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Organizing from the Right Side of the Brain

Organizing from the Right Side of the Brain

A Creative Approach to Getting Organized

Lee Silber

St. Martin's Griffin


Trade Paperback

Almost all the organizing books on the market today target the "left-brainer" - people who are generally disciplined, neat, and analytical. But for those who are more creative and spontaneous rather than logical and detail-oriented, help is on the way! In this book, Silber turns traditional organizing advice on its head and offers unique solutions that complement the unorthodox lifestyle of the creative "right-brainer."

For example:
* Discover how right-brainers can be organized in a left-brain world
* Overcome obstacles that stand in the way of being more organized
* Pile, don't file - put paper in its place the right-brained way
* Learn how being a "pack rat" can be a good thing

This creative new approach to getting it together is perfect for those who can't relate to boring traditional organizing techniques!


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About the author

Lee Silber

Lee Silber is the award-winning author of many books, including Time Management for the Creative Person, Self-Promotion for the Creative Person, and Money Management for the Creative Person. He lives in San Diego, CA.

Lee Silber

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