All Authors : Picador

Paul La Farge

Haussmann, or the Distinction; Luminous Airplanes; The Artist of the Missing

Jacques Lagrange

Psychiatric Power

Olivia Laing

The Trip to Echo Spring

George Lakoff

Thinking Points; Whose Freedom?

John Lanchester

The Debt to Pleasure

Elinor Langer

A Hundred Little Hitlers

William Langewiesche

American Ground; Fly by Wire; The Atomic Bazaar; The Outlaw Sea

Elena Lappin

Foreign Brides

James Lasdun

After Ovid; Give Me Everything You Have; It's Beginning to Hurt

Ann Leary

The Good House

Joseph Lelyveld

Omaha Blues

Margaret Leroy

Yes, My Darling Daughter

Craig Lesley

Burning Fence; Storm Riders; The Sky Fisherman; Winterkill

Jacques Leslie

Deep Water

Flynt Leverett

Going to Tehran

Hillary Mann Leverett

Going to Tehran

David Levithan

The Lover's Dictionary

Andrea Levy

Fruit of the Lemon; Small Island; The Long Song

Nelson Lichtenstein

The Retail Revolution

Robert Jay Lifton

Destroying the World to Save It

Francie Lin

The Foreigner

Anna Linzer

Ghost Dancing

Joanna Lipper

Growing Up Fast

Sam Lipsyte

Home Land; The Ask; The Fun Parts; The Subject Steve

Margot Livesey

Banishing Verona; Criminals; Eva Moves the Furniture; Homework

Victor Lodato

Mathilda Savitch

Bill Loehfelm

The Devil in Her Way; The Devil She Knows

Keith Lowe

Savage Continent

Elizabeth Lowry

The Bellini Madonna

Amy Grace Loyd

The Affairs of Others

Steven Lukes

Moral Relativism; Power, Second Edition

Sergio Luzzatto

Padre Pio

John Lydon


Mark Lynas

High Tide

Eimear Lynch

The Bridesmaids