All Authors : Minotaur Books

Diana Gabbaldon

Naked Came the Phoenix

Joe Gannon

Night of the Jaguar

John Gardner

No Human Enemy; Troubled Midnight

A. D. Garrett

Everyone Lies

Annie Garrett

After You; Because I Wanted You

Jonathan Gash

Faces in the Pool; The Ten Word Game

Rick Gavin

Nowhere Nice; Ranchero; Beluga

Kathleen George

Simple; The Odds; Hideout; Afterimage

Anna Gilbert

A Hint of Witchcraft; A Morning in Eden

Keith Gilman

Father's Day

Alan Glynn

Limitless; Winterland; Bloodland; Graveland

John Goodger

The Druperman Tapes

Alan Gordon

A Death in the Venetian Quarter; The Lark's Lament; Jester Leaps In; The Moneylender of Toulouse

Ron Goulart

Elementary, My Dear Groucho; Groucho Marx, King of the Jungle; Groucho Marx, Secret Agent; Groucho Marx and the Broadway Murders

Chris Grabenstein

Hell Hole; Mind Scrambler

Caroline Graham

A Ghost in the Machine; A Place of Safety; Faithful Unto Death

Ann Granger

A Restless Evil; Shades of Murder; The Companion; That Way Murder Lies

Andrew Grant

Even; Die Twice

John MacLachlan Gray

The Fiend in Human; Not Quite Dead

Chuck Greaves

Hush Money; Green-Eyed Lady; The Last Heir

Norman Green

The Last Gig; Sick Like That

K. C. Greenlief

Cold Hunter's Moon; Death at the Door

Michael Gregorio

Critique of Criminal Reason; Days of Atonement; Unholy Awakening; A Visible Darkness