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Mad as Hell

Mad as Hell

America's #1 All-Night Radio Host Takes on the Dangerous World We Live In

George Noory

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As the candidacies of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have proven, Americans are mad as hell about the problems facing our country. George Noory hears these problems every night, all night, and this is how he would deal with them. This is Mad as Hell.


I’m angry because sometimes I feel like a stranger in America. We live in a dangerous world that is sorely in need of an effective political system that deals with the ongoing destruction of the middle class, an aging population, permeable borders, technology out of control, and shocking, mindless violence and wars. But we can bring back the America that makes us proud. It will take hard work and pulling together as a society.

People are stressed because they don’t know where the world is heading or where it is taking them. With a radio show heard by millions, I consider myself not an entertainer or someone to dictate how we should live, but a facilitator who can help guide the path chosen.

I have been called a voice in the darkness. The concepts I deal with are not only on the cutting edge of science and technology, but with subjects as provocative as aliens and angels, as challenging as supervolcanos and the fire and brimstone of the End Time.

Join me by reading why I am mad . . . and maybe you will get as angry as I am about conditions in the country we love.


“I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!”

The line is from the 1976 movie Network. The statement has been immortalized by the American Film Institute as one of the greatest movie lines in history,...

Praise for Mad as Hell

"George Noory is the voice in the darkness for millions of Americans. His show, Coast to Coast AM, has perfected a charged and conspiratorial worldview that now pervades American media. It’s quite possibly the oddest show ever to cross our airwaves. And it may change the radio business forever." --The Atlantic Magazine

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George Noory

GEORGE NOORY is the host of the nationally syndicated program Coast to Coast AM, which is broadcast to more than 600 radio stations and streamed over the Internet to millions of people per night. Noory spent nine years in the United States Naval Reserve as an officer and was awarded the distinguished Navy Achievement Award. Mad As Hell is his seventh book.

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