Orion and King Arthur

Orion (Volume 6)

Ben Bova

Tor Science Fiction

Ben Bova’s timeless hero returns . . . at the nexus of myth and history!

More than human, less than god, Orion has fought across time and space at the whims of his Creators, god-like beings from the future who toy with human history like spoiled children playing with dolls. From the frozen wastes of the Ice Age to far-flung interstellar empires, Orion has been both assassin and hero, all the while striving to be reunited with Anya, the ageless goddess who is his one true love.

Now Orion finds himself in Britain in the dark years after the Romans abandoned the island kingdom. Minor kings and warlords feud amongst themselves even as invading hordes of Saxons and Angles threaten to sweep over the land. There Orion befriends a young warrior named Arthur, who dreams of uniting his quarreling countrymen and driving the invaders from their lands. Along with a few brave comrades, Arthur hopes to the stem the tide of barbarism and create a new era of peace and prosperity.

But Orion’s vainglorious Creator, Aten the Golden One, has other plans for the timeline. Arthur’s noble ambitions interfere with Aten’s far-reaching schemes to reshape history to his own ends. He wants Arthur dead and forgotten---but Orion does not.

Defying his own creator, and risking his own immortal existence, Orion will battle the gods themselves to see that Arthur fulfills his destiny. But can even he save Arthur from the tragedy that awaits him?

Orion and King Arthur is a thrilling new chapter in Ben Bova’s unforgettable cosmic saga.


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Amesbury Fort
“A Sarmatian, you say?” Sir Bors looked me up and down, sour disbelief plain on his scarred, bearded face. “And what is your name?”
“Orion,” I replied. It was the one thing I was certain of. How I came to this time and place I knew not.
“And why are you here?” asked Sir Bors.
We were standing in the dingy courtyard of a hilltop fort named Amesbury, its walls nothing more than a rickety palisade of timber staves. These Britons had tried to build their forts in the way the Roman legions


Praise for Orion and King Arthur

Praise for the Orion Saga

“Nonstop action and mind-bending concepts combine to make Orion absolutely unforgettable. . . . Bova brings it to life on a canvas spread over time and space.”
—Isaac Asimov

“Slambang SF adventure mingles with speculative theology in this gripping story of an immortal’s hatred, a mortal’s love, and a death-struggle that spans a million years.”
—Spider Robinson on Orion

“Six-time Hugo Award winner Bova doesn’t disappoint!”
Los Angeles Daily News on Orion in the Dying Time  

“Bova’s adroit use of detail makes the setting ring true; his depictions of historical personages as well as his fictional creations are psychologically sound. The sounds, the scents, and the sensibility of the ancient world permeate this well-wrought adventure.”
Publishers Weekly on Orion and the Conqueror

“Bova creates characters that come alive on the page. . . . It is perfectly paced so that the reader has trouble putting the book down.”
The Clarion-Ledger on Orion in the Dying Time

“Bova presents enough solid historical backing to give the story a ring of authenticity.”
Starlog on Orion and the Conqueror

“Rip-roaring science fiction . . . tightly-constructed and fast-moving.”
Science Fiction Chronicle on Orion in the Dying Time

“One of the best SF military series around.”
VOYA on Orion Among the Stars

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  • Ben Bova

  • Ben Bova is the author of five previous novels in this series: Orion, Vengeance of Orion, Orion in the Dying Time, Orion and the Conqueror, and Orion Among the Stars.

    Bova is also a six-time winner of the Hugo Award, a former editor of Analog, a former editorial director of Omni, and a past president of both the National Space Society and the Science Fiction Writers of America. He is the author of more than one hundred works of science fact and fiction. He lives in Florida.

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    Ben Bova


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