All Authors : Picador

Carl Safina

Eye of the Albatross; Song for the Blue Ocean; The View from Lazy Point; Voyage of the Turtle

Kira Salak

The White Mary

Hiner Saleem

My Father's Rifle

Elizabeth D. Samet

Soldier's Heart

Mayra Santos-Febres

Sirena Selena

Goliarda Sapienza

The Art of Joy

Ralph Sassone

The Intimates

Beryl Satter

Family Properties

Amy Scheibe

What Do You Do All Day?

Joan Schenkar

The Talented Miss Highsmith

Cathleen Schine

Alice in Bed; Fin & Lady; The Love Letter; The New Yorkers

Wolfgang Schivelbusch

The Culture of Defeat; Three New Deals

Dieter Schlesak

The Druggist of Auschwitz

Heidi Jon Schmidt

The Bride of Catastrophe; The Rose Thieves

John R. Schmidt

The Unraveling

Carter Scholz

Radiance; The Amount to Carry

Ben Schrank

Love Is a Canoe

Jonathan Schuppe

A Chance to Win

Joanna Scott

Arrogance; The Manikin; Various Antidotes

Michael Segell

The Devil's Horn

Tom Segev

1949; 1967; Elvis in Jerusalem; One Palestine, Complete

Steve Sem-Sandberg

The Emperor of Lies

Amartya Sen

Social Choice Re-Examined, Volume 2; Social Choice Re-Examined, Volume I; The Argumentative Indian

Michel Senellart

Security, Territory, Population

Danzy Senna

Where Did You Sleep Last Night?

Gary Sernovitz

The Contrarians

Kevin Sessums

Mississippi Sissy

Anthony Shadid

Night Draws Near

Sonia Shah

The Fever

Kamila Shamsie

Burnt Shadows

Ntozake Shange

Betsey Brown; Liliane; lost in language & sound; nappy edges

Adrienne Sharp

The True Memoirs of Little K

Ali Shaw

The Girl with Glass Feet

Daphne Sheldrick

Love, Life, and Elephants

Steven Sherrill

The Minotaur Takes a Cigarette Break

Kathryn Shevelow

Charlotte; For the Love of Animals

Carol Loeb Shloss

Lucia Joyce

Katherine Shonk

Happy Now?

Josef Skvorecký

When Eve Was Naked

Carolyn Slaughter

A Black Englishman

Robin Sloan

Ajax Penumbra 1969; Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore

Aria Beth Sloss

Autobiography of Us

Brad Smith

All Hat; Busted Flush

Douglas Smith

Former People

Roger Smith

Mixed Blood; Wake Up Dead

Alan Sokal

Fashionable Nonsense

Susan Sontag

A Barthes Reader; Against Interpretation; Alice in Bed; As Consciousness Is Harnessed to Flesh

Michael Spence

The Next Convergence

Keith Spera

Groove Interrupted

Willard Spiegelman

Seven Pleasures

Francis Spufford

I May Be Some Time; Red Plenty; The Child That Books Built

Edward St. Aubyn

At Last; Lost for Words; Some Hope; The Patrick Melrose Novels

Wesley Stace

Charles Jessold, Considered as a Murderer

Christina Stead

The Man Who Loved Children

Paul Steinberg

Speak You Also

Alexander Stille

Benevolence and Betrayal; The Force of Things; The Future of the Past

Frances Stonor Saunders

The Woman Who Shot Mussolini

Anna Stothard

The Pink Hotel

Jacques Strauss

The Dubious Salvation of Jack V.

Dominic Streatfeild

Brainwash; Cocaine

Hank Stuever

Off Ramp

James Sullivan

Over the Moat

John Jeremiah Sullivan

Blood Horses; Pulphead

Robert Sullivan

My American Revolution; Rats

Christina Sunley

The Tricking of Freya

Elizabeth Swados

At Play; Flamboyant; The Four of Us

Maxine Swann

Serious Girls

Meera Syal

Life Isn't All Ha Ha Hee Hee

Miguel Syjuco


Wladyslaw Szpilman

The Pianist