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Out of the House of Life

Out of the House of Life

A Novel of the Count Saint-Germain

St. Germain (Volume 5)

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

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More than a third of Saint-Germain's long, long life was spent in the shadow of the Pyramids, in service to the temples of Egypt--but the tale of those years has never been told before.

In Out of the House of Life, readers of Yarbro's series can at last discover how a bloodthirsty demon, captured and enslaved by the high priests of the temple of Imhotep, was transformed into priest and physician and then, finally, into an immortal being of great power and greater wisdom.


Chapter 1

"Are you still up? Paille? It must be close on three." Alain Baundilet was sitting on a sack of grain toward the aft of the dhow, his features unreadable in the light of the waning moon.
Jean-Marc Paille started...


Praise for Out of the House of Life

“Le Comte de Saint-Germain is many things: healer, scholar, lover--and vampire. Out of the House of Life is a revealing, all-new look into the Count's exotic and mysterious past. Chelsea Quinn Yarbro has created the most memorable and original vampire since Bram Stoker's Dracula.” —The Bookwatch

“Fans of this prolific writer of historic horror novels will delight in [Out of the House of Life]. Yarbro's knowledge of history and fastidious attention to detail combine to form a fascinating backdrop for these supernatural intrigues....Whether you follow horror or if it's historical fiction you love, Yarbro's work will come as a welcome discovery.” —R*A*V*E Reviews

Out of the House of Life may be the finest vampire tale since 1983. That's when it's author, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, last brought out one of her eloquent romances of the long-lived Comte de Saint-Germain.” —The Washington Post Book World

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About the author

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's interests range from music--she composes and has studied seven different instruments as well as voice--to history, from horseback riding to needlepoint. Her writing is similarly wide-ranging; under her own name and pseudonyms, she has written everything from westerns to mysteries, from science fiction to nonfiction history.

Yarbro's critically-acclaimed historical horror novels featuring the Count Saint-Germain, including Hotel Transylvania, A Feast in Exile, Communion Blood, and Night Blooming, have a loyal readership. Chelsea Quinn Yarbro has always lived in California and currently makes her home in the Berkeley area.

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

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