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Perdition House

Perdition House

A Bay Tanner Mystery

Bay Tanner Mysteries (Volume 3)

Kathryn R. Wall

Minotaur Books




When a fifth cousin twice removed calls Bay Tanner - a young, recently widowed, financial consultant - from the Beaufort County Jail, it's no accident. Mercer Mary Prescott spent a lot of time and trouble locating Bay on the family tree, and she needs more than bail out of the relationship. What she's really after is a secret she's not willing to reveal-yet. But when Bay generously takes Mercer back to the family mansion of Presqu'isle, she finds that this distant kin comes with a lot of personal baggage-and some very dangerous pursuers. Before Bay can help straighten out Mercer's problems, the mousy young woman disappears. Now, Bay begins a desperate hunt for her "shirttail" cousin through the twisted alleys of the past, from Civil War days to a plantation called Perdition House and to one last deadly fight.


Chapter One

I had no idea when we set up our informal inquiry agency that one of the first clients my father and I would have would be one of my own shirttail relations. Life is strange that way sometimes, or so I've found.



Praise for Perdition House

“[A] terrific, tense thriller.” —Midwest Book Review

“The suspense ratchets up periodically, the characters are well drawn and unique, and the writing evokes the new South without resorting to stereotype. Best of all, Bay makes a believable and appealing protagonist.” —The Cleveland Plain Dealer

“The finely spun plot makes Bay's latest a taut, tasty chiller.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Wall hauntingly evokes the lovely South Carolina Low Country in a suspenseful novel of lost love, double dealing, and danger. First rate.” —Carolyn Hart, author of April Fool Dead

“Wall nicely blends the manners and mores of the aristocratic Southern tradition with more modern sensibilities, creating in Bay Tanner a woman who's equally at home in the tea room or out jogging.” —Publishers Weekly

“Deeply rooted sense of place, memorable characters, increasingly complicated plot, and fine prose...recommend this highly.” —Library Journal

“Bay is a strong likable character, and the first-person point of view lends immediacy to a fast-paced story filled with fascinating plot twists.” —Booklist

“St. Martin's Minotaur has a real winner on its hands with Bay Tanner, and South Carolina has a rising literary star in Kathryn Wall.” —The State, Columbia South Carolina

“I found myself eager to get home from work so I could finish reading. And this wasn't a book I rushed through. It's an enjoyable story from beginning to end.” —Beaufort Gazette

“I enjoyed this book.” —Deadly Pleasures

“The plotting is devious and the characters are intriguing. But Bay is the stand out-bright, witty, and strong, while still showing the vulnerability of a woman who has lost her husband and continues to cope with life as best she can. Bay drives the action and you're with her every step of the way.” —I Love a Mystery

“Filled with the breathtaking beauty of the South Carolina Lowcountry, Perdition House is an original, complex mystery about a place and a group of people clinging tenaciously to the past.” —Lowcountry Now

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About the author

Kathryn R. Wall

Kathryn R. Wall was an accountant for twenty-five years in Ohio before retiring with her husband to Hilton Head, South Carolina. This is her third Bay Tanner mystery.

Kathryn R. Wall



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