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Person of Interest

Person of Interest

A Novel

Theresa Schwegel

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Leslie McHugh is married to an undercover cop. She thinks she knows what it's like to share her life with a man who spends his days living a lie, who keeps secrets for a living, who trusts no one, not even her. She can see the pressure, the fear, the pent-up rage, and, worst of all, the distance growing between them that Craig promised he'd never allow. But what does she really know? Lonely, tired, and starting to drink too much, she knows that their marriage is on the rocks because her husband lives a second life she knows almost nothing about.

When a thousand dollars disappears from their bank account, she wants answers, but before she can even ask the questions, their seventeen-year-old daughter, a real cop's kid already on a collision course with trouble, turns up at the center of Craig's investigation into a snitch's violent death. Leslie's had enough; she's determined to get to the truth and protect her family---no matter what the cost.

Again and again, Edgar Award winner Theresa Schwegel shows a remarkable ability to get inside a cop's world---both at the precinct house and at home---making Person of Interest some of the most compelling crime fiction in bookstores today.


Chapter 1

Springtime hasn't always depressed Leslie McHugh. When she was a girl, she looked forward to the days when the sun would try to stay in the sky just a little longer, signaling everything below to get up and get going: to sprout and...


Praise for Person of Interest

“Schwegel spins a taut and muscular tale that explores the dark side of law enforcement. The cast is convincing, the suspense is unrelenting, the result is top-flight entertainment.” —The San Diego Union-Tribune on Probable Cause

“While Schwegel skillfully tightens the plot screws . . . she also has fun riding with the cops through the best and worst of Chicago's neighborhoods.” —The New York Times Book Review on Probable Cause

“Convincing local color and the winning depiction of Weiss . . . the twenty-three-year-old's bright future in the genre seems inevitable. . . . A solidly written coming-of-age tale with an endearing and believable hero.” —Kirkus Reviews (starred review) on Probable Cause

“An excellent choice for contemporary noir fans.” —The Baltimore Sun on Officer Down

“[Schwegel's] impressive first mystery . . . catches the flavor of the city in endearing ways. . . . Schwegel, who writes about police work with authority, has also created a tough and original character.” —Chicago Tribune on Officer Down

“Readers at last can enjoy a tough-gal yarn with heaps of moral ambiguity and good guys gone bad. . . . [Samantha] Mack isn't your average cop.” —San Francisco Chronicle on Officer Down

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About the author

Theresa Schwegel

Theresa Schwegel was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. A Loyola University graduate, she received an MFA in screenwriting at Chapman University. Her first novel, Officer Down, won the Edgar Award for Best First Novel and was shortlisted for the Anthony Award. She now lives in Los Angeles, California.

Theresa Schwegel

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