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Parrots & Pirates

Parrots & Pirates

A Mystery at Sea (Volume 2)

by Elizabeth Levy, illustrated by Mordicai Gerstein

Roaring Brook Press




It's been six months since their last adventure aboard the S.S. Excalibur and Philipa and her friend Philip (who happens to be the son of the ship's captain) are both excited to meet the ship's new assistant cruise director, Herby Twining. Herby is a real jokester, the kind of guy who gets a kick out of shaking your hand with a buzzer hidden in his palm. Philip is quite entertained by Herby and appreciates his skills as an amateur magician, but when Philip's expensive and rare parrot, Don Quixote, goes missing and Herby seems like he might be a prime suspect, suddenly Phillip isn't laughing anymore.

TN Volunteer State Book Award Primary ML


Chapter One"Secrets!" Squawked the Parrot
"Excuse me, Don Quixote," I said. I stuck my hand into his cage. Feathers were everywhere. I couldn't believe how messy a parrot's cage could get. Don Quixote bent his majestic head with his curved beak...


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About the author

by Elizabeth Levy, illustrated by Mordicai Gerstein

Elizabeth Levy has been writing and publishing award winning books for more than thirty years, and in that time she has written more than eighty books, a number that continues to surprise her. She lives in New York City.

Mordicai Gerstein is the author and illustrator of The Man Who Walked Between the Towers, winner of the Caldecott Medal, and has had four books named New York Times Best Illustrated Books of the Year. He lives in Westhampton, Massachusetts.

Elizabeth Levy

Mordicai Gerstein

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