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If your book club is interested in speaking with one of our authors, please follow the instructions below:

Click on the author name to send an email

Please include the following information in your email to the author:
- Your Name
- Your Skype Name (not required, but is preferred when speaking with authors abroad)
- 3 possible 30 minute timeslots to for the call-in (date, time, and time zone)
- Brief description of your reading group: number of members, how often you meet, what books or genres your group most enjoys reading or anything you think the author would like to know to help make the discussion interesting and exciting.

Reading Group Requirements:
- A speakerphone should be available for the call-in
- Group is encouraged to have at least 8 members present
- Your reading group must reside in the U.S. or Canada 

*Call-ins are subject to author availability


Lauren Francis-Sharma, author of 'Til the Well Runs Dry
Email Lauren at 

Joshua Max Feldman, author of The Book of Jonah
Email Joshua at 

Chevy Stevens, author of Never Knowing
Contact Chevy on her site at 

Rae Meadows, author of Mercy Train
Email Rae at 

Lauren Willig, author of The Ashford Affair
Email Lauren at 

Louis Bayard, author of Roosevelt's Beast and The School of Night
Email Louis at 

Bo Caldwell, author of City of Tranquil Light
Email Bo at 

Lynne Griffin, author of Life Without Summer
Email Lynne at 

Kristin Hannah, author of Winter Garden and Firefly Lane
Click here to sign up 

Michelle Huneven, author of Blame
Email Michelle at 

Sandra Dallas, author of Prayers for Sale and The Bride's House
Email Sandra at 

Sara Poole, author of Poison
Email Sara at 

Naomi Ragen, author of The Tenth Song
Email Naomi at 

Sheila Roberts, author of On Strike for Christmas
Click here to contact Sheila 

Lynn Shepherd, author of Murder at Mansfield Park
Email Lynn at 

Lisa Zeidner, author of Layover
Email Lisa at 

Ben Schrank, author of Love is a Canoe
Email Ben at 

Julia Spencer-Fleming, author of The Clare Fergusson and Russ Van Alstyne Mysteries
Email Julia at 

Lisa Kleypas, author of Crystal Cove and The Friday Harbor series
Email Lisa at 

Wendy Lesser, author of Why I Read
Email Wendy at (please include “WHY I READ” in the subject header)

Mary Kay Zuravleff, author of Man Alive!
Email Mary Kay at and visit for more information about the author.

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