All Authors : Minotaur Books

Dennis Tafoya

Dope Thief; The Wolves of Fairmount Park; The Poor Boy's Game

Marcia Talley

Naked Came the Phoenix; I'd Kill For That

Shirley Tallman

The Cliff House Strangler; Murder on Nob Hill; The Russian Hill Murders; Scandal on Rincon Hill

William G. Tapply

Nervous Water; Hell Bent; Past Tense; Scar Tissue

Andrew Taylor

The Judgement of Strangers; The Afterlife of John Brown; Labour, the State, Social Movements & the Challenge of Neo-Liberal Globalisation

Sarah Stewart Taylor

Still as Death; Judgment of the Grave; Mansions of the Dead; O' Artful Death

Lou Jane Temple

Death Is Semisweet; Red Beans and Vice; The Cornbread Killer; Bread on Arrival

David Terrenoire

Beneath a Panamanian Moon

Ross Thomas

Out on the Rim; Briarpatch; The Cold War Swap; The Fools in Town Are on Our Side

Sam Thomas

The Harlot's Tale; The Midwife's Tale; The Maidservant and the Murderer

Will Thomas

Fatal Enquiry

Aimée Thurlo

Blackening Song; Second Sunrise; Death Walker; Bad Medicine

David Thurlo

Blackening Song; Second Sunrise; Death Walker; Bad Medicine

Elise Title

Inside Out; Killing Time

Charles Todd

Wings of Fire; Search the Dark

Simon Tolkien

The Inheritance; Orders from Berlin; The King of Diamonds

Rebecca Tope

A Death to Record; Grave Concerns; Dark Undertakings

Mr. Steven Torres

Death in Precinct Puerto Rico: Book Two; Precinct Puerto Rico; Blackout in Precinct Puerto Rico; Burning Precinct Puerto Rico: Book Three

Peter Tremayne

Hemlock at Vespers; Whispers of the Dead; An Ensuing Evil and Others; The Leper's Bell

Peter Turnbull

Fear of Drowning