietze Vellema

Agribusiness and Society

Henry Veltmeyer

The Dynamics of Social Change in Latin America; Globalization Unmasked; A System in Crisis; Empire with Imperialism

Henry Veltmeyer

Social Movements in Latin America

Henry Veltmeyer

The New Extractivism

Viveka Velupillai

Hawai'i Creole English


The Black Door; Seduction; Betrayal; Naughty

Stephen Velychenko

Shaping Identity in Eastern Europe and Russia; Ukraine, The EU and Russia

Boudewijn van Velzen

Educational Policy in an International Context

Anthony J. J. Venables

Plundered Nations?

Maria Venegas

Bulletproof Vest

Cassandra R. Veney

Forced Migration in Eastern Africa

Venezia, Mariolina

Been Here a Thousand Years

Thanos Venieris

Entrepreneurial Profiles of Creative Destruction

Sita Venkateswar

The Politics of Indigeneity

Couze Venn

Inequality, Poverty, Education

Timothy Venning

Compendium of British Office Holders; A Chronology of the Byzantine Empire

Will Venters

Moving to the Cloud Corporation

Gianfranco A. Vento


Gianfranco A. Vento

Credit Guarantee Institutions and SME Finance

Eija Ventola

The World Told and the World Shown: Multisemiotic Issues

Francesco Venturi

Houses and Palaces of Majorca

Nuno Venturinha

Wittgenstein after his Nachlass

Rajesh Venugopal

Globalization, Violent Conflict and Self-Determination

Rajesh Venugopal

Horizontal Inequalities and Post-Conflict Development

Olli Venvilainen

Finland In The Second World War

Yvonne Vera

Butterfly Burning; Without a Name and Under the Tongue; The Stone Virgins

Alexandre Vera-Cruz

Learning, Capability Building and Innovation for Development

Lorenzo Veracini

Israel and Settler Society

Robert Verburg

Determinants of Innovative Behaviour

Alessandro Vercelli

Comparing Economic Systems; Psychology, Rationality and Economic Behaviour; Global Sustainability; Keynes's General Theory After Seventy Years

Suzanne Verderber

The Medieval Fold

Genevieve Verdier

African Finance in the 21st Century

Paul Verdin

From Local Champions To Global Masters; Growth and Value Creation in Asset Management

Frank P. Verdon

The Other Way Around

Amy Verdun

European Responses to Globalization and Financial Market Integration; The European Union in the Wake of Eastern Enlargement; The Transatlantic Divide; Globalization, Development and Integration

Amy Verdun

Mapping European Economic Integration; The Transatlantic Divide

Amy Verdun

The Transatlantic Divide

Ed Vere

Chick; Banana!; Bedtime for Monsters

Karen Orr Vered

Children and Media Outside the Home

Constantine Verevis

Film Remakes

Constantine Verevis

Film Trilogies; Film Remakes, Adaptations and Fan Productions

Leandro Vergara-Camus

Land and Freedom

Peter Vergo

Twentieth-Century German Painting

Luc Verhey

Civil Servants and Politics

Koen Verhoest

Autonomy and Control of State Agencies; The Coordination of Public Sector Organizations; Governance of Public Sector Organizations; Government Agencies

Timothy Verhoeven

Transatlantic Anti-Catholicism

Guy Verhofstadt

The United States of Europe

Dimitri Verhulst

The Misfortunates

Sher Verick

From the Great Recession to Labour Market Recovery; The labour markets of emerging economies

Julie Verity

The New Strategic Landscape

Anil Verma

Regionalization and Labour Market Interdependence in East and Southeast Asia; Unions in the 21st Century

K.D. Verma

The Indian Imagination

Geerat J. Vermeij

The Evolutionary World; Privileged Hands

Hans Vermeulen

The Politics of Ethnic Consciousness; Immigrants, Schooling and Social Mobility

Jules Verne

Journey to the Center of the Earth; Classics Illustrated Deluxe #7: Around the World in 80 Days

Kevern Verney

The Debate on Black Civil Rights in America

Alfred Vernis

Nonprofit Organizations

Stephen Vernoit

Discovering Islamic Art

Elliot Vernon

The Agreements of the People, the Levellers, and the Constitutional Crisis of the English Revolution

Mark Vernon

The Philosophy of Friendship; Science, Religion, and the Meaning of Life; After Atheism; The Meaning of Friendship

J. Michael Veron

The Caddie

Lien Verpoest

The CIS, the EU and Russia

Dr. George E. Verrilli, M.D., F.A.C.O.G.

While Waiting; Mientras Espera

Gert Verschraegen

Between Cosmopolitan Ideals and State Sovereignty

Bram Verschuere

Autonomy and Control of State Agencies; Manufacturing Civil Society

Esther Versluis

Analyzing the European Union Policy Process

Marco Verweij

Clumsy Solutions for a Complex World

Marco Verweij

Clumsy Solutions for a Complex World; Clumsy Solutions for a Wicked World

Wilhelm Verwoerd

Looking Back, Reaching Forward

Patricia Veryan

The Riddle of the Shipwrecked Spinster

Bryan Vescio

Reconstruction in Literary Studies

Hebe Vessuri

Knowledge Society vs. Knowledge Economy

Jakob Vestergaard

Governing through Standards

Lara Vetter

Modernist Writings and Religio-scientific Discourse

Elinor Vettraino

Youth and Theatre of the Oppressed

Tatjana Višak

Killing Happy Animals: Explorations in Utilitarian Ethics

Jean-Marie Viaene

Applied International Trade

Vincent Viaene

Religious Internationals in the Modern World

Boris Vian

Mood Indigo

Mino Vianello

Gendering Elites

Eric Viardot

Evolution of Innovation Management

Jordan Vibert Vibert

Placing Faces

Samantha Vice

The Moral Life: Essays in Honour of John Cottingham

Sue Vice

Jack Rosenthal

Marta V. Vicente

Clothing the Spanish Empire

Thomas J. Vicino

Transforming Race and Class in Suburbia

Milton Vickerman

The Problem of Post-Racialism

Emma Vickers

Queen and Country

Hugh Vickers

Great Operatic Disasters

Margaret H. Vickers

Working and Caring For a Child with Chronic Illness

Miranda Vickers

The Albanians; The Albanian Question

Miranda Vickers

The Albanians

Rhiannon Vickers

The Labour Party and the World, Volume 1; The Labour Party and the World Volume 2

Salley Vickers

Instances of the Number 3; Mr Golightly's Holiday; The Other Side of You; Dancing Backwards

Steve Vickery

The American Physical Therapy Association Book of Body Repair & Maintenance

Barbara Victor

The Lady; The Good Divorce

Vendela Vida

Girls on the Verge

Bénédicte Vidaillet

Workplace Envy

Dominique Vidal

The New A-Z of the Middle East

Matt Vidal

Comparative Political Economy of Work

José Maria Viedma Marti

Entrepreneurial Excellence in the Knowledge Economy

Marco Antonio Vieira

The South in World Politics

Mathieu Vieira

The Palgrave Handbook of Social Democracy in the European Union

Carol Vielba

Reducing the M & A Risks

Frank Vielba

Reducing the M & A Risks

Aana Marie Vigen

Women, Ethics, and Inequality in U.S. Healthcare

Fabio Vighi

Zizek; Sexual Difference in European Cinema

Giampaolo Viglia

Pricing, Online Marketing Behavior, and Analytics

Darshan Vigneswaran

Territory, Migration and the Evolution of the International System

James Vigus

Coleridge's Afterlives

Ritu Vij

Globalization and Welfare; Japanese Modernity and Welfare

Manimegalai Vijayabaskar

Industrial Dynamics in China and India

Crina Viju

Economic Crisis in Europe

Sten Vikner

Scandinavian Object Shift and Optimality Theory

Pablo Vila

Youth Identities and Argentine Popular Music

Robert Vilain

The Art of Detective Fiction

Alex Vilenkin

Many Worlds in One

Charles Villa-Vicencio

Looking Back, Reaching Forward

Juan Pablo Villalobos

Down the Rabbit Hole; Quesadillas

Victor Villanueva

Rhetorics of the Americas

Pilar Villar Argaíz

Literary Visions of Multicultural Ireland

Simon Ville

The Development of Modern Business

Mary Villeponteaux

The Queen's Mercy

Peter Villiers

Fictional Leaders

Tom Villis

Reaction and the Avant-Garde

Tom Villis

British Catholics and Fascism

Ginette Vincendeau

The Popular French Cinema; Journeys of Desire; Jean-Pierre Melville: An American in Paris; The French New Wave

Ginette Vincendeau

Brigitte Bardot

David Vincent

Crime and Punishment in England, 1100-1990

John Emil Vincent

Queer Lyrics

Julien Vincent

Anglo-French Attitudes

K. Steven Vincent

Benjamin Constant and the Birth of French Liberalism

Nigel Vincent

Linguistic Areas

Ted Vincent

Keep Cool

Marc Vincet

Caught Between Borders

David Vine

Base Nation

Steven Vine

Literature in Psychoanalysis

Elizabeth Vinestock

Writers in Conflict in Sixteenth-century France

Howard Viney

Public-Private Partnerships

Rachel Viney

Teaching Contemporary British Broadcasting

Joan D. Vinge

The Summer Queen; Dreamfall; Catspaw; Psion

Vernor Vinge

True Names and the Opening of the Cyberspace Frontier; A Fire Upon The Deep; A Deepness in the Sky; The Collected Stories of Vernor Vinge

Season Vining

Beautiful Addictions

Maarten P. Vink

Limits of European Citizenship; Europeanization

Evgeny Vinokurov

The CIS, the EU and Russia; Adapting to European Integration?

Evgeny Vinokurov

Eurasian Integration; Holding-Together Regionalism: Twenty Years of Post-Soviet Integration

Carol Vinzant

Lawyers, Guns, and Money

Judith Viorst

Nobody Here but Me; And Two Boys Booed

Bhaskar Vira

Analytical Issues in Participatory Natural Resource Management; Conflict and Cooperation in Participatory Natural Resource Management

Aldin Viray

Captain Nemo

Pippa Virdee

Refugees and the End of Empire

Satnam Virdee

Racism, Class and the Racialized Outsider

Jenel Virden

Americans and the Wars of the Twentieth Century

Matti Viren

Gaming in the New Market Environment; Asymmetry and Aggregation in the EU

Fabrice Virgili

Rape in Wartime

Dr. Maurizio Viroli

Niccolo's Smile

Pirjo Kristiina Virtanen

Indigenous Youth in Brazilian Amazonia

Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.

Divine Guidance; Divine Prescriptions

Roman Vishniac

A Day of Pleasure

Rozina Visram

Asians In Britain

Mirella Visser

The Female Leadership Paradox

Rob Visser

Negotiating Poverty

Gregory L. Vistica

The Education of Lieutenant Kerrey

Nalini Visvanathan

The Women, Gender and Development Reader

Laura Vitale

Basel III Credit Rating Systems

Stefano Vitale

There Was an Old Man Who Painted the Sky

Valentina Vitali

Theorising National Cinema

Robert Vitalis


Victor J. Vitanza

Sexual Violence in Western Thought and Writing

Kate Vitasek

The Vested Outsourcing Manual; Vested Outsourcing; Vested; Getting to We

Kate Vitasek

Vested Outsourcing, Second Edition

Nicole Vitellone

Object Matters

Nicole Vitellone

Object Matters

Cintio Vitier

José Martí, Cuban Apostle

Daniel Vitkus

Turning Turk

Jodi Vittori

Terrorist Financing and Resourcing

Ricardo F. Vivancos Pérez

Radical Chicana Poetics

Marco Vivarelli

Understanding Globalization, Employment and Poverty Reduction; Globalization, Employment and Income Distribution in Developing Countries

Ernesto Vivares

The International Political Economy of Communication

Julie Vivas


B. Vivekanandan

Welfare States and the Future

Bastien Vivès

The Stranger

Robert W. Vivian

South African Economy and Policy, 1990-2000

Christopher Vizas

Entrepreneurial Profiles of Creative Destruction

Paulo Vizentini

Free Trade for the Americas?

Barend Vlaardingerbroek

Issues in Upper Secondary Science Education

Neboja Vladisavljevic

Serbia's Antibureaucratic Revolution

Despina Vlami

Trading with the Ottomans

Koen Vlassenroot

The Lord's Resistance Army

Carol Vlassoff

Gender Equality and Inequality in Rural India

William Vlcek

Offshore Finance and Small States

Andre Vltchek

Indonesia; On Western Terrorism

Markus Voeth

International Marketing

Rijn Vogelaar

The Superpromoter

Fred Vogelstein

Dogfight: How Apple and Google Went to War and Started a Revolution

Henri Vogt

A Responsible Europe?

Kari Vogt

New Directions in Islamic Thought

Kari Vogt

Gender and Equality in Muslim Family Law

Eva Maria Vögtle

Higher Education Policy Convergence and the Bologna Process

Aurora Voiculescu

The Business of Human Rights

Juliette Voïnov Kohler

Responsibility to Protect

Dimitrijevic Vojin

Transnational Terrorism, Organized Crime and Peace-Building

Annette Volfing

Medieval Literacy and Textuality in Middle High German

Thomas J. Volgy

Major Powers and the Quest for Status in International Politics

Ingrid Volkmer

Watching Arabic Television in Europe

Jeffrey J. Volle

The Political Legacies of Barry Goldwater and George McGovern

Jeffrey J. Volle


Shirine Voller

The Future of Learning

Thomas E. Vollmann

The Power of Two

Bastian Vollmer

Policy Discourses on Irregular Migration in Germany and the United Kingdom

Ulrike Vollmer

Seeing Film and Reading Feminist Theology

Philipp Volmer

Global Governance in Accounting

Georgiy Voloshin

The European Union’s Normative Power in Central Asia

Giuseppe Volpato

Globalization or Regionalization of the European Car Industry?

Frederic Volpi

Islam and Democracy

Katrin Voltmer

Political Communication in Postmodern Democracy; Comparing Political Communication across Time and Space

Alberto Voltolini

Wittgenstein: Mind, Meaning and Metaphilosophy

Eric Volz

Gringo Nightmare

Gabriele vom Bruck

Islam, Memory, and Morality in Yemen

Franz von Benda-Beckmann

Religion in Disputes

Keebet von Benda-Beckmann

Religion in Disputes

Klaus von Beyme

Parliamentary Democracy

Helene von Bismarck

British Policy in the Persian Gulf, 1961-1968

George von der Lippe

A History of the Münster Anabaptists

Mario von der Ruhr

Biblical Concepts and Our World; Language and Spirit

David Von Drehle

Rise to Greatness

Robert von Friedeburg

Murder and Monarchy

Agostino von Hassell

Alliance of Enemies

Karin von Hippel

Europe Confronts Terrorism

Tod von Jahnes

You Don't Know Sh*t

Dr. Ernst Von Kimakowitz

Humanistic Management in Practice; Humanistic Ethics in the Age of Globality; Business Schools Under Fire

Georg von Krogh

Knowledge Creation; Getting Real about Knowledge Networks; Living Knowledge

Georg von Krogh

Towards Organizational Knowledge

Bettina von Lieres

Mobilizing for Democracy

Bettina von Lieres

Mediated Citizenship

Nadia von Maltzahn

The Syria-Iran Axis

Nicholas von Maltzahn

Andrew Marvell Chronology

Leonard von Morze

Urban Identity and the Atlantic World

Christine von Oertzen

Science, Gender, and Internationalism

Enzio Von Pfeil

Effective Control of Currency Risks

Gregor Von Rezzori

Oedipus at Stalingrad

Johann von Thünen

The Isolated State in Relation to Agriculture and Political Economy

Alex Von Tunzelmann

Indian Summer; Red Heat

Peter von Ziegesar

The Looking Glass Brother

Patrick Vonderau

Behind the Screen

Wolfgang Vondey

The Holy Spirit and the Christian Life

Kurt Vonnegut


Norb Vonnegut

Top Producer; The Gods of Greenwich; The Trust

Maaike Voorhoeve

Family Law in Islam

Maaike Voorhoeve

Gender and Divorce Law in North Africa

Svitlana Voronkova

Employee Relations in Foreign-Owned Subsidiaries

Marilyn vos Savant

The World's Most Famous Math Problem; The Power of Logical Thinking

Lynn Vos

Contemporary Strategic Marketing, Second Edition

Rob Vos

Growth Divergences; Ageing and Development; Uneven Economic Development; Public Policies for Human Development

Hans-Jurgen Vosgerau

Institutional Arrangements For Global Economic Integration

Vasilis Vourkoutiotis

Prisoners of War and the German High Command; Making Common Cause

Sarah Vowell

Radio On

James Vrabel

John Paul II

Andreas Vrahimis

Encounters between Analytic and Continental Philosophy

Joseph Vranich


Rachel Vreeman, MD

Don't Swallow Your Gum!; Don't Cross Your Eyes...They'll Get Stuck That Way!; Myths About Sex & Pregnancy; Don't Put That in There!

Thao Vu

Higher Education in Vietnam

Tuong Vu

Dynamics of the Cold War in Asia

Vasoodeven Vuddamalay

International Migration and the Social Sciences

Jason Vuic

The Yugo

Radovan Vukadinovic

Shaping South East Europe's Security Community for the Twenty-First Century

Ray Vukcevich

The Man of Maybe Half-a-Dozen Faces

Ed Vulliamy


Julie Vullnetari

Remittances, Gender and Development

Tommi A. Vuorenmaa

Lit and Dark Liquidity with Lost Time Data

Yulia Vymyatnina

Creating a Eurasian Union

Paul Vysny

The Runciman Mission to Czechoslovakia, 1938