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Set against the bustling backdrop of New York City and the exotic splendor of Jordan, Mosaic is a story of love and betrayal, of a clash of cultures and traditions---and one woman's struggle to rebuild her life.

Like many working mothers, Dina Ahmed has become adept at juggling her family and her work. She's the owner of Mosaic, a thriving floral design business, and has been blessed with success, beauty, and, most important, a happy family.

But when she returns home one day to discover that her six-year-old twins have vanished, Dina is forced to admit that her life and her marriage were not as perfect as she'd once believed. After many desperate phone calls---and anxious hours spent piecing the puzzle together---Dina accepts the terrible truth: Her husband, Karim, has taken the twins to his homeland of Jordan to raise the children with his family there.

The authorities can do nothing to bring Dina's children back, and even her father's contacts in the U.S. State Department are of little help. Karim's family is wealthy and powerful, and even though Dina is half Arab herself, her options are limited.

Distraught, but determined to fight, Dina travels to Jordan to confront her husband and to enact a desperate plan to get her children back---but at what risk?

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Praise for Mosaic

"Mosaic is a compelling story of love, loss, friendship, and strength . . . it weaves together diverse cultures and illuminates the different roles of men and women from the East and West. . . . A moving story that captures the heart."---Stanley Pottinger, bestselling novel of The Fourth Procedure

"Imagine coming home to find your children gone---and finally having to acknowledge that your husband has taken them to his home country, a place where getting them back will be difficult, if not impossible. Who wouldn't, in that situation, hire an undercover agent to snatch them back? Exciting stuff."---Woman's Book of the Week (UK) on Mosaic

"Khashoggi is a natural-born storyteller who quickly engages her reader in a tale that is stylish, suspenseful, and entertaining."---Booklist (starred review) on Mirage

"Like a modern Scheherazade, Khashoggi spins an irresistible tale of romance and heart-pounding drama in that rarest of fictions---an intelligent page-turner."---Kirkus Reviews (starred review) on Mirage

"A truly compelling novel that boldly illuminates the different roles men and women play in the Middle East versus the West. Her characters act as windows to two sharply contrasted cultures, bringing them to life as only someone who has lived and felt them deeply could."---John Gray, author of the bestseller Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus on Mirage

"Lively, provocative, and thought-provoking."---Jean Sasson, author of Mayada, Daughter of Iraq and Princess on Mirage

"A spell-binding story of one woman's struggle to escape the gilded cage of the Middle Eastern aristocracy...I inhaled it!"---Cindy Adams, syndicated columnist on Mirage

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  • Soheir Khashoggi

  • Soheir Khashoggi was born in Alexandria, Egypt. A member of one of Saudi Arabia's most prominent families, she has used her influence to highlight the plight of women across the Arab world. She has participated in conferences worldwide and was a speaker at the international Women's World Forum Against Violence, an organization founded by Queen Sofia of Spain. Ms. Khashoggi has four daughters and lives in New York City.
  • Soheir Khashoggi Fadil Berisha


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