All Authors : Picador

Adelle Waldman

The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P.; New Year's

Amy Waldman

The Submission

Nathan Ward

Dark Harbor

Sophie Ward


Paul Watkins

The Story of My Disappearance; The Promise of Light; The Forger; Night over Day over Night

Alison Wearing

Honeymoon in Purdah

Caroline Weber

Queen of Fashion

Katharine Weber

Triangle; The Little Women

Mark S. Weiner

The Rule of the Clan

Alan Weisman

The World Without Us

Gina Welch

In the Land of Believers

Chris West

Competitive Intelligence; A History of Britain in Thirty-six Postage Stamps

Elizabeth West


Patrick White

The Eye of the Storm; The Hanging Garden

Walt Whitman

Walt Whitman; Laws for Creations

Del Quentin Wilber

Rawhide Down

Michelle Wildgen

You're Not You; But Not for Long

Jincy Willett

Jenny and the Jaws of Life; Winner of the National Book Award; The Writing Class; Amy Falls Down

Patricia J. Williams

Seeing a Color-Blind Future; Open House

Terry Tempest Williams

When Women Were Birds

A. N. Wilson

My Name Is Legion; After the Victorians; The Elizabethans; Dante in Love

Barbara Wilson

Blue Windows

Simon Winchester

The River at the Center of the World

Simon Winder

The Man Who Saved Britain; Danubia: A Personal History of Habsburg Europe; Germania

Andrew Winer

The Marriage Artist

Jacqueline Winspear

Pardonable Lies; Messenger of Truth; An Incomplete Revenge; Among the Mad

Tim Winton

Breath; Cloudstreet; Eyrie

Martha Witt

Broken as Things Are

Charles Wohlforth

The Whale and the Supercomputer; The Fate of Nature

Tom Wolfe

Hooking Up; A Man in Full; I Am Charlotte Simmons; The Right Stuff

James Wood

The Book Against God; The Irresponsible Self; How Fiction Works; The Broken Estate

Michael Wood

The Road to Delphi; Belle de Jour

John Wray


Callie Wright

Love All

Stephanie Wu

The Roommates

Oliver Wyman

The Christmas Blessing; The Priestly Sins; The Christmas Hope; Our Iceberg Is Melting