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Once Upon A Scandal

Once Upon A Scandal

Barbara Dawson Smith

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Her husband, her enemy.

Desperate and alone, Lady Emma tricked Lucas Coulter, the Marquess of Wortham, into a hasty marriage. But on their wedding night, when he learned the truth about his not-so-innocent bride, he abandoned her.

Seven years later, Emma lives in disgrace with her beloved daughter, Jenny. Penniless, Emma provides for her child in the one way she knows how: in the dark of night, she creeps across the rooftops of London and steals jewels from the wealthy nobles who have wronged her.

Then Lucas catches her in a daring act of burglary. And he proposes a devil's bargain-- give him an heir...or be exposed. Vowing to hide the devastating secret in her past, Emma agrees to share her husband's bed, never dreaming this cold stranger has become a skilled seducer who will sweep her into a world of peril and passion...

Rita Award - Nominee, Rita Award - Finalist


Chapter 1
Somewhere off the coast of England
September 1816

As always, her hands worked magic.
Lucas Coulter lay prone on the bunk, lulled both by the rhythmic rocking of the ship and the mesmerizing...


Praise for Once Upon A Scandal

“It's time for the rest of the world to discover what Barbara Dawson Smith's fans have known all along-- this is a can't-miss author.” —RomEx Reviews

“Every time Barbara Dawson Smith writes a book, she creates a beautiful, heartwarming masterpiece that fills the soul and stimulates the heart. Once Upon A Scandal is a marvelous love story...This future classic is a keeper that is destined to be re-read many times, especially when the reader needs an emotionally uplifting experience.” —Affaire de Coeur

“Barbara Dawson Smith is an author everyone should read. You'll be hooked from page one.” —Romantic Times

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About the author

Barbara Dawson Smith

Barbara Dawson Smith

Call me a chronic dreamer, but I love a good book. Like everyone else, I get caught up in carpooling for my two daughters, taking out the garbage, and paying the bills. Reading is my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, the reward for a long day's work. Even after writing twelve romance novels of my own, I still love to escape into the magical world of another writer's imagination.

For your reading pleasure, I've included a bonus at the end of the book-- a sneak peek at my next historical romance, The Venus Touch.

You can write to me c/o St. Martin's Paperbacks, 175 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10010-7848.

Barbara Dawson Smith


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