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Movie Stars Do the Dumbest Things

Movie Stars Do the Dumbest Things

Margaret Moser

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Johnny Depp. Marilyn Monroe. Marlon Brando. Leonardo DiCaprio. Woody Allen. Shanron Stone. What do all of these actors have in common? They're outrageous, receive huge salaries, have enormous agos, and have way too much spare time. Their out-of-control lifestyles prove that, as one Hollywood observer noted, "Hollywood is a trip through a sewer in a glass-bottomed boat."

You'll learn which director was furious when he was misquoted as saying, "Actors are cattle." He clamed he had really said, "Actors should be treated as cattle."

You'll discover that Bruce Wilis ordered the final scenes in Striking Distance to be re-shot at a cost of over $750,000 because the original shots exposed his toupee.

You'll find that Melanie Griffith explained her ignorance of the Nazi holocaust by saying, "I don't know why I didn't know. Maybe I missed school that day...I'm not stupid."

Whether you're a fan of Hugh Grant, Dennis Hopper, or Whoopi Goldberg, you'll learn about all of the embarrassing moments in your favorite star's life. From young actors like Ben Affleck and Cameron Diaz to screen legends like Frank Sinatra and Judy Garland, Movie Stars Do the Dumbest Things is proof that actors are more childish and impulsive than you've ever imagined.


MOVIE STARS DO THE DUMBEST THINGS (Chapter One)Extra Special Superdeluxe Bonus Section: Hit List of the Dumbest of Dumb Things Movie Stars Have Done
We have chosen the dumbest of the dumb items from the book and listed them below. Look for the...


Praise for Movie Stars Do the Dumbest Things

“More fun than a hundred tabloids and a lot classier.” —Bill Bregoli, Westwood One

“Movie stars may be dumb, but his book is smart and funny! It makes mere mortals feel like geniuses. A great time for anyone who is a fan of movies and morons.” —Leslie Gold, WNEW New York

About the author

Margaret Moser

Margaret Moser is the senior editor of the Austin Chronicle and director of Austin Music Awards.

Bill Crawford, a pop-culture journalist, is the co-author of Stevie Ray Vaughan: Caught in the Crossfire. Both live in Austin, Texas.

Michael Bertin is a freelance writer. He lives in Los Angeles.

Margaret Moser

Margaret Moser

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