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Operation Sea Ghost

Operation Sea Ghost

A Pirate Hunters Novel

Mack Maloney

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In Operation Sea Ghost, from Mack Maloney, a lost weapon of untold destructive power falls into the worst possible hands . . .

Forty years ago, a mysterious weapon disappeared in the jungles of Vietnam. Now a notoriously ruthless band of Somali pirates has found it and is threatening to sell it to Middle-Eastern terrorists. The CIA, desperate to retrieve the weapon and even more anxious to keep Washington out of it, recruits Team Whiskey, a group of former U.S. military men-turned-pirate hunters, to do their dirty work.

From a secret pirate lair in the Indian Ocean to the most exclusive casino in Monte Carlo, Snake Nolan and his resourceful men have the fight of their lives on their hands as they race against time to reclaim the deadly weapon before it falls into the wrong hands.

Just when they think the stakes can go no higher, they realize that their quarry is headed for New York City, on a suicide mission that will make the 9-11 attacks look like mere prologue to a catastrophe of unprecedented destruction.

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Airfield 414
Udorn, Thailand
March 1968

THE C-130 CARGO plane took off in a violent rainstorm.
It was 2350 hours, almost midnight, and the monsoon that had battered Southeast Asia all day was still intense. The wind was...


Praise for Operation Sea Ghost

“Desperate, raw, 200-proof action that hits with the impact of a .50 BMG round, with real heroes who can out-last, out-think and out-fight the world's slimiest bad guys . . . Mack Maloney writes it bloody and sizzling hot.” —Stephen Coonts, New York Times bestselling author

“A thrill ride. You'd better be strapped in.” —David Hagberg, New York Times bestselling author

“I really enjoyed Pirate kicked butt. Team Whiskey makes the A-Team look like Girl Scouts.” —Operational Specialist Second Class Philip Motoike, OS2, USS Antietam, CG54, U.S. Navy

“An awesome book! A thrilling take on this modern-day scourge of the high seas. Those of us fighting piracy out here every day love it!” —LURCH (BO) VBSS Team Member, USS Mason (DDG 87)

Pirate Hunters was non-stop action. Whiskey does what I wish America could do. A take no prisoner, don't mess with us attitude to the world.” —"DEXTER" VBSS Team Member, USS Mason (DDG 87)

“Take it from a real-life Pirate Hunter - reading one of Mack's books is just like being there.” —"Po" -- Navy Boarding Team Support, USS McFAUL

“While assigned to CTF 151, fighting real Somali Pirates in the Gulf of Aden, there has been no more welcome diversion than reading Mack Maloney's tales of Team Whiskey. He makes every effort to blend action, excitement and reality into one of the most prevalent and enduring maritime issues of our time.” —Special Agent, Chris “Shakespeare” Ahr, NCIS, Senior Law Enforcement Advisor, Combined Task Force 151, USS MASON (DDG 87)

“Mack Maloney clearly did his homework when it came to this book. As a Naval VBSS member and trainer, I know this great read will get the attention of anyone interested in fighting modern-day piracy.” —IS3 "Junior" Lawson

“Pirate Hunters is well written, captivating and adventurous!” —ITSN "RAGE" Legrand

“Operation Caribe's constant action and plot twists kept me wanting more. I still can't believe they made it out of Singapore alive!” —STG1 "SLIM" McMillion

“Pirate Hunters is full of action, the story progresses smoothly and leaves you wanting more. Can't wait to see what happens in the next book.” —SSG Tony Pluger, Thunder Squadron, 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment, U.S. Army

“Pirate Hunters rocked! Action packed and jammed with genuine military gear and tactics” —SGT David Graves 82nd Airborne Division, U.S. Army

“The Pirate Hunters - lots of action and adventure fueled by adrenalin” —CPL Rick Kolan, US Marine Corps (ret)

“With clever plotting, scorching pace and "from the news" situations, Maloney's straight ahead style makes the reader realize the high seas can be filled with unusual and unpredictable danger.” —Boatswain's Mate George Mann, U.S. Coast Guard, (ret).

“Maloney's page-turning plots are what everyone would like to see in real life: direct, decisive action against the al Qaeda killers, without ceremony or pretense. Maloney has his finger on the pulse of the nation. As he sends his Superhawks heroes into the global fight against terrorism, his grasp of modern technical detail combines with the most authentic presentation of terrorist forces, making this the top action series in the market place.” —Walter J. Boyne, bestselling author of Dawn Over Kitty Hawk on the Pirate Hunters series

“Superhawks is a GREAT adventure series...a perfect blend of rage, humanity, and occasional flashes of dark humor.” —Jim Morris, author of War Story on the Pirate Hunters series

“Mack Maloney has created a team of realistic characters that pulse with patriotic fervor. He hasn't just crafted a great war story, he has set a new standard for action packed thrillers.” —Robert Doherty, bestselling author of the AREA 51 series on the Pirate Hunters series

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About the author

Mack Maloney

MACK MALONEY, the author of The Pirate Hunters and its first sequel, Operation Caribe, has written many other action-adventure novels, including the bestselling Wingman series. He lives near Boston, Massachusetts.

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