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The True Story of the Legendary Soldier Who Performed More POW Raids than Any Other American in History

Charles W. Sasser

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The true story of the legendary soldier who performed more POW raids than any other American in history.

He went into battle as a boy. And on one of the most daring missions of World War II, he became a man-- and the perfect soldier for America's next wars...

Galen Charles Kittleson was slight, modest, and born to wage war. The son of an Iowa farmer, Kittleson volunteered in 1943 and caught the eye of his commanders. By 1945, PFC Kittleson was selected for the Army's smallest elite unit, the Alamo Scouts. While U.S. forces were pushing back the Japanese in the Pacific, the Alamo scouts unleashed legendary raids deep behind enemy lines, including the liberation of over 500 starved, beaten prisoners of the Bataan Death March in the Philippines. For Kittleson, a career as a raider had just begun...

Charles W. Sasser chronicles the remarkable journey that was Kit Kittleson's courageous life in the service of his country. Now a veteran after first going to war as a boy twenty-five years ago, Kittleson volunteered for one last mission-- the most extraordinary and daring POW raid ever attempted by secret American Special Forces in Vietnam...


Chapter One

There was no moon at the moment, but there would be one later. It would be red and menacing like the Japanese Rising Sun, and it would ride low on the watery horizon of the wartime Pacific, building a bloody shimmering...


Praise for Raider

“Containing some of the best writing in the field...provides an electrifying glimpse into the dangerous life of a chopper pilot in Vietnam.” —W.E.B. Griffin, Bestselling Author of the Corps Series on Taking Fire

“A gripping combat memoir . . . honest and exciting . . . a rousing tale, full of sharp detail and told in the harsh language of soldiers baptized in fire.” —Kirkus Review

“Everybody who survived ground combat in Vietnam had his life saved at one time or another by helicopter crews. We were in awe of them. You will be too after reading Taking Fire.” —Jim Morris, author of War Story and The Devil's Secret Name

“An honest and exciting narrative of the stress of war.” —Library Journal

“[Sasser and Alexander] succeed quite well in evoking the Vietnam War from the point of view of a helicopter pilot who served bravely and with distinction.” —Publishers Weekly

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About the author

Charles W. Sasser

Charles W. Sasser is a decorated Vietnam veteran and Green Beret, as well as one of today's most respected military and true crime writers. He has authored more than a dozen books, including Taking Fire and One Shot, One Kill.

Charles W. Sasser

U.S. Army

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