All Authors : Minotaur Books

Stuart MacBride

Cold Granite; Dying Light

Rett MacPherson

A Misty Mourning; A Veiled Antiquity; Dead Man Running; Killing Cousins

Pierre Magnan

Death in the Truffle Wood; The Messengers of Death; The Murdered House

Barry Maitland

All My Enemies; Chelsea Mansions; Dark Mirror; No Trace

G.M. Malliet

A Fatal Winter; Pagan Spring; Wicked Autumn

Lou Manfredo

Rizzo's Daughter; Rizzo's Fire; Rizzo's War

Allana Martin

Death of the River Master

Nancy Martin

Foxy Roxy; Sticky Fingers

Becky Masterman

Fear the Darkness; Rage Against the Dying

Charles Mathes

The Girl at the End of the Line; The Girl in the Face of the Clock; The Girl Who Remembered The Snow; The Girl with the Phony Name

Christine Matthews

Same Time, Same Murder

Archer Mayor

Paradise City; Red Herring; Tag Man; The Catch

Colette McBeth

Precious Thing

Michael McClister

Double Deal

Val McDermid

A Place of Execution; Killing the Shadows; Naked Came the Phoenix; The Distant Echo

John McFetridge

Let It Ride

Brian McGilloway

Bleed a River Deep; Borderlands; Gallows Lane

Ralph McInerny

Ash Wednesday; Blood Ties; Celt and Pepper; Emerald Aisle

Russel D McLean

The Good Son; The Lost Sister

Catriona McPherson

Dandy Gilver and a Bothersome Number of Corpses; Dandy Gilver and an Unsuitable Day for a Murder; Dandy Gilver and the Proper Treatment of Bloodstains

Mardi Oakley Medawar

Murder at Medicine Lodge; Murder on the Red Cliff Rez; The Ft. Larned Incident

Jennie Melville

Dead Set; Footsteps in the Blood; Murder In The Garden; Witching Murder

Charley Memminger

Aloha, Lady Blue

Holly Menino

A Distance to Death; Calls Beyond Our Hearing; Murder, She Rode

Ken Mercer

East on Sunset; Slow Fire

D.E. Meredith

Devoured; The Devil's Ribbon

Hugh Merrill

The Red Hot Typewriter

Mary Miley

Silent Murders; The Impersonator

Carol Miller

Murder and Moonshine

Marlys Millhiser

Killer Commute; Nobody Dies in a Casino; The Rampant Reaper

Mrs. Camille Minichino

The Boric Acid Murder; The Carbon Murder; The Nitrogen Murder; The Oxygen Murder

Bernard Minier

The Frozen Dead

Brent Monahan

An American Haunting; The Bell Witch; The Jekyl Island Club

Ruth Moose

Doing It at the Dixie Dew

Mary Morgan

The House at the Edge of the Jungle; The Sound of Her Name

Bob Morris

A Deadly Silver Sea; Bahamarama; Baja Florida; Bermuda Schwartz

J. P. Morrissey

A Weekend at Blenheim

Carson Morton

Stealing Mona Lisa

Mrs. Fiona Mountain

Pale as the Dead