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Mary Morris

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Revenge is a compelling and psychologically complex story of female friendship, art, and life. When a young painter moves next door to a world class novelist with writer's block, the two women become entwined in a novel described by Michael Cunningham as "compelling and darkly beautiful . . . Never less than gripping, Revenge builds to the realm of the genuinely revelatory."


Praise for Revenge

“Mary Morris paints a compelling tale of two women's obsessions and the blackest Revenge.” —Elissa Schappell, Vanity Fair

“A thriller doesn't always need international intrigue, firearms, or even a murder to be exciting. In the right hands, a story of a growing friendship can be as tense as anything most publishers would subtitle 'A tale of suspense.' Revenge is such a novel.” —Ron Bernas, Chicago Tribune

“Who is doing the using and who is being used? That is the question in this tautly plotted novel, genteel fiction with the anxious heartbeat of a psychological thriller.” —Amanda Heller, The Boston Globe

“A powerful exploration of the ferocity with which we cling to the stories we tell ourselves when the facts have become too frightening to bear.” —Valerie Martin, author of Property

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About the author

Mary Morris

Mary Morris is the author of five previous novels, including Acts of God, The Night Sky, and House Arrest; three collections of short stories, including The Lifeguard; and three travel memoirs, including Nothing to Declare and Angels & Aliens. Her numerous short stories and travel essays have appeared in The Paris Review, The New York Times, and Vogue. The recipient of the Rome Prize, Morris teaches writing at Sarah Lawrence College and lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Mary Morris

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