Oh Danny Boy

Molly Murphy Mysteries (Volume 5)

Rhys Bowen

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Irish immigrant Molly Murphy is contemplating giving up PI work for something a little less…exciting. Molly has had quite enough excitement recently, thank you very much. Especially from the handsome but deceptive NYPD captain Daniel Sullivan. She wants him out of her life for good. But when Daniel is accused of accepting bribes and lands himself in the Tombs, the notorious city jail, he begs Molly to help prove he was framed. After everything they've been through together, how can she turn him down? As Molly finds herself drawn further into Daniel's case, Molly begins to fear that his trouble is related to one of his investigations: catching a serial killer who is targeting prostitutes, known to the locals as the East Side Ripper….


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Chapter One New York, August 1902 There was that maniacal laughter again. I looked around, but I couldn't detect where it was coming from. It seemed to be part of the very darkness itself. Black water lapped up at me as I stepped onto the iron lacework of a walkway. I thought I could hear a child's voice calling, "Save me, save me," and I started toward it. But beneath me were other faceless forms, and they held up white arms to me, calling out, "Help us first." The laughter grew louder until it was overwhelming. I started to run. Water splashed up at my feet and when I looked down


Praise for Oh Danny Boy

"Molly is a smart, feisty, independent heroine…[an] appealing series."
"Bowen deserves kudos for her recreation of early 20th-century New York"
--Publishers Weekly
"Enjoyable charm and wit."--Baltimore Sun
"Another outstanding mystery."--Library Journal
"Excellent."--Toronto Globe and Mail
"Entertains readers and teaches them about the immigrant experience…charming."--Tampa Tribune
"Murder, mayhem, disease, and death…reliable period thrills for Molly's fans."--Kirkus Reviews
"Bowen has created one of the most ferociously spunky heroines to grace the pages of a historical mystery series."--Harriet Klausner's Book Reviews
"Beautifully constructed."--Booklist
"This is the fourth in a series of this particular character, and a really good one at that….I will definitely read more by this author."--Affaire de Coeur (four stars)
"There's a reason why Bowen gets nominated for so many awards. She's just damn good….Books like [Oh Danny Boy] are the reason I love mysteries."--CrimeSpreeMag.com

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  • Rhys Bowen

  • Rhys Bowen is the author of the award-winning Molly Murphy and Constable Evans mysteries. Her novels have garnered an impressive array of awards and nominations, including the Anthony award for her novel For the Love of Mike and the Agatha Award for Murphy’s Law. Her books have also won the Bruce Alexander Historical Award and the Herodotus Award, and have been shortlisted for the Edgar, the Agatha, the Macavity, the Barry, and the Mary Higgins Clark Award.  She has also written Her Royal Spyness, a series about a minor royal in 1930s England, and she is the author of several short stories, including the Anthony Award–winning “Doppelganger.” Her story “Voodoo” was chosen to be part of the anthology of the best of 50 years of Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine.  Ms. Bowen was born in Bath, England, and worked as an announcer and studio manager for the BBC in London, before moving to Australia and then California. It was here she started writing children’s and young adult novels, and then moved on to mysteries with the Constable Evans novels. When not writing she loves to travel, sing, hike, play her Celtic harp, and entertain her grandchildren. She lives in San Rafael, California.
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