Pretty Girl Gone

Twin Cities P.I. Mac McKenzie Novels (Volume 3)

David Housewright

Minotaur Books

Rushmore “Mac” McKenzie has a lot of old girlfriends, but only one went on to marry the current governor of the state of Minnesota. And only one is calling him with a desperate request to meet in secret. First Lady Lindsay Barrett is carrying an anonymous e-mail that contains the makings of an ugly rumor about her husband, the man about to run for higher office---perhaps even the highest office. Someone says they have evidence that Jack Barrett killed his high school sweetheart. Lindsay says it’s an outright lie, but the truth lies buried decades in the past in the small town where the governor grew up.
Of course, Mac, who’s richer than he needs to be and always has plenty of time on his hands, is in the business of handling such matters for his friends. So he packs up and drives straight into the governor’s past with the brilliantly conceived plan to poke around and see if he can stir up a little information. He’s soon got goons of all sorts poking him back, including a nasty little group of political movers and shakers who aren’t above kidnapping and murder to protect their interests. It’s clear that his little plan has stirred up nothing but trouble.
With no choice but to stick to it, he continues shifting through a complex web of interlocking secrets and lies, some decades old and some rooted violently in the present day. It’s up to Mac to sort truth from untruth before a vicious rumor becomes a political nightmare---or worse, before the “outright lie” is proved a solid, irrefutable fact.


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Chapter One 
The Degas was real.
I had seen the painting of the ballerina at the Minneapolis Institute of Art about a year earlier. The Institute sold it at auction soon after, despite much criticism, claiming it required the income to cover overhead and pursue new acquisitions. Only the auction was less public than MIA members had been led to expect, and gossip swirled that the man who eventually purchased the painting had simply seen it, wanted it, and used his considerable connections to get it.
I was admiring the painting in the lobby on the top floor of that


Praise for Pretty Girl Gone

Praise for David Housewright and the Mac McKenzie Crime Novels
Tin City
"This is a novel about going after the right guy for the wrong reasons, and the wrong guy for the right reasons. It's got twists and double-crosses, exciting car chases and gun battles, leavened by plenty of laughs---a noirish novel with emphasis on the ish."
---The Boston Globe
"An amiable and appealing novel."
---The Washington Post
"David Housewright's second Rushmore McKenzie crime novel is as enthralling as the first."
---The Dallas Morning News
A Hard Ticket Home
"An amiable throwback to Marlowe/Archer. Housewright has a keeper in McKenzie---tough, smart, and sufficiently flawed to be entirely likable."
---Kirkus Reviews
"A true son of Spenser."
---Publishers Weekly
"Captivating. A series worth watching."

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  • David Housewright

  • David Housewright has worked as a journalist covering both crime and sports (sometimes simultaneously), an advertising copywriter and creative director, and a writing instructor. He won the Edgar Award for his first novel, Penance, in 1996, and the Minnesota Book Award for his second, Practice to Deceive, in 1998. He lives in St. Paul, Minnesota. Visit his Web site at www.davidhousewright.com.
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