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In One Red Bastard, Ed Lin's thrilling sequel to the highly acclaimed Snakes Can’t Run, “reminiscent of Elmore Leonard… Compulsively readable” (Don Lee), it’s the fall of 1976. New York's Chinatown is in turmoil over news that Mao's daughter is seeking asylum in the U.S.  The series hero Robert Chow is a neighborhood detective in training, and he is thrilled when his girlfriend Lonnie scores an interview with the Chinese representative of Mao's daughter. But hours after the interview, the man is found dead. Lonnie, the last person to see him alive, is the main suspect.  As Lonnie is subjected to increasing amounts of intimidation from his fellow policemen, who want to close the case, Robert is tempted to reach into his own bag of dirty tricks. Will he stay on the right side of the law, or will his loyalty to Lonnie get the better of him? Find out in this exciting and fast-paced mystery set in one of New York’s most fascinating neighborhoods.


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October 18, 1976
Of course, the Grand Street subway station was out of commission but luckily the uptown 103 bus on the Bowery was right there. I told Paul to get on it.
“But I don’t have any change,” he said, frowning at me. He’s a bright kid, but he’s book-smart, not street-smart. I worry about him sometimes.
“Will you just get in there? I’ll take care of this,” I said. He should have known by now that his elders would always pay for him.
I pushed Paul ahead of me. I boarded the bus and flashed


Praise for One Red Bastard

"Compelling...Lin offers a vivid picture of an earlier Manhattan Chinatown than S.J. Rozan, whose fans are likely to warm to the street-savvy Chow."

--Publishers Weekly (starred) 


Praise for Snakes Can’t Run


"Readers interested in the integration of Asian-Americans into American society, as well as those who like gritty procedurals, will be well rewarded."

 --Publishers Weekly (starred)


“A vivid portrait of tiny, teeming, complex, fearful, ambitious, politicized, corrupt Chinatown, circa 1976.”



"Will definitely appeal to mystery and crime thriller fans but will also be satisfying to the general reader, as well."

--Sacramento Book Review


“Ed Lin is a new gifted voice in the urban crime and mystery genre, depicting his inner landscape, New York's Chinatown and beyond, with innate affection, sharp acuteness and understated humor.”

--Da Chen, author of Colors of the Mountain and Brothers


“A unique down-to-the-gritty-sidewalk police procedural. If you dig the novels of Eddie Bunker or movies like 'King of New York' and 'Mean Streets,' Ed Lin's subterranean neighborhood is for you.”

--Barry Gifford, author of Imagination of the Heart and Wild at Heart

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ONE RED BASTARD by Ed Lin | Kirkus Book Reviews
Read the Kirkus Review of ONE RED BASTARD . It's 1976. The Republic of China and the People's Republic of China duel by proxy, pulling NYPD Officer Robert Chow into their murderous wake.
- Kirkus Reviews

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  • Ed Lin

  • ED LIN is the first author to win three Asian American Literary Awards, one each for his previous books Waylaid, This Is a Bust, and Snakes Can't Run. Lin, a native New Yorker of Taiwanese and Chinese descent, was awarded the Booklist Editor's Choice and Top Ten First Novel for Waylaid.

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