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written & illustrated by David McPhail

Roaring Brook Press


ONE POWERFUL WORD Standing up to bullies of all kinds in a poignant tale.

The word "No" repeated three times is the only thing said in this otherwise wordless book that speaks volumes. A young boy sets out to deliver a letter and witnesses acts of war along his way, both on the personal level, and on a world-wide scale. At a time when our country is at war, NO! is a touching example of resistance and alternatives to conflict told through heart-wrenching illustrations from David McPhail at his very best.

Praise for No!

“McPhail's delicated watercolor and pencil illustrations bring the understated story to life. Not only introducing a tough topic to a young crowd, this profound narrative also demonstrates the importance of taking a stand and the power of one voice.” —School Library Journal

“Except for the occasional use of the title word, this clear beautiful picture-book fable is without text . . . . McPhail's rich watercolors, with detailed ink crosshatching, have a yesteryear feel.” —Booklist

“In a picture book with exactly three words of dialogue -- the same two-letter word repeated three times -- David McPhail's young character causes the world to do a one-eighty through his assertive use of the word ‘NO!'.” —Richie's Picks

“The idea of taking effective action without fighting is a powerful one, and children and adults alike will find that McPhail's images linger.” —Publishers Weekly

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