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Mole Music

Mole Music

David McPhail; illustrations by David McPhail

Square Fish


Trade Paperback

A spiritual story about the far-reaching effects of private actions.

Mole has always led a simple life, but lately he feels something is missing. When he first hears someone playing a violin, Mole realizes that he longs to make beautiful music, too.

Through practice and patience, Mole learns to play. And even though he plays alone, in the privacy of his underground home, his music has an effect on others that is more magical than Mole will ever know.


Praise for Mole Music

“The beloved Mole will easily win the affections of readers and inspire young hopes for a better world.” —Kirkus Reviews, pointer

“McPhail's delicate watercolor-and-ink paintings work seamlessly in tandem with the words to deliver a truly resonant message: that music can change the world.” —Publishers Weekly, starred review

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About the author

David McPhail; illustrations by David McPhail

David McPhail is the author and illustrator of many books for children, including the popular Pig Pig stories. He lives with his family in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

David McPhail

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