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Panic Snap

Panic Snap

A Novel

Laura Reese

St. Martin's Griffin



Trade Paperback

Her first novel, Topping from Below, was a cause celebre of erotic fiction. Now, in Panic Snap, Laura Reese once again crosses the boundary between pleasure and pain with a story of extreme sexual obsession and one family's terrible secret.

The accused murderess in a sensational trial, Carly Tyler waits outside a California courtroom as a jury decides her fate: Is she the depraved Madame de Sade of the newspaper headlines or the innocent victim of one wealthy family's gothic past? Left for dead by the side of a road fifteen years earlier, she emerged from a coma with no memory and a face completely altered by the plastic surgery need to repair her injuries. Who is she and what happened to her? The trail leads her to a magnificent vineyard and its mysterious owner, James McGuane, a man of wealth and immense sexual charisma who holds the key to her past. But to unlock it, she must risk her life on a terrifying erotic journey that tears apart a dynasty and reveals the truth about an appalling murder.


Panic Snap

Before the Verdict
I must not think about the verdict. I must NOT. But, of course, I do. I can think of nothing else. I keep looking at the clock, watching the time, wondering when the jury will reach a decision....


Praise for Panic Snap

“Wickedly raunchy...suspenseful...charged with carnal energy.” —Publishers Weekly

“Blurring the line between pleasure and pain, Reese wraps a wickedly raunchy tale of sexual obsession and sadomasochism inside a taut, suspenseful thriller...Her prowess in mixing erotica and mystery creates frissons of excitement.” —Publishers Weekly

“[A] highly erotic novel...dangerous sexual appeal.” —Woman's Own

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About the author

Laura Reese

Laura Reese is the author of the critically acclaimed Topping from Below. She lives in Davis, California.

Laura Reese

Laura Reese

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