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Kingfisher Voyages

Ron and Valerie Taylor; Steven Savage




Dive through the "layers" of the sea with world-renowned shark experts Ron and Valerie Taylor --from the sunlit zone through the twilight zone, until finally reaching the uncharted abyss. Visit the seabed to find out more about the plants, animals, and ghostly shipwrecks that can be found there. Along the way, peer through diecut portholes inside the Titanic, lift the transparent pages to reveal the inside of a submarine, discover what goes on inside an undersea laboratory, and consider all of the unknowns that wait below in the mysterious darkness of the unexplored depths.


Praise for Oceans

“The book is an exploration in itself, with peel-back pages, sea-through pages, both filled with breathtaking photography, colorful charts, and drawings of amazing creatures. Young readers, whether they are armchair explorers or dreaming of a career in marine science, will spend hours with this attractive book.” —Children's Literature

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About the author

Ron and Valerie Taylor; Steven Savage

Steven Savage is a biologist, natural history writer, lecturer, and an associate member of the Institute of Biology in England. He teaches about ocean biology and has written more than thirty-seven natural history books for children. Ron and Valerie Taylor are underwater filmmakers and shark experts who have worked on Hollywood movies such as Jaws and Blue Water, White Death. Their spectacular ocean photography, exhilarating shark tales, and dedication to shark conservation are renowned worldwide.

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