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Nine Wives

Nine Wives

A Novel

Dan Elish

St. Martin's Griffin



Trade Paperback

Henry Mann is a 32-year-old bachelor who has spent the last few years watching everyone he knows get married. After the most recent wedding, where an intoxicated Henry proposes to no less than three women (including the rabbi), it dawns on him that being single isn't that much fun after all.

"Nine Wives is an inventive, original, funny, and big-hearted novel, a book I will recommend to anyone interested in good fiction."--Tim O'Brien, National Book Award-winning author of July, July

"Dan Elish has written an extremely funny book."—Jay Parini, author of The Apprentice Lover
"Dan Elish has created a Portnoy for the 21st century."—David Eddie, author of Chump Change

"Henry Mann wages battle between the real world and the imagined one with equal parts goofiness and suaveness. A very charming novel."—Antonya Nelson, author of Female Trouble

"Enough to put Bridget Jones to shame."—Helen Schulman, author of P.S.

"In a world where Sex and the City and Bergdorff Blondes tell us what we think we need to know about relationships, Elish has created a world far more real without stinting on the wit, insight, or hilarity."—Jonathan Rabb, author of The Book of Q

"Dan Elish at last shows women what lurks within the minds of men."—Helen Ellis, author of Eating the Cheshire Cat

"I read Nine Wives while Dan and I were dating. I didn't speak to him for a week, but I married him anyway."—Andrea Elish


Henry Mann forced himself up the final steps to his fifth-floor walk-up with the heavy gait of a man who has had two marriage proposals rejected in the same evening. After fumbling with his keys, he finally managed to gain access...

About the author

Dan Elish

Dan Elish is a critically acclaimed young adult novelist who has also written for television and theater, and is currently at work on a musical. He lives in New York City with his wife and young daughter.

Dan Elish

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