All Authors : Minotaur Books

Stuart M. Kaminsky

The Cold War Swap; Terror Town; Denial; Always Say Goodbye

Marshall Karp

Flipping Out; Cut, Paste, Kill

Thomas Kaufman

Drink the Tea; Steal the Show

M. M. Kaye

Death in Zanzibar; Death in Kenya; Death in the Andamans; Death in Kashmir

Marvin Kaye

The Game Is Afoot; The Dragon Quintet; The Ghost Quartet; The Confidential Casebook of Sherlock Holmes

Julia Keller

A Killing in the Hills; Summer of the Dead; Bitter River; The Devil's Stepdaughter

Faye Kellerman

Naked Came the Phoenix

Erin Kelly


Jim Kelly

Death Wore White; The Skeleton Man; Death Watch; Death Toll

Mary Anne Kelly

The Cordelia Squad; Pack Up the Moon; Jenny Rose

Bill Kent

Street Legal; Street Money; Street Fighter

Christobel Kent

The Drowning River; A Murder in Tuscany

Simon Kernick

The Business of Dying; Die Twice; The Murder Exchange; A Good Day to Die

Karen Keskinen

Blood Orange; Black Current

Tracy Kiely

Murder at Longbourn; Murder on the Bride's Side; Murder Most Persuasive; Murder Most Austen

Laurie R. King

A Monstrous Regiment of Women; A Letter of Mary; The Moor; Naked Came the Phoenix

Charles Knief

Diamond Head; Emerald Flash; Sand Dollars; Silversword

Chris Knopf

Bad Bird; Short Squeeze; Ice Cap

Minerva Koenig

Nine Days

Michael Koryta

Sorrow's Anthem; Tonight I Said Goodbye; A Welcome Grave; Envy the Night

Ed Kovacs

Good Junk; Storm Damage; Burnt Black

Joyce Krieg

Murder Off Mike; Riding Gain; Slip Cue

Eleanor Kuhns

A Simple Murder; Death of a Dyer; Cradle to Grave

Richard Kunzmann

Bloody Harvests; Salamander Cotton

Michael Kurland

My Sherlock Holmes; Sherlock Holmes; Who Thinks Evil; The Empress of India