All Authors : Minotaur Books

Karin Salvalaggio

Bone Dust White

Stephen Santogrossi

A Stranger Lies There

Mary Saums

Thistle and Twigg; Mighty Old Bones

Dorothy L. Sayers

A Presumption of Death; Thrones, Dominations

Steven Saylor

A Gladiator Dies Only Once; Roma; Empire; Roman Blood

Mark Schorr

Fixation; Borderline

Theresa Schwegel

Officer Down; Person of Interest; Probable Cause; Last Known Address

Lisa Scottoline

Naked Came the Phoenix; Look Again; Think Twice; Save Me

Kate Sedley

The Saint John's Fern; The Weaver's Inheritance; The Brothers of Glastonbury

Barbara Seranella

An Unacceptable Death; Deadman's Switch

Simon Shaw

The Company of Knaves

Steven Sidor

Pitch Dark; Skin River; The Mirror's Edge; A Chunk of Hell

Yrsa Sigurdardottir

Ashes to Dust; The Day Is Dark; I Remember You

Randall Silvis

Disquiet Heart

Alastair Sim

The Unbelievers

Michael Siverling

The Sterling Inheritance; The Sorcerer's Circle

David Skibbins

High Priestess; Eight of Swords; The Hanged Man; The Star

Frank Smith

Acts of Vengeance; Thread of Evidence; Candles for the Dead; Stone Dead

Walter Sorrells

Proof of Intent; Feet of Clay

Susan Spann

Claws of the Cat; Blade of the Samurai

Julia Spencer-Fleming

In the Bleak Midwinter; Out of the Deep I Cry; A Fountain Filled With Blood; All Mortal Flesh

Gretchen Sprague

Maquette for Murder; Murder in a Heat Wave; Death by Thunder

Gretchen Sprague

Death In Good Company

Dana Stabenow

Midnight Come Again; A Fine and Bitter Snow; The Singing of the Dead; A Taint in the Blood

Cath Staincliffe

Dead to Me

Kelli Stanley

First Thrills; City of Dragons; The Curse-Maker; First Thrills: Volume 2

Domenic Stansberry

The Last Days of Il Duce; The Big Boom; Chasing the Dragon; Naked Moon

Jason Starr

Lights Out; The Follower; Panic Attack

Daniel Stashower

The Hour of Peril; Teller of Tales

Peter Steiner

L'Assassin; Le Crime; A French Country Murder; The Terrorist

Olen Steinhauer

The Bridge of Sighs; The Confession; 36 Yalta Boulevard; Liberation Movements

Jonathan Stone

The Cold Truth; The Heat of Lies; Breakthrough

Wallace Stroby

The Barbed-wire Kiss; The Heartbreak Lounge; Gone 'til November; Cold Shot to the Heart

Mark Sullivan

Triple Cross; Rogue; Brotherhood; The Art of Rendition

David Sundstrand

Shadow of the Raven; Shadows of Death

Vikas Swarup

Six Suspects; The Accidental Apprentice

Duane Swierczynski

The Wheelman; Severance Package; Expiration Date; The Blonde

Howard Swindle

Doin' Dirty; Jitter Joint