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Necroscope: Harry and the Pirates

Necroscope: Harry and the Pirates

and Other Tales from the Lost Years

Necroscope: The Lost Years

Brian Lumley

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Harry Keogh, the first Necroscope, is arguably Brian Lumley's greatest creation. In the Necroscope series, readers saw Harry learn to use his powers to talk with the dead and travel instantaneously to any point in space and time. They saw him take arms against the evil, twisted, metamorphic alien vampires who sought to feed off humans and enslave mankind. They saw him suffer a great personal loss and then recover his family, and later his humanity, through a new love. And they saw Harry wage the grimmest battle of his life—against the vampire he himself was becoming!

Even after Harry's story was done, Brian Lumley continued to write books about Harry's legacy—the other Necroscopes who inherited his weird talents. But Harry himself would not go quietly into that darkness that lies beyond an author's imagination . . . and now Brian Lumley has written three new novellas about Harry and his supernatural adventures, which are published for the first time in the United States in Harry and the Pirates.

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Praise for Necroscope: Harry and the Pirates

“Lumley is obviously very bright, articulate, and in possession of an incredibly wild imagination. Reading Necroscope: The Lost Years is like watching a pro on a pinball machine.” —RAPPORT

“Touted as ‘an excellent introduction to Harry Keogh and the undead', this novel is that and much more. A finely crafted vampire tale . . . a thrilling read for horror and suspense fans.” —VOYA on Necroscope: The Lost Years

“Lumley has created his unique brand of the monster, with a complex nature found nowhere else in the literature.” —Science Fiction Chronicle

“Rivals Anne Rice's vampire saga. An accomplished wordsmith, Lumley wields a pen with the deft skill of a surgeon, drawing just enough blood to titillate without offending his readers.” —The Phoenix Gazette

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About the author

Brian Lumley

BRIAN LUMLEY is the author of the Necroscope series—more than a dozen volumes strong—as well as the Titus Crow series, the Hero of Dreams series, and many other books of horror and dark fantasy. He lives in England with his wife.

Brian Lumley

Barbara Ann Lumley

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