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Rewriting Secrets for Screenwriters

Rewriting Secrets for Screenwriters

Seven Strategies to Improve and Sell Your Work

Tom Lazarus; Foreword by Scott Frank

St. Martin's Griffin




Every screenwriter needs to rewrite—more than once, probably many times—to make the story work and then to make a sale. And then again later on, to please producers, studios or stars. Tom Lazarus--author of "Stigmata", among other scripts--is a working screenwriter and professor at UCLA extension. In this book, he's distilled his own experience and that of other screenwriters into a system. SECRETS OF FILM REWRITING will teach writers how to:

-prioritize big scenes
-track transitions
-plot corrections
-add new information
-pass through for dialogue
-do an "on the nose" rewrite

Hugely valuable to first-time screenwriters and to grizzled veterans of Hollywood pitch wars alike, SECRETS OF SCREENPLAY REWRITING is larded with humor and attitude as well as information. Its anatomy of a screenplay rewrite breaks down the book's lessons into their practical application—a must for anyone looking for a break in the film business.


Chapter One

Why Great Films Are Great

Gone with the Wind

Based on Margaret Mitchell's epic novel, Sydney Howard's first-draft screenplay for Gone with the Wind was an excessive four hundred pages long. Over...


Praise for Rewriting Secrets for Screenwriters

“A book like this is important because rewriting is the single most important aspect of writing.” —Scott Frank

About the author

Tom Lazarus; Foreword by Scott Frank

Tom Lazarus is the author of SECRETS OF FILM WRITING. He has had eight feature films made from his original screenplays, including the #1 hit "Stigmata." He has also taught an Advanced Screenwriting Workshop at UCLA Extension for thirteen years and writes, directs and executive produces an hour-long drama for cable television.

Tom Lazarus

Tom Lazarus

Scott Frank

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