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Pure Goldwater

Pure Goldwater

John Dean and Barry M. Goldwater, Jr.

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Barry Goldwater was a defining figure in American public life, a firebrand politician associated with an optimistic brand of conservatism. In an era in which American conservatism has lost his way, his legacy is more important than ever. For over 50 years, in those moments when he was away from the political fray, Senator Goldwater kept a private journal, recording his reflections on a rich political and personal life. Here bestselling author John Dean combines analysis with Goldwater's own words.
With unprecedented access to his correspondence, interviews, and behind-the-scenes conversations, Dean sheds new light on this political figure. From the late Senator's honest thoughts on Richard Nixon to his growing discomfort with the rise of the extreme right, Pure Goldwater offers a revelatory look at an American icon--and also reminds us of a more hopeful alternative to the dispiriting political landscape of today.

Praise for Pure Goldwater

“A detailed . . . powerful case in a riveting book.” —Los Angeles Times on Conservatives without Conscience

“Searing . . . an angry indictment.” —The Washington Post on Conservatives without Conscience

“Dean has again amassed evidence of a cancer growing on the presidency.” —The New York Times Book Review on Conservatives without Conscience

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John Dean and Barry M. Goldwater, Jr.

John W. Dean is a former Nixon White House counsel and the New York Times-bestselling author of Worse than Watergate and Conservatives without Conscience. Barry M. Goldwater, Jr. is a former Congressman from California, and is the son of Senator Barry Goldwater.

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