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Perfect Is Overrated

Perfect Is Overrated

A Novel

Karen Bergreen

St. Martin's Griffin




Think you want to be the perfect mom? Think again…..

Kate Alger has finally found the cure for her post-partum depression. After years of suffering, all it takes to bring this mommy back to life were a few gruesome homicides! When someone starts offing the alpha-moms from Kate's daughter's preschool, Kate—who worked as an Assistant District Attorney before she had Molly—realizes it's time to get out of bed, dust off the skills and find out who is killing all the mommies she loves to hate.

Wickedly funny and slightly twisted, Perfect Is Overrated is a romp through the life of one very needy mom, her cockeyed family, gorgeous ex-husband, and the entire insane, entitled, over-dressed , over-zealous, eternally jealous parent body at The Hawthorne Preschool.


I emerge from my depression the moment I learn of Beverly Hastings's death. She's not just dead. She's been murdered. Someone, apparently, liked her even less than I did.
I get out of bed, where I have been spending way too much time. And alone,...


Praise for Perfect Is Overrated

“Here are a few things Karen Bergreen knows about: mothers you love to hate, sexy exes, the drill (and charm) of hanging out with little kids. Perfect Is Overrated throws all of it into the wash cycle and suds it up with humor and warmth. If you read it, you'll recommend it, too!” —Molly Jong-Fast, author of The Social Climbers Handbook

Perfect is Overrated is such a fast, fizzy, fun read! Buy one for yourself and six more for the other moms in the pickup line, then decide which mom you'd take with you if stuck on a deserted island. For me, she'd have to love mascara and be witty.” —Kelly Killoren Bensimon, author of I Can Make You Hot!

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Karen Bergreen

KAREN BERGREEN's first career was as an attorney who clerked for a federal judge. Her second career as a stand-up comic has led to appearances not in front of the bench, but on Comedy Central, the Oxygen network, Court TV and Law & Order. She lives in New York City.

Karen Bergreen

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