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On the Record

On the Record

The Scratch DJ Academy Guide

Phil White and Luke Crisell with Rob Principe; Foreword by Moby

St. Martin's Griffin



Trade Paperback

In the three decades since Kool Herc first put the same record on two side-by-side turntables, DJs have moved out of city parks, house and block parties, and the darkened booths of nightclubs, and onto center stage, performing before admiring crowds of thousands. They have not only given rise to hip-hop and house—DJs have influenced fashion, film, TV, and more.

With On the Record, Scratch DJ Academy, the premiere institution for DJ education, brings together years of training and expertise to create an authoritative guide to the dynamic art of DJing. More than just a "how-to," this is a sonic adventure, guiding you through forty years of music, creativity, and culture. From beat matching to body tricks, Grandmaster Flash to Fatboy Slim, the Bronx to Ibiza, On the Record is an all-in-one guide. So whether you're learning the ropes, considering going pro, or just want insight into a broader range of music, this book is for you.


Chapter One

The Early Days of the DJ

Today's superstar DJs are household names who command a hundred thousand dollars or more per gig, crisscross the globe to play, and exert as much influence in fashion,...


Praise for On the Record

On the Record is a blueprint for anyone who has ever thought about getting into DJing. It explores how we do it, but more importantly, why we do what we do. The old and new school masters break it all down here.” —Z-Trip

“This book needs to be in your vinyl collection. It's what every DJ needs to be in the game and every music fan needs to understand the game.” —Snoop Dogg

“A must-read. If you're a battle champion, a club DJ, or just a music enthusiast, you will definitely benefit from reading this book. Every one of us is a DJ. This book just makes us better. It's about time!” —Darryl McDaniels of Run-D.M.C.

“We need some kind of bible that covers every aspect of DJ culture. This book can do that.” —DJ AM (Adam Goldstein)

“This book is needed to introduce the world to the hip hop DJ pioneers.... If anybody wants an insight into the true essence of hip hop, the DJs who started it, and how they can follow in our footsteps, they must read On the Record.” —Grand Wizard Theodore (Inventor of the scratch)

“DJ's are such an important part of our culture. They define and shape it everyday. This book shines light on their art form, their culture and most importantly, it helps bring out your inner DJ. It's a must read.” —Doug E. Fresh

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About the author

Phil White and Luke Crisell with Rob Principe; Foreword by Moby

Scratch DJ Academy, cofounded by Rob Principe, is the world's brand in DJ education and access, with studios in New York, Miami, and Los Angeles. Phil White is a freelance writer based in Kansas City. Luke Crisell is the deputy editor at NYLON magazine and is based in Brooklyn, New York.

Luke Crisell

Luke Crisell

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