All Authors : Minotaur Books

M. R. D. Meek

Postscript To Murder

Julia Dahl

Invisible City

K. O. Dahl

Lethal Investments; The Fourth Man; The Man in the Window; The Last Fix

David Daniel

Seven-Star Bird; Goofy Foot; The Marble Kite; White Rabbit

David Stuart Davies

Forests of the Night; Without Conscience

Lindsey Davis

See Delphi and Die; The Course of Honour; Alexandria; Rebels and Traitors

Anna Dean

A Gentleman of Fortune; Bellfield Hall; A Woman of Consequence; A Place of Confinement

John Decure

Bluebird Rising; Reef Dance

Dicey Deere

The Irish Village Murder; The Irish Cairn Murder; The Irish Cottage Murder; The Irish Manor House Murder

Hannah Dennison

Murder at Honeychurch Hall

Phillip DePoy

The King James Conspiracy; The Drifter's Wheel; A Corpse's Nightmare; December's Thorn

Eric Dezenhall

Shakedown Beach; Money Wanders; Jackie Disaster; The Devil Himself

Laura DiSilverio

Swift Justice; Swift Edge; Swift Run

P. C. Doherty

A Haunt of Murder; The Templar; The Templar Magician; Nightshade

Paul Doiron

The Poacher's Son; Trespasser; Bad Little Falls; The Bone Orchard

Clare Donoghue

Never Look Back

James D. Doss

The Witch's Tongue; Dead Soul; Shadow Man; Stone Butterfly

Joan Druett

A Watery Grave; Shark Island

Brendan DuBois

Deadly Cove; Buried Dreams; Primary Storm; Twilight

Martha Hailey DuBose

Women of Mystery

Elizabeth J. Duncan

The Cold Light of Mourning; A Killer's Christmas in Wales; A Brush with Death; A Small Hill to Die On

Alan Dunn


Carola Dunn

Gunpowder Plot; Black Ship; A Mourning Wedding; Fall of a Philanderer