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Reconnecting with Your Loved Ones

Reconnecting with Your Loved Ones

Eight Essential Steps to Heal Your Grief

Sue Frederick

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Sue Frederick, a lifelong intuitive, always had the gift of seeing through the thin veil. In Reconnecting with Your Loved Ones: Eight Essential Steps to Heal Your Grief, readers will experience her unique 8 Steps for Healing Grief, including the Break Your Heart Wide Open Meditation and other life-changing techniques that illuminate how accessible the other realms are to us. Frederick teaches that seeing and talking to our departed is not only possible, but necessary for healing grief. Readers will learn exactly how to do that and how to experience grief as an opening to our true purpose here.


Praise for Reconnecting with Your Loved Ones

“Sue's work is uniquely insightful and accurate. She's right on target & continues to inspire me!” —Ingrid Johnson, founder of The Baby Parenting Coach Institute

“Sue's work is brilliant!” —Dana Moorman, Business Development & Leadership Coach

“My work with Sue changed my life!! I simply cannot thank her enough for the new perspective she brought to my life story.” —Heather Hans, MSW, Psychotherapist

“Reading Sue's books and working with her is one of the great blessings of being alive at this time.” —Katherine Dreyer, Co-founder, CEO, ChiLiving, Inc.

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About the author

Sue Frederick

SUE FREDERICK is an intuitive who has been called the "Emeril of Enlightenment." She's a frequent guest on radio shows and has presented workshops at venues such as The Crossings Retreat Center, New Hope, The Omega Institute, American Business Women's Association, and the National Career Development Association. She's the author of I See Your Dream Job and I See Your Soul Mate. She lives in Colorado with her soul mate and their two kids.

Sue Frederick

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Sue Frederick

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