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Why America Will Emerge Stronger From the Financial Crisis

Stephen J. Rose

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Rebound takes the currently unthinkable view that the economy will bounce back faster and stronger from the downturn than most economists expect. Noted Labor economist Stephen J. Rose amasses data on the economic performance of America over the last 30 years to debunk myths about declining middle class incomes, burger-flipping jobs and global competition. He also describes the evolution of the financial crisis and mortgage lending implosion under the rubric of "brilliant idiocy" to show how the investors, financial firms, and regulators all made devastating mistakes in pursuit of quick gains.

The book argues forcefully that simple financial regulation and forthcoming investments in education, health care and energy will pay quick and healthy dividends. Using economic analysis rather than partisan argument, Rebound cuts through the clutter of political debate to show how the economy will return to high growth rates.


Praise for Rebound

“Steve Rose, a liberal economist, argues in his new book, Rebound, that much of what liberals tend to believe about the US economy (good jobs are disappearing, the middle class is declining etc.) is either wrong or vastly exaggerated. His provocative and carefully documented analysis of US economic performance is guaranteed to make you think. I recommend it for just that reason.” —Ruy Teixeira, co-author, The Emerging Democratic Majority

“I always appreciate clear and cogent arguments. While I find many of Rose's positions too sanguine, his arguments and analyses are well reasoned and important to the crucial debate over where we've been and where we're going.” —Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor

“Like a great landscape artist, Stephen Rose paints for us a vivid picture of the U.S economy. Rebound explains the flaws that have led to the current economic catastrophe and gives a prescription for fixing them. It also focuses on the underlying riches of our economy, and especially our institutions, education, and middle class values. These are the reasons why the U .S .economy is so rich, and why the Rebound, when it happens, should be robust.” —George Akerlof, 2001 Nobel Laureate in Economics

“Ingenious design. . . . A bleak, statistically meticulous, and even-tempered presentation of trends that ought to alarm anyone.” —The New York Times Book Review on Social Stratification in the United States

“Transforms the percentages and media figures you frequently hear into a form you can see and drawings you can grasp.” —New York Daily News on Social Stratification in the United States

“Sort of a Demographics 101 and Sociology 101 presented on a single large sheet of paper.” —San Francisco Examiner on Social Stratification in the United States

“There is a crippling lack of information . . . with regard to some of the basic facts of the American socioeconomic system. This attractive poster goes a long way toward remedying that deficiency.” —Robert Heilbroner, author of The Worldly Philosophers on Social Stratification in the United States

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About the author

Stephen J. Rose

Stephen J. Rose, Ph.D, is a nationally recognized labor economist and former senior advisor to Secretary of Labor Robert Reich. He was educated at Princeton University and City University of New York. He has conducted research for the Department of Education, Educational Testing Service, and Pew Research Center, among others.

Stephen J. Rose

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