All Authors : Picador

Wendy Kann

Casting with a Fragile Thread

Joseph Kanon

The Good German; Alibi

Robert D. Kaplan

Balkan Ghosts

Panos Karnezis

Little Infamies

Bill Kauffman

Dispatches from the Muckdog Gazette; Ain't My America

Joanna Kavenna

Inglorious; The Birth of Love

Anna Keesey

Little Century

Garret Keizer

Privacy; Getting Schooled

John Kelly

The Graves Are Walking

Thomas Kelly

Empire Rising

Lars Kepler

The Hypnotist; The Nightmare; The Fire Witness

Uzma Aslam Khan


Elias Khoury

Gate of the Sun; City Gates; Little Mountain; The Journey of Little Gandhi

Suki Kim

The Interpreter

Laurie R. King

A Monstrous Regiment of Women; A Letter of Mary; The Moor; Naked Came the Phoenix

Anne Kingston

The Meaning of Wife

Laura Kipnis

How to Become a Scandal; Men

Jay Kirk

Kingdom Under Glass

Stephane Kirkland

Paris Reborn

Michael Klare

Resource Wars; Blood and Oil; Rising Powers, Shrinking Planet; The Race for What's Left

Naomi Klein

Fences and Windows; The Shock Doctrine; No Logo

Elizabeth Knox

The Vintner's Luck; Dreamhunter; Dreamquake; Mortal Fire

Malcolm Knox


Wayne Koestenbaum

Humiliation; Jackie Under My Skin; My 1980s and Other Essays

Yael Kohen

We Killed

Gina Kolata

Ultimate Fitness; Rethinking Thin; Flu

Elizabeth Kolbert

Field Notes from a Catastrophe; The Sixth Extinction

Eric Kraft

Passionate Spectator; Flying

Jim Krane

City of Gold

Karl Kraus

The Kraus Project

Roman Krznaric

How to Find Fulfilling Work