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Mobile Influence

Mobile Influence

The New Power of the Consumer

Chuck Martin

St. Martin's Press


The explosion of mobile access across the globe has shaken the foundations of the traditional sales funnel, and businesses are scrambling to adapt and find new ways to tap into the market. For all their effort, many have failed to realize that the issue is not how to reach the customer where they are, but where they are going and their mindset at the moment. With the staggering growth in the use of mobile technology as both product research and purchase point, businesses have yet to fully understand the important role mobile devices play in the basic structure of the traditional shopping model and the new importance on linking behavior with location. With the death of the traditional sales funnel comes author Chuck Martin's new model, the Mobile Shopping Life Cycle. Based on the author's in-depth research, Martin has identified the six specific moments in the timeline of the sale which marketers must target effectively in order to reach the mobile buyer. From location-based marketing to mobile payment systems, Martin's model gives marketers access to the tools necessary to build a new sales framework that properly addresses the future of the market.


Praise for Mobile Influence

“With research and real-world cases, Chuck paints a vivid picture of the current and future state of mobile marketing, and in so doing, conveys the tremendous urgency marketers should feel about getting up to speed fast to unleash the tremendous power of mobility.” —Tim Reis, Head of Mobile & Social Solutions, Google

“Chuck's perspective on the influence of mobile is spot-on. Mobile begins with the consumer, and it is changing the future of retail and commerce. He provides a great outline for companies looking to build a mobile strategy that capitalizes on the most important aspect of the path to purchase: the shopper.” —John Caron, Vice President, Marketing, Catalina

“As a retailer, it is critical to have a reliable authority on mobile technologies. For me, that person is Chuck Martin.” —BJ Emerson, Vice President, Tasti D-Lite

“Whether you're a Fortune 500 marketer, a small business owner, or an entrepreneur, you must buy and read this book to understand the mobile consumer and how it affects your business. Two likeable thumbs up!” —Dave Kerpen, NY Times Bestselling Author, Likeable Social Media & Likeable Business

“Mobile shopping is the new black and mobile expert Chuck Martin guides us through how to capitalize now in Mobile Influence.” —Erik Qualman, Bestselling Author, Digital Leader

“Martin's m-powered marketing blueprint guides businesses toward the future of their markets.” —The Dallas Morning News

“Once you read Mobile Influence, you will never view shopping the same way again. Chuck Martin has truly created an amazing testimonial to the changing marketplace and the new behavior of today's consumer. All businesses must evolve their sales approach to survive! Mobile Influence shows you how.” —Lon Safko, Author of The Social Media Bible & The Fusion Marketing Bible

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Chuck Martin

Chuck Martin has been a digital pioneer for more than a decade. He is the CEO of The Mobile Future Institute, which focuses on business strategies and tactics for the mobile market. He is editor of MediaPost's mCommerce Daily, which covers theworld of mobile commerce, and in which he writes the daily Mobile ShopTalk column. Martin, a highly sought-after international speaker, is the author of numerous books, including the New York Times business bestseller The Digital Estate, The Third Screen, and The Smartphone Handbook.

Chuck Martin

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