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Never As Good As the First Time

Never As Good As the First Time

Mari Walker

St. Martin's Griffin



Trade Paperback

For years Samai Collins has been a faithful Christian, devoted wife and loving mother. But suddenly she finds herself in the middle of a nasty divorce from her minister husband and struggling to find a job, with almost no work skills, in order to support her three children. As Samai tries to get back on her feet, loneliness and the deep longing for a man's touch cause her to stumble in her spiritual beliefs.

Then an old high school crush reappears and Samai's life takes a wild new turn. She is seduced completely by Zane Blackmon's passion and zest for life and soon finds herself being led down a dark path that she never knew existed. An underworld of drugs threatens her life and the lives of her three children. But is love...and just a little bit of faith enough to save them all?


Chapter 1

Getting divorced is never easy. Even if the person that you're divorcing is someone that you've grown to despise. Being in church doesn't protect you from it. Even being married to a minister doesn't protect you from it. Even if...


Praise for Never As Good As the First Time

“Mari Walker's fresh new voice brings an era to life with a style as enthralling as it is entertaining.” —Solomon Jones, Essence bestselling author of C.R.E.A.M.

Never As Good As The First Time is a fascinating novel...Readers will no doubt have a hard time putting this intriguing book down.” —Books2Mention Magazine

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About the author

Mari Walker

Mari Walker spends her spare time freelance writing, editing, and advising aspiring writers on creative writing techniques. Mari resides in Ohio where she is currently working on her next novel.

Mari Walker

Mari Walker

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