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Measuring Penny

Measuring Penny


Loreen Leedy; Illustrated by the author

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Lisa has an important homework assignment--to measure something in several different ways. She has to use standard units like inches and nonstandard units like paper clips to find out height, width, length, weight, volume, temperature, and time. Lisa decides to measure her dog, Penny, and finds out ...

Penny's nose = 1 inch long
Penny's tail = 1 dog biscuit long
Penny's paw print = 3 centimeters wide

... and that's only the beginning! Lisa learns a lot about her dog and about measuring, and even has fun doing it.

This clear and engaging concept book, delivered with a sense of humor, is certain to win over the most reluctant mathematician.

Wyoming Buckaroo Book Award (Wyoming Library Association), Wyoming Buckaroo Book Award, Parents' Choice Award Winner


Praise for Measuring Penny

“Leedy offers another winning math-concept book. . . . Readers have the opportunity to learn about measuring as well as glean a lot of information about keeping a canine. A great introduction to the subject, and one that tells a good story, too.” —School Library Journal, starred review

“A terrific pedagogical idea from Leedy that offers instruction and no small dose of delight.” —Kirkus Reviews, pointer

“Perfect for classroom use, but it's also not much of a stretch to imagine children at home whipping out measuring devices and cornering their pets.” —Booklist, starred review

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About the author

Loreen Leedy; Illustrated by the author

Loreen Leedy is the author/illustrator of many children's books, including It's Probably Penny and Mapping Penny's World. Born in Wilmington, Delaware, she majored in art in college but wasn't sure what kind of artist she wanted to be. She started out making jewelry in the shape of pigs, cats, dragons, and other animals, and then one day she started making book characters out of her animals. She is skilled at making concepts fun and accessible to children, and often speaks at conferences and in schools throughout the United States. She lives with her husband in central Florida.

Loreen Leedy

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